ZIONISM. Britainís royal family is 100% Jewish

Publication time: 28 June 2013, 23:08

It still remains a question for many people in the UK as how a "flight attendant" could marry queen's grandson; a fact that although hushed and ignored by British mainstream media, did not manage to skip some media's attention, writes Mehr News.


The truth is that the royal family's new bride is a Jew. Although in the wedding ceremony it was pretended that Kate Middleton is Christian but this lady's family roots show that she is considered a Sephardic Jew from her mother's side. Moreover the timing of the wedding and the way it was held which was based on Jewish culture verify the evidences.


Kate's mother was surnamed Goldsmith before marrying Kate's father. According to Jewish laws if a mother is a Jew, her children will be Jews, too. Therefore Kate Middleton is a Sephardic Jew and her children will be Jews based on the Jewish law.


This gains more significance once we realize that she is stepping in to the Buckingham Palace as the wife of a man who will be not only the king of England but also the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Sources close to this 30 year-old bride have said that Kate Middleton and her parents would not regularly attend the church service, therefore Church of England decided to baptize and Christianize the new member unofficially and secretly so that her marriage to Prince William could be confirmed.


Nevertheless even being baptized by the bishop of the church cannot prevent Prince William's son, the next king and the senior governor of the Church of England, from being a Jew as Kate and William's child will inevitably remain a Jew.


The Jewishness of the members of the Royal family does not end up in just one case, there are others in the British royal family who were and are Jews. Princess Diana the bride of queen Elizabeth was also born to a Jewish mother and was thus considered a Jew. Therefore her sons William and Harry are also Jews.


In her book "The Diana Chronicles", Tina Brown claims that Princess Diana's Jewish mother, Frances Shand Kydd had relationships with a Jewish banker called James Goldsmith while she was married to Earl John Spencer. She argues that Diana who was born in 1961 was the illegitimate child of Goldsmith and was not the real daughter of Spencer. Brown writes that even if Diana is not born to a Jewish father, based on the Jewish law, she is still considered a Jew as she was born to a Jewish mother.


In her appearance, Princess Diana significantly resembles James Goldsmith's children- Zack, Ben and Jemima; it is said that they are Diana's stepbrothers and stepsister.


In 2003 Ben Goldsmith claimed that he was Diana's stepbrother and thus married Kate Rothschild. This made Zach introduce himself as Diana's stepbrother, too; he, as well, became a Parliament member after that and divorced his wife. Right now Zach lives with Alice Rothschild. It is expected that the Rothschild-Goldsmith couple will get married.


As previously mentioned, by a Jewish definition of the Jews, a child should be born to a Jewish mother so that she or he is considered a Jew because in Judaism religion is passed through mothers. Prince William's grandmother, Princess Diana's mother, a Jewish woman born Frances Ruth Roche was a member of the Rothschild family. Evidences allege that Diana's paternal ancestors were Jewish, too and therefore William is certainly a Jew.


In conclusion even if the royal family, particularly Kate and William introduce themselves as staunch Christians, since the bride of the family, Princess Diana the wife of Prince Charles, was Jewish, her two sons Harry and William are Jews. On the other hand William's marriage as the inheritor of the crown to a Jewish girl will leave the future of Britain to the hands of the couple's Jewish children.


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