Why cancer comes back following chemotherapy, radiation or surgery

One of the most common problems in cancer patients who choose to undergo
conventional cancer therapy is recurrence. They might think they have beaten their
cancer with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, only to find a few years
later that tumors have spread into other tissues -- usually the lungs, brain, or
even the reproductive organs. Conventional medicine has not yet caught on to
what's happening here, but the reason why this phenomenon occurs is quite
simple: Conventional cancer treatments only treat the symptoms of cancer (tumors
or growths) and do not actually do anything to help the patient regain a level
of health necessary to keep cancer in check.

A tumor is not technically a disease. It is a symptom of an underlying
imbalance in the patient. Unless you treat and reverse the underlying imbalances,
you will never eliminate the underlying cause of the cancer. You will continue
to see more tumors and complications, even if you are able to treat the first

Think of it like this: suppose you have a dam holding up a body of water such
as a lake. One day, due to poor maintenance, the dam begins to crack and
water starts leaking through. In the world of conventional cancer treatment, they
would say the problem is the water, and they would begin treating the water.
They would try to evaporate the water or eliminate the water from flooding the
valley below. But the problem isn't the water leaking through the dam; the
problem is the integrity of the dam itself. Unless you diagnose the problem with
the dam and repair it, then you will never stop the leaking water.

The same is true with cancer. Unless you address the underlying integrity of
the immune system and the body's self-repairing technology, all you're doing
is chasing symptoms. You can treat all the cancer tumors in the world and still
do nothing to actually help the cancer patient solve his or her underlying

The cancer industry remains ignorant of useful treatments

Amazingly, after decades of research, and billions of dollars spent on cancer
research, the conventional cancer industry remains oblivious to this simple
truth about cancer. They don't teach cancer prevention, and they don't believe
in cancer cures even though many exist. They are still treating the water
rather than the dam by treating the tumors rather than the underlying problem.

Conventional cancer treatments actually harm the patient and the patient's
immune system, making it even more difficult to overcome cancer in the future.
Chemotherapy harms the immune system and impairs organs such as the brain,
liver, and the heart. It's sort of like using TNT to blow out the water leaking
through the dam. You destroy the dam at the same time. It leaves the patient
unable to stop the progression of the cancer. The real answers to cancer
prevention and cure are found in nutrition, exercise, reduction of stress, and
avoidance of environmental chemicals and toxins. Chemotherapy is not a cure for
cancer, nor is radiation, because both of those treatments actually cause cancer.

When you poison the immune system and irradiate tissues, you create physical
imbalances which in turn can create cancer. This is the simple reason why so
many people who subject themselves to conventional cancer treatments find
themselves battling recurring cancer years later.

Where to start with curing cancer

The bottom line is that conventional cancer treatments are a sham and they do
nothing to help the patient overcome the causes of cancer. They do a great
job of creating repeat business for the cancer industry, however, and
pharmaceutical companies now have a reliable market for the anticancer chemicals that
have now become mainstream treatments for this entirely preventable and curable
disease. But if you want to really cure cancer, you've got to focus on
detoxification and healing from the inside out. Nearly all cases of cancer are caused
in part by a burden of toxic, synthetic chemicals lodged in the liver, heart
and digestive tract. Eliminating those is the first step towards a real cure,
and cleansing the liver is probably the single most important thing to do when
seeking to cure your own cancer (or to have a "permanent remission" as
conventional oncologists might call it, since they don't believe there is such a
thing as a cure for cancer).

So, how do you cleanse your liver? I could write an entire article just on
that, but here's something to get you started on what to investigate: The best
modalities for liver cleansing are, in my opinion, Traditional Chinese Medicine
and rainforest herbs (Amazon herbs). I'll be writing a lot more about Amazon
Herbs in the next day or two, so come back to read more about that if you want
to learn about which herbs and herbal products are best at removing toxins
from your liver (and restoring healthy liver function).

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a cancer recovery without a healthy,
functioning liver. So start with supporting the liver. Isn't it interesting
to note that chemotherapy -- which is still somehow accepted as the mainstream
treatment for cancer -- is extremely toxic to the liver? In fact, chemotherapy
compromises the body's ability to cure itself of cancer in the future,
thereby ensuring continued entrapment in the pharmacological medical system. The
reason conventional medicine is so incredibly profitable is that the chemical
products they use harm patients just enough to make sure they need to keep coming
back for more treatments.