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Mossadís links to Filthy Britain  Peter Power was the deputy forward controller at the Libyan People's Bureau siege at which WPC Yvonne Fletcher was shot. Fletcher's murder would later become a major factor in the then prime minister Thatcher's decision to allow U.S. President Ronald Reagan to launch the USAF bombing raid on Libya in 1986 from American bases in Britain.
    In April 1996, 12 years after the killing, Britainís Channel Four flagship documentary programme Dispatches - in a massively researched broadcast, Murder at St James's, that cited credible and experienced sources - revealed that Fletcher had been murdered by elements of British and American intelligence. Disgracefully, these astonishing revelations went unreported by the media in much the same way as many crucial revelations about the events of 7th July 2005, such as Peter Power's simultaneous terror operation and the many factual inaccuracies, inconsistencies and curious anomalies in the official story of July 7th have also gone virtually, if not totally, unreported and unchallenged
    Issues raised by the Dispatches programme about the killing of WPC Fletcher were later raised in Parliament by Tam Dalyell on 8 May 1996. Mr Dalyell qualified before Parliament that the programme had been exceptionally well researched and that it had featured the statements from people whose calibre and relevant experience was beyond question or compare. Contributors to Dispatches included a senior ballistics officer of the British Army, Lieutenant Colonel George Styles, and Dr Bernard Knight, a senior and distinguished Home Office pathologist.
    MP Tam Dalyell raised a total of eight separate issues in relation to the murder of WPC Fletcher, including that Yvonne Fletcher appeared to have have been shot from a different direction than that alleged; that huge discrepancies existed between the reports of pathologist Dr Ian West whose post mortem report differed significantly from his analysis presented at the inquest; and that WPC Fletcher's injuries could not have been caused by the alleged combination of gun and firing position.
    When the makers of 'Murder at St James's', Fulcrum Productions, attempted to interview the pathologist, Dr Ian West, about the inconsistencies in his reports, he cancelled two appointments and then refused completely to meet.
    In response to Mr Dalyell's inquiries in Parliament, the Minister of State for the Home Office, David Maclean, dismissed the Dispatches programme simply as "preposterous trash".
    The ongoing controversy surrounding Fletcher's death resulted in the current prime minister, Tony Blair, being questioned by former MP Tam Dalyell in parliament on 24 June 1997. Mr Dalyell received a similarly unenthusiastic response from the State as he had on previous occasions. In 1998, 14 years after the killing, the murder of WPC Fletcher was still being cited as the sole reason for maintaining trade sanctions against Libya by Jack Straw on behalf of the Labour government.
    Following the shooting of WPC Fletcher, the then Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, immediately ordered an investigation. The results of that investigation have never been divulged to the British public and have remained one of many State secrets kept from the public.
    Perhaps the deputy forward controller at the Libyan People's Bureau siege, Peter Power, might able to shed some light on exactly what happened in the case of the killing of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, as well as during his terror rehearsal operation in London on 7th July 2005.

[1996] The Murder of Policewoman Yvonne Fletcher---Joe Vialls  Yvonne was murdered by a high velocity bullet fired from the top floor of Enserch House, a building located well to the west of the Embassy, in a covert  "sting" operation stage- managed by American and Israeli intelligence operatives.

[vid] Yvonne Fletcher: Murder In St. James' Documentary (it wasn't Libya) (RARE) This dispatches documentary which aired in the 90s refutes the official story that PC Yvonne fletcher was murdered by shots from the Libyan embassy. This is especially pertinent considering the media have dragged her death back in to the limelight to demonize Libya. It suggests that she was killed by a gunman in an adjacent building used by the British security services. The film probes deeper, and finds evidence indicating that the murder was carried out by an anti-Gaddafi terrorist organisation backed by the CIA in a false flag operation. By killing a British police officer and blaming Gaddafi's Libya, the plan, it seems, was to start a coup in order to remove Gaddafi and install a puppet regime to seize Libya's oil. http://wideshut.co.uk

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