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Zapper Report
Oct 2011
I don't have any cancer or other identifiable disease but the thought of having a handbag full of unwanted guests in my body wasn't pleasant so I ordered a zapper from Don. Unfortunately it seems to have been waylaid in customs :( I checked EW a few weeks later and decided to order a few El SIlverado zappers for family after seeing Georg post an offer for his website, Orgonise Africa. Don's Terminator copies worked out at 45 each including postage which is very good value. They even had batteries installed. I do wish that I had a real terminator here to make a comparison but it looks like i'll be waiting a little longer for that.

Having read various reports online, I decided that I would zap 24/7 for a week before knocking it down to 1/2 hr each day when I practice my Chi Kung. When using zappers initially, the small parasites die first and become food for the larger ones. Thus it is important to kill everything to avoid side effects and further ill health, before switching to a less intensive maintenance program. I am travelling to Asia this winter and will be taking a zapper and supplements (probiotics, zinc, selenium, glucosamine sulphate, & potassium iodide) rather than any medication or vaccinations.

Day 1:

I unwrapped one of the zappers, strapped it to my arm and flicked the switch. Immediately a sensation appeared in my arm that I have felt before with POR devices, so flicked the switch a few times to make sure it wasn't some kind of placebo. In the following minute I felt activity in my heart chakra, and after 10 minutes realised that my mood had lifted considerably as the vibratory rate of my body was raised by the presence of the orgonite, amethyst, garnet, mobius coil and neodymium magnet. This design is really well thought out, combining a spiritual energy with a very grounding experience. The mood continued to stay high for the rest of the day.

After about an hour I noticed a strong sensation in my throat. I am a smoker and have spent a lot of time around curing resin recently so my throat has felt under stress for quite a while. This was almost like a sharp pain, but the sort of pain I have felt many times before when self healing parts of my body. The sensation laster for about 10 minutes, and gradually smoothed out leaving no trace of the discomfort I had been aware of previously. I obviously had a subtle throat infection that lingered but hadn't become a problem due to my good diet and other energy work.

I moved the zapper around between both upper arms and upper calves for the rest of the day. That night I strapped it to my foot and was woken by a very strong burning sensation - not from the zapper, but from a verruca which has sat on the sole of my right foot for well over 10 years (I'd tried various chemicals to get rid of it without success). I pulled the zapper off my foot and went back to sleep.

Day 2:

Strapped it to my arm again and went about my business. Had an extremely productive day, the best for a while which included a successful foraging session on a local hill, creating a new pendant design and getting a really nice finish on some others that I'd made, finishing my first powerwand and making a water charger that singly fits the base of a 2 litre bottle. No specific effects to note really, apart from a continued lifted mood.

That night I again attached the zapper to my foot, this time with a tubigrip rather than a velcro strap. I slept through, without that burning that I had the night before.

Day 3:

Same approach, moving the device to different points on my body at roughly 2 hour intervals. In the morning I noticed that my verrucca was considerably less painful and hard than it has been, and that a wart on one of my fingers has started to crumble and fall off. Again I have tried various chemical on this wart (whom I named 'Horace' due to his persistence) without much success. A mole on my foot that wasn't even on my health radar and normally sheds a little skin after a hot shower has just fallen off too. My mood is again high with a subtle sensation in the heart chakra that is noticeable by it's absence when I switch the device off.

It's now late afternoon and I have just had a burning sensation on that wart mentioned earlier. The battery seems to be going strong after 50 hours of constant use. The sensation I had been getting around my throat these past few weeks has now totally disappeared along with manyof the little black dots on the verrucca.

Day 4:

I zapped all night without waking, then took it off to have a shower. Having forgotten to put it back on again, within a couple of hours the sensation in the throat had come back, I'm thinking i should try and somehow attach the device to my neck tonight. Quitting smoking is on my agenda for the coming months.

Horace my wart is looking a lot better. The white crusty stuff has nearly all fallen off where before it was cracked but painful to try and pick at. The mole on my foot has not grown any new skin either.

The verruca has only 3 black dots now, and there were quite a few before I started zapping. The skin around it has softened and it is considerably less painful than it was 3 days ago. I'm guessing that in the next few weeks it will disappear and heal over.

I have just noticed that a case of athletes foot which has also bugged me for years is much less active than it has been for a while. I have kept it at bay with cortisone cream but it has never cleared up completely. I will try some cortisone on it now, maybe the combination of both treatments will kill it off.

Days 5,6,7

Have continued zapping 24/7 these last few days. The black marks from the contact have stopped appearing on my skin, and the discomfort from leaving it in one place for a long time has also stopped. I don't notice that I'm wearing it anymore but can feel when it's turned off so something must really be working. Attaching it to the sole of my right foot has made that verrucca burn some more, especially placing one of the contacts right over it. It hasn't gone completely yet but is much less painful and hard than it has been for years and I expect the healing process to take at least a couple of weeks. The other noticeable side effect is a significant reduction in body and breath odour (not that I was particularly unhygienic!) and that athletes foot is much better than it has been for a while. Horace doesn't seem to have shrunk much, but losing that white crust is more than enough progress for the first week.

Days 8,9

I seem to have assimilated the energy from the zapper now as I don't feel a great difference when switching it on any more. At first I thought it had lost effectiveness but reading the reports of others this isn't an uncommon phenomenon. If it wasn't for the Horace the wart and my verrucca I would be stepping down to prophylactic use of no more than an hour a day. I have been applying the negative electrode to the wart for a few minutes at a time. This really makes it burn so I know something good is still happening, and the thing looks about half the size it was a week ago with a shiny pink top rather than a crusty white one.. I have also been strapping it to my right foot overnight and regularly waking up with the verrucca stinging intensely. I shall continue both of these until the unwanted guests have left my body. Again reading the experiences of others this should take no more than three weeks.

Now seems a good time to cease this log. To sum up, everything applicable that I have read about zappers has been proved correct in my case. Digestive issues have cleared up, a very noticeable reduction in foot, breath and body odour, and the removal of fungal and parasitic growth. I felt pretty healthy beforehand so this may not appear to be the cure for all diseases but had I been beset with more ailments I have no doubt that they too would have been dealt with swiftly and effectively. Everyone needs a zapper!