Howard H. Beard, ScD; PhD.
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[1950] THE UNITARIAN OR TROPHOBLASTIC THESIS OF CANCER by Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., Ernst T. Krebs, Sr., and Howard H. Beard

"Early one morning in 1946 our lab was mysteriously destroyed by fire....We then established a lab at ...our present location.  Then again one morning in 1947, this lab was set on fire and completely destroyed." - Howard H. Beard, ScD; PhD, Yale U. Porter Fellow, Physiology;MA, Columbia U; Professor and Director., Biochem Dept., author of 150 articles and three books, etc., etc. Director John Beard Lab of Clinical Biochemistry.: A New Approach to the Conquest of Cancer, Rheumatic and Heart Diseases. 

"When a person is found innocent of a crime...He can never be tried on the same charge again. But in these cancer cases...a given doctor can be yanked into (administrative) court again and again on any charge. It's a crime that a professional doctor is not given the same privileges as a criminal." - Howard H. Beard, ScD, PhD, Yale U., The Anthrone Test.

"..The woman...had been relieved of her cancer by Laetrile.....In the hospital they would not inject Laetrile as it was illegal.  She died.  This so incensed the editors of the Santa Ana Register (Dean and Martinez) that they wrote ("Laetrile Story") a series of articles on cancer and the true story for the first time was sent by UPI to (almost) every country in the world."          - Howard H. Beard, ScD, PhD, Yale U. The Anthrone Test.   

"Dr. (Howard H. )Beard 'was ...charged with...mail fraud...rendering fake and medically worthless cancer reports...Postal Investigators satisfied themselves the reports were willfully falsified...' On Oct. 30, 1967, Dr. Beard was sentenced in US Federal Court, Ft. Worth, Texas, 'to...mail fraud...He alleged he could detect the presence of cancer in urine in 95% of all tests made." - FDA Papers, 1967-1968 (in ACS, Unproven Methods of Cancer Management, 1967).