Black Salve info Update and new Video

June 2008

I have a testimonial I am going to share below but first, here is a link to my video page where I have added to the end a new video with some important facts about toxins in sunscreens that can actually cause skin cancer, as well as a solution.  Enjoy!


your_name: Trevor T

comments: I have had skin cancer for some years now and have had many removed by surgery. They were the BCC & SCC type skin cancers. I heard about curaderm and used the cream for several years. It worked on some cancers about 80% and completely removed them, however, some came back and others did not respond. I treated three cancers for two years with curaderm with no success.

I had heard about black slave, mostly negative so I never bothered to follow it up. I now had two cancers that were getting bigger one on my upper leg and one on my head. I did not have these diagnosed by a doctor, lately my trust in doctors has not been that high. Also the thought and cost of surgery did nothing for me. So I studied cansema (black slave) on the net and happened to mention it to a friend of mine which lead to me calling a friend of his who used it and could supply it in Australia. So I ordered it, it came in a plain jar so I don't know who made it but I was told it came from the States

We are now a few months down the track and the salve has completely removed all the cancers as per the directions that you get with the salve. The two main ones I mentioned earlier just fell out after a few days and are now healing nicely. I also confirm that the salve will not effect normal skin it does nothing, but let it get in contact with a cancer and all hell breaks lose. I found the treatment on my leg very painful and I needed pain killers for a few days but the one on my head which I thought would be a night mare because of its size was no problem at all.

Rick's comments:  This persons testimonial is similar to what I have heard other report about Curaderm.  It works on surface spots but they can come back after a while.  I believe that the black salve penetrates much deeper than the curaderm can and that is why it works more efficiently. 

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