An Interview with Dr. Jozsef Beres


[Before 1991]

"My name is Dr. Jozsef Beres. Formerly I was the scientific co-worker of the XYIRSEG RESEARCH CENTRE, currently I am the same ranked co-worker of BERES EXPORT-IMPORT LTD.   The major part of my work has been carried out at the Nyirseg Research Centre and the minor part thereof in the laboratory of the KISVARDA HOSPITAL.

My original task was to clarify the reason of the limited and biologically worthless yield of the potato. This potato is not suitable for sowing, and its raising is not economical. First of all I conducted comparative studies, namely I abandoned traditional methods and tried to elucidate the difference between the foliage and soil of healthy, symptom-free potatoes and those of sock potatoes suffering from leaf roll virus infection. This research seemed to be extremely important since all living organisms gain their nutrients from the soil (with the exception of some micro­organisms), the plants absorb the nutrients from the soil, the animals consume the plants and the humans are eating both.

During my research I came to the conclusion that there is a significant difference between the metabolism of healthy and infected potatoes that might be due partly to the excess of certain macro elements and partly to the lack of certain micro elements. It is well known that generally the farm yard manure has been used as fertilizer before the Second World War all over the world as well as in Hungary and thus the natural replacement of nutrients was secured. The farm yard manure was to be considered as fertilizer of full value and the plant cultivation has not impoverished the soil as much as when the synthetic fertilizers became customary.

The excess of certain macro elements (like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) results in the increased absorption of certain micro elements as the plants need balanced nutrition. For some time the yields increased but later - in spite of the higher macro element supply - the potato deteriorated biologically. This observation is of utmost importance because the nutrition of both humans and animals is of plant origin and the quality thereof is determining the metabolism of the human organism.

As it is well known, the organic compounds in the Palaeozoic era had been formed through the arrangement of adequate chemical and physical circumstances in the mineral sphere. This means that the micro and macro elements are of basic significance in the genesis of life. In the course of life the inevitable change of the ratio in the above mentioned elements leads to disturbance in the biological equilibrium and to certain defects as a consequence.

To illustrate the above theory the following example could be mentioned: in scientific circles the deterioration of the potato was attributed to the leaf roll virus infection. This was supported by the observation that the peach green-fly aphis is carrying this virus from the ill plants to the healthy ones and its offspring show the symptoms of the viral disease. In my opinion the deterioration was caused by the disturbance of the turnover of minerals. The two theories could be coordinated by the supposition that pathogenic agents have to be present in all living organisms, but this is followed by the pathogenic symptoms only in case of disturbed metabolism and decreased resistance. These pathogenic agents utilize the damaged internal conditions of the organism, they proliferate and induce their characteristic symptoms.

My research gave satisfactory results as I succeeded in proving the role of mineral nutrients in the development of pathogenic symptoms. This could be achieved by planting one half of a given seed-potato into healthy soil, and the other half into soil known for being deficient in minerals. The results confirmed my theory as healthy, fertile potatoes were harvested from the former and deformed, infected, infertile ones from the latter soil.

Out of the many examples gathered during my experiments I would like to mention the following important one. There were two chicken-breeding farms at the two different ends of a small village near my home town. The eggs laid by the hens of the first farm were infertile in 85-90%, while the eggs of the other farm were fertile in 90-95%. Before analysing the eggs I inspected both farms and noticed the only difference was that, although the same feed was used in both farms, the hens of the farm producing fertile eggs were also driven out to the pasture, whereas the birds of the other farm were kept in closed breeding system. In my opinion the hens could complement their feed on the pasture by taking the biologically vital elements serving an explanation why their eggs were more fertile and their baby chicks more healthy and resistant. Analysing the eggs of the two farms afterwards a significant difference was found between the mineral constituents of the eggs (e.g. the quantity of zinc was 24.8 micrograms % in the healthy eggs and lower than 9 micrograms % in the infertile ones).

Through these observations I came to the conclusion of utmost importance that the shortage or the lack of micro elements and the excess of macro elements or the contrary thereof lead to the disturbance of metabolism and the decreased function of the immune system or to decreased resistance in case of plants. Hence, mineral elements, from which all living organisms draw, have key importance in vital processes.                                                                                                                        

In my further experiments I found micro organisms with greenish-yellow fluorescence in the intercellular ducts and cells of plants suffering from leaf-roll virus infection. These agents, in spite of the death of the plant tissues, survived and were further multipliable in appropriate cultures. The number of these micro organisms in one micro-litre of the squeezed juice of the badly infected plants, could be measured by the million, and although these micro-organisms are also present in healthy plants, their number is negligible (i.e. some tens or hundreds/micro-litre).

I carried on with my experiments in animals. The basis of these experiments was the observation that in the province Nyirseg, its soil known for lacking certain colloids and iodine, the frequency of endemic goitre and consequent nervous diseases is low. On the other hand goitre is endemic sometimes also in areas where the waters and the soils are rich in iodine. Consequently, the hypothesis that this disease occurs mainly in areas poor in iodine might not be valid. In the course of analysing the thyroids I succeeded in isolating a micro organism that proved to be iodine-elective and withdraws the iodine from its environment.

I was trying to identify and control these results in animal experiments, as well. When the extract containing these micro organisms were mixed with the feed of mice, goitre developed regularly. The same micro organisms were found also in the thyroids of human patients suffering from goitre.

Analysing archived data concerning the mortality caused by malignant tumours in Kisvarda and Zahony (my home town), I found that approximately 80% of the cases occurred in specific areas where the soil and the water were extremely rich in lime, phosphorus, potassium and in nitrogen at certain places. Based on this discovery I used surplus quantity of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and nitrogen in the feed of mice. Injecting the above mentioned micro organisms under the skin of the left hind leg of mice provided with this feed, to my surprise not always goitre but in several cases tumours of the breasts or subcutaneous tumours were developed. After the histological examination these pathological alterations proved to be malignant tumorous growths. The observation offered an essential proof of the presence of factors in our environment that may overturn the homeostasis and lead to the development of tumours.

During my studies I compared the analytical results of different soils and foods of plant origin and came to the conclusion that during the past 20-25 years their composition changed significantly. As an example I would like to mention that 45-50 mg of vitamin C could be detected in 100 gms. potato 30 years ago, whereas nowadays this quantity lowered to 15-20 gms. potato. In the meanwhile the preservation period of potato shortened considerably and the mineral constituents thereof also changed.

My further studies included the analysis of the water of wells in the neighbouring villages and it was found that nitrites, nitrates and nitrogen derivatives were present in the water which have never been detected earlier. On analysing the composition of the surface soil it could be observed that during the past 20 years substantial differences developed in its mineral constituents. According to my hypothesis these differences were probably due to the fact, as mentioned earlier, that when nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium were used as fertilizers almost exclusively, and the plants were striving at getting harmonized nutrient supply by absorbing the available micro elements gradually, the surface soil became impoverished in certain micro and macro elements; at the same time other macro elements occurred in excess quantity. This disturbed equilibrium of elements is of enormous impor­tance from a future point of view.

In possession of this data I started meditating on the reason why the mortality caused by cancer became nowadays the second most frequent cause of death in Hungary, whereas it used to be on the 12-15th place before the 2nd World War. By no means could this be attributed to change in genetic features as these kinds of alterations can develop not even in a millennium. The 4 decades after the war were too short to bring significant alterations in the characteristics fixed genetically. However, our environment, our alimentation, our way of life, the quality of our food changed significantly. Numerous examples can support this theory. Certain methods of preservation were developed, traffic increased enormously, H-bomb experiments are continued, atmospheric conditions also changed above our heads, not to mention the increased contamination of our food. The number of smokers also grew significantly in Hungary (first of all in the circle of women), the consumption of alcoholic drinks became very popular, as well. Thus, as many unfavourable effects influence our organism from different directions, and our biological features cannot follow these rapid changes. It results in the disturbed equilibrium of our organism which becomes unable to perform the functions necessary to lead normal life.

My studies were appreciated by some scientists, and they offered to send cancerous and healthy tissues of human origin in order to perform my comparative examinations. It was the only way to achieve further results. I could isolate the same pathogenic agents in the cancerous human tissues as in the cells of plants and animals. I realised that these micro organisms become visible only after the exhaustion of nutrients and reach the stage where they are indestructible. As a rule the scientists carry out their experiments among conditions when the nutrient supply is still near to normal and therefore these hiding micro organisms could not be detected by them (except for some cases).

I continued my work with experiments on cultures. Adding certain minerals to the cultures, the pathogenic agents isolated earlier from cancerous tissues stopped multiplying. Thus I recognised that the special combination of 12 different substances of mineral origin are needed to inhibit the proliferation of the former micro organisms. These same substances proved to have an immune stimulating effect, as well.

Based on all these observations I formulated a liquid combination of 17 components (mainly the micro elements missing from "civilised" nutrition). The quantity of the different constituents is low (similar or less than the values accepted as RD A values of FDA recently). The relatively great number of components in the DROPS can be explained by the theory that the order in the organism has to be restored at several points of attack concomitantly, at the same time certain components had to be included to inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic agents and to maximally stimulate the immune system.

Having completed the final composition of my drops I succeeded in having it patented through great efforts. At that time (1976) it was difficult in Hungary for private persons to file a patent application. I had to accumulate data on numerous patents according to the guidelines of the experts on the Patent Office. For this reason I met and treated approximately 300,000 patients. Based on the records of these patients I made evaluations and set up groups of diseases where I found the drops effective. The data could have been accumulated much faster and more easily, if there had been institutional clinical trials ordered by the health authorities. Unfortunately I had to do everything on my own, because my work had not been supported either by governmental or health circles (moreover it was even oppressed at times).

Further, I would like to list the diseases where my drops proved to be effective. First of all I have to stress that in cases of both tumorous and other diseases, the outcome of the treatment largely depends on the time when the treatment began. The Drops are most effective when applied for prevention or in the preliminary stage of any disease. In these cases the drops are normalising the disturbed equilibrium of the organism thus supporting or stimulating the function of the immune system and mincing the human organism to fight the disease.

From different kinds of malignant tumours good results were achieved in the following cases: mammary cancer, cancer of the prostate, testicles, rectum, ovaries, uterus, larynx, brain tumours, malignant melanoma, Hodgkin's disease. (However, tumours with poor vasculation, e.g., tumours of the bones, sarcomas, lymphoadentises, neuroblastomas, etc. do not show satisfactory improvement.) In the case of leukaemias the blood picture of the patient shows fast and lasting improvement, the number of white blood cells decreases to the normal value, the number of platelets increases. Although I did not deal with diseases of different origin, patients and doctors using the Drops observed that they are effective in the following cases as well: lack of appetite, disorder of digestion, fatigability, weakness, insomnia, enfeeblement, persisting headache, anaemia, menstrual and menopausal problems, nausea, asthmatic diseases, bronchitis, child retention problems in pregnancy, cervical lesions, frequent subfebrility and developmental anomalies in children, certain types of diabetes in children and adults, persisting diarrhoeas of non-bacterial origin, vasoconstriction and hypertension, non-traumatic epilepsy, ulcers, arthritis, haemorrhoidal disease, aphtha, pemphigus and multiple sclerosis.

The Drops can help 65-70% of the patients suffering from these diseases. Out of this group of patients about 30-35% will be capable of going back to work and lead a normal life. In the case of the remainder (approximately 35%) the question of going back to work does not arise partly because of their advanced age, partly because of the permanent damages caused, e.g. by operations.

I consider the immune system as the greatest power of mankind maintaining the human life on earth. If the conditions necessary for the normal functions of the immune system are not secured, life could be endangered. The Drops is a preparation that contains constituents indispensable for the normal life functions, metabolism and immunity. The resistance of the organism can be destroyed not only by external factors, but also by treatments used in the traditional therapy of tumorous diseases (chemotherapy, irradiation). In such cases the Drops are able to protect the organism from different kinds of infections. I have to emphasize repeatedly that the Drops should be applied rather for prevention than for therapy, as everybody involved in biological sciences is aware how much easier it is to prevent than to cure any disease.

I hope that my work will serve the interest of the whole of mankind and that there will be many experts and scientists who would recognise its essence and impor­tance. I have always tried to point out the harmful effects of the failures of civilization and the necessity to change the way of life altogether. It is obvious that mankind needs civilization, but not through destroying its biology. I believe that this process has started already in Hungary, and my work and Drops will become known and acknowledged all over the world. Many scientists realise nowadays that the use of synthetic medicines should be replaced by other methods in the future. Instead of intervening drastically into the function of the organism by using the traditional medications mentioned above, only the disturbed homeostasis should be restored.

In full awareness of the above factors I have the strong belief that the Drops will be one of the most winning factors in the protection and preservation of the health of mankind and that it will be acknowledged worldwide within a short period of time."

Questions and Answers
1.     What conditions have you found the Drops treatment most effective in?
As I have mentioned in cases of tumorous diseases, but mostly in the preliminary stage of the tumours, numerous patients were helped, or at least their condition normalised. The other group of diseases where the Drops were efficacious are the ones connected with the immune system and the metabolism, such as anaemia, diabetes, etc. Some conditions, although not belonging to the group of tumorous diseases, may lead to the development of malignant growths, like haemorrhoidal disease.
2.    In what year did you start your research?
My research concerning tumours started as early as 1960 by selecting and composing the active substance of the Drops.
3.     How has the change in the political situation of Hungary effected your work?
In an unbelievably favourable way indeed. While the registration's approval of a preparation might take years generally, the Drops were registered within a few weeks with the support of the Ministry of Health and all other authorities.
4.     Are there any toxic side effects of the Drops known?
No toxic side effects of the Drops are known. I have a patient who has been taking the Drops daily for 27 years. She is living and working complaint free to date.
5.     Do you feel that the Drops can be effective treatment for people suffering from HIV infection?
Yes, I believe so, because this infection is known to be caused by immune deficiency, and since the Drops are outstanding in strengthening the immune system, we may reckon with its favourable role in fighting the disease. I have been in touch with several patients suffering from this illness for a longer time, e.g., for 3 years with one of them. He is contacting me from time to time regularly, and he is doing well.