Effective Medical Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status
Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

To Aung San Suu Kyi, protector of her people, exemplar of faithfulness


Buried Treasure:

In the historical collection of Notre Dame University Medical School Library, Sydney, are many books on cancer treatment that were subsequently suppressed.

Estimated cancer prevalence in the United States as of 1-1-2008

All invasive cancer sites


Brain, nervous system






Colon & rectum


Endometrial cancer and Uterine sarcoma




Hodgkin’s disease


Kidney and renal pelvis






Liver and bile duct


Lung and bronchus


Melanoma of skin


Non-Hodgkin lymphoma


Oral cavity and pharynx














Urinary bladder


Childhood cancer


Cancer Statistics Review, 1975-2008, National Cancer Institute.

Approximate number of cancer deaths per day in US in 2010: one thousand six hundred. More than one every minute.

According to a June 2, 2012 article in Lancet Oncology, cancer cases, worldwide, may increase 75% by 2030.


Part One:

Upbeat beyond Belief !

1. Introduction
2. Bacteria in Cancer? “Definitely,” says Livingston
3. Burzynski and Naessens, Legal Harassment, and DCA
4. Bioelectrics: Rife, Becker, Lakhovsky, Crile, Olney, Ott

Part Two:
The Law Is Our Friend. Trust Me on This.

5. Pressures on Doctors, and “The American Cancer Society”
6. Let’s Hear from Some Ghost Curers, and Hamer
7. Normal Health and the Creation of a Society’s Values
8. Laying Down the Law: Why Tolerate This Criminality?

Part Three:
Confirming Some Proven Cures and Looking at Other Illnesses

9. Revici Can Cure Cancer, AIDS, and Arthritis
10. Get the Cancer Microbe! – Glover and Lincoln
11. Is Cancer Weaponized?
12. Intellectual Thrills: Meta-Theories of Cancer

Part Four:
We Could Turn This Thing Around in a Jiff.

13. Vaccination Is a Big, Fat Hoax. Wallace Saw It in 1898!
14. Malice and the Deliciousness of Honesty
15. Autism: Would God Order Torture for Toddlers?
16. Conclusion
Addendum – The Essence of the Monarch’s Authority

The Exhibits – Mostly Medical Articles, Many Historical

A Word about Copyright and Permissions
About the Author and Reviews of Her Previous Books

Table of Chapter Frontispieces

1. The Hippocratic Oath 20

2. Newspaper Announces Glover’s Cure for Cancer 28

3. Great Irish Biologist, John Tyndall, Thanks Scotland 42

4. The Multiple Wave Oscillator of Georges Lakhovsky 56

5. Editorials about Cancer in the The Lancet, Pre-Suppression 72

6. The Power List: Many Ways To Kick a Good Doctor 86

7. Writer Recommends: You’ll Need Your Pack 100

8. Constitutional Grants of Power to Congress 114

9. Egyptian Papyrus Not Keen on the Big Three 130

10. Rockefeller Boasts of Hiding the Cancer Cure 144

11. Who Flew Over That Cuckoo’s Nest? Not Jenner! 158

12. What Makes Eighth-graders in Kansas So Smart? 174

13. President Bush in Rose Garden: Roll Up Your Sleeve 192

14. Canary Party to Chronic Diseases: Get Outta Here 206

15. Possible Assassination of Microbiologists 220

16. When Men Were Men 234


Table of Exhibits

1885 Charles Creighton, MD: the elusive vaccina A, 252

1898 Alfred Russel Wallace, LLD, FRS: vaccination B, 256

1909 William Coley, MD: toxins as cancer cure C, 265

1911 John Beard, DSc: pancreatic enzymes D, 267

1920 Charles Higgins: vaccinating the military E, 270

1924 George Crile, Sr, MD: electric charge in cancer F, 275

1947 E Underwood, MD: Charles Creighton’s work G, 283

1950 Edward Rosenow, MD: polio H, 290

1953 Benedict FitzGerald, JD: report to US Senate I, 296

1961 Royal Rife: deposition in John Crane’s case J, 302

1965 Lionel Dole: dishonesty of Pasteur and the BBC K, 308

1970 Robert Olney, MD: ultraviolet light cure L, 312

1973 John Ott: reaction of plants and animals to light M, 314

1975 Gordon Thomas: career of Thomas Issels, MD N, 317

1985 Robert O Becker, MD: on silver O, 321

1993 Lida Mattman, PhD: cell wall deficiency P, 323

1994 Hiram Caton, PhD: misperceptions of AIDS Q, 326

1997 Harris Coulter, PhD: vaccination causes diabetes R, 330

1997 Jaak Panksepp, PhD: autism S, 333

1998 Carla Emery: unethical hypnosis T, 336

1999 Michael Goldberg, MD: immune problem in autism U, 338

2005 Richard Moskowitz, MD: natural immunity V, 341

2010 National Vaccine Injury Table of Compensation W 344

2011 Mary Efrosini Gregory; M Phil: GS-12 targets X, 345

2011 Claire McCarthy, MD: on one-sidedness Y, 350

2012 Joan Campbell: survey of Moms on vaccination Z, 351


Cancer is something of a joke. I am referring to our culture’s construction of the great demon cancer. If you are presently healthy I’ll bet this book will leave you laughing – laughing about how we deceived ourselves all these years. Of course if you aren’t feeling healthy today, if indeed you’ve just been told that you’ve got the dread disease, it may take a bit more of a jolt for you to get out of your state of fear and into a more feisty mood.

I shall try to give you that jolt. And it’s not out of kindness on my part. I am trying to recruit feisty people, and who better than you? You have more reason than most to be up in arms at what “The Powers That Be” have done to us (and to themselves, please note, O Powers That Be!).

My Mother, who was not particularly Bible-oriented, often murmered,

from Matthew 6: 28, “Consider the lilies of the field, how

they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet Solomon in all his glory

was not arrayed as one of these.” This book, on every page, considers

the lilies of the field, even when it may seem as though

I am off on a political toot. Fact is, God gave us an incredible

planet on which to live, lilies and all, and incredible bodies in

which to do our running around. Yes, the cancer demon is a joke.

The chapters of this book should definitely be read in order. No

skipping! No starting at the back! It contains a historical look at

what happened in the 20th century to suppress cures (loads of

them) that popped up when an individual scientist, brilliant and

driven, found his or her way. Note: persons like that will always

be with us; it’s impossible to stop them.

In organizing the chapters that deal with cancer cures, I’ve

given Virginia Livingston top billing because I feel I can trust

her right down the line. She was a conservative and disciplined

physician, like my late beloved spouse, George Maxwell. I do

believe that for him to have cheated on research, or neglected

a patient’s needs for his self-pursuit would have been, like, impossible.

I don’t claim that such doctors were saints, but the


medical culture of the day made this happen. Your reputation

meant everything. To be accused of fudging your research data

was to be dreaded approximately as much as being boiled in oil.

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski also gets high placement in the ordering

of the chapters, mainly because of what he has put up with! “Dr

B” has shown stamina that few mortals can match. Trying hard to

help his cancer patients, and using normal medical technique, he

has more than once been handcuffed by police for so doing. At this

very moment, in 2012, he is facing another ordeal in a Texas court.

In all, twenty cancer curers get discussed in this book.


I am deeply grateful to the many historians and biographers I’ve

relied on. The history of the Rife microscope came to my attention

through an article on, which led me to Barry Lynes’

The Healing of Cancer. Regarding the takeover of medical schools

that occurred ninety years ago, I had already been aware of the late

Eustace Mullins, ever on his high horse, who wrote Murder by Injection.

I thank him for his years at the library.

The first book I picked up concerning the shonkiness of the

American Cancer Society – and I’m being charitable there – was

Ralph Moss’s The Cancer Syndrome (largely dealing with “the laetrile

controversy”). Next, I was happy to connect with Nat Morris’

book The Cancer Blackout. I enjoyed Suzanne Somers’ Knockout

(2009), but my book is not about alternative medicine.

The dishonesty – even that word is charitable – of the NIH is

spelled out in Andrew Marino’s hot-off-the-press Going Somewhere.

Among the biology books that truly uplifted me were Hanna

Holmes’ wonderful The Well Dressed Ape, and the magnificently illustrated

Concise Human Body Book, by Steve Parker. Plus Why We

Get Sick, by Randolph Nesse and George Williams, which is a Darwinian

work that I probably never would have found if I hadn’t

grown up on the wrong side of the tracks, that is, the sociobiology

side. (My first published book was Human Evolution.)

Only near the end of writing this book did I acquire two essential

beauties: Mark J. Boesch’s Long Search for the Truth about Cancer, and

the late Christopher Bird’s The Trial and Persecution of Gaston Naessens.

Midway, I got a huge emotional boost from finding the works

of Charles Creighton, Edward Rosenow, Sr, and George Crile, Sr,

and will pass this boost to anyone who’ll take it.

I thank, and I salute, the many scholars I quote in this book.


For personal support I thank the dear late parentals, Pat and John

Whalen. Of course I thank God for dropping me into a fortunate

time and place, and for inventing the Internet!

I particularly thank Dr. Alan Cantwell, a generous scholar willing

to share ideas. His very humorous emails kept me going.

Craigo fixed up the photos (whilst camping in Tasmania – is

nothing sacred?); Peter hauled books; Charles rode shotgun.

Gracias to them and to young Laura for role-modeling. Wonderful

how a role-model can spur you on, isn’t it? As for Carol, Linda,

and Blanche, they know how they oped mine eyes – ’nuf said.

Elissa bucked me up. Shukran. And to John at – Ta.

Concepts of intellectual property must adapt in relation to the

Internet. All mugshots here were simply lifted by me. While it

so happens that I am a maniac for protection of privacy, these

persons can hardly say I have invaded their privacy by printing in

my book a portrait of them that is already world-broadcast. I also

broke tradition, but not the law, in declining to ask certain men if I

could quote them. I have good reason to think they’d suffer pressure

if they gave me permission. So I just went ahead.

I hope you like the new post-Postmodern pagination. Since

many books travel by PDF, it seemed to me that calling the first

page “page 18” would save subtraction of roman numerals.

A pleasant caveat: don’t send money! Last year my gmail account

mysteriously discharged a request for $1200 to all my friends. One

friend actually sent that amount, into the wild blue yonder. Who

knows -- other messages may be sent out from “Mary Maxwell”.

Don’t fire till you see the whites of my eyes, OK?

Finally, to the requisite Disclaimer. I hereby state – with as much

sincerity as I can muster:

1. This book does not contain medical advice, just “educational


2. I, Mary W Maxwell, possess the following scientific qualifications:

nada, cipher, and goose egg.

3. If the reader has cancer, he is urged to go to his physician.

(Well, he probably wouldn’t go to the piano tuner, would he?)

4. The treatments described in most chapters have not won

FDA approval. (You can say that again!)

Adelaide, January 26, 2013 Mary Maxwell


Illustration compliments of



As everyone knows, body organs have fancy medical names:

Heart=cardio. Stomach=gastro. Head=cephalo. Skull=cranio. Ear=oto.

Uterus=hystero. Liver=hepato. Lung=pneumo. Breast=masto.

Besides organs, there are more general things: Blood=hemo. Cells=cyto.

Joints=arthro. Tissue=histo. Skin=derma. Water=hydra. Muscle=myo

(not be confused with myco, which means fungus).

Knowing only those, and two easy suffixes -- itis for “inflammation

of,” algia for “pain in,” you can start trafficing in myalgia, otitis,

hydrocephalic, hepatitis, myocardial, and arthritis!

With the prefix: poly for “many” -- and just two more suffixes: ia for

“condition of ” and ectomy for “removal of ” -- you can deal handily

with pneumonia, anemia, mastectomy, and, should the occasion

for it arise, polycephalous. Isn’t that great?

There are three types of cancer: carcinoma, sarcoma, and leukemia.

The suffix oma means tumor or mound. Sarc is flesh. Because

Hippocrates thought cancer looked like a crab, for which the Greek

word is karkinos, we got the word “carcinoma.”

In the word leukemia, the “emia” is realy hemia, “a condition, of

the blood,” but the H has been dropped -- as it was in anemia. The

prefix an in anemia means “lacking in.” (Like anaerobic: lacking in

air). Leuke is a color, namely, white. A man with leukemia is a man

with troubled white blood cells.

Come away from anatomical words for a moment to consider more

general references. Hyper means above and hypo means under, as in a

hypodermic needle going under the skin. Tropho has to do with feeding

or nutrition, as in the trophic layers of the biosphere. However, don’t

confuse trophic with tropic, a leaning toward. For example, gonadotropic

is a hormone that directs itself toward the gonads.

Slightly more complicated are medical terms for biochemical action,

such as lysis. The verb “to lyse” means “to burst.” Lys is part of

the word glycolysis, the breaking down of sugar (glukus is Greek for

“sweet.”) As you can see, the word hyperglycemia contains four

parts that were discussed earlier. (No credit if you find only three.)

An important cancer word is cyto. There’s cytocide (cell-killing from

Latin caedo “to kill,” as in homicide), and phagocytes (from phage,


“to eat,” an important item in Robert Lincoln’s cancer cure). Cytoblast

is an immature cell, as blast is Greek for “growing up.” We also

have leukocytes (white cells), and erythrocythes (red cells). “Help! I

cut my finger and my erythrocytes are going all over the tablecloth.”

Lymph nodes are part of the all-important immune system, which

carries the fluid lymph around the body. The word comes from Latin

lympha, a goddess of water.

There’s a type of cancer known as lymphoma. Another type is melanoma,

related to the skin cells that develop color -- melanos being the

Greek word for “black.”

Don’t worry, the Greeks did not entirely corner the market in vocabulary.

The word for liver, hepar, comes from the Persian; the word

for lysis came from Old Norse. But Greek prefixes abound: peri,

“around” and dys, “not right.” There is a most terrible disease called

dystonia. The root word there is tonos, Greek for stretching. Tonos

features also in peritoneum – a huge membrane stretching around

everything in your abdomen.

The etymology of “symptom” is most pertinent to this book. The

Greek sym means “with,” and pto means “falling.” Certain symptoms

“fall with” a particular illness. That’s all they do. You might say they

“happen to accompany” the real illness. Autistic boys bang their head

on the wall. Onlookers may think “That’s what’s wrong with him.

He’s mental.” Onlookers can’t tell the difference between a symptom

and the cause of the symptom. The child possibly has an infection

that is the real illness. (See Chapter 15.)

Is your illness acute or chronic? It’s chronic if long-term, from the

Greek khronikus, “of time.” It’s acute (sharp) if it comes and goes

quickly, like the common cold.

The reason a doctor can often diagnose over the phone, is that each

illness has a fixed set of symptoms. A tumor, believe it or not, is only

a symptom. The real disease of cancer is probably constitutional.

That is, something has gone wrong in the normally well-functioning

chemistry and physics of the body, with the result that some cells

replicate uncontrollably.

(What cancer really is will be a main theme of this book -- and that’s

in addition to the big theme which, as announced, is political.)

Thank you for listening, so far. And now, it’s eleven oclock. Do you

know where your peritoneum is?



. . . Tell of his love who sends the dew

The rain and sunshine too,

To nourish one small seed.

-- Christina Rosetti, Consider the Lilies of the Field





Virginia Livingston MD Alan Cantwell MD

Gen George Crile MD Gerald Domingue PhD

John Ott

Royal Rife

Philippa Uwins PHD

Antoine Béchamp MD

Welcome to Part One

Upbeat beyond Belief !

Niels Finsen MD



The Hippocratic Oath

I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asclepius, and Hygieia

and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses as my witnesses,

that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this

Oath and this contract:

To hold him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my

parents, to be a partner in life with him, and to fulfill his needs. . . .

I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients

according to my greatest ability and judgment, and I will do no

harm or injustice to them…

Into whatever homes I go, I will enter them for the benefit of

the sick, avoiding any voluntary act of impropriety or corruption….

Whatever I see or hear in the lives of my patients, whether in

connection with my professional practice or not, which ought

not to be spoken of outside, I will keep secret …

So long as I maintain this Oath faithfully and without corruption,

may it be granted to me to partake of life fully and the

practice of my art, gaining the respect of all men for all time.

However, should I transgress this Oath and violate it, may the

opposite be my fate.

Translated by Michael North,

United States National Library of Medicine

A Roman bust of the Greek Hippocrates,

circa 250 BC.

Chapter One



Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a

fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.

-- James Boswell, The Life of Johnson, 1787

Welcome to Part One, which aims to bowl you over with good

news. Naturally, if you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed

with C-A, you probably can’t think straight. My first remark to

you is that there is hope, and I mean hope of finding proper scientific

medical cures. Your doctor does not know many of these, as

they have been kept under wraps for the last ninety years. Weird,

but true. I swear it.

This book, however, wasn’t written for patients. It is intended as

information for all citizens. I hope that the story of the suppression

of cancer cures will be eagerly looked at by young scientists

and legal scholars in particular. Eighteen cures will be sorted

through in these chapters. And please note the one-stop-shopping

feature at the back of the book: the 26 exhibits of concise articles,

many historic, half of them written by MD’s.

It is a scandalous fact that such science was deliberately hidden,

both from the public and from medical students! My late husband,

George Maxwell, who was an excellent doctor, must never have

heard of these medical cures, or he would certainly have consulted

a “curer” when he got esophageal cancer in 1999. Instead, he

signed up right away for surgery. (He died of complications from

the surgery, particularly kidney failure and septicemia.)

Come to think of it, when I had a routine mammogram in 1992,

and was diagnosed as having breast cancer, George unhesitatingly

advised me to have radiotherapy. He was an extremely devoted

husband, so it must surely be that he considered that treatment to

be our best option.

It luckily turned out that I didn’t have cancer; the mammogram

was improperly read. “The luck of the Irish” as my kinfolk call

Chapter 1




it. Then, in 2010, when I had another cancer scare, as a widow, I

went to an oncologist and, without him pressuring me in any way,

I arranged to go under the knife if the tests were positive. (Faith

and begorrah, they were again negative!)

Sorry for dragging my case notes in front of you, but I want to

make the point that we Americans and Australians (I am both)

are remarkably untutored on this subject. And Yours Truly would

not have found out the dirt, even now, but for luck: some legal

research I was doing on AIDS and on autism happened to drift

into the adjacent study of cancer.

My Speciality: Indictments Galore!

There’s more to this book than a review of cancer cures. There

is a major statement as to where we find ourselves in this crazy

world. In my 2011 book Prosecution for Treason, I argue that a bunch

of sociopaths has had free rein to do things to us for a century.

My new claim here is that they intentionally kept excellent cancer

cures out of our reach. What absolute creeps.

Other writers, too, say it was deliberate, but they chalk it up to

greed in the medical industry, or to the fact that people always

prefer the tried-and-true to the new. I chalk it up to a major coordinated

effort to destabilize society and keep folks power-less so

the few at the top can avoid challenges. The political scientist in me

says “That’s what I would do if I were they!”

Such legal insight as I can bring to bear on this is in Parts

Two and Four. Part One contains some cutting-edge material, all

perfectly understandable by the layperson. Part Three shows how

other diseases bring new illumination as to what cancer is. If you

are licking your chops at the thought of “bringing to book” some

people who have done unbelievably cruel things, this book won’t

disappoint. Most likely the actual act of punishing a creep, or two,

is what it will take to make us reconsider our unwarranted toleration

of what’s been going on.

The Excitement of Scientific Discovery

That said, the main joy in this book has to do with the fact that

several of the cancer-cures to be discussed here carry other good

information with them. As far as I am aware, very few people are

working on these amazing things. I know that sounds ridiculous,

but to name just two names – Edward C Rosenow, Sr and George



W Crile, Sr -- there is a treasure trove of work by them that got

suppressed or fell by the wayside. I was shocked to come across

it, and it is absolutely “eligible” for revival.

Other persons are making connections. In Part Three, Lawrence

Broxmeyer will astonish you with his finds that connect Parkinson’s

disease to the tuberculosis microbe. For autism, Michael

Goldberg and John Walker-Smith have found multiple explanations

for neurological problems and bowel disease. Then there’s

the shocker from Tenison Deane about a syphilis-smallpox connection,

or should I say a vaccination connection.

Ah, have you already flipped through the exhibits and noticed

a bit of a skewing toward the topic of vaccination? Don’t blame

me; it’s not my fault! It is where the cancer research took me.

Honest. As for my becoming an “anti-vaxxer,” who would have

dreamed? But you go where the research takes you. By the way, if

you’re pro-vax and can hold out against this onslaught of data, I

am dying to meet you.

High Schoolers, and “The Shed Situation”

Good morning, Students. And to be young -- is it very heaven?

Great. Now let me ask you: have you ever heard what cancer is?

It’s portrayed as some sort of internal enemy, lurking, waiting

to pounce and destroy a life. Poppycock, balderdash, and horse

feathers is what I say to that. Come aboard and check it out!

High school students can use the cancer question to begin

brainstorming with one another. No matter how little training

you’ve had, you can get used to the important exercise of posing

a question. For example, you and your mates could make up entirely

fictitious “body parts.” Then imagine a patient who comes

down with a tumor of the what’s-it, and ask how many different

ways it could have happened. Since it’s fictitious, you won’t risk

bring slapped down by smart alecks who have proved the case.

Try setting up hypotheses that look at the broadest aspects of

the biological event, and think of ways in which you might test

that hypothesis. Dear Student, don’t let the “prestige” of the big

guns overwhelm you. Who invented the wheel? Freddie Flintstone,

right? There just weren’t any Nobel Prize scholars around to get

the wheel going.

Tell your mother you need to go out to the shed and formulate

a theory of cancer. See what she says.



The Laboratory Scene

Our 18 curers did a lot of their work “at the bench.” For those

with no background in this, here is a sketch of what goes on.

A pathologist receives material that has been removed during

surgery or biopsy. Or he may receive specimens of the patient’s

excretions or secretions, for example blood, urine, or sputum. By

performing tests, he may be able to advise the clinician as to what

is going wrong, or even identify the disease.

For other lab workers, the day’s labor is done in fulfillment of

a long-term research project and may consist of feeding mice a

certain chemical to see if that triggers a cancerous growth. (Note:

there is going to be a lot of that here. I apologize to the animals!

I was never an animal-welfare person, but when you hear how

many millions of mice, dogs, and rabbits are given cancer for

research purposes, you are going to be appalled.)

Instead of having live animals onsite, a lab may have only cultures.

Just as you can cultivate vegetables in your garden, you can

culture things, such as bacteria, in the lab. You’ll monitor the bacteria

by using a Petri dish (which has a lid to keep out airborne

creatures). First you put a “culture medium” onto that dish. It may

be an inorganic chemical, or a biological “broth.”

These “media,” as they are called, can be purchased from a lab

supply company. The medium may be solid rather than liquid.

The typical solid is agar. It is Jello-like in texture, and the item to

be grown on it is sort of swabbed onto it, in the shape of the letter

“S.” Human cell lines can be bought on the market, too.

Strains are important; some strains of bacteria have become

resistant to antibiotics. Hence, the syphilis bacillus, Treponema

pallidum, is not as curable by penicillin as it used to be.

An Internet search for the word strain brings up “Twenty-seven

strains of bacteria have formed a destructive blob of icicle-like

‘rusticles’ that are slowly eating the historic wreckage of the RMS

Titanic steamship.” [Good grief!] and:

“A group of University of Tokyo students programmed 16 strains

of the food-borne bacteria Escherichia coli [coli refers to the colon;

E is for Thomas Escerisch] to solve sudoku puzzles.”

Fear not, O Reader, this book can never get into E coli doing

puzzles, as the author at hand “wouldn’t have a clue.” -- MM



Always Assume God Got It Right.

Although many folks live in fear of calamities regarding the body,

it doesn’t have to be that way. The bod is magnif. Even a fruitfly

body is something to write home about, but the human, oh my.

May I proffer just two examples of what your body has accomplished,

on the q.t., in the last few minutes?

1. For breathing, the intercostal [between the ribs] muscles of your

chest caused your lungs to expand to take in air. How did those

muscles know that you needed to take a breath? Easy -- the brain

continuously monitors the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in

the blood and sends a message.

2. When you blinked, your eyelid smeared lacrimal fluid over the

eyeball to keep it clean and moist. That fluid, containing, say, a bit

of dust, was then pushed off to the lacrymal canal where it will

make its way into the lymph and eventually exit the body.

Just think, such things go on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You

probably breathe and blink at least ten times a minute, hence you

perform 5 million of each of those transactions per year. Every

year. And it never fails. Most likely you won’t have to call the repair

shop even once in a decade. Not even once per half-century. So,

isn’t it reasonable to take comfort from that?

Lexicon and Epigraphs

It’s empowering to crack the code of medical lingo – hence the

lexicon at the front of this book. Occasionally a word will be defined

in the text, as we go. Three cancer terms that I once found

intimidating are: acid-fast, gram negative, and L-form. Turns out

that an L-form bacterium isn’t shaped like an L; rather it was

named after the Lister Institute. Gram-negative has nothing to do

with weight – it was named after a chap, Christian Gram. As for

acid-fast, that simply means colorfast! (Cancer bacteria stain at a

fuschia-red color.) I trust you’ll find that the Exhibits are in plain


As for the epigraphs from ancient Greek or Chinese sources,

’twas not I who gathered them, but Ralph Hovnanian and Wade

Frazier. I’ve loaded up on them as they are so consistent in their

message that cancer does not call for drastic action! When I had

my cancer scare last year, I phoned two surgeon friends, one age

80 the other 93. What did both of them say? “Do nothing.”



(It reports on Thomas Glover’s toxins,

as used by MJ Scott, MD, a surgeon.)

This was in 1924.

The story got out in at least one newspaper,

The Anaconda Standard of Montana.

Chapter Two



There are three things that build and maintain civilization throughout

time: pure air, pure water, and pure food. And as an eternal truth I say

unto you, that there are three things that bring the end of civilization,

even the mightiest that have ever been and shall ever be, from the beginningless

beginning to the endless end of all time: impure air, impure

water, and impure food. -- Zenda Avesta, circa 3000 BC

During the last hundred years, a surprisingly large number of

doctors have found ways to cure or alleviate cancer. These ways

are not the Big Three – surgery, radiation, and chemo – that are

the ones almost exclusively recommended by the profession.

If you had told me, a few years ago, about these cures, I am

pretty sure I would have scoffed at the idea, and would have felt

sorry for anyone who’d be foolish enough to use “backyard doctors”

instead of going to one of the fabulous big hospitals.

I would also have been in agreement with the sentiment “Snakeoil

salesmen need to be run out of town.” But the doctors that

will be covered in this book are hardly that. Indeed, I believe

many of them are persons of exceptional character and wisdom!

Some Happy Stories

Let’s begin with Virginia Livingston (1906-1990), a graduate of

Bellevue Medical School, daughter of Herman Wuerthele, MD

(1885-1967). In her first book, Cancer: A New Breakthrough (1972),

she claimed a success rate of 82%. Here are four cases:

D.K. – Age 71, operated on for carcinoma of prostate, followed

by removal of testicle, 1966. He had multiple spinal metastases

and arthritis of many joints. He was barely able to move around.

He was placed on autogenous vaccine and mandelamine, 1 gram

four times a day with dietary and vitamin adjuvants. Previous to

his prostatic surgery he had a bowel resection for cancer of the

colon. At the present time the spinal metastases have healed, he

says he has no evidence of arthritis, is in perfect health and works.

Chapter 2

Bacteria in Cancer? “Definitely,” says Livingston



3. J.M. -- Age thirty-five, had a left radical mastectomy March 3,

1965, when four months pregnant. Pathological diagnosis was infiltrating

carcinoma, scirrhus and medullary types. After delivery

of a normal child she had a hysterectomy May 28, 1965, and was

placed on estrogen therapy from August 24, 1966, through January

9, 1967. Autogenous vaccine was made which she took for a

year and intermittently since. This type of tumor is universally

fatal. Her physician says she is in good health at the present time

(1972) with no signs of recurrence.

6. F.B. -- Male age twenty-seven from Utah, who was operated on

for severe headaches after a number of convulsive seizures. The

pathological diagnosis was astrocytoma, grade III to IV, infiltrating

the surrounding area. He received anticonvulsants, radiotherapy

and antibiotics. In 1966 when he was doing very badly and

appeared to be terminal, he was placed on autogenous vaccines

and mandelamine, one gram four times daily, plus vitamins and

dietary supplements. He remained on this regimen for two years.

The vaccine was discontinued in October 1970. His physician

said there is no evidence of any tumor.

8. Longshoreman, age 46, operated 1967, for a mass on the right

side of his neck. Pathological diagnosis was malignant lymphoma,

reticulum-cell type with invasion of all glands. These were not

resectable because they extended under the sternocleidomastoid

muscle. He received X-ray, 4500 R, in eighteen treatments. Since

then he has had no other treatment except autogenous vaccine

continuously with erythromycin 250 mgm twice a day. He says he

is completely well and works full time on the docks.

Leprosy the Clue

After World War II, Virginia worked in a New York hospital and

saw many cases of TB (tuberculosis) and leprosy. Note: every

physician’s experience is unique. It is incorrect to think that all

doctors possess the same knowledge; much depends on who

happens to walk into their office one fine day.

One fine day into Virginia’s office (she was a school doctor)

walked the school nurse, complaining of ulcers on the fingers,

a perforation in the septum (the piece of cartilage that separates

the two nostrils), and hardening of the skin. This was in

1947. Her own doctor had given her a diagnosis of scleroderma.



Virginia associated the symptoms with leprosy as the patient reported

that she could not feel hot or cold on the affected skin.

Virginia Livingston decided to do some lab work on this case.

She took smears from the woman’s nose and the ulcers on her

hands and stained them with the stain used for identifying both

leprosy and TB, namely a “Ziehl-Neelsen” stain. Peering into the

microscope, Virginia saw the same type of microorganisms one

sees in leprosy. She treated this patient with the medication used

for lepers, and the skin healed. Later, Virginia gave the same medication

to other scleroderma patients and it worked!

Whatever she saw in the microscope that day became central

to her later theory that cancer is explainable by bacteria. That

has not been widely accepted. But she made a separate discovery

that did later become standard in science. Namely, she found that

bacteria can and do secrete a hormone, human chorionic gonadatropin,

hCG, which is essential for human life. Hooray!

In a Nutshell, Livingston’s Theory

Virginia believed that cancer is not a foreign visitor. It is part of

our body from birth and it is never going to go away. Cancer is

characterized by mitosis, the dividing and replication of cells. Cell

division itself is not to be despised; it is the basis of our initial

growth in childhood, and occurs as part of the repair work that

steadily goes on in the body. When a piece of skin gets scraped

off, you just wait for it to regrow. We need cell division!

If cell division gets out of control, however, it may make tumors.

Tumors are bunches of new cells that don’t associate in the

normal manner with surrounding cells and have no purpose.

A cancer doctor has the title “oncologist” from the Greek word

onco for mound. Virginia never became a “moundologist.” She

surmised that a tumor happened because the person’s immune

system was not functioning as it normally does. As for the cancer

microbe that she believes to be ever-present in our body, she gave

it the name Progenitor cryptocides (crypto=stealth; cide=to kill).

The Livingston Program for Treating Cancer

More will be said below about her bacterial theory – which she

does not claim to have invented. Others such as William Russell

and Royal Rife, she notes, got there first. Now have a look at what

she prescribes: she tells the cancer patient to get his Progenitor cryptocides

back under control. That is something that, in a healthy perMARY



son, is taken care of by the immune system. When your immune

system sees the cryptocides microbes going where they shouldn’t

go, she says, it treats them as invaders and acts to protect you. The

immune system is ever-alert for the non-normal, and can do what

must be done. Run-of-the-mill miracles.

One cancer patient, a physician named Owen Wheeler, was

cured by Virginia, and subsequently married her. They established

the Livingston-Wheeler Clinic in San Diego, and helped thousands

of persons.

But what if your immune system is not working well and can’t

call up the right response? Then a tumor may form. Stuff may

also travel around your body and metastasize. What should the

doctor do? She will try to get your immune system working again.

Her treatment program has two prongs:

1. Use nutrition to build up the immune system. She advises fresh

fruits, vegetables, and nuts (nothing out of a can). No meat or

dairy until you are recovered. Lots of Vitamins A and C, and

2. Vaccinate the patient with the antigen he needs. Material for that

vaccination comes from the patient himself; his urine is used to

culture the bacteria which are then made into an autogenous vaccine.

In some cases she also gives antibiotics. She often gives a

blood transfusion, from a family member.

Disclaimer. Dear Reader, a short interruption here in which I tell

you that you won’t find health advice in this book. I guess it’s well

accepted that fruits contain elements of a so-called balanced diet,

but I shall not be “showing you the way” to good health.

When I tell people I am writing a book on cancer, they say “Oh,

alternative medicine, how nice.” Wrong. Nothing in the chapters

Paul Cezanne, A Table Corner



that follow is outside of standard medical science. That includes

Livingston’s remarks on fruits and vitamins. As far as I am aware

she wasn’t into “the magic of fruit.” She used the science of nutrition.

The same can be said of Max Gerson, MD, who appears in

a later chapter. His “Gerson diet” is not based on “fervent belief.”

Possibly a lot of people benefit from having faith in a particular

diet or ritual. Good. That’s fine. Just don’t expect me to discuss it.

I completely lack the relevant psychology skills.

How about my skill in real medical science? Well …um ... er …

no skill there either! Is abdominal pain the sign of cancer? I have

no idea. Is 98 a good pulse rate? I don’t even know that! Still, I am

capable of researching what has gone on in the United States in

the last hundred twenty years or so, by way of suppressing normal

medical cures for cancer. I promise to do an honest job of reporting.

I declare I have no vested interests.

Which is not to say I’m neutral! My mission is overtly political.

I object to the suppression of good doctors because of what that

implies about power-holding. If overlords, secret government, or

whatever you wish to call them, have the ability to prevent us from

getting rid of our cancer, that’s disgusting. But more importantly,

in my opinion, it’s frightening for what it suggests as to their additional


Luckily, there is strength in numbers. I assume we, together, can

put a stop to this outrageous stuff. The physicians pictured on

the back cover of this book did not have the benefit of solidarity.

Most marched heroically through a very tough life. I hope people

come to understand the sacrifices that were made.

“Getting” Virginia Livingston

Virginia was still working at her clinic at age 83 when the government

closed it down. As we shall see, the feds and most states

do that to any doctor who dares defy the rule to use only the Big

Three cancer cures. A few months after that, she expired.

Dr Livingston constantly made her patient’s progress available

for inspection by the medical authorities. She also arranged for

a random survey of the records, going so far as to hire an outsider

to choose 62 cases under a meticulous set of guidelines. Yet

when she published the survey no one was wiling to read it. In the

back of her book you will find a section with the pitiful heading

“Ten Cases That I Wish Someone Would Investigate.”

In 2001, Saul Green wrote a bad evaluation of Livingston for



Sloan Kettering, making nary a mention of cures she wrought for

20 years! He did, however, importantly remind us that it is a felony in

California to treat a cancer patient with unapproved methods.

Doctors like Virginia are blacklisted, and those who fraternize

with them have reason to fear blacklisting as well. Keeping us

separated is the oldest trick in the books, is it not? The bishop of

Adelaide, wanting to isolate the maverick Mother Mary McKillop,

declared it a sin for other nuns to speak to her!

One physician who came to Livingston’s aid was Los Angeles

dermatologist Alan Cantwell, MD, a graduate of Cornell. He had

already published his clinical finding of a cancer microbe, in 1968,

before he got to know Livingston. In 2005 he published Four

Women against Cancer, a non-technical book that shows the female

networking that went on, to posterity’s very great benefit, amongst

Livingston and three non-physician scientists: Irene Diller, Eleanor

Alexander-Jackson, and Florence Siebert. All four women

went to their graves without receiving a thank-you.

Gallows. Please be prepared for the fact that I will often state

that a doctor is persecuted. Here is a quote from Caleb Saleeby,

MD, who took that situation as a given -- in 1906!

“I know, as a matter of repeated personal observation, that the articles

which have brought me so much abuse from the Powers That Be in

this country, have directly led to such boon to a few stricken patients

as perfect ease instead of uncontrollable agony … If this book, serves

even in infinitesimal measure to hasten the end of this most damnable

thing, my life will have been worth living, though it should end upon

the gallows amid universal execration.” Saleeby, Conquest of Cancer, 1906

The prescription Saleeby used (of trypsin and amylopsin) was

invented by Johh Beard, whom we’ll discuss later. It’s the one

Gonzales uses today. You can ask your G.P. for it! It is legal, but

doctors simply don’t know about it. Their education, highly controlled

by the cabal, told them to refer patients to a surgeon.

Gentle warning: I sometimes speculate that a doctor was secretly

punished. Livingston got polio (but recovered). Perhaps Eleanor

Alexander-Jackson’s cancer, and radical mastectomy, were

punishment for her disobedience. (Yes, cancer can be “given.” A

hundred years ago E Rosenow could give an animal almost any

disease. ) See Addeo’s great new book, The Woman Who Cured CanCHAPTER



cer; it shows how Cornelius Rhoads prevented word getting out

about Livingston’s bacteriological discoveries!

Alan Cantwell and the Taxonomy of Microbes

Cantwell spends much time at an ordinary microscope using

an “oil immersion lens” that allows him to see what most pathologists

claim they don’t see. He credits a Spanish microbiologist

for giving him the clue to cancer’s similarity to tuberculosis:

“[Conrado] Xalabarder totally transformed my concept about

how tuberculosis-causing mycobacteria reproduce and grow and

drastically change their appearance.”

Ah, changing appearance – and behavior – and size, and --who

knows? maybe their species identity – is the name of the game for the

bacteria we are concerned with here. The pioneering taxonomist,

Carolus Lineaus, born 1707 in Sweden, grouped animals together

in phyla based on shared characteristics, for example, he put Homo

sapiens into the phylum chordata, as we share the characteristic of

having a backbone. (Sigh. If only we had backbone, and not just

a backbone!)

One particular class of bacteria is known as bacillus (plural,

bacilli). They are rodlike. What? We are naming a whole group of

bacteria by their shape? Yes. The word bacillus comes from the

Latin bacula, a stick. So, too, the spirochetes, another type of bacteria,

are named because of their spiral shape – spiro being Latin

for coil. (Would this help you to remember? the spiro in the syphilis

bacterium makes 14 turns as it screws in.)

Think of stayphlococcus, a bacterial species that is the scourge

of hospitals. The coccus part of that word refers to the shape

(coccoid, round) of individual bacteria, yet the bacteria huddle

together in a characteristic formation that looks like a bunch of

grapes – staphyl is Greek for bunch of grapes.”

String of Pearls. An autopsy necroscopic

tissue section showing

a fungus-like “string of pearls”

collection of variably sized-coccoid

forms in the connective tissue, in

Hodgkin’s disease.

(Alan Cantwell, MD, 2008)



The “Heresy” of Pleomorphism

Often, Cantwell can’t get colleagues to acknowledge the microbes

– as this goes against the nomenclature they were taught. His critters are

either too big or too small to meet the orthodox criteria. For instance,

some items are too big to be viruses. (Gotta be small to

be a virus.) Clearly, expectations based on names can result in the

wrong diagnosis and treatment.

William Russell made a heartfelt speech in 1890 about his apparently

finding a cancer microbe. He wanted to say it was a bacterium,

but it was “too large.” Reluctantly he concluded that it

must be a fungus. (Wrong!) Subsequently it was realized that the

offending microbe has a capacity for changing. A virus is not always

a virus! A bacterium may be a fungus. They morph!

Some microbes are pleomorphic (from Greek plein, for many,

and morph, shape). The microbe associated with cancer belongs

to the genus Myco-bacteria, i.e., fungus-like bacteria. (Myco means

fungus.) Cantwell boldly stated in 2008: “Cancer is an infection

caused by tuberculosis-type bacteria” – but he can’t get that published

in a journal as pleomorphism is medical heresy. It’s taboo

city. (Note: Are algae plant or animal? Even that is disputed.)

Introducing Naessens and the Somatids

Gaston Naessens co-stars with Burzynski in the next chapter.

(Cancer sufferers may wish to pop along to that part now.)

Today Naessens lives in Québec, with his wife, Francoise. When

he was young, in Lille, France, during World War II, Gaston pondered

what he might come up with. The wheel having already

been invented, he came up with a microscope. Admittedly some

German technologists helped him make it.

Later, after he got arrested, convicted, and fined in Ajaccio,


cancer curers, he fled to Canada. There, helped by the special

microscope, he saw tiny creatures, which he named “somatids.”

He saw them going through a life cycle. Normally that lifecycle

has three stages, Naessens says. But in the context of the host’s

illness they may go through sixteen stages. Antoine Béchamp,

MD, using minimal equipment, had already come up with a very

similar hypothesis, in the very same town of Lille in the 1800s.

Naessens says he never heard of Béchamp -- but as David Hess

points out, such ideas were probably in the air. (Hess 1992: 45)



This is Gaston Naessens’ sketch of the somatids, from Christopher

Bird’s The Trial and Persecution of Gaston Naessens (1991: 6)

Think how influenced we are by a word. The word “somatid”

does not match up with any item or idea we are familiar with, so,

naturally, we tend to dismiss it as false or silly. But check other

words in this sketch – bacteria, yeast, rod forms, spores.

Personally, I don’t endorse the somatid cycle, but I think there

are clues here (especially the spores). See, in later chapters, the

writings of Edward Rosenow and Royal Rife. They believe in the

phenomenon of morphing, left, right and center.

At least, it’s something to think about.




A Word about Nanobacteria. It seems that Naessens’ somatids

won’t make it into The Guiness Book of Records as “world’s smallest

living thing.” Nanobacteria have now been found! Queensland

geologist Philippa Uwins sees them in very old sandstone, swarming

around like there was no tomorrow.

Moreover, and this is hard to countenance, the human genome

project has acknowledged that about 90% of the DNA in Homo

sapiens, i.e., me and thee, is actually the DNA of bacteria. (If you

want a better-than-Agatha-Christie whodunnit, may I suggest

googling “mitochondria, captured.” Perhaps an ancestral cell,

back around the Year Dot, enclosed an errant bacterium, which

then became our mitochondrion -- so vital to metabolism!)

Walls Do Not a Prison Make? Ask CWD Bacteria.

Finally, two more heroes of the pleomorph story (but they’re not

in the 18-count as they did not propose a cure for cancer): the late

Lida Mattman, PhD, and Gerald Domingue, PhD, an American

who has retired to Switzerland -- in fury, I’ll bet!

It is truly shocking that Mattman’s textbook Cell Wall Deficient

Forms and Domingue’s 1982 anthology Cell Wall-Deficient Bacteria,

which includes articles by clinicians, has not been used to crack

the mystery of several diseases including cancer. Their fantastic

discovery is that some pleomorphic creatures act in certain ways

only during certain stages of the patient’s illness. One would have to

be a major jerk to conclude that this fact be irrelevant!

When a bacterium is not encased in the normal way by a cell

wall (that is, when it’s CWD – cell-wall deficient), it has potential

to sneak around and get up to no good. Harken to this:

“There is increasing evidence that CWDB and CWD fungi are often

associated with endocarditis, septicemia, meningitis, pneumonia,

and infections of bones and joints. When prompt diagnosis is

critical, it is helpful to include examination for CWD microorganisms

as part of the first laboratory study.”

That’s from an article that Lida Mattman, and her co-author

Mehnga S. Judge, contributed to Domingue’s Cell Wall-Deficient

Bacteria. (1982: 440). Amazingly, it did not spark eager research as

to its rather glaring potential for meningitis cases. I hope you’ll be

the first to get onto it. (Note: “CWD” is the same as the L-form

discovered in 1935 by Emmy Kleineberger-Nobel.)



Louis Pasteur, Germ Theory, and Koch’s Postulates

One person who slips off his plinth in this book is “the great

Louis Pasteur,” whose greatness escapes me. He flagrantly plagiarized

Béchamp, says E. Hume in Pasteur Exposed (1935. Also, he

brought fear into people’s lives with his Germ Theory.

Robert Koch rubbed it in by holding that all major diseases are

caused by bacilli. He personally discovered, in the 1880s, the bacillus

of anthrax, cholera, and tuberculosis. (His assistant R. Pfeiffer

found the bacillus of flu. But mysteriously, in the 1930s the

flu was re-categorized as a virus.) It’s my guess that Pasteur and

Koch were both sent in by the Powers That Be (a.k.a. the cabal) to

control our perceptions about cancer. And yes, I do think that was

in aid of keeping the population unhealthy and afraid.

Koch delivered a paper outlining his “postulates’ when he was

only 39 years old. He preached an evidentiary proof of disease.

The scientist must see the bacillus under the microscope, in a

sample she took from an ill person. Then she must culture it in

a lab, then inject it into an animal, and wait to see if the animal

comes down with the disease. This “Koch cycle,” based merely

on his postulating it, gave him infallibility in cancer etiology!

Mausoleum of Louis

Pasteur in Paris.

Not unlike the Sistine




Docs, Cantwell Is Pleading with You. Listen Up!

Alan Cantwell, at age 77, is a bit annoyed (did I say “a bit”?) that

physicians don’t look at the excellent photographs he uploads,

showing the bacteria in various cancers. (e.g, “string of pearls”).

I join with him here in saying: whatever has kept you afraid to

say what is going on in cancer, put it all behind you now. We can

forge ahead and forget the past. Granted, some patients’ families

may go troppo when they realize y’all missed the boat, but even

that’s no reason to demur. LOOK FORWARD NOW.

I add: if you are a medical student, demand to be taught the

truth about cancer. If you are a parent paying the tuition, put the

squeeze on the university. Go to the dean and fulminate over the

fact that your kid is being wrongly taught. Deans have probably

been wondering for years why you haven’t done that! Quite possibly

they are aching for you to do it.

Open Science and Brainstorming

Ever since Sir Francis Bacon got the ball rolling, it has been understood

that science is open and does not belong to an individual.

Around 1980 this view took a dip. Today universities acquire

“proprietary interests” in the results of faculty research. Manufacturers

that sponsor research consider the work a trade secret.

Too, there’s the familiar phrase “national security.”

Quelle nonsense! The word “science” comes from Latin scire, to

know, and how does any human know anything if not by what

he picks up from the surrounding culture? Revert to 1979, I say!

I’ve mentioned “the shed,” meaning

space for thinking things out creatively,

but really the best stimulation

to new ideas is argumentation and/

or brainstorming. Be warned though:

people are afraid to state their best

ideas, as these may be stolen. No one

mentions that, but understandably

it’s a stumbling block, and so is jealousy.

I suggest you not worry about

it. Just be generous. Take a chance!

Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)



PATENT LAW. Per Australian law, a patent is “a right granted for

a device, substance, method or process.” In US the item must have

novelty and “non-obviousness.” Patent gives you exclusive rights to

sell the item for up to 20 years. You can license others to produce

it, say, for a royalty payment. You must make your patent public. It’s

not for trade secrets. The validity of any patent can be challenged in

court. Also, the owner can bring civil action against an infringer. See

any old patents at, and new at

Patent #4, 692, 412 (expiry date 2006) was awarded to V. Livingston,

and Afton Livingston, and Eleanor Alexander-Jackson for the making

of an autogenous vaccine from the blood or urine of cancer

patients. Their application for the patent claimed:

“All cancerous bloods examined have revealed the cryptocides organisms.

[It] is apparently ubiquitous in nature, existing in a reservoir

in soil and water, and is found in all classes of animals…. It can exist

as a latent infection in host tissue without causing apparent ill effects.

However, when the immunologic barriers are lowered it can invade

the host in prodigious numbers and involve any or all of the host

tissues, causing various kinds and degrees of pathologic change.”

[Note: Award of patent does not mean claim proven.]

This Patent’s Method for Making Autogenous Vaccine:

“Obtain a midstream clean-catch specimen of urine in a sterlized

screw-top glass container. Make up DiFco’s brain-heart infusion

agar: 37 grams of the agar base are added to a liter of distilled water

heated to melt and mix, and distributed into flasks or bottles of 95

ml amounts, and autoclaved. Five percent (5%) human blood … is

added when the melted agar has cooled down to 45-50 degrees C.,

and the mixture is poured into sterile Petri dishes. Streak the surface

of the blood agar plate with a sterile swab dipped in the urine. Incubate

plate to 37 degrees C. and examine after 24 hours.

If growth has appeared, note types of colonies, make duplicate

smears, and stain one by Gram’s stain and the other by Alexander-

Jackson’s modified Ziehl-Neelsen technique: flood slide with Kinyoun’s

carbolfuchsin for 3 to 5 minutes in the cold, wash, decolorize

briefly with 70% alcohol containing 1 to 3% HCl as these organisms

decolorize more readily than M. tuberculosis, counter stain by flooding

slide with Loeffler’s methylene blue and add 6 to 8 drops of normal

(4%) sodium hydroxide. Tilt slide to mix, and wash after 30 seconds.”

[The foregoing is only a small excerpt from Livingstone.]



Chapter Three




I stand indebted, morally and intellectually, to the poets,

historians, and philosophers, of Scotland. ... One of the first

rootlets of my scientific life derived its nutriment from this city

as I studied a periodical then published in Glasgow, called

The Practical Mechanic’s and Engineer’s Magazine.

In it I read, with an interest unfelt before, a series of essays on

various departments of science—on anatomy and physiology, on

geology, on mechanics, on arithmetic, and on

natural philosophy and chemistry. …

It was there that I first learned what Leslie had done in Edinburgh,

and what Davy had done in the Royal Institution.

And I can now call to mind the day and hour when the yearning

to possess such apparatus as Leslie and Davy possessed, rose to a

kind of prophetic strength within me—

prophetic, for it has come to pass that my own studies as a

scientific man have been in great part pursued in that domain

which had been enriched by the discoveries of




All the blood of the body is under the control of the heart and flows in a

continuous circle and never stops. -- Chinese writing, 2697 BC

If too much salt is used in food, the pulse hardens. -- Ch’i Po, 2600 BC

Now for two views of what causes cancer and how to treat it, one

proposed by Stanislaus Burzynski, MD, of Texas, and another by

Gaston Neassens of Quebec. Which of the two is more correct?

And does either win out over Livingston’s treatment program?

You may not need to pick only one. It seems there are many ways

(20 in this book!) to stop runaway cell division..

Stanislaw Burzynski, MD and PhD (born 1943)

Burzynski’s nickname is Stash. I’ll sometimes refer to him as that,

or as “Dr B.” He invented a cancer treatment based on a naturally-

occurring substance in the body, an amino acid. It had curative

effect but he did not exactly know why. He had a treatment but

not a theory, so to speak. However, by the 1990s, he found that

gene-suppressors played a role in cancer cure.

Note: Stash gave the awkward name antineoplaston to his cure. If

you take off the prefix anti “against,” you get neoplastons. Cancerous

growth of cells is called “neoplasia” -- new growth.

When Burzynski was but a medical student in Poland he noted

that a certain amino acid was found in the blood and urine of

healthy people, but not cancer patients. Bing! The bell went off.

It was not long until he discovered that by giving the patient antineoplaston,

he could fix them up. It is worth noting that his

biggest success has been with brain cancer. He thinks this may be

because most chemo drugs cannot pass the blood-brain barrier,

but his plain-old amino acids can! Stash was lucky to receive a

validation of his work when it was found that “a gene” = a protein.,

numbered “p53”, is responsible for suppressing a gene that

causes cancer. We did not know, in the olden days, that some of

our genes have, as their main function, the flicking on and off of

other genes. These ones are known as regulator genes, or in the

Chapter 3

Burzynski and Naessens, Legal Harassment, and DCA



case at hand, suppressor genes.

How the heck can I be sure that one gene suppresses another?

(or even that the things called amino acids actually exist? Duh.) I

have come up with the following policy: if something is already

standard science, as the p53 protein now is, not to mention amino

acids, I shall prattle away. If I get some parts wrong, I shall hope

to be corrected

Burzynski was lucky to find Thomas D. Elias to write his biography,

which was then made into Burzynski – the Movie. Below, I

mainly recount Dr B’s legal troubles. You’ll find cure testimonials

on Youtube. Indeed, if you’ve been following Stash’s legal case on

the Net, just skip our next four pages.

Chronology of the Career of “Dr B”: Stanislaw Burzynski,

MD, PhD. This is a paraphrasing of Elias’ Burzynski Breakthrough.

Any comment in parentheses is mine – MM.

1948 Stash’s brother is killed for resisting Communism.

1960s Stash goes to medical school, then works under biochemists

Irana and Juanita in chromatography. His job is to put organic

material, such as blood and mushrooms, into this equipment in

order to identify which amino acids are present.

1970 As one of only two young persons with both MD and PhD,

Burzynski is recruited by Communist Party, but declines the offer.

Thus he is drafted into Army, to help the VietCong (how odd to

think of it from the other side!), but escapes to US. He carries $20

and his chromatographs.

1970 Baylor Medical School in Texas hires him as a researcher

under Hungarian refugee Dr Ungar, for the study of peptides in

the brain that transmit memories. He also pals around with Dr

Georgiades at the M.D. Anderson Tumor Institute, who was trying

to isolate the leukemia virus.

1971 Stash starts to think that healthy humans may have a

peptide that stunts the growth of cancer cells. Could this be

the one that came up on his chromatographs from healthy people

but never showed up in the blood of men with prostate cancer?

1970s He manufactures peptide fractions from his own urine

and puts it into cancer cultures in Georgiades’ lab. He identifies a

peptide that works well against leukemia cells, and calls it “AntiCHAPTER



neoplaston L.” He cannot put time into it, as

he had found another one “A,” that works on a

broad range of cancer.

1976 With Dr. Carleton Hazelwood, he tries

“A10,” a subtype A, against breast cancer in vitro

(that is, in cultures in the lab, not “in vivo”

in animals or man). They conclude “there is a

neutral to slightly acidic group of medium size

polypeptides in normal human urine that can

act as growth controllers of several types of cancer cells.

They submit it to Journal of Cancer, Chemistry and Biophysics. It

eventually gets published in 1979. (Let’s not rush, Folks.)

1976 Dr B gives a paper at Federation of Associations for Experimental

Biology, announcing some of his findings. Associated

Press covers the story; thus patients seek him out.

1976 Baylor offers him a position at its Cancer Research Center,

on the condition that he give up his private practice. Says “No,

thank you.” He then gets a job in Dr Walker’s practice, part-time,

and sets up his own clinic in Houston.

1977 (“the Year of Urine River”) Burzynski purchases nine

freezer chests to put in his garage-laboratory and starts manufacturing

antineoplastons. This requires him to spend several hours

a day driving to places where friends – such as nuns – are collecting

urine for him. He needs about 400 gallon per day for his 30

patients. Note: by 1980, mass spectrometry enables him to skip

this step and make the antineoplastons synthetically.

1977 Stash’s attorney’s asks FDA if it is OK to make the antiplastons

for use only in Texas. Yes. The attorney also obtains

from the Attorney General of Texas a written opinion that it is

OK. (Only later did Texas incorporate FDA requirements

into their state law. Why? Law students and historians, you can

investigate the legislative history of that bill.)

1978 FDA visits Dr B’s lab and tells him he must not house the

mice in the same place as the manufacturing. He complies.

THE TROUBLE BEGINS (and still continues)

1982 Canadian magazine Maclean’s gives anti/neoplastons favorable

publicity, causing the Canadian drug-approval agency to

Stan Burzynski,




come to inspect. Then the Ontario Health Ministry sends two

doctors to snoop. FDA comes back and is unpleasant.

1983 FDA sues Dr B in order to put an end to his treating cancer

patients and making anti-whatchamacallits. As a result, his creditors

start to demand a return of loan money and some of the

health insurance companies stop paying for patients’ treatment.

(Do I smell a “cahoots”?)

1983 Dr B asks for an Investigational New Drug permit. They

give him the run-around for 6 years, always demanding more paperwork

and then ignoring what he sends.

1983 Judge Gabrielle McDonald turns down the FDA’s request

for an injunction to stop Stash; she issues only an order that he

must stop selling or shipping antineoplastons across state lines.

1984 Stash speaks at the International Cancer Congress….in Budapest.

American participant shun him. (cahoots, cahoots)

1985 FDA raids his clinic while patients are there, seizing his

documents. (Note: It is believed trauma can trigger cancer.)

1985 Before a grand jury he has to give oodles of information.

1988 He appears on the Sally Jessy Raphael show. This is followed

by the state threatening revocation of his license.

1991 Yet another grand jury. Dr B says “I wanted to speak to

them but was only allowed two minutes.” (Whence that rule?)

1992 Journal of the American Medical Association publishes a pure,

unadulterated no-holds-barred hatchet job about Burzynski

(could be used in an English writing course to teach ‘innuendo’).

1993 State Health authorities in Austin told him to destroy all his

anti-neoplastons and pay a fine of $25,000 per day. He gets help

against this from Dr Nicholas Patronas of NIH.

1995 Grand jury indicts him; 75 counts of interstate shipment of

a non-approved drug. (Dear Reader, I hope you are getting hot

under the collar....)

1995 Grand jury ends with an indictment against Stash on 75

counts: interstate shipment of a non-approved drug. In order to

be freed, Burzynski must agree to bail conditions. He must not



take any new patient unless the patient has already exhausted other

treatments such as radiation and chemo.

During the trial, experts from insurance companies are flown

to Houston and put up at the Hyatt – by the taxpayer. (Couldn’t

they have been billeted at the Superdome?) Three assistant US attorneys

work full time on the case for months. Natch.

On the matter of insurance fraud there is a hung jury, hence the

judge dismisses those charges. Burzynski had consistently over

the years given the correct code number. (I tend to think some

jurors were ‘got at,’ else why did they not acquit?)

On the matter of persons in other states going home after treatment

and then asking friends to fetch the drug from Dr B’s office

and courier it to them, there is Hollywood-type stuff in the court,

with government stating how its detectives followed the cars of

the miscreants from pillar to post office.

In 1997, the case ends; the accused walks. He then faces new

investigation by Texas medical board, but they reach some sort of

settlement and he has to pay them only 50K ‘costs.’

Thomas Elias believes this outpouring of support, outside the courtroom in

1995, saved Dr B. The lady with white fur collar is Mrs Burzynski. Note:

pre-9/11 we did not have police “holding pens” for protestors.



Gaston Naessens of Sherbrooke, QuÉbec

Naessens is the pleomorphist who sees “somatids.” He was educated

in Lille and hounded out of Ajaccio, Corsica, by the police.

I think Burzynski and Naessens are “examples” to scare doctors

In Québec, Naessens was charged with being accessory to a

murder when a widower claimed that his late wife, Mme Langlais

(!), had been pressured by Naessens to forsake her standard

treatment. Today Canadians can obtain Naessens’ medicine legally

from their GP. It is reportedly composed of camphorized

nitrogen. It’s called 714-X, a code for Naessens’ birth date: X is

the 24th letter of the alphabet and 7-14 means he was born on

Bastille Day (not a trick, I hope).

The point of the following section, in which I quote five witnesses

at Naessens’ trial, is to give the flavor of how a person

claiming to be cured of cancer can undergo cross-examination.

Surely, this legal method for establishing truth is on a par with

medicine’s method of “the clinical trial.” Each depends on the

honesty of members of the profession, legal and medical.

Why would a lawyer in the courtroom, or scientist concluding a

clinical trial, be honest? I presume they’re motivated to be honest

if there are rewards related to that, within the profession. Similarly

their profession can mold them toward dishonesty.

Gaston Naessens,

born 1924



Patients as Witnesses at Naessens’ Trial

These two pages paraphrase Christopher Bird’s book, The Trial and Persecution

of Gaston Naessens (1991)

Witness 1

Helmuth Wallaczek, travelled from his home in Austria to give evidence

on behalf of “the accused.” He said he had been diagnosed, in 1978,

with a cancerous tumor in one of his kidneys and, after heavy doses of

radiation, was nevertheless found to have metastases to his liver. It was

through his brother that Helmuth had learned about Gaston Naessens.

He flew over to Canada for treatment. He had submitted to no other

form of medical intervention. The result? Ever since, he has enjoyed

perfect health.

“The strategy of the defense attorney Chapdelaine, was emerging”

wrote Bird. “... So far, he had lined up a doctor of medicine from France,

who had boldly committed himself to treating patients with 714-X; a

widely known Quebec writer; a US businessman; and an engineer from

central Europe, and the man from Austria.”

Witness 2

The next witness, had yet another unusual story to tell. Arnault de

Kerckhove Varent, a handsome man, had one dysfunctional eye. He

recounted that in the late 1970s, he had been diagnosed with a melanoma

of the eye. Cancer surgeons had recommended what technically

is known as an ‘enucleation’: cutting the eyeball out of its socket. Varent

asked what he could expect, by way of survival time, if he refused

the operation. ‘Nine to twelve months,’ he was told. ‘And if I submit

to it? he asked. ‘Then you begin to pray!’ He instead decided to seek

what he called ‘systemic’ treatment. Bird says:

“At last, he heard about Naessens’s product. Varent traveled to the

port city on the Gulf of Mexico, where, at the Andrade Clinic, he was

injected intralymphatically with 714-X … The diagnosis was melanoma.

Varent’s tumor was, as the Greek word mela denotes, ‘black’

in color, but, after the first set of twenty-one injections, it …turned

amber, “suggesting that the body’s immune system was destroying

[the malignant cells] in a natural way.”

“Varent also reported in court that, subjectively speaking, after the

first series of treatments had reached only its fifteenth day, he began

to feel a whole lot better than he had for months….”



For his second round of injections he learned how to

do it himself – as you can see on Youtube. He then

went to Ottawa to see a doctor friend, who introduced

him to an eye specialist colleague. The second

doctor, he claimed, was ‘utterly flabbergasted’ to learn

that Varent had survived melanoma for almost four

years. “I simply can’t believe it,” he declared, “You

should have metastases all over your body, by now,

right down to your big toes!” Bird writes:

“The physician asked Varent if he would consent to come to a special

meeting of eye doctors. At the meeting, he sat on a chair in the middle

of a room, his head covered to reveal only his affected eye, where every

one of the some forty specialists assembled took a careful look at it. All

agreed that they were witnesses to what amounted to an impossibility.”

Witness 3

Suzanne Berthiaume took the stand next. She had been diagnosed

with breast cancer on 5 December 1988, and a radical mastectomy

was recommended. Having been given no promise of cure, she opted

for Naessens’ method. Starting a week after she had got the first diagnosis

she took three sets of twenty-one injections of 714-X. That

was from 12 December 1988, to the end of April 1989, or just about

one month before Naessens’ arrest as a charlatan and a quack. “Since

then, I have had a tremendous feeling of well-being, even a renewed

lust for life.”… Berthiaume said, under oath.

Witness 4

For his final witness, Maitre Chapdelaine called a man who, when

asked what his occupation was, said “judge.” Bird observed:

“That a judge of the court of the province of Quebec had decided

to appear on behalf of a defendant accused of a crime that, might

incarcerate him for life seemed most unlikely. Moreover, it surely must

have imparted a general feeling that the whole weight of provincial

justice and law was by no means solely directed to proving Naessens’s


The Verdict

In summing up his case for the jurors, the prosecutor, Monsieur

Melancon, said that they must consider whether Naessens was

“peddling despair,” and abusing people’s confidence.


Bird, MA



Judge Peloquin then spent five hours talking to the jury, reading

back the notes he had taken of every witness! His Honor repeatedly

emphasized for that for each one of the five charges, a verdict

of coupable required that they find Neassens guilty “beyond reasonable


After that, a well-known singer from France, Gilles Vigneault,

showed up in the halls of the Palais du Justice, with a song tailored

to the occasion: Mon cher Gaston, c’est a ton tour, De te laisser parler

d’amour. (Our dear Gaston, your turn has come to let yourself hear

our words of love.)

It took the jury only an hour to decide the came the fate of the

somatid-discoverer who had healed many people (and not just of

cancer but AIDS and other life threatening ailments.) The court

clerk called out to the foreman: Est-ce que tous les membres du jury sont

d’accord sur le meme verdict? Oui. And then the fateful words, stated

for each of the five charges: Non coupable.

Christopher Bird writes: “Francoise Naessens sat silently weeping,

her head bowed almost to her knees. As for Gaston Naessens,

he told me that, as each ‘Not guilty’ decision rang through the

courtroom, he felt as if five heavy stones, placed on top of his

body were, one by one, being removed.”

A Seat-of-the-Pants Evaluation

Before I found Bird’s book, I sought out “the public record.”

Let us not hesitate if that means going to Youtube. I went

there and typed “Naessens.” Got two videos: one by 20 year

old Kathleen Hartley, and one by 34 year old David Tromly.

I found them very persuasive re having had their cancer cured.

Both those persons have Massachusetts accents and I have to admit

to being able to trust “my people” (I grew up in Boston) in the

way that every ethnic group does. We’re best able to spot a faker

among our own, as we know what the agreed upon standard of

honesty is for “us locals.”

I do understand that every testimonial-giver could be straight

from Central Casting. Or, as the ACS loves to say, the person’s

cure may have come about by other means. Indeed. Still, one

one must ultimately form a judgment.

Of the curers ahead, I think Becker, Crile, Beard, and Gerson

did the great job of walking us through their thought processes.

Their written record makes it possible for their work to be duplicated

and/or criticized.



We Need To Analyze Disinformation, Every Time!

When I first wrote this chapter, I was gung-ho Stash and Gaston.

I now have doubts. This is not to say that their cures don’t work.

I assume they do! It is also not to say that they are bad guys. So

far as I know they’re just fine. But there are holes in their stories,

and this must be honestly confronted.

Naessens. After I had completed the research for this book, I

sketched out a chart showing each scientist’s theory and his cure.

It then dawned on me that the Naessens cure, the 714-X, has

nothing to do with his big discovery – the somatids! Also, I was

startled to read, in the obituary of Christopher Bird (the author

of the book abut Naessens’ trial), that Bird was CIA.

That changes everything. A US Intelligence officer has no business

helping a Frenchman or a Canadian “fight the Establishment.”

Heck, the CIA is the establishment. (Its predecessor, the

OSS had, as its unofficial members, the whole of the wealthy

class of America.) So what was Bird up to?

In his day job, Bird was a journalist. He claims that Naessens

asked him to attend the trial since he is bilingual. Mr and

Mrs Naessens had already hosted Bird for a few days when he

was making a world survey of pleomorphist theorists. (They also

hosted Ralph Moss and David Hess.) The subtitle of the Trial

book is: “The True Story of the Efforts To Suppress an Alternative

Treatment for Cancer, AIDS, and Other Immunologically

Based Diseases.” Hmm.

I am now re-thinkng Gaston’s younger days. He supposedly

made a truly sophisticated microscope. Could you make one? He

says some German technologists helped him. Ah, then there is

somebody else in on the deal. If they are in on the all-important

microscope, they are perhaps in on the somatid story.

Another thing that belatedly seems “off ” to me is the sworn

testimony by Witness 2, that he had sat in a room as 40 ocular

specialists came to look at his miraculously healed eye. Was that

on a Sunday? If a working day, how would so many doctors be

free to show up? Frankly, I don’t accept that part of the story.

And if it were perjured testimony, that’s a felony, you know.

Note: I feel bad blaming Chris Bird. His personality shines out

as that of a good man. Maybe he was forced into it. They say you

can never quit the CIA however much you want to. Sad!



Burzynski. Did Stash really go solo? Granted there is such a

human trait as working all alone, going against the grain, surviving

with no supporters, etc. (I should know?) But Stash did have

at least one secret friend. Recall Thomas Elias telling us how,

when Burzinski was getting conscripted into the Commie military,

someone came along with the documents for him to enter

US. You may think we do that for genius discoverers, as we do

for champion atheletes -- why not? -- but Stash was young and

hadn’t yet made any important discoveries. So why single him out

for emigration? Elias says the same man showed up later in Texas

just when Stash was in need of career advice.

I went to the excellent website:, and found

some amazing patents by Stash that are not mentioned in Elias’s

1998 book. Did you know Dr B invented an anti-cancer toothpaste

in 1993? That patent has just expired. And one for autoimmune

diseases! By the way, there’s another website, freshpaptent.

com, which lets you subscribe to emails announcing new patents

in any area -- such as cancer.

Media. The movie and other publicity about the FDA’s mistreatment

of the doctor may be meant to be a tool of disempowerment.

After all, seeing a family lose a young child when a doctor

is capable of saving her, but is prevented by the bureaucracy, is

about as disempowering as you can get.

Many news stories have no basis at all. They are made up. The

purpose is to fill the canvas on which we see our world, the details

having been created by slaves working for the cabal.

Have you seen the M&M commercial in which a couple is having

quite a verbal fight, and furniture gets thrown out onto the

street? The alleged message is that they are “breaking up.” This

is supposed to tie in with the candy manufacturer trying to get

us to buy M&M in separate colors. They have “broken up” the

mixed bag of green, red, and blue M&M’s.

I say whoever made that commercial made it strictly for the

purpose of painting a picture of marital discord. It’s obvious that the

idiotic cabal wants to condition us toward tossing our spouse out

the door. They’d like us to be bereft of the security of family.

In Australia we say “Rupe (media magnate Murdoch) controls

everything.” But shareholders vote for his policies. And the

granting of licenses for TV broadcast is up to us, via parliament.

Fact is, we are all in this business together.



DCA and Evangelos Michelakis, MD, of Alberta

So far, we’ve met three cancer curers: Livingston, Burzynski,

Naessens, and now a fourth, Michelakis.

Our cells contain mitochondria (singular: mitochondrion).

There’s a rumor that it used to be an independent life form, but

somehow took up residence in our animal ancestors. It has a role in

metabolism. Some children have “mitochondrial disease” in which

the signaling is faulty. A medication, dichloroacetate

--DCA -- is prescribed for them.

Professor Evangelos Michelakis, MD,

has found that DCA may helps cancer patients.

To get an idea of his pitch, I tapped

into Pubmed. This is an important source,

funded by Yankee taxpayers, as it gives you

an abstract for every medical article. Let’s see

Michelakis’ 2008 article in the British Journal

of Cancer:

Abstract. The unique metabolism of most solid tumours might be

associated with the resistance to apoptosis that characterises cancer.

[Note: Apoptosis is good. You want the cancer cells to die and this

natural phenomenon, apoptosis is called “cell suicide.”] … The generic

drug dichloroacetate is an orally available small molecule that ... reverses

the suppressed mitochondrial apoptosis in cancer and results in suppression

of tumour growth in vitro and in vivo.”

Gracias, Taxpayers. Next, I googled and found a helpful review article

by Eyal Gottlieb, PhD, of University of Glasgow. There’s

also a website called “” -- it’s advocacy. On Youtube,

Michelakis obsequiously bows to the god-almighty requirement

that there be a double-blind (what the heck, make it a triple-blind)

clinical trial. There’s also a yelling session by Glenn Beck about the

fact that “we won’t be allowed” to get DCA because Pharma will

prevent us. He says a clinical trial costs a BILLION dollars.

Total nonsense. See how our brains have been turned off?

Dear Reader, do you have cancer today? I have a cure for you.

The cure is to get your neighbors to turn their brains back on.

A word about mammon. I do not subscribe to the popular idea

that money is driving the suppression of cancer. I think chatting

about that is a distractive technique. Anyway, isn’t “Big Pharma”

made up of millions of shareholders -- me and thee?

Dr. Evangelos




An ancient haut relief, at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts

Joie de Vivre – Seriously!

Things don’t have to be negative. Maybe the 20th century went

downhill, but the 21st can be fantastic. Has there been joy in the

human species’ past? Then there can be joy again, since the basis

for the joy – our emotional apparatus – is still here, unchanged.

Some people, as we’ve seen so far, have done terrible things to

the health of the citizenry. And there are worse to come in this

book. Much worse. You’ll see that I am always trying to take their

crimes seriously, recommending that we show some muscle in

the punishment department. Nevertheless, the fastest way for us

to get on top of our problemos today is to imagine a marvelous

mañana. Or at least a mañana less ludicrous than the one being

planned for us!

Symbiosis between the Land and Humankind

Symbiotic relationships mean creative partnerships. The earth is to be seen

neither as an ecosystem to be preserved unchanged nor as a quarry to be

exploited for selfish and short range economic reasons, but as a garden to be

cultivated for the development of its own potentialities of the human

adventure. The goal of this relationship is not the maintenance of the

status quo but the emergence of new phenomena and new values.

– René Dubos (1901-1982)



The Multiple Wave Oscillator, invented by Georges Lakhovsky

Georges Lakhovsky (1869-1942)

In “The Waves That Heal” (1949),

Mark Clement states that

Lakhovsky cured a tumor-bearing

geranium plant, by using a

circle of metal (see in picture).

The photo shows two, untreated control

plants next to the thriving geranium

three years after the treatment.

(Note: I do not vouch for this photo.

-- MM)

Chapter Four



Chapter 4

Bioelectrics: Rife, Becker, Lakhovsky, Crile, Olney, Ott

The cure of many diseases remains unknown to the physicians of

Hellas because they do not study the whole person.

-- Socrates (470-399 BC)

How’re we doin’ on Part One’s title “Upbeat beyond Belief ”? In

this chapter we’ll witness some breathtaking cancer cures, by six

men. Three of them are doctors: Robert O Becker, an orthopedic

surgeon; General George Crile, (I mention his military rank so no

one will think I am referring to his son George Crile, Jr., the critic

of mastectomy); and Robert Olney, a GP from Nebraska. The

non-doctors are: Royal Rife, a man trained in optics; Georges

Lakhovsky, a credit to the Russian race; and -- my pièce de resistance

-- John Ott, a famous photographer.

Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971)

The fate that befell Royal Rife is something we should protect

all scientists from in future. He did great work and then was cast

aside. His equipment was taken by government and his friend

John Crane was subjected to a lawsuit. (See Rife’s deposition in

Exhibit J.) Rife’s wife died young. Not that Lakhovsky fared better;

he was hit by a limousine, which I take to be murder. Crile was

left for dead in a small plane crash – but he survived.

In the 1930s, Rife was called upon by Milbank Johnson, MD,

a prominent physician, to strut his electric stuff at a pilot clinic

at the Scripps estate, San Diego. Sixteen very ill cancer patients

were brought in, and after Rife zapped their cancer microbes (yes,

microbes), 14 walked away happy. The other two are said to have

recovered later. You can’t beat that percentage, can you?

It is important to know that Rife is not an urban legend. Later

in this chapter you will see a 1944 piece from the Smithsonian

Institution. It is about Rife’s microscope and his pleomorphism,

not his cancer cure, but at least it anchors him in history.

Please read the following excerpt from The Rife Report, whose

full text is on the Internet and in Barry Lynes’ 1987 book. (I’ve



bolded the bits where I couldn’t control my excitement.):

Rife: “I felt that the start of malignancy would be originated by

some type of microorganism.… After the isolation of the filtered

virus the idea was conceived, that it would be possible to create

an electronic frequency that was in the correct coordination or

resonance of the chemical constituents of a given organism,

and to devitalize [it] with said frequency.

The initial frequency instrument of this nature was first used

and developed in the laboratory in 1920. The isolation of cancer

virus …was an accomplishment with which I felt a great deal of

pride. Finally in 1931, I discovered the transformation of cancer

virus and the treatment for cancer and other diseases.

No tissue is destroyed, no pain is felt, no noise is audible, and

no sensation is noticed. A tube lights up and 3 minutes later the

treatment is completed. The virus or bacteria is destroyed and the

body then recovers itself naturally from the toxic effect.

. …We believe and have proven to our satisfaction that the socalled

virus is in reality the premodal [?] cell of a micro-organism.

We also have proven that it is the chemical constituents and

chemical radicals of the virus under observation which enacts

upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the body to produce

any disease that may occur.

The experiments of 1931 and 1932. After many attempts to

grow the cancer virus had failed, …the growth method of cancer

virus was found. A test tube containing a sample from the unulcerated

breast mass was sealed and placed in an argon gas filled

loop with 15 mm vacuum and activated with 5000 volts… (This

media was of tyrode solution and desiccated slime intestine). This

test tube was then checked for cancer virus, but at this point none

were visible. Then the test tube was subjected to a 2-inch water

vacuum and incubated for 24 hours.

Upon examination the solution in the test tube was teeming

with cancer virus which were the most highly motile and the

smallest in size of any of the viruses previously isolated. These

cancer viruses refracted a purplish red color. That proved that the

virus was pathological. We did this a hundred times with the same

results. We sincerely believe that this leaves no doubt as to the fact

that BX is the primary cause of cancer. …14 of these so-called

hopeless cases were signed off as clinically cured by the staff of

five doctors and Dr. Alvin G. Foord, MD, pathologist.”



James Clerk Maxwell Nicola Tesla Robert O Becker, MD

(1831-1879) (1856-1943) (1923-2008)

It Didn’t Start with Ben Franklin and Tom Edison, OK?

In 1825, Michael Faraday gave the London “Christmas lectures”

to an audience of rapt teenagers. Those lectures have been digitalized

by Microsoft. In the preface thereto, W Cooke writes:

“When God created the elements of which the earth is composed,

He created certain wondrous forces, which are set free

and become evident when matter acts on matter. All these forces

have much in common, and if one is set free it will immediately

endeavor to free its companions….We find that all the forces in

nature tend to form mutually dependent systems.”

Faraday had left school at age 14. He and James Clerk Maxwell

brought us the science of electro-magnetics. Another important

person, Nicola Tesla, had amazing insights into the nature of the

universe and the method by which lightning is made. Yes, lightning

as in what you thought only God could make. Everybody

and his cousin is making lightning nowadays. And “death rays”

are in most of the latest weaponry. So it’s important that we not

make the woo-woo noise when anyone mentions “rays.” See

Mary Efrosini Gregory on this. (Exhibit X - it’s hot stuff.)

Becker – Why It Pays To Be an Orthopedic Surgeon

Becker’s work as a cancer curer is presented in Exhibit O. Here

we are interested in what he told us in his 1985 book, The Body

Electric, about current of injury (“c. of i.”) Are you cognizant of

that phenomenon? It’s when God sends a message down the myelin

sheath of your peripheral nerves toward a hurt area of the

body. The purpose is to speed healing, electrically. (Think lily.)



Robert O Becker, MD, was an orthopedic surgeon at a Veteran’s

Administration hospital in Syracuse, NY. He had been fascinated

since medical school by the fact that only one vertebrate, the

salamander, can regenerate a limb. Spallanzani had reported that

fact in 1768! A question any intellectual might ask is “Why this

vertebrate, and not others?” If the intellectual works with disabled

soldiers, he might say “Betcha five dollars if we figure out

how salamanders do it, we can make humans do it, too.”

(Warning: if you were disgusted to learn that cancer is curable

,but that the hoi-polloi are not supposed to find out about it, how

will you feel on hearing that the code for regenerating bone is

also hushed up?) By 1961, Becker had figured out how the salamanders

do it, and by 1971 was able to do it for mammals. A

huge event, right? Hugely huge. Right up there with the garden

of Eden. But did The Boston Globe carry it? Course not! The Powers

That Be wanted us to stay unaware of bio-electrics.

Becker’s 50-year-old article “Bioelectric Factors in Amphibian

Limb Regeneration” doesn’t help us with cancer. I’ve discussed

Becker here to show that he is a trustworthy scientist. (His assistant

Andrew Marino also wins my trust. He had to get a law

degree, on top of his PhD in physics, to cope with the onslaught

from National Institutes of Health, NIH, when he and Becker

found overhead power lines to be carcinogenic.)

Note: I am emphatically NOT endorsing magnets, but George

Crile made a remark about them and Becker said almost exactly

the same thing, as follows:

“With direct currents, the EEG continued to show delta waves

for as long as a half hour after the current was turned off….

It seemed to us that we’d discovered the best possible anesthetic,

allowing prompt recovery with no side effects. [Holy wow!]

We proposed getting bigger electromagnet to try this method on

larger animals and eventually humans, but we never even got a

reply…. Reactions by living things to magnetic fields were absolutely

out of the question in America at that time.” (1985: 114)

Becker lost his job (as they all do) when he was 56. Thus, soldiers

at the VA lost a caring surgeon. As you will see in Exhibit

O, Becker put a bit of time into curing cancer, via silver ions. I

don’t think he did enough in that area for us to say “Jackpot.” But

enough to say Let’s look further at the subject.



Robert O Becker, Cross Currents (1990: 164-166)

The electrically generated silver ion was doing something more than

killing bacteria it was also causing major growth stimulation of tissues

in the wound. When we finally tracked down exactly what was

happening, we found that as human fibroblast cells (which are common

throughout the body) were exposed to the electrically generated

silver ions, they dedifferentiated. They were then able to multiply at a

great rate, producing large numbers of primitive, embryonic cells in

the wound even in patients over fifty years of age.

These “uncommitted” cells were then able to differentiate into whatever

cell types were needed to heal the wound. So what we were in

fact doing was turning on regeneration in human tissues, which I had

thought we would never be able to do. In our previous studies of regeneration,

we had found that in human beings, only bone-marrow

cells could dedifferentiate. … The dedifferentiation of the abundant

fibroblast cells by electrically generated silver ions may provide us with

the means to restore regeneration to human patients….

If the electrically generated silver ion dedifferentiated normal human

fibroblast cells, would it also dedifferentiate human cancer cells?

If so, we would have a way to duplicate, in humans, S. Meryl Rose’s

experiments… in which dedifferentiated cancer cells dedifferentiated

as normal cells. A lack of funds prevented us from completing this

work. However, we did find that some human cancer cells in culture

appeared to dedifferentiate when exposed to these silver ions.

I also had a patient with a severe, chronic bone infection who had an

associated cancer in the wound. He refused amputation, …and insisted

that I treat his infection with the silver technique. After three months,

the infection was under control, and the cancer cells in the wound appeared

to have changed back to normal. When I last heard from him,

eight years after the treatment, he was still fine.

It is important to realize that this is not simply an electrical effect,

but the result of the combined action of the electrical voltage and the

electrically generated silver ions. It is an electrochemical treatment.

While we do not have firm evidence at this time, what probably

happens is that the silver ion is shaped so as to connect with some

receptor group on the surface of the cancer-cell membrane. After that

connection is made, an electrical-charge transfer sends a signal to the

nucleus of the cancer cell that activates the primitive-type genes, and

the cell dedifferentiates. In that state it awaits instructions as to what it

is to become. The process is exactly the same as that in S Meryl Rose’s

[salmander] experiments except that in this case the dedifferentiation is

caused by the unexpected action of the positive silver ions.



From Bernie’s Basics: You can change the radio station you’re listening

to with the flick of a dial. But imagine if your radio let you tune

into any frequency you want, no matter how high. You could tune

into anything from TV shows to sunshine and gamma-ray bursts.

Radio waves have got the lowest energy on the electromagnetic spectrum.

But if you could crank up the energy in radio waves a bit, you’d

turn them into microwaves and zap your dinner. Keep increasing the energy

and you’d make those waves visible light, then …x-rays.

Electromagnetic radiation is just waves of moving energy. When

we tune into TV stations, we don’t talk about their energy but about

fre-quency. Your microwave oven has got a particular frequency (see

the label on back). Frequency is just how often something happens.

In the case of EMR, it’s how often you’d get hit by a wave of radiation

if you stood in its way. Right now you’re probably being pummelled by

radio waves and visible light. All radiation travels at the same speed —

the speed of light. Radio waves have the long wavelengths: a few

metres to miles long. And for every wavelength there’s a corresponding

frequency. Electromagnetic radiation is always produced in the same

way. It all comes from electrons suddenly losing energy. Light is

produced when electrons drop to a lower energy level in an atom. Every

bit of matter in the universe emits radiation, including you. Warm

things like us give off body heat, and that heat energy travels as infrared

radiation. So you’re actually emitting higher energy radiation right now

than your remote control or microwave oven. But don’t get too cocky;

although we make higher energy radiation than our appliances, we don’t

pump out nearly enough of the stuff to do anything more useful than

hug with it. Just ask anyone who’s tried to boil an egg in their armpit.


The radiation behind radios, visible light and nuclear blasts is all exactly

the same thing, just with different amount of energy:

Radio Microwave Infrared Visible Ultra Violet X-ray Gamma ray

-- Bernie Hobbes, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Long Wavelength Short Wavelength



Georges Lakhovsky (1869-1942), Russian Engineer

Two Georges, Lakhovsky and Crile, were born in the 1860s. They

knew of each other’s work; they make reference to it. (Becker,

born in 1923, seems not to have heard of either.) They spoke of

the electric properties of all living cells. It seems that every cell is

both a receiver and transmitter of waves.

Ah, waves. How my mother used to loathe it when Dad set

up his big short-wave radio on the dining room table and had

to string wires up into the chandelier for “reception.” Little did

Mom or I know that we are all getting reception all the time,

much less that out health can be considerably affected by this!

Lakhovsky invented a Multiple Wave Oscillator, US Patent #

1,962, 565, which gave relief to arthritis sufferers. It’s a metal

antenna that is round in shape, and can be worn by animals or

humans. In the case of a cancerous geranium plant, Lakhovsky

encircled it with one of his MWO’s and within 3 weeks the tumors

fell off. Please see photo of this plant in the frontispiece.

In the caption of the photo, I say that I “do not vouch for it.”

That is to call attention of young students to the fact that any

picture can be deceptive. At the time I wrote it, the only book I

had tracked down by Lakhovsky was The Waves that Heal (1925).

had tracked down on Lakhovsky was The Waves that Heal by

Mark Clement. The name made me wary, as I thought it may be

a pseudonym for Samuel Clemens (known as Mark Twain). He

palled around with Nikola Tesla and probably worked for British

Intelligence. Subsequently I got a hold of The Secret of Life

(1935) by Lakhovsky. It was translated by Clement, but contains

a Preface by the great physicist-physician D’Arsonval. He says

Lakhovsky’s cures were reported to the French Academy of Science

in 1928; you can verify that much.

There will be more about Lakhovsky in Chapter 12. For now

it’s enough to say that he had a cure for cancer, if only in plants.

Before we discuss Crile, please take a moment to ponder the

definitions of four terms, as given by

Capacity – ability of a substance to store an electrical charge.

Conductance – the ease with which an electrical current flows through

a substance. Potential – the work required to transport electric charge

from an infinite distance to a given point.

Dedifferentiation: Regression of a specialized cell to a more em-bryonic,

unspecialized form. May occur in development of cancers.



George Crile, MD (1864-1943)

How many doctors do you know that go on

African safari for the purpose of being able

to measure and compare the weight of the

thyroid and adrenal glands of game-hunted

species? Not that many, huh? And of those,

how many attained the rank of general in

the army for laying out the best plan for

battlefield hospitals? Could any of them

perform surgery while temporarily blinded?

Meet George Washington Crile, born in Ohio. His theory of cancer

is laid out in its entirety in Exhibit F. This is a snippet of it

from his autobiography (1947: 430)

“When any cells are injured an increased stimulation or electric current

is induced, this “current of injury” being an important factor in the

repair of injured cells. Since all the tissues of the body are negative as

compared with the brain, this negative sign of charge being bestowed

upon the cells by the red blood cells which have the highest negativity

in relation to the brain of any tissues, when a current of injury reaches

the injured epithehelial cells, it raises their negative potential, their conductivity

and their capacity far above their normal status. The purpose

of this current of injury is to repair the injured cells, but if the cells

have been injured to the extent that their power to function has been

lost, only the power of growth is left.

Thus the injured cell in which the power of function has been lost

is stimulated to growth alone, and that power of growth and multiplication

is greater than that received by its uninjured neighbors….

I believed a cancer might be induced. Once this process is started

the cancer cells would continue to multiply and because of their higher

potential, their greater conductivity and capacity, would invade neighboring

tissues or be carried by the blood and lymph streams to find

lodgment in distant tissues.”

Please permit a bit more bio from me. In 1976, when I was 29, I

was thunderstruck by a then hot-off-the-press book, EO Wilson’s

Sociobiology. How could I have imagined that at age 64, I would be

gobsmacked again, by a book published in … 1926! Well, that is

what happened with Crile’s book Bipolar Theory of Life Processes. It

is an honor for me to be able to present his work, the suppression

of which has been a pretty gobsmacking thing in itself. There’ll be

more on Crile in Chapter 12.



The Hyde Park Hypothesis

Interruption for good news! Maybe you already

know this but I’ve only just learned it.

I was in Sydney with my friend Trish Fotheringham,

who is an expert on dissociation.

As we strolled through beautiful Hyde Park.

I let out a plaintive cry about being unable

to share the cancer-cure ideas even with

friends, as everyone switches off. How is it

that they all do it the same? And why do it?

Isn’t it better to know?

Came back Trish: “There are more than just

the two ways that an animal deals with an attacker

– fight or flight. There is also ‘freeze.’

For a human this could be when something

comes into the environment that is completely

threatening. Merely an idea that upsets one’s

worldview has the potential to make everything

fall apart, so it must be resisted. The subconscious

tells you to freeze automatically.”

Well, that’s a help. I am now calling it the HPH, the Hyde Park Hypothesis

(Note: Fotheringham says it’s not original with her.) Frankly, I

had thought the entire population had been brainwashed by gremlins in

the TV. Or maybe in the computer. (Or the toaster? You never know.)

Introducing Robert Olney, Cancer Curer of Nebraska

One of the means by which “the baddies” can restrict a doctor –

other than the ones already mentioned, such as revoking his medical

licence – is to see that he loses his hospital privileges. I think this may

be why Robert C Olney, MD, founded his own hospital, in Lincoln

Nebraska, in the 1950s.

In Exhibit L you can see one of his cancer cures. The method he

used is called photopheresis today, but Olney called it “ultraviolet

blood illumination” – UBI for short. He did not invent it. He got it

from George Miley, MD, who published it in the 1940s. I list Olney

rather than Miley as one of the 20 curers in this book, as Miley used

UBI only for diseases other than cancer.

As for Olney’s theory of why it worked, he said he followed Otto

Warburg’s emphasis on oxidation. Warburg (1883-1970) won the

1931 Nobel Prize for “discovery of the nature and mode of action

of the respiratory enzyme.” I exclude him from coverage in this

book to show my disapproval of his uncles, Paul and Max. Sorry.

In Hyde Park, Sydney:

Trish Fotheringham

shares her hypothesis



Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (Photopheresis): Olney’s Cure

Electropheresis, as promulgated on Youtube by physicist Bob

Beck, (not to be confused with Bob Becker) will be described

in Chapter 10. We now look at photopheresis (also called UBI).

FreeDictionary defines apheresis as a drawing out of blood and

“may be used where plasma constitutents interfere with the immune system.”

Unbelievably (but so what?), you can cure a person of disease

merely by applying light. You must draw a portion of the person’s

blood out – say 10% -- and then return to quickly to the body.

While it is outside (that is, “extracorporeal”), you subject it to

ultraviolet light. This causes pathogens to be killed. Why should

light work this way? A good answer is “just coz.”

If that does not meet your scientific standards, perhaps a Nobel

prize winner will persuade you. In 1903, the prize was awarded

to Niels Finson, MD. (Unfortunately, he died the next year at

age 44). He cured patients of lupus and tuberculosis (TB) with

the use of UV light. Finson lived in Denmark. No one rushed

to translate his work into English, but George Miley, MD, came

along in the 1930s and performed many cures (on sinusitis, polio,

and peritonitis) and published in proper journals. Robert Olney

copied Miley and used UBI on cancer patients.

Olney said he took inspiration from William Koch, inventor

of glyoxylide, as well as Otto Warburg, the man who discovered

anaerobic metabolism. Thus, Olney took great interest in how

much oxygen his patients had in their veins. The following are

some changes that were registered in the venous oxygen of

patients within 24 hours of Olney’s giving them UBI:

Mr. C.G. Metastatic carcinoma of the lung. 54 ==66.5

Mrs. R.B. Thrombophlebitis and Cholecystitis. 18 == 62

Mrs. E.H. Hysterectomy for uterine fibroid. 54.7 == 75

Mr. C.C. In critical condition with intestinal obstruction. 50 == 63

Note: being given a place on my list of 18 is not a sign that

the scientist is original. Presumably no scientist is truly original,

anyway. Robert Olney is expressly using the work of Miley, who

relied on Finsen. In 1997, Richard Edelson of Yale patented a

similar thing called photopheresis. Wm Campbell Douglass,

MD, from whose book In the Light I’ve drawn this information,

calls UBI photoilluminescence. He is annoyed that Edelson’s patent

application did not credit the earlier discoverers.



Introducing “Hopkins Relief”

While researching this book I neglected, at first, to surf PUBMED

(free, taxpayer-paid guide to all medical articles), as I thought

the subject of cancer-cure is always “backyard.” But when I

was writing the chapter on autism, I luckily came across a Johns

Hopkins study that supported my ideas. This was quite a relief.

Subsequently, I have referred to such finds as “Hopkins relief.”

As mentioned, the subject of UBI has a relevant Nobel scientist,

Finson. That’s wonderful Hopkins relief! And harken to this

remark by Sir William Bràgg, also a Nobel laureate, that he made

in a Christmas lecture (a la Faraday) at the Royal Institution. It

was later printed in his Universe of Light (1933).

“Light is only a narrowly defined part of a far greater

phenomenon, that of radiation in general. Radiations which

are obviously corpuscular, such as the shower of electrons and

photons and atoms now produced so easily in our laboratories

are found today to obey in some measure the laws of light.”

In top journals we see: “Extracorporeal photopheresis,” Clinical

Experimental Immunology, 2008, and “Evidence-based practice of

photopheresis,” British Journal of Dermatology, 2006. Very cricket.

Holy Toledo! I just found “Cancer immunotherapy comes of

age” in – wait for it –Nature! Dec 2011. Lead author Ira Mellman

discovered “mechanisms of epithelial cell polarity”:

“Activating the immune system for therapeutic benefit in cancer has

long been a goal [!] in immunology and oncology. After decades of

disappointment, the tide has finally changed due to the success of

recent proof-of-concept clinical trials [e.g.,] ability of the anti-CTLA4

antibody, ipilimumab, [who named that?] to achieve a significant

increase in survival for patients with metastatic melanoma. In the

context of advances in the understanding of how tolerance, immunity

and immunosuppression regulate anti-tumour immune responses

together with the advent of targeted therapies, these successes suggest

a path to obtain a durable and long-lasting response.”

In Oz we say “It’s like all my birthdays come at once.” And now

FDA has given its approval to photopheresis in one type of

cancer, namely, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma! This is irrespective

of the fact that “we at FDA don’t know how it works.”

Bet they do, though.



Big John -- Time-Lapse Photographer

How lucky I am to have found another hero: John Ott. He was

famous for his time-lapse photographs of plants – including microscopic

ones that revealed cell-level action of chloroplasts. I

have never read a more perfect book of research than his Health

and Life (1973); any student wanting to know how to go about

science should read it. (Reminds me of historian Ann Moyal’s A

Bright and Savage Land, that tells how the Australian pioneers produced

science in the 19th century. Folks with talent just set about

inventing what was needed. Oz was a veritable shed city.)

Ott found that animals and humans are affected in behavior

and health by the amount of light they receive, and which part

of the spectrum it is from. He made precise measurements of

how the light we receive may deviate harmfully from the fullspectrum

light (sunshine) in which all mammals evolved. Ott saw

that if artificial light is used – be it incandescent bulbs or fluoro

tubes, the creature may suffer diseases, including cancer, and

psychiatric illnesses, such as anxiety or depression. Happily, the

disease may sometimes be corrected by changing the light.

I hereby state my enthusiasm (layperson that I am) about Ott’s

idea that the endocrine system of mammals is coordinated by

light. That means it is coordinated by electromagnetism. In some

species, the light is received in the pineal gland.

Ott knew that the poultry industry puts ultraviolet light over

hen’s cages to ensure the offspring be mostly female. He worked

with a breeder of chinchillas to vary sex ratio (getting mostly female

births) by using pink light. This worked even when used on

the pregnant mothers only late in the gestation!

I offer a quote from Ott’s Health and Light (1973) that you

can carry in your wallet if you are planning to make off-thecuff

speeches about cure-suppression. He made his discoveries

strictly as an outcome of his assignments in photography, then

earnestly presented them to any doctors or institutions he could

reach. (See Exhibit M). At one point, Charles Shilling, MD, who

wanted to help him, wrote to a mutual friend “I believe we have

something underway at the University of Virginia. But … if John

doesn’t quit curing cancer by shining a light in everyone’s eye, I

am not going to be able to accomplish anything for him.”

To that, the prosecutor in me can only say: Tum-de-tum-tum.



End Part One

From the Annual Report of the Board of Regents of The Smithsonian

Institution – 1944 -- The Universal Microscope

…Dr. Royal Raymond Rife of San Diego, California, for many years, has

built and worked with light microscopes which far surpass the theoretical

limitations of the ordinary variety. The largest and most powerful of

these, the Universal Microscope, developed in 1933, consists of 5,682

with separate substage condenser units for transmitted and monochromatic

beam dark-field, polarized, and slit-ultra illumination, including

also a special device for crystallography. …The fine adjustment being

700 times more sensitive then that of ordinary microscopes, the length

of time required to focus the universal ranges up to 1 1/2 hours.

Working together back in 1931 and using one of the smaller Rife

microscope having a magnification and resolution of 17,000 diameters,

Dr. Rife and Dr. Arthur Isaac Kendall, were able to observe and demonstrate

the presence of the filter-passing forms of BACILLUS TYPHOSUS.


Dr. Rosenow has declared [it] leaves no doubt of the accurate visualization

of objects or particulate matter by direct observation at the

extremely high magnification. Viruses of primordial cells of organisms

which would ordinarily require an 8-week incubation period to attain

their filterable state, have been shown to produce disease within 3 days’

time, proving Dr. Rife’s contention that the incubation period of a micro-

organism is really only a cycle of reversion. He states:

“In reality, it is not the bacteria themselves that produce the disease,

but we believe it is the chemical constituents of these micro-organisms

enacting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that

in actuality produce the disease.”

L to R: Arthur Kendall, PhD, Milbank Johnson, MD, Royal Rife





Desdamona: For if he be not one

That truly loves you,

That errs in ignorance and not in cunning

I have no judgment in an honest face.

-- William Shakespeare, Othello



Claude Bernard MD

Max Gerson MD

Welcome to Part Two

The Law Is Our Friend. Trust Me on This.

Lawrence Broxmeyer MD

Erik Enby MD

Senator C Tobey

Beth Maloney JD

Kate Baldwin MD

Dinshah Ghadiali

SH Shakman PhD



Chapter Five

THE LANCET’S Editorials on Cancer, from 1893 to 1906

Survey of Recent Work Bearing on the Pathology

of Cancer and Sarcoma -- March 18, 1893

Parasitic Origin of Cancer -- March 11, 1893

The Etiology of Cancer -- April 14, 1894

The Contagion of Cancer -- Oct. 20, 1894

A Cure for Cancer -- April 6, 1895

An Antitoxin for Carcinoma -- May 4,1895

Alleged Cure of Two Cases by Sero-Therapy

-- May 11, 1895

The Carcinoma Antitoxin -- July 13, 1895

The Fungi of Cancer -- August 3, 1895

Treatment of Inoperable Carcinoma -- March 27, 1897

Dr. Doyen and the Microbe of Cancer -- Jan. 11, 1902

The Etiology and the Treatment of Cancer -- Feb. 1, 1902

Cancer Research -- Sept. 6, 1902

The Contagiousness of Cancer -- Feb. 21, 1903

The Etiology of Cancer -- Feb. 21, 1903

A New Serum for the Treatment of Cancer -- Nov. 14, 1903

Treatment of Inoperable Sarcoma with the Mixed Toxins of

Erysipelas and the Bacillus Prodigiosus -- May 19, 1906

[Note: I mined these from Mark Boesch’s extensive bibliography. The above

are editorials, not articles! JAMA ran many cancer articles, circa 1924.]

Greek god Hermes,

son of Zeus,

patron of wit



Disease is nothing else but an attempt on the part of the body to rid

itself of morbific matter. -- Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689)

Welcome to Part Two: The Law Is Our Friend. First, we’ll see

that the ACS and AMA don’t really have a leg to stand on, legally.

(Sure, they have brass knuckles but that’s a different matter.) Then

we have a chapter with 11 more cancer cures for you to shop, and

a chapter on health, whose cure for polio may have you reaching

for the Yellow Pages to look up “attorney.” The final chapter

proves the unconstitutionality of the FDA, the NIH, and the position

hilariously called “the US Surgeon General.”

The Big Three

There are three standard treatments for cancer in the United

States: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. As stated in the introductory

chapter of this book, I was under the impression, until

recently, that there were no other choices. And so was my physician

husband, though that was 12 years ago. I was also completely

ignorant of the fact that there are huge arguments against the use

of The Big Three.

These arguments are: 1. that the act of cutting, in surgery,

makes the cancer spread, 2. that chemo wrecks the immune system,

and 3. that radiation causes genetic mutations that harm

the person’s health. Moreover, it’s a statistically proven fact that

treated patients do not live longer than untreated ones!

You’ll be astonished to hear that the medical profession does

not argue against those facts. They admit them! (Don’t believe

me? Hop to Chapter 16’s articles by J Armitage and J Weeks.)

Yet doctors don’t take what may seem to be the logical step and

say “So let’s abandon surgery, chemo, and radiation.” Perhaps this

is because they are not in a position to make policy for society as

a whole, but are faced with individual patients, and these naturally

expect their doctor to “do something.”

Chapter 5

Pressures on Doctors, and “The American Cancer Society”



The Big Three – Go Figure


“While oncologists tell their patients that chemo helps prolong

their lives, statistics have revealed that in the case of breast cancer,

chemo even shortened the median life span from 24 months to

22 months, in prostate cancer from 19 months to 18 months.”

-- B. Windham, (referring to U. Abel’s major study, “Chemotherapy:

a critical review,” in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 1992)


“Among 41,109 women diagnosed with breast cancer between

1935 and 1982 in Connecticut, 3,984 developed a second cancer,

whereas 2,426 were expected. Women treated with radiation

were at higher risk of developing a second breast neoplasm.”

-- E B Harvey, “Second Breast Cancer” National Cancer Institute

Monograph, 1995, 68: 99-112

“We also found that cancer survivors had particularly high risks

of developing a second cancer that we know to be radiationsensitive.

These include breast, colon, lung, thyroid and bladder

cancers,” he said. – Julie Steenhuysen, Reuters, Sep 15, 2010.

Note: On its website,, the American Cancer Society lists radiation

and chemotherapy as carcinogens.


“Taking a biopsy often aggravates and stimulates growth, and

does not indicate how any secondary tumors have developed.”

-- Charles Mayo, MD, in Lynn Dallin, Cancer Causes and Natural

Controls, 1983.

“There seems to be little doubt that cancer can be spread from

the primary site to distant tissues. There are numerous ways that

surgical manipulation could be responsible for this.”

-- Vincent Vita, Director, NCI, and Steven Rosenberg, MD, NCI,

Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology, 1982.

Note, however, George Crile, MD’s interesting explanation, in

Exhibit F, as to why it pays to remove a cancer early.



The Pressures on Doctors

All doctors have pressures weighing heavily on them. For example:

1. I have a memory of my husband being in an absolute panic one

night, thinking he may have put on too tight (or too loose, I don’t

recall) the cast on the foot of an injured child. Doctors put on a

lot of casts, any one of which could spark worry. I suppose it’s

the same with every prescription they write. What if they omitted

a decimal point in the dosage?

2. Doctors stand ready to be sued over the most unexpected things.

So not only must they worry about actually making a mistake (e.g.,

putting the cast on too tight), they must expect the unexpected.

There’s nothing to prevent a patient make up from whole cloth an

accusation against a doctor. In fact it happens frequently.

3. Doctors now must worry that the patient will quote some advice

from the Internet (I mean poor quality advice) and that it will

be a delicate matter for the doctor to persuade the patient of the

incorrectness thereof. The doctor has to “watch what she says.”

4. Doctors get pushed around by hospitals. When I lived in NH

in 2007, I saw a Letter to the Editor in the Concord Monitor from a

doctor, Elizabeth Sanders, who said that she and another local GP

were the only ones “not owned by the Concord Hospital.” I wrote

her a thank-you for her outspokenness. Her colleagues probably

hate being owned. (Hmm. So don’t put up with it!)

5. Doctors have the pressure of club loyalty. George Bernard

Shaw once noted “Every doctor will allow a colleague to decimate

a whole countryside sooner than violate the bond of professional

etiquette by giving him away.” This pressure is based on

instinct; loyalty to kin, though good, is irrational. It would be helpful

if we’d acknowledge the strength of the emotion of loyalty; we

could then see how we might be enslaved to it in a foolish way.

What To Do? Suzanne Somers, author of Knockout (2009), has

been featured on Oprah, re the perils of the Big Three. I believe

docs did not cause the problem of cancer-cure suppression, but

they had better stop maintaining it, or they will indeed be to blame.

Docs, we want a return to the precious doctor-patient relationship

(and nurse-patient relationship). Your financial dependence

on insurers and government may the main thing that has spoiled



Where Does the AMA Get Its Legal Power?

Ever since the New Deal of the 1930s, federal power has been

on the increase. However, the up-close-and-personal control of

doctors exerted by the American Medical Association is a creature

of the states. It results from the fact that certain lobbyists were

able to get the states to legislate a role for AMA. I’ll now quote

from the Code (that is, the law as codified) of Ohio, which is

probably quite similar to that of other states:

“4731.01 The governor, with the advice and consent of the

senate, shall appoint a state medical board consisting of twelve

members, eight of whom shall be physicians.

4731.22 [That] board, by an affirmative vote of not fewer than six

of its members, may revoke a certificate [in the case of] violation

of any provision of the code of ethics of the American medical


It is the Ohio legislature that made that law. However, that

legislature delegates power to a private group, the AMA, whose

subsequent decisions the legislature does not follow up on. That

is a virtual transfer of legislative power, over the people of Ohio,

to the AMA. In my opinion (MM), it ought to be corrected.

Betcha your state constitution has turf-protection for legislators.

The same Ohio law also says that the doctor could lose his

practicing certificate for “failure to maintain minimal standards

applicable to the selection of administration of drugs, or failure

to employ acceptable scientific methods in … other modalities for

treatment of disease” I take that to mean that if challenged, a

doctor could argue his defense on broad scientific principles, as

against the dictates of a particular “school” of medicine.

Note from Unapproved medical devices may normally

only be used on human subjects through an approved clinical study

in which the subjects meet certain criteria … However, there may

be circumstances under which [you] may wish to use an unapproved

device to save the life of a patient or to help a patient suffering from a

serious condition for which there no other alternative therapy exists.[!]

Patients may have access to investigational devices under one of these

mechanisms: Emergency Use, Emergency Research [be creative here!],

Compassionate Use for Single Patient or for Small Group.



ACS. In 1913, the American Cancer Society was founded, at the

Harvard Club. ACS claims it is dedicated “to eliminating cancer as

a major health problem and diminishing suffering from cancer,

through research, education, advocacy, and service.” Oh yeah? So

what did they do about Robert Lincoln’s success with bacteriophages?

Or John Beard’s pancreatic enzymes? Hmm?

According to Charity Watch (2010) “John Seffrin, CEO of American

Cancer Society, received a $2.2 million salary package, the second

most money given by any charity to the head of it.”

Shame, shame, shame on the ACS, its directors and members.

Shame on any doc who see’s what’s going on and shuts her eyes.

What Is the Sloan-Kettering/ACS Connection?

James Ewing, MD, played many roles. He co-founded the Memorial

Sloan-Kettering Hospital. (Sloan was CEO of Ford.)

In 1913, Ewing started a business in radium that would, of

course, back the use of radiation treatment, first at SKM then

everywhere. Another director of ACS, Cornelius Rhoads, worked

for the Rockefeller Institute. Wikipedia notes: “Rhoads deliberately

infected patients with cancer cells. Accusations against him

are based on a letter he wrote, The Porto Ricans (sic) are the dirtiest,

laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever to inhabit this sphere...

I have done my best to further the process of extermination…All physicians

take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects. He would,

however, later state that the writing was done in a moment of anger

-- his car had been vandalized – and did not reflect anything

he had actually done”

Why is Wikipedia revealing bad stuff now about Rhoads?

(Note: Wikipedia is managed by the CIA, as is, presumably, National

Geographic, People, CBS, Popular Mechanics, etc.) Probably

it’s to condition us to the idea of killing patients. I noticed that,

just before Abu Ghraib, Time began to chat about torture, and

by now Americans think torture has a place! Social psychology

teaches that you can condition people to anything, by showing it

as normal. Our brains absorb all culture this way.

Youngies, you’ll have to beat these bozos at their own game.

Want to have a better world? Decide what you’d like to have, then

talk it up! Fill the air with it! Don’t be shy. Just yak about it. One

of the world’s best-kept secrets is that our reality is made

largely by words!



Some Patients Who Were Cured by Emanuel Revici, MD

“Emma’s right breast was removed in 1935. Eight years later she

was found to have cancer in many of her bones. While under

Revici’s treatment her pain disappeared completely. Her bones,

which had turned to jelly, “reconstituted themselves.”

“Francis contracted cancer of the tongue in 1942. The standard

treatment is surgical removal of the tumor, with a loss of part of

the tongue. This cancer is exquisitely painful. Under Revici’s care

the tumor gradually disappeared; he remained well for 13 years.”

“Robbie was brought to the Institute at the age of 6 in October,

1947 with many enlarged lymph nodes and a diagnosis of Hodgkins

disease. After 10 months of treatment she returned home to

Texas with only one small node in the neck.”

“Irving had lost 36 pounds after his surgery for stomach cancer

in 1950. Narcotics were ineffective in relieving the pain. It spread

to his chest. After seeing Revici he responded excellently and evidence

of lung involvement slowly disappeared.”

-- from Wm Eidem, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer (1997)

In a lawsuit similar to that of Langlais v Naessens, Mrs Schneider,

who had breast cancer, sued Dr Revici for luring her away from

conventional treatment. A state court in New York awarded her a

million dollars. Revici appealed, saying she had signed a Covenant

Not To Sue. The US 2nd Circuit found that although New York

recognizes “a covenant not to sue,” Revici’s written agreement with

the patient was not worded strongly enough. However, it said the jury

should have been instructed to see if Mrs Schneider had expressly

assumed the risk of treatment that departed from community

standards. In Schneider v Revici (1987) the court ruled:

“We see no reason why a patient should not be allowed to make

an informed decision to go outside currently approved treatment…

We believe an informed decision to avoid surgery and chemotherapy

is within the patient’s right to determine what should be done with

his own body.” Having expressly assumed the risk, Mrs Schneider

cannot recover damages.

Revici won, per the maxim Volenti non fit injuria: One who is willing

is not injured.



“How I made a million a year with my eyes closed”

Dr. Emanuel Revici treats cancer in a manner unlike any other doctor.

He uses his own medicines. Over the years he has developed over

100 different medications in his own laboratory.

I am a retired board certified radiation oncologist. My practice specialized

in the treatment of cancer with radiation. I have fought at the

front lines in the war against cancer all of my professional life. [While]

battling cancer for my patients, I gradually became rather frustrated

and unhappy with the little progress that has been made.

It became painful seeing my patients every day, knowing that most

of them had very little chance for a cure. On numerous occasions I

saw patients in tears. My practice produced a personal income for me

well into the seven-figure range annually. For four decades our offices

were technologically state-of-the-art.

I first became interested in Emanuel Revici M.D., not from the

medical literature, but from hard evidence - that is, X-rays taken at my

office of one of my patients. I knew his prior condition, because this

was a patient we had seen a year earlier. His cancer of the lung had metastasized

to his bones. The patient told me he had been undergoing

treatment by a Dr. Revici in Manhattan…. I arranged to meet with him

at his office. He was already 90-years-old.

He showed me enough before and after X-rays and CT scans…

Since those early meetings, I have reviewed the records, X-rays, CT

scans and biopsy reports of dozens of Dr. Revici’s patients. Often,

when Dr. Revici provided me with information on a patient I would attempt

to confirm it with the patients previous physicians. I soon found

out that every time Dr. Revici had provided me with information regarding

a patient it would turn out to be correct.

I must interject a brief story at this point. When I met Dr. Revici I

was sixty-two-years-old. My PSA reading, the screening test for prostate

cancer, was 6.2. I told Dr. Revici about my PSA score, so he gave me

one of his medications. After taking the medicine for a year, my PSA

reading fell to 1.6. There were no apparent ill effects. After a few years

of being off the medicine, my latest PSA score has inched up to 2.5.

I am now of the opinion that Dr. Revici has something worthy of

a thorough clinical trial. I made a presentation at the Congressional

hearing in March of 1988. At that time I proposed a study to test Dr.

Revici’s method for treating cancer. The fact that he has helped so

many people means its time for Mr. and Mrs. America to push for a

clinical trial of his method.

--Seymour Brenner, M.D., F.A.C.R., Foreword to William Eidem,

The Doctor Who Curs Cancer (1997)



Quack Quack. Doctors, it appears that much of the ability

of the American Cancer Society to suppress cancer cures came

about from the simple device of writing to y’all to let you know

that the cure in question was an “unapproved method.” Aren’t

you able to make medical decisions on your own?

All their letters are alike. Typically, when ACS says the work

was investigated it gives no names of the investigators! The following

sample is from Wallace Janssen, who started the National

Congresses on Quackery. He also worked for the FDA, which

gives you an idea of that agencies mental life. I’ll italicize the bits

where psychological tactics are being used on physicians. Don’t

rule out that they may be using hypnosis here!

Janssen, “Cancer Quackery: Past And Present.” FDA Consumer:

“The search for safe and effective drugs is as old as mankind …. Yet

“unproven” drugs still have a fatal fascination…. In its 70-year history, the

FDA has put hundreds of such “cures” out of business.

Koch claimed his medicine contained 1 part of a chemical called glyoxylide.

A Federal prosecutor said this dilution was like dumping a cocktail into the

Detroit River and expecting to get a kick from the water flowing over Niagara Falls.

Moreover, there was no evidence that glyoxylide in any amount had any

therapeutic effect. But over 3,000 health practitioners of various kinds across

the Nation paid $25 per ampule…

“In 1943 the FDA prosecuted Koch. The trial lasted 18 weeks. Fortythree

expert witnesses testified that Koch’s products were misbranded and not effective.

The defense had 104 witnesses who said the products were effective

for 69 different diseases, with special emphasis on cancer, tuberculosis,

and coronary thrombosis.

After 9,000 pages of testimony the case went to the jury, A poll of the jurors

showed three who had insisted on acquittal from the outset. Human

credulity had again been shown to be a major factor in the success of quackery. [?]

Krebiozen is manufactured from the blood serum of horses inoculated

with a mold that causes a disease known to veterinarians as “lumpy jaw.”

Krebiozen had an aura of high scientific prestige. It was sponsored by

Dr. Andrew Ivy of the University of Chicago, who had joined with

Stephan and Marko Durovic, Yugoslav immigrants.

Ivy’s endorsement of the drug at a press conference in 1951 was greeted

with indignation by his university colleagues, the scientific community, and the American

Medical Association. [But] the acquittal verdict meant that the Government

had failed to prove deliberate action to defraud the public. It did not mean that there

was any scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of Krebiozen. Ivy became a

hero battling against the “medical trust.” -- Janssen 1977



Off-Label Prescribing

A doctor may have more leeway than she realizes, in regard to FDA’s

stranglehold on the cancer issue, thanks to the possibility of off-label

prescribing. She may prescribe for her cancer patient a drug that isn’t

approved for cancer but is approved for something else. I quote The

Independent Review, Summer 2000, “Off-Label Prescribing” by Alexander


“The FDA is the final authority on a drug’s approved uses, which are

indicated on its label. [Yet] once a drug has been approved for some

use, the FDA has almost no control over how that drug is actually

prescribed. The prescribing of drugs for non-FDA-approved uses, is


“A number of studies have documented the extent of off-label prescribing

in a variety of medical fields. According to a 1991 study by US

General Accounting Office, 56 percent of cancer patients have been

given non-FDA-approved prescriptions, and 33 percent of all prescriptions

in cancer treatment were off-label.

. “Experts have estimated that nearly all pediatric patients (80 to 90

percent) are prescribed drugs off-label…A survey of more than one

thousand patients receiving antidepressants found that a majority of

usage (56 percent) was for conditions other than those for which the

FDA had approved the drugs (Streator 1997).

“Similarly, a survey of fifty-five dermatologists found that every one

of them commonly wrote off-label prescriptions, even though many

believed (incorrectly) that they were at risk of legal action from the

FDA by doing so (Li and others 1998).

“Significantly, in the medical literature on off-label use, the main issue

discussed is not the utility of off-label prescribing, about which virtually

all physicians agree, but rather the issue of reimbursement. The

GAO (1991) found that 62 percent of doctors had admitted patients

to hospitals rather than treating them as outpatients solely in order to

circumvent these policies. Another 23 percent of doctors reported that

they had been forced to change their preferred treatment regimes.”

[That is outrageous!]

Bulletin: a judge of the Second Circuit federal appeals court ruled

in December, 2012 in favor of a representative of a pharmaceutical

firm in a way that supports off-label prescribing. It was pitched as a

First Amendment case in which the rep, Alfred Caronia said his free

speech was restricted by an FDA rule. Held: “The government cannot

prosecute pharmaceutical manufacturers and their representatives ... for

speech promoting the lawful, off-label use of an FDA-approved drug.”




Loads of Opportunity for Fresh Research

Note to medical students: don’t ever think the universe has been

conquered. There is so much that is waiting for your attention.

I bumped into a 1928 article while in Canberra at the National

Library, entitled “Cancer and Acquired Resistance to TB,”

by Thomas Cherry, MD. He noticed, in census records, that increases

in cancer deaths correlated spookily with decrease in TB

deaths. He figured that persons who got cancer late in life had

failed to die earlier of TB, and this could mean they were resistant to

TB. As I went to check this man’s bona fides, I found fascinating

details about his son, Tom Cherry, FRS (1898-1966):

None could ever question Cherry’s sincerity in doing what he thought

right, even if unpopular. He was a man of principle. …Cherry was a

strong and fearless character. Yet he was also among the gentlest of

men. The furthest he ever went toward expressing displeasure was a

faint flicker of an eyebrow which rarely failed to quell anyone who ventured

too far in directions he did not approve of. He was a man of austere

integrity, He loved the Australian countryside. He tramped almost

everywhere in Victoria. He lived a vigorous and disciplined life with

few frills. His notes state: “My love of camping and mountaineering

connects in one direction with ‘do it yourself ’ and in another directionvia

the shapes of hills-with geometry and mathematics.” –obit by Prof

Keith Bullen, University of Melbourne

Tom was a professor of mathematics. His father, Thomas Cherry,

MD, is the TB-and-cancer man. Of that older man, Jill Stowell, a

grandchild says, “He had an extremely lively mind.” A physician,

he was also state director of agriculture. Holy cow!

Note that before research was “funded,” scholars with ideas

worked from the heart. Cherry had a mathematical mind, like his

son. Hence his noticing that cancer patients who hadn’t die of

TB might have a resistance thereto. Recall that Livingston gave

some cancer patients the BCG vaccine that immunizes against

TB. Hmm. And Tenison Deane, who’ll be discussed in the following

chapter, believed something was cooking with TB, cancer,

and syphilis. To follow up on Cherry, try the 616.99072 section

of the library. Could become your Master’s thesis….

Frankly, I brought the whole matter up just to showcase the

word “integrity.” That virtue was touted, pre-1970. Now it is a

lost treasure. Without it we are sinking, and will soon be sunk.



Doctors Unmoved by Rocky Hiding the Cancer Cures!

In 1989, Lawrence Dunegan, MD, stepped forward after 20 years

of silence to inform listeners to the Randy Engels radio show

that he was privy to a great secret.

Back in 1969 at a medical dinner in Philadelphia he had heard

a speech by Richard Day, MD, who worked for Rockefeller’s

“Planned Parenthood” organization. The speech is pretty jawdropping,

but even more astounding is the fact that the hundred

or more of doctors in the audience “took it lying down.”

“We Can Cure Cancer, But Won’t”

[Dr Day said] “Congress is not going to go along with national

health insurance. …The days of hospital costs would be forced up

so that people won’t be able to afford to go without insurance. …

No longer would the doctor be seen as an individual professional

in service to individual patients. He’d be gradually recognized as a

highly skilled technician.

The job is to include things like executions by lethal injection [of

whom we might wonder].The image of the doctor being a powerful,

independent person would have to be changed…

The solo practitioner would become a thing of the past… Most

doctors would be employed by an institution. As the corporate image

of medical care became more and more acceptable, doctors

would become employees rather than independent contractors. And

along with that, is the employee serves his employer, not his patient.

Day said there would be new diseases to appear which had not

ever been seen before. Would be very difficult to diagnose and be

untreatable, at least for a long time. [Gulf war syndrome?]

He also said: “We can cure almost every cancer right now. Information

is on file in the Rockefeller Institute, if it’s ever decided

that it should be released. But consider -- if people stop dying of

cancer, how rapidly we would become overpopulated. You may as

well die of cancer as something else.”

Cancer treatment would be geared more toward comfort than toward

cure. Ultimately the cancer cures which were being hidden in

the Rockefeller Institute would come to light because independent

researchers might bring them out, despite these efforts to suppress

them. But at least for the time being, letting people die of cancer

was a good thing to do because it would slow down the problem

of overpopulation.” -- Dr Dunegan on Randy Engels’ radio show.



Patty Stonesifer [then] president of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and

Gordon Conway, president of The Rockefeller Foundation, planning your future.

How Rockefeller Gained Control of Medicine in US

On, American historian Eustace Mullins says:

“I had been studying the monopolies such as the banking monopoly

and the legal monopoly, but I did not realize the medical profession

was also a monopoly. However I came to find out that in the

1800s almost every physician in the US was a homeopathic doctor,

prescribing natural medication. John D Rockefeller decided to

put a stop to that. He favored allopathic medicine, which was of

German origin; it made for three lucrative things: radical surgery,

the production of petroleum-based ‘wonder drugs,’ and lengthy

stays in hospital.”

When Mullins was asked by Bobby Lee how Rockefeller was able

to switch homeopaths to allopaths, he explained that it was a

simple matter of not letting any homeopath join the AMA. Soon,

by going to legislatures and getting control of the accreditation

of medical education, Rocky was able to dictate what would be

taught to every medical student. Wow.

From 1912 to 1947 the ACS was headed by the aggressive

Morris Fishbein. No fan of Hippocrates, he. Do you believe this

was accidental? That the AMA has a corporate plan to be good,

but made a “bad choice” of boss? If so, you are the problem.

The next page displays a simple form. It’s from Minnesota but

is typical of the 50 states. You can file this form right now at any

police station. The last line says “Execute in Minnesota only”

--you realize they are referring to execution of the arrest warrant.




Individuals can file a criminal complaint, and so can a self-appointed

grand jury. The following is a Template from the state of Minnesota:

Complaint and Summons Form

State of Minnesota. County of______Court of ____________

Plaintiff _________ Name and address


Name, date of birth and address of defendant, and any aliases

The complainant, being duly sworn, makes complaint to the abovenamed

court and states that there is probable cause to believe that the

defendant committed the following offenses:

Charge 1 Minnesota statute_______ maximum sentence_________

Charge 2 (etc)___________

[Note: To find “Florida law of homicide” just google for that.]

Select complaint type: summons_ or warrant_. Order for detention?

Statement of probable cause:

The complainant states that the following facts establish probable


Complainant requests that defendant, subject to bail or conditions of

release, be taken into custody pending further proceedings.

Subscribed and sworn to me before the undersigned this day of_____


Being authorized to prosecute the offenses charged, I approve this

complaint. From the above sworn facts, and any supporting affidavits,

I, the issuing officer have determined that probable cause exists to

support defendant’s arrest.


SUMMONS. Therefore you, the above named defendant, are hereby

summoned to appear at_______ on_________ If you fail to appear

a warrant will be issued for your arrest.


To the county sheriff. I hereby order the above named person to be

apprehended and arrested without delay and to be brought before a

judge not more than 36 later than the arrest.

Execute in Minnesota only__ Nationwide__ in bordering states____.



Chapter Six

“The Power List”

Ways To Control Any Medical Researcher Who Figures Out

How To Cure Cancer

1. Block her from publishing in “peer”-reviewed journals.

2. Deny his research grant application or request for tenure.

3. Have her state’s licensing board revoke her medical license.

4. Inform all doctors that his cure is a “Non-Proven Method.”

5. Offer a lucrative contract to her indispensable lab assistant.

6. See to it that his patients get the run-around from insurers.

7. Offer to buy up her patent, for the purpose of suppressing it.

8. Deprive him of the supplies he needs to carry out his cure.

9. Legally prevent other doctors from trying his new method.

10. Arrange for a patient to sue her; give this maximum publicity.

11. Smear his reputation, either by innuendo or false statements.

12. Completely misreport the case results she has achieved.

13. Prosecute him for violating FDA rules or for “mail fraud.”

14. Threaten or bribe any of his colleagues who associate with him.

15. Burgle her office, or sabotage her experiments via an accident.

16. Make some sort of attack on her loved ones.

17. Render him disabled.

18. Kill him or her.

At 1975 Hearing, Senator

Barry Goldwater inspects CIA

gun that can be used to cause

an untraceable heart attack.



It is better not to apply any treatment in cases of occult cancer; for if

treated (by surgery), the patients die quickly; but if not treated, they

hold out for a long time. -- Hippocrates (460-370 BC)

The present chapter has, as its object all sublime, to find suitable

punishment for the way our curers are treated. First, additional

curers will be introduced: 9 men and one woman. Then we stir

up some ire about the crimes committed against them. Lastly, we

consider the “psychiatric” theory of cancer of Ryke Hamer, MD.

Ten Ghosts Are Pleased To Address You

Note: I’ve “asked them: speak in conversational style.

Hi. I’m John Beard, DSc. I died in 1923. I believe the thing that

causes cells to replicate wildly in cancer is the same thing that was

used by the conceptus to burrow into the wall of the uterus to

secure the placenta there. Because embryology – in any animal

– is my specialty, I made some discoveries that a practicing physician

would not be likely to make. I know that when the human

embryo reaches the age of 2 months, it develops pancreatic enzymes.

These always turn off that conceptus-burrowing mechanism;

after all, the action is no longer needed. Later in life, for

whatever reason, a person might become deficient in pancreatic

enzymes and by golly, the old item, which had been turned off

in his pre-natal days, may kick into action again and start a cancerous

growth. For a cure, all you need to do is give the patient

a particular combination of pancreatic enzymes (I have showed

many doctors how to do it.)

Greetings from Bahamas. I’m the late Lawrence Burton, PhD,

previously of the United States. I got my doctorate in zoology in

1955. I invented Immuno-Augmentation Therapy. Many people

aren’t aware of the pleasant fact that we are built to deal with

our cancer cells! The tumor sends a notice of its existence, as it

were, and the immune system responds. However, in a way, the

Chapter 6

Let’s Hear from Some Ghost Curers, and Hamer



immune wants to protect those cancer cells, so we have to flip off

that particular switch.

I isolated four factors in the blood. The first two are simply

tumor antibody and tumor complement factor. The other two,

are called blocking and de-blocking protein. I study each patient’s

blood to see his immunity status and make up an appropriate

serum. I have a local doctor inject it every day. By the way it was

my research that led to discovery of TNF (tumor necrosis factor).

I once startled colleagues at a conference by injecting mice whose

tumors then shrunk instantly as they watched.

Guten morgen! I’m Johanna Budwig, PhD. I

will take you for a walk in the sunshine so your

electrons can commune with the source. Yes I am

basic. People talk about me as the diet lady, and

indeed cancer thousands of patients have been

saved by the diet of flaxseed and cottage cheese,

but it’s not just that. It’s the beauty of photons

and the way we are tied into the universe!

Yabadabadoo. I’m a real oldie! William B. Coley, MD, of New

York. By the time I died, in 1936, I’d already been using my method

successfully for over 40 years. After the death of a 19-yearold-

girl whom I had operated on for bone cancer, I went into the

archives of my hospital and looked up all the bone cancer cases.

All had died, except one man. He had a skin infection, erysipelas,

caused by the bacteria Streptococcus pyrogenes. That was in the days

before antibiotics, so he had to wait it out.

Guess what. When he recovered, his tumors also disappeared!

So I decided, in 1891, to try this deliberately. I injected a patient

with live erysipelas germs. It caused a high fever and resulted in a

cancer cure. To improve the rate of success I mixed the strep with

Bacillus prodigiosus, which can intensify other microbes. Breast cancer,

Hodgkin’s, and melanoma thus enjoyed almost a two-thirds

success rate. I don’t know why the other third failed.

By the way I was close pals with John Rockefeller.

Hi. I’m Stevan Durovic, MD, born in what we were once pleased

to call Yugoslavia. I believe that every living cell contains something

that regulates its replicating activity. The American Cancer

Society has made fun of my connection to a horse disease called



“lumpy jaw,” but you can call me Lumpy Jaw if you wish – I don’t

mind. I saw that some horses on my father’s farm got a facial tumor

from fungus; it was occasionally fatal. It occurred to me that

in the many cases that recovered, there must be something in the

horse that tackles the disease naturally.

Eventually I figured out how to withdraw, from the horses,

the substance that was doing this important job. After bottling

it as “krebiozen,” I sought the help of Professor Andrew Ivy in

US. He wrote a book on it: K. I believe krebiozen also controls

the permeability of the cell, or the enzyme systems of the cells.

When it’s deficient, anaerobic oxidation increases. The result is

uncontrolled growth. Anyway, Krebiozen naturally occurs in the

body in the reticuloendothelial cells. I’m referring to the spleen,

lymph nodes, and so forth that support the immune system. It

may destroy your malignant cells; these are then are removed by

phagocytosis (pronounced fah-jo-sy-to-sis). By the way, I don’t

speak much English.

.Hi, I’m William Koch, MD, of Illinois. I died in

1967 at age 82.

(Please don’t confuse me with “Koch’s postulates”

-- that’s my Uncle Robert.) Removal of

the parathyroid gland is bad news. I noticed, in

dogs, that the urine after such removal contained

a lot of lactic acid. That told me that the process

of oxidation had been hampered, and therefore toxic substances,

such as methyl guanidine, accumulated in the body. Why?

Because when the parathyroid is injured, poisonous substances

develop from a previously useful substance, specifically from a

hormone, which I found to be methyl-cyanimide. I take seriously

the word of Otto Warburg, that an oxygen deficiency explains

almost every disease.

I invented a compound called Glyoxylide. The province of British

Columbia lauded me for the good effect this had on farm animals.

Also many doctors used it with success on polio and cancer.

The mechanism? I told you: it delivers oxygen.

Greetings. I’m Thomas J. Glover, MD, of Toronto. In my heyday,

around 1911, everybody and his cousin thought cancer was

caused by a microbe. Therefore, my treating patients successfully



with a serum should not have come as a surprise, except that just

around that time the notion of the cancer microbe began to be

denounced. Be that as it may, I succeeded in many cases and they

were all registered and studied at the Stomach Hospital in Toronto.

Using Koch’s postulates, I took samples from cancer patients,

cultured them in the lab, injected them into horses, and then created

a serum from the horses’ blood. The fact that it worked

proves that cancer is bacterial in nature, wouldn’t you agree?

During my lifetime I did something that was a bit dishonorable.

I made use of the brilliant experiments created by my lab technician

Tom Deaken without giving him credit. Later, M. J. Scott, a

surgeon, carried on my work, as is excellently chronicled by Mark

J. Boesch. See my report, too -- 3,000 cases no less.

Hi. I’m Robert E Lincoln, MD, of Massachusetts.

I was only 55 when I died “suspiciously”

in 1954.

Many of my patients had sinus infections, the

germs of which I decided to culture. I found two

strains of Straphylococcus aurelius. (“golden staph”).

Each of these, which I call Alpha and Beta, has

one and only one strain of virus as a partner. The virus treats the

staph as a refuge in which it can live and grow; then they go out

and harm the tissue of their choice. I note that Alpha can metamorphose

into a Beta strain and that the Alpha virus can destroy

not only its host (the Staph germ) but the Beta germ as well, but

the latter could not do the same. What the heck is that all about?

Clinically, I inject, every 48 hours, a virus. Not only does this

relieve the sinus problem, it gets rid of other ailments the person

may have, such as arthritis, angina, or deafness! Changes in weather

bring a change of symptoms. I believe that the nasal passage

is natural chamber of bacteriophages (eaters of bacteria), but the

obstruction by swollen mucous membranes hinders their work.

My success rate (non-cancer) is 95%. As it happened, I cured

a young man of cancer whose father was US Senator Charles

Tobey. In gratitude he sought (unavailingly) to get action against

those who were holding back such cures.

Hi. I’m Max Gerson, MD. I hailed from Germany. I died in New

York in 1959, a sort of death you might want to look into if you

know what I mean. Arsenic was found in my body.



My theory of cancer can pretty much be said to be “We have

strayed too far from the natural way of life.” I require my patients

to eat mainly fruit and vegetables, supplemented by Vitamin C

and iodine. No processed foods. Coffee enemas are a must. I hear

you ask “Isn’t the normal method of excretion good enough?”

Glad you asked. The coffee enemas aren’t meant to assist the

colon, rather the caffeine stimulates the liver.

Way back I was having severe migraines and looked into diet

as a cure, and then tried it on some of my patients. It apparently

cured one man of skin tuberculosis. Then, in a carefully controlled

clinical study, my method cured 446 out of 450 patients

who had skin tuberculosis. Later, I found that diet worked well

on arthritis, and diabetes -- and on cancer, albeit with a lower cure

rate. I cured Dr Albert Schweitzer of his diabetes, and his wife

of lung tuberculosis. My diet aims to raise your level of potassium

and lower your level of sodium.

Hi. I’m Emanuel Revici,

MD, a Romanian Jew. I

died in 1998, at age a hundred

and one. I stay up till

all hours studying the structure

of the molecule, and its

electron charge as it affects

adjacent molecules. You

know that guy who does

“Rappin’ the Elements” on

Youtube? He’s good.

I love studying lipids and

cellular metabolism. Man,

that’s where it’s happenin.’ Back in World War II, in Romania –

fighting on the Axis side, mind you -- I invented butanol, a lipid

substance, that could instantly stop the bleeding of soldiers. In

fact I patented it and many other inventions. In cancer, I look at

the pH of the lesion (it is different from that of the rest of the

body!). In other words, I care about the body’s balance of acid

and alkali. I prescribed selenium and Omega-3 fatty acids. My

main success was in relieving the pain of cancer, and also in curing

AIDS. I wasn’t afraid to put sulfur into lipids. Should you suffer

nuclear radiation I can help your tissues recover, with lipids.

The Atomic Chart



Very nice. Thank you, Gentlemen, and Johanna., I note that

three of you support the infection idea – Glover, Coley, and Lincoln.

And two come in on the hunt for mechanisms the body

possesses for the turning on and off of growth, Beard and Durovic.

Koch concentrates on the role of oxygen. Another two,

Revici and Budwig talk lipids Burton refers to the immune system,

Gerson to the chemical balance of potassium and sodium,

Wow, that is an exciting range of approaches.

They Got What Was Coming to Them, Unfortunately.

And what, pray tell, was the fate that the above cancer-cure discoverers

met? They all got clobbered by “the authorities.”

Lincoln. Robert Lincoln was expelled from the Massachusetts

Medical Society. In 1946 the Journal of the AMA rejected an article

he submitted, as did the New England Journal of Medicine in 1948.

Boston University Medical School cut off the supply of antibiotics

for his macrophages. US Senator Tobey wrote to 100 medical

schools asking them to send someone to investigate Lincoln’s

On left: JM Scott, Tom Deaken, Mary Scott,

Second from right: Thomas Glover.

(in Cancer Conspiracy by Robert Netterberg and Robert Taylor, 1979)



methods – to no avail. (Huh? Why not send someone and reveal all

Lincoln’s errors if there are any?)

Koch. In 1942 Willam Koch was arrested in Florida on a charge

that his product was falsely labeled. I quote Nat Morris:

“The district attorney then disclosed he had been ordered from

Detroit to set the bail high to prevent Koch from returning to

Brazil and finishing his researches there”.... “The oppression was

extended to those who dared to employ Glyoxylide. It became

dangerous for physicians to endorse the Koch method, for they

were immediately threatened with loss of their academic and professional

standing…” -- The Cancer Blackout (1977: 81-84).

Gerson. Regarding Max Gerson, the diet man, I quote Ralph Moss:

“A committee… reviewed the records of 86 patients but

claimed to be unable to find any scientific value in Gerson’s

treatment. Gerson was not allowed to defend himself before

these investigative boards.” His hospital privileges were revoked

and “in 1953 his malpractice insurance was discontinued”

-- The Cancer Syndrome (1980: 178).

Glover. In 1923 James Ewing went to bat, in the New York Times,

against Thomas Glover saying:

“There is no micro-organismal cause of cancer and as soon as

the public learns this fact the less likely they will be deceived by

claims such as those Dr Glover makes. [Note the protect-the-gullible

theme.] The effective treatment of cancer is accomplished by

surgery, the Xray and radium in combination.”

Revici. Revici was lured away from his practice in Mexico to come

to the US for an arrangement that then “fell through.” When he

was in his nineties, NY Medical Board “struck him off.”

Note: I want to query Steven Barrett who writes wholly unsupported

complaints about the likes of Revici. Please see Barrett’s

2003 obituarty of Victor Herbert, his fellow quack-hunter.

Durovic. The punishment meted out to Durovic took the form

of punishing his spokesman, Professor Andrew Ivy. As stated by

Rep. Roland V. Libonati, in the Congressional Record in 1959:

“...Dr. Ivy, (is) the champion of the scientific doctrine of freedom



of research, which has suffered in recent years through the falsity

of certain politico-physician leaders of the AMA, who faked reports,

suppressed honest information, brutally slugged the opposition,

both physically and through pressures, used to prevent the

truth about Krebiozen reaching the American people.”

Burton. According to The Wellness Directory of

Minnesota, a “side-door” was used to put Lawrence

Burton out of business in the Bahamas:

“In 1985, in a speech by the Deputy Director

of the National Cancer Institute, it was mentioned

as if in an aside, that Burton’s IAT specimens

contained HIV. Supposedly two families

returning from his clinic to the us had brought

back 18 sealed IAT specimens. They were examined by a Washington

State blood bank and all of them contained hepatitis B

while some tested positive for HIV. Many feel that these tests

were faked. Especially since the families who had brought them

back into the US never contracted hepatitis B nor were they ever

tested to be HIV-positive. The Bahamian Ministry of Health and

Pan American Health Organization visited Burton’s clinic, and in

July of 1985 the Bahamian Government closed the clinic.”

(FDA forbids importation of Immuno Augmentation Therapy.)

Coley. William Coley didn’t suffer such an awful fate as the others.

Beard. Let’s allow John Beard to have the last word. This is from

his 1911 book Enzyme Theory of Cancer --one hundred years ago:

“New conclusions were reached, one after the other, and in due

course these were published. Mankind in general, and medical

mankind in particular, were supposed to be waiting the advent of

some new scientific discovery concerning the nature of cancer….

The reception given to the new conclusions in Great Britain was

hardly in accord with that. The scientific investigator might have

been attacking some of the most sacred and deeply rooted religious

and moral convictions of mankind concerning cancer or

malignant disease.

The physical martyrdom was lacking; but there are, as I can

testify from experience, many more ways than one of burning a

scientific man at the stake.”



Your Responsibility

As Smokey the Bear once said, in so many words, “Only you can

prevent the persecution of cancer curers.” It’s pretty obvious that

no one except you can do it. There’s no point appealing to medical

schools (see Tobey re Lincoln), or courts, (see Koch) or the

Congress (see Gerson). Really that is a stunning thing to have to

say but let’s confront it.

As you will know if you have read my Prosecution for Treason, I am

a one-trick pony. No mater what the problem is, I say get with the

task of prosecuting. Those who have been the persecutors of our

curers must be under the impression that no matter how many

laws they break, they won’t have to pay a price.

Check items 14-18 on the Power List in the frontispiece of this

chapter. These are undeniably crimes. Threatening, burglarizing,

attacking and killing If you did those things you would be listening

for the police siren, would you not? Why have we stopped doing

what has been routinely doing since ancient times? Every society

creates punishments

to deter “sin.” Please note

that harsh punishments are

typically invented if the sin

is one that is likely to occur

and can cause much harm.

So, where the community

depends on livestock, you

can expect draconian measures

against theft of livestock.

Look what they did

to hog thieves in colonial

Virginia. I got this from a

high school History website:

“Persons convicted were either fined 10 pounds or lashed 25

times at the whipping post. If a person was caught again, he or

she would be locked in the pillory with his or her ears nailed to

the frame. When the thief was released, the nailed part of the ear

was torn off. A third conviction was punishable by death.”

Let us look at the pillory and the stocks. In a pillory you had to

stand in a position in which your head went through a block of

The Pillory, London 1732. You’d never

guess what his crime was – perjury!!



wood and usually your arms were locked as well. This was all

done in public, the main punishment being the disgrace involved.

Members of society were urged to jeer at the person, or perhaps

pelt him with objects. After all, he harmed society, right?

Half a million Americans died of cancer last year. Say 25%

would have had their cancer cured, if our curers had not been put

out of business. So the suppressors killed 125, 000 folks.

Culling Three of the Ghosts from the List of 18 Curers

Burton, Koch, and Durovic did not leave their recipe for us. This

strikes me as peculiar. Granted, journals taboo’d them, but why

not put the details in a book, or a patent? Burton was awarded

five patents circa 1980. These do specify how he isolated the

proteins that he calls “blocking and de-blocking,” by centrifuging

mammalian blood, but they don’t tell of his protocol. The website provides the following, in their general putdown

of Burton, dated 1990:

“Tumor antibodies are ‘alerted to the presence’ of tumor cells by a

protein produced by the tumor cells themselves. This induces the

tumor antibodies to destroy them. If the tumor cells are destroyed in

an unregulated manner, however, a person’s liver may become overburdened

, so a blocking protein … regulates the rate of tumor kill.”

A citizen named Suzanne Caum wrote a very thorough book

about William Koch entitled Cancer Cure Crucified (1968 – such

a year!) I take her to be genuine. Amazingly, Koch’s glyoxylide

worked miracles on may illnesses including polio. If patients’

tales of cures are true, there be a simple substance in existence

and we don’t know about it, fifty years down the line.

My guess is that Burton, Durovic, and Koch worked for the

cabal, possibly unwittingly, very likely against their will. I am of

the opinion that their cures really did work. For now, I shan’t put

them on my list of curers, as I don’t what those cures are.

Herbert Bailey’s covered Durovic’s krebiozen, in A Matter if

Life or Death in 1964. That book reads like pure unadulterated

psy-op, including all the sadness of Professor Andrew Ivy being

persecuted. The hoopla about the mistreatment of the curers is

itself an important show: it stops other doctors speaking out.

Senator Paul Douglass defended Ivy. That make me think he,

too, was part of a psy-op! That senator’s Mom died when he was

young. This is often done to make a person “capturable.”



Rejected, But Respected

My group of “18” has no significance. It’s enough that a few persons

were able to find medical solutions to cancer. Still, I’ll mention

some in the bioelectric field who did not make the list, and why:

Bjorn Nordenstrom. This Swedish radiologist

has reportedly saved lives of lung cancer patients

by putting electrodes directly into tumors. I

omit him as I haven’t studied his Biologically

Closed Electrical Circuits (1983). Interestingly,

Nordenstrom is well received in China because

he can explain Yin-Yang electrically! That could

be major and I mean majorly major.

John Holt. He recently retired in Perth, Western

Australia. (Why would anyone live so far away?)

He made innovations in the use of radiation

treatment for cancer. I shall not discuss this, as

my book excludes treatments whose aim is to

attack the tumor, rather than to get at the cause

of the cancer.

Wilhelm Reich. He came to US from Germany

and met his end in a jail. He claims to have found

orgone energy and to have cured cancer patients

with it. Having read his Cancer Biopathy (1973) I do

not doubt him. The subject is just too exhausting

to cover! (Was he a bit “teched”? Maybe, but that

did not harm his theorizing!)

Persons of Color. In 1878, Edwin Dwight Babbitt, MD, took

Isaac Newton’s 1666 idea about the way a prism breaks sunlight

up into the colors of the spectrum: violet, indigo, blue, green,

yellow, orange, and red. He found ways to radiate colors onto

persons with diseases. Dinshah Ghadiali carried this further and

Kate Baldwin, a New York surgeon, used his Spectro-Chrome

machine to cure cancer as well as burns. I learned of them from

Wm Douglass’s superb book, In the Light (1993), but too late

to put them on my list. Douglass himself claims a cure based

on enhancing the light intake via consuming hydrogen peroxide.

Says he used it successfully on AIDS patients in Africa.




Ryke Hamer, Psychiatrist, Is the Eighteenth Curer

Each of our curers must have a theory of cancer

and a solution that works. Hamer’s theory is that

emotional shock triggers a cancer. His cure is

psychiatric help. It was successful in at least one

case (plus many more), viz., he cured himself of

testicular cancer after realizing it was his son’s

death that shocked him. I see no reason to rule

out his explanation, as many have done.

Consider what John Ott said in Health and Light

(1973: 63):

“If you touch the leaves of Mimosa pudica, they quickly fold up. If the

tip end of a leaf is singed with a flame, the shock is greater, and the

reaction can be seen as it travels through the entire plant. The singed

leaf first folds up quickly, then the plant collapses. The shock wave

travels in two seconds through the main stem to the other branches.”

As for corroboration, Bernie Siegel, MD, of Yale says he has many

documented cases, in which the patent decided to forgive some

person in her life (perhaps just because she expected to die) and

this brought regression of the cancer. A psychological cure!

Dear Reader, I am tired of trying to figure out how much of the

bad-mouthing of each cancer curer is true, how much is “smear

city,” and how much is a game in which the curer cooperates. If

you look for Hamer on the Internet, you will find him accused of

the same deed as Naessens: luring a patient away from standard

treatment, but Naessens won acquittal from a jury. An unusual

legal feature of Hamer’s case is that he sued Norway for not

letting him practice medicine. I think it helps society for doctors

to seize the moral high ground like that.

I might add that if the bad-mouthing team, which has infinite

resources, can come up with something from the man’s personal

life to make you doubt him, don’t let that make you throw his

work aside. Rather, ask: if they’re going to this trouble to make

you give up your interest in his cure, instead of arguing against the

cure on its merits, doesn’t that indicate a good cure?

I chickened out of naming H Sartori as a curer (he used cesium

chloride the way Revici uses selenium) as he has done criminal

things. Now I am thinking maybe he is not the inventor of the

cesium cure, but was asked to put it forward so it could then be

shot down, with bad odor rising from his personal life.

Ryke Hamer

MD, born 1935



Be a Man, Would You?

Agricola, addressing his troops at the Grampian, near Aberdeen, in 84

A.D. (from Oxford translation of Tacitus’s report, at

“My fellow soldiers, under the high auspices of the Roman empire, by

your valor and perseverance you have been conquering Britain. In so

many expeditions, in so many battles, you have been required to

exert your courage against the enemy. We have proceeded beyond

the limits of former armies; and are now become acquainted

with the extremity of the island, by actual possession with our

arms and encampments. Britain is discovered and subdued.

How often, on a march, when embarrassed with mountains,

bogs, and rivers, have I heard the bravest among you

exclaim, “When shall we descry the enemy? When shall we

be led to the field of battle?”

As in penetrating woods and thickets the fiercest animals

boldly rush on the hunters, while the weak and timorous

fly at their very noise; so the bravest of the Britons have

long since fallen. The remaining number consists solely of

the cowardly and spiritless, whom you see at length within

your reach. Torpid with fear, their bodies are fixed and chained

down in yonder field, which to you will speedily be the scene of

a glorious and memorable victory.”

Well, I guess you know who won, and it wasn’t the British. As

for us today, no one even bothers to say “Romani, ite domum.”

(Amscray, Cabal!) Come on, men, it would only require that you

do what you used to do – us oldies remember your doing it.

Don’t you know an easy prey when you see one? Our poor old

cabaliers may have a million drones, and a million bioweapons, but

they don’t have, and can’t have, what only a functioning society

can have. They don’t have balance, and they lack the ability to

take on new arrangements – as they have painted themselves into

a corner. Anyone can see that! They can see that.

I suspect they have got quite a large portion of us hypnotized.

Don’t roll eyes, please -- hypnotism is now all the go in industry.

It’s accepted as training. Note: when I ran for Congress I was

invited to go for “training.” (Didn’t go. Still have my noodle.)

The non-hypnotized don’t have to be put off by the fact that

that so many are out of commission at the moment. It really only

takes a few to do the needful. Just buddy up in pairs. OK?



Chapter Seven

The youngest person ever to become

the Nobel laureate in literature,

Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936)

was a celebrator of the British Empire.

Rudyard Kipling’s The Law of the Jungle:

Now this is the Law of the Jungle

-- as old and as true as the sky;

And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper,

but the Wolf that shall break it must die.

As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk

the Law runneth forward and back

-- For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,

and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.



Chapter 7

Good Health and the Creation of a Society’s Values

Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness

there is in our lives. -- C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

Anticipate charity by preventing poverty. -- Maimonides (12th century)

Like life and love, law needs good ideas to make it better. As the spider spins

a web out of its own substance, so the mind makes ideas – to borrow an

image for Francis Bacon…. We spin webs of ideas in our own minds. And

we share ideas, mind to mind. We spin webs of shared ideas. And when the

spiders leave, the cobwebs remain. A person, a nation, a state, a government,

a religion, a philosophy, a science, a legal system… But they are all merely

products of the infinitely fertile human mind. -- Philip Allott, Review,

British Yearbook of International Law, 2010

The present chapter offers some basic information for the young.

If it is too basic for you, just go out for a beer and a smoke and

meet us later at the ranch. K?

Good News from the Autism Front

Bulletin! Ladies and Gentlemen, e’en as I write (on March 8,

2012), a judge in the UK has restored the medical license of gastroenterologist

Dr John Walker Smith, who helps autistic kids.

He, along with Andrew Wakefield, had been thrown to the lions

by the Powers that Be. Was Androcles hiding in the lion’s den?

This is great news. As my Italian neighbor says, “Tank-a-God.”

What Is Natural Good Health? “I Feel Good.”

Picture us as hunter-gatherers, the life for which our biological

traits have best suited us. Conjure up an ideal of more or less

perfect health. Note the typical things that may interfere:

Accidental injuries – Individuals may trip, near-drown, receive a violent

blow, or get bitten by a snake.

Stress – They experience fear, frustration, rejection, lack of sleep.

Environmental quality or weather – They may inhale dust or pollen,

may freeze or get sunburned, may eat poisonous food by mistake,



may be pestered by other species.

Reproduction -- Females get menstrual cramps, morning sickness in

pregnancy, headaches and hot flashes during menopause.

Old age – Years bring stiff joints, loss of teeth, failing memory.

Apart from that, everybody is “medically” happy, as long as the

necessary food, water, air, and sunshine is available. Not too bad,

eh? Of course that list has to do only with things that happen after

birth. Some come into the world already handicapped, thanks

to a genetic defect, or an event that occurred in utero. Still, the

hunter-gatherer is unlikely to get diabetes, Alzheimer’s, kidney

failure, or cancer.

Consider These Lilies: the Inflammation Response

Say you have been stung by a bee, or scraped your knuckles on a

rock. Instantly other parts of the body are called in to perform

healing functions. “Inflammation” (from Latin flammare, to set

on fire) is a good thing, as are its four signs: redness, swelling,

heat, and pain. The object of the response is for the helpers to

get rid of whatever foreign item got in, to cart off any destroyed

cells, and to start rebuilding.

The carting-off requires production of mucus to act as a roadway,

and cilia that beat like little brushes to shove the debris along.

Abracadabra, histamine is produced to stimulate a widening of

your capillaries to make transport quicker! Bewdy.

Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return -- Genesis 3: 14

Decomposition is not to be despised. We come and we go. The

greats of previous centuries have gone, but they are still with us.

Also, as Arthur Kendall says in his 1923 book, Civilization and the

Microbe, we depend on microbes to recycle waste. They turn over

the soil; without them we’d never have had agriculture. (He wrote

that book for his daughter Alice when he heard she was being

taught in high school that microbes are out to get us!)

Just think, a few millennia ago before the Egyptians got the zany

idea of building pyramids and the Romans decide to knock up a

colosseum, there was hardly anything that bacteria couldn’t break

down and recycle. And there were no man-made chemical compounds

until very recently in history. I hear you ask: Where is Boss

Cocky in all this? Who organizes the decomposing work of the



zillion microbes? I do not know, but a thoughtful source on this is

Antoine Béchamp. He believed a pre-animal, the “microzyme” is

living everywhere and can develop into any organized body.

“After death, it is essential that matter be restored to its primitive

condition, for it has only been lent for a time to the living organized

being. In recent years (1870s) an extravagant role has been

assigned to the airborne germs. The air may bring them, it is true,

but it is not necessary that they should do so.” -- A Bechamp, The

Blood and Its Third Element.

The spokesperson for putrefaction today is Erik Enby, MD, of

Sweden, who learned it from Günther Enderlein, his mentor, who,

in turn, credited Béchamp. Enderlein and Enby see how bacteria

break down the chemistry of the cell, as a result of which new life

can then arise. Our blood is like the soil, he says, microbes thrive

there. (See website As it happens, scientists have recently

discovered that our blood is not sterile; it’s teeming with microbes.

Enby appears to be validated by new work called the Biome Project.

Watson and Crick cracked the genetic code in 1954, discovering

that DNA is made up of certain amino acids. We may think

Béchamp must therefore have been wrong in his ontology. But

don’t put your life savings in it, OK? Also there may be certain

“scholars” in circulation today whose covert job is to ridicule the

old-fashioned views of Bechamp and of Charles Creighton.

In any case, are you thinking to die soon? If you must, that’s fine,

but I wish you’d stick around and help us out of our cabal-made

crisis. And please consider this feisty approached to death, penned

by the great sociobiologist Bill Hamilton ere his demise in 2009:

I will [ask in my] last will for my body to be carried to Brazil and to

these forests, to be laid out in a manner secure against the possums …

and this great Coprophanaeus beetle will bury me. They will enter, will

bury, will live on my flesh; and in the shape of their children and mine,

I will escape death. No worm for me nor sordid fly, I will buzz in the

dusk like a huge bumble bee. I will be many, be borne, body by flying

body out into the Brazilian wilderness beneath the stars, lofted under

those beautiful and un-fused elytra. So finally I too will shine like a violet

ground beetle under a stone. -- William Hamilton



Three Cheers for Edward C Rosenow (1875-1966)

Good health! How blessed that a cure for polio was found. You

can see it in Exhibit H -- which is the quiet thunder of this book.

On 18 November, 1917, the New York Times Magazine stated:

.“EVERY father and mother in the country will feel a throb of

relief and of hope over what has just happened at Davenport,

Iowa. An epidemic of infantile paralysis in that city has ended

with a banquet and an ovation.” The headline ran:


Dr. Edward C. Rosenow of the Mayo Clinic Tried His Serum on

Children with Brilliant Results During Epidemic in Davenport,

Iowa. Remedy for Infantile Paralysis Successfully Tried.”

Rosenow, not to be confused with his namesake grandson, was

a miraculous bacteriologist. We met him earlier, as Rife’s friend.

Hear what Rowntree, chronicler of the lives of greats had to say:

“Edward Rosenow had made a considerable reputation in Chicago

earlier in life during his association with Dr Frank Billings. On coming

to the [Mayo] clinic in the teens of the century [he got into]

the study of mutations of bacteria. Personally I feel he was always

denied due appreciation of this…He was an ardent student of the

streptococcus. By intracerebral injections, he set off syndromes in

rabbits the exact counterparts of the clinical manifestations… especially

tics. When the patient and the rabbit were placed side by

side[Rowntree is presumably being figurative here!] the resemblances

of syndromes were unbelievable.” – Leonard Rowntree, MD, Amid

Masters of 20th Century Medicine (1958: 318)

With meticulous work he was able to find and culture the bacilli

of many illnesses, including schizophrenia and arthritis! (See SH

Shakman’s helpful 1996 review.) But as with our 18 cancer cures

the public has not been allowed to benefit. You need to fix that!

Now please see, overleaf, a collection of data about TB and

Parkinson’s that lives up to Rosenow’s promise, IMHO. It’s by

Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD. He has a free-ranging mind – when

the data speak to him, he does not feel he must answer back in the

terminology of the current textbooks. Broxmeyer is finding clues

as to what illnesses are “viral” and which are “bacterial.” I weep

for medical students who remain unaware of this work.



Why Broxmeyer (2002) Thinks Parkinson’s Must Be Bacterial

1. Von Economo’s encephalitis, which causes Parkinson’s regularly, is

almost indistinguishable from Central Nervous System TB.

2. Guam, where TB meningitis runs rampant, has epidemics of

neurologic disorders, including Parkinson’s.

3. The substantia nigra is important to Parkinson’s, and nearby is a

common site of attack of tuberculosis meningoencephalitis.

4. Deprenyl (Eldopril) a Parkinson’s drug, comes from a class, the

MAO inhibitors, originally designed to cure TB.

5. Clinical and epidemiologic studies link Parkinson’s to TB-like germs

e.g., nocardia, corynebacteria (diptheria) and mycobacteria.

6. Burn isolated a germ resembling Alexander-Jackson’s mycobacteria/

nocardia cross in three Von Economo’s infants at autopsy.

7. Alexander-Jackson found acid-fast forms in Burn’s bacillus that may

cause Wilson’s disease, a cause of Parkinson’s in the young.

8. In an ex-boxer, trauma could cause a long-standing infection, such

as tubercles in the brain, to discharge bacilli into the meningeal spaces.

9. Mital & Sarkari, Otaki, Fuente-Aguado, Solanki and Kurasawa all

independently cured Parkinson’s with anti-TB therapy.

10. Kohbata and Shimokawa, using blood serology, connected nocardia

and mycobacteria in 20 of 20 Parkinson’s patients.

11. Gao linked Parkinson’s to mycobacteria in blood through diagnostic

heat shock proteins.

12. In AIDS-related Parkinson’s, Berenguer reported mycobacteria as

the most common CNS pathogen.

13. Occupational exposure to copper, manganese, and iron are the

substances that act as mycobacterial growth factors in the laboratory;

such occupational exposure is associated with PD.

14. Oxidative stress to the substantia (from catecholamine toxic

dopamine; hydrogen peroxide, and free radical byproducts) are also

made by mycobacterial metabolism and cell-respiration.

15. Dopaminergic neuron loss, an active Parkinson’s process, is just the

sort of chronic process that characterizes tuberculosis.

16. Many Parkinson’s victims show the same cachexic wasting away

that has long typified consumption.

[[The above from Broxmeyer was lightly edited by me and the bolding

is mine. – MM. See his Parkinson’s: Another Look (2002) online.]



Infection and All That

This book has a subplot about infection.

I think Robert Koch and Louis

Pasteur worked in tandem even

though they were famous opponents.

Pasteur was French; Koch was

Prussian. The Franco-Prussian war

of 1870 being still in memory, they

could have had a nationalist dislike

for each other. But as Greg Hallett

says, in the spy world, “blown cover is good cover.”

Koch’s job, IMO, was to stymie laboratory research. Pasteur’s

job was to make sure we all believed the germ theory; he thus

diverted our l’il ol’ cerebra from other explanations for disease.

(Why am I suspicious of Koch? Because when he needed to

study sheep anthrax, there was an outbreak of it right near his

farm. “Do you think I was born yesterday, Dr Koch?”)

Re Pasteur, the mausoleum tells me all I need to know. Not that

I fail to see that germs --microbes – do in fact get into us and

may cause harm. Let me paraphrase an old textbook, with a bit

of license. This is J Kohlmer, 1915, on Infection, Immunity:

Invasion. Microbes enter the human mainly through the respiratory

tract or digestive tract and through the urogenital system. Skin is a

barrier to invasion, unless broken. Saliva protects against invasion; it is

germicidal. Same for hydrochloric acid of the stomach.

Infection. Invasion usually does not result in infection -- the body has

defenses! If the defenses are insufficient, the invaders will infect. But

where? Picture a pneumococcus. It gets in via inspiration. It won’t

have too much choice about which organ to infect; it will be the lung.

Note: the pneumococcus is not a demon that exists to give people

pneumonia. It is a bacterium looking for accommodation. Once in its

new home, Joe’s lung, it has the effect of messing up Joe’s breathing.

The infection in this case creates a mechanical problem for the host.

General infection occurs if bacteria get direct access to the bloodstream.

It’s first noticed by “general symptoms,” e.g., headache and malaise.

Affinity. Even where a given invader has access to many surfaces inside

the body, it predictably settles on one organ. Probably that organ

has “receptors” for the germ’s particular chemical make-up. The bacterium

may have the matching “ligand..”

(as in “Have I got a ligand for you.”)

Ladies wear masks against

flu germs in Japan in 1919



I do not claim that the germ theory is all wrong. Rather, I think

we should consider some of the unfashionable theories.

It may be that health varies according to the geological formations

we live near. Lakhovsky marshals wonderful evidence that

cosmic rays (radiation from stars other than our “domestic” star)

are kept at bay differently by different soils and rocks. Charles

Creighton went to India to check on the cholera epidemic and

found – with his own eyes – that the illness was striking people

who lived on certain kinds of ground! By the way, Robert Koch

also went to India to check on that epidemic. My guess is that

he was inspecting his handiwork. I realize that’s an extreme accusation,

but was not cholera delivered to Haiti, following the

earthquake of 2010 (itself a mischief)?

One should also consider Claude Bernard’s insistence that the

interior milieu is what counts. A bug won’t bring you down if

your body and mind are in good condition. Another explanation

for disease is “miasma” theory, common until 1850 and still held

in China. It attributes outbreaks of disease to “bad air.”

My mentor taught me, by example, to state all the possibilities,

even weak ones, rather than get all married up to a faved hypothesis.

The Importance of Having a Mentor. Young Intellectuals, it

may surprise you to know that your teachers are dying for you to

knock on their door. I was lucky to get instant comradeship from

EO Wilson. I then got to share the joy of each of his new books

as they burst from the press, such as his Biophilia, from which I

now quote:

The leaf [ant] colony is a superorganism. The queen is not in any sense

the leader or the repository of an organizational blueprint. No command

center directs the colony. The superorganism’s

brain is the entire society.

Through a unique step in evolution, taken millions

of years ago, the ants captured a fungus,

incorporated it into the superorganism, and so

gained the power to digest leaves. Or perhaps

the fungus captured the ants and used them as

a mobile extension to take leaves into the moist

underground chambers.” -- (1984: 27-37)

Ed, Eagle Scout, age 15, Brewton, Alabama



Dear Cabal, Beware Jewish Mothers!

Never underestimate the power of a determined Mom. Beth Maloney

is a Jewish mother, in the sense in which all mothers, indeed

all women, are “Jewish mothers.” When her son developed

OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) at age 12, she wasn’t about

to sit and watch it happen. She chased all around until she found

two doctors who told her of the connection between OCD and

– wait for it -- streptococcus.

That bacillus isn’t supposed to cross the blood-brain barrier,

but it does. A prescription that combined Augmentin and Strattera

cured Sammy. Maloney’s book is marvelous. She is furious

that NIH had the effrontery to tell her they could help only if

her child were younger, or if he’d been diagnosed closer to onset.

At one point, when someone told Sammy the family wouldn’t

win, he said “You don’t know my mother.”

We JMs need to pool our resources. You don’t know us! By the

way, while looking for Beths’ book, Saving Sammy, at Amazon, I

came across a review of it by a woman who thinks Sammy’s hallucinations

(he saw lasers coming out of power points) may not

have been hallucinations! Maybe he had a heightened view of

reality. This would accord with Becker’s theory.

Please note: Robert O. Becker tried to warn people that the use

of cell phones by children is a big mistake as it irradiates their

brains. Of course, Yours Truly does not think it is happening

by mistake. The ruination of the brains of the whole population

is the cabal’s top priority! Please see Deliberate Dumbing Down by

Charlotte Iserbyt as well as books by Beverly Eakman and John

Gatto. Three Jewish mothers. See? Gender is no bar!

Someday it may be gratify the parents of autistic children to

know that their persistence aided people with other diseases as

well. Below we’ll see Lisa Goes’ demand that CDC hand over

info that she needs for her child’s health. CDC had privatized a

taxpayer-funded database to evade Freedom of Information law!

A lot of professors in America are sitting on a cancer cure

today. Any JMs out there want to deal with that? Should be easy.

Material-witness law allows us to arrest persons who are harboring

vital evidence. Some of them may be hoping right now that

you will use legal means to force the revelations, thus sparing

them from the difficult role of whistleblower.



Is It OK To Have Values? Will I Stick Out?

At a conference in 1991, I heard a professor mention that when

he starts his ethics class each year, he first has to explain to the 18

year olds that there’s a difference between right and wrong. Wow.

Later I heard Bev Eakman explain that pupils in the last few

decades have been given “ethical questions” to discuss in class,

and anyone who takes a principled position fails. Each student’s

opinion is supposed to be equal to any other. No guidelines allowed.

Perfect way to destroy a culture!

The Standard Values Are Mathematically Inevitable!

Values are a pleasant topic. Values are pleasant; they trigger endorphins.

Hmm. That must mean they evolved because they

were adaptive. Humans with values cope well.

Here is a list of things that we had drummed into us as kids,

just about identical to what our grandparents had drummed

into them. We were told that in order to be acceptable, and win

friends and admirers, we must consistently be seen to be:

agreeable, appreciative, clean, considerate, dignified, fair, hardworking,

honest, kind, loyal, modest, neighborly, patient, patriotic,

punctual, reliable, respectful, tolerant, and trustworthy.

It doesn’t matter that we didn’t fulfill all of that. What matters

is that there was a very widespread belief that those virtues were

desirable. Thus everyone around us gave praise if we did good

and the cold shoulder if we flouted the rules. Result? “Niceness”

pervaded everyday social interactions. You could count on it.

And who had the effrontery to nominate those behaviors as

the desirable ones? Our ancestors. Or just plain mathematics. If

you start with the knowledge that the human animal would live

free and pursue his own survival selfishly, you’ll realize it would

be hard to have a group beyond the family.

Then, the cabal organized a changeover, for Generation X. The

goal – admirable if you like that sort of thing – is for us to have

no society. One method the cabal uses to achieve this is transmigrasei

– mixing populations that don’t know each other. Another

way is to destroy respect for one’s parents and elders.

Most societies come up with the above list of desirable traits.

The alternative would be to “breed us” in the direction of the fur

seal species, where one Alpha has his way at all times. Not nice



for him! “Uneasy lies the fur-seal head that wears the crown.”

I recently met two persons who are set on making the leap from

a situation in which social relations have been turned off to one

in which they burn bright again. The first is Micha Kurz (see him

on Youtube), an Israeli solder who couldn’t

quite stomach what he was asked to do to

folks in the Occupied Territories. Kurz

thought “Hey this is stupid. I’m a Jew, we

can behave better then this.” He now coordinates

the grassroots.

The other man is Kevin Annett in Canada.

The two guys could be twins, value-wise.

Kevin saw Canadians doing nasties to First

Nations children and said “Hey this is ridiculous.

The civilized people of Canada are

not murderers and torturers.”

A People’s Court in Canada? Psychedelic!

A friend sent me a Youtube video of Annett’s proclaiming that

the genocide involved (which I won’t go into here) was simply

not going to be tolerated one more minute thank you. He has

thus set up a sort of International Grand Jury to deal with it. I

had never heard of him but I cried when he said “Let justice be

done though the heavens fall.” Boy, you don’t hear that said very

often anymore, do you? Fiat justitia ruat coelum.

I believe he has accurately identified a terrible issue: that our

courts simply do not function if the baddy is a member of the

protected institutions, such as church and state. The Royal Canadian

Mounted Police do not “get their man.” Instead, they protect

that man -- against that man’s victims! That’s TRAGIC.

Decades ago, in Italy, Lelio Basso founded a People’s Court

for such things as war crimes, and now Eagle Strong Voice (a

name given to Annett by some First Nations people) has set up

something like that. He demands that the accused show up to

face the music re their crime against humanity -- or be tried in absentia.

Note: “Crime against humanity” is written up all fancy-like

in the Rome Statute of 1998 that engendered the hugely cynical

International Criminal Court in 2002.

Now please see, on next page, a flagrant ploy by the cabal to try

to make us yield our natural helpfulness.

Rev Kevin Annett,

ex-United Church



The Daily Mail Reporter gave us this on 25 August 2010:




Do-gooders can be resented because they ‘raise

the bar’ for what is expected of everyone,

psychologists believe.

They probably think their selfless behaviour

makes them popular but the truth about ‘dogooders’

is nobody really likes them, according

to new research. A series of studies found that

those who volunteer to take on unwanted tasks

or who hand out gifts without being prompted,

quickly alienate themselves.

Psychologists believe this is because it makes

the rest of us feel guilty and puts pressure on us

to behave in an equally selfless fashion.

Researchers say do-gooders come to be

resented because they ‘raise the bar’ for what is

expected of everyone.

Social psychologist Professor Craig Parks said: “The fear is that this

new standard will make everyone else look bad. It doesn’t matter that

the overall welfare of the group is better served by someone’s unselfish

behaviour. What is objectively good, we see as subjectively bad. The

do-gooders are also seen as deviant rule breakers. It’s as if they’re

giving away Monopoly money so someone can stay in the game, irking

other players no end.’”

Parks led the research entitled “The Desire to Expel Unselfish Members

from the Group.” [He said]: “They frequently said ‘the person is

making me look bad’ or is breaking the rules. Occasionally, they would

suspect the person had ulterior motives.” Further research is planned

to look at how do-gooders themselves react to being rejected.


MM’s Quiz on the Above:

Q. Why is that girl so pretty? A. So the young audience will “identify.”

Q. Why is she advised to give up her “bad habit” of kindness? A. So

we can have a mucked up society.

Q. Why is the audience so willing to believe that we are not naturally

kind? A. Because other media pieces have conveyed the idea that we

are serial killers.

If you got all 3 correct, U R ready for a career at Hill & Knowlton.

[Why help an old lady

cross the street if you

don’t have to, huh?

-- MM]



It’s a snap. We know how the brain works, chemically, but the

cabal gleaned the basics of it just by observing how we act:

1. We obey. (Yes, sheep are not the only sheepish species.)

2. We take up any new behavior if it’s identified as a “trend.”

3. We almost never deviate, as we can’t bear social disapproval.

Talk about a piece of cake! Those wanting to control, need only:

1.Tell people what to do (and they’ll obey),

2. Announce that such-and-such is the way we’re all going

3. Scorn anyone who questions things. (“He’s mental.”).

The cabal controls some people by bribery and intimidation,

but mostly just calls on our emotional human nature, as above.

But two can play that game! Look at Kevin Annett. He puts

his pals on the landscape as the trendsetters. He announces, in a

strong masculine voice that his five judges have been sworn in,

thank you. As such, he can have a tremendous effect.

The pain of lawlessness. The Maxwell clan, into which I married,

had the distinction of making their living for over three centuries

(ending 1603) as livestock rustlers. Raiding and murdering

were the norm. It was the only option they could see. They and

a few other clans lived on the border between Scotland and England.

The respective kings had officially sanctioned the lawless status

of this area! The story is that a wife would hand her husband

a dinner plate with spurs on it, meaning he had to go out and do

some raiding or there would be nothing to eat.

In civilized societies, people know to do the right thing – so

long as there are ways to get food, and ways to settle competition

without simply murdering one’s neighbors. The Border Reivers

(raiders) had to follow the logic of greater and greater violence.

One day a fellow started to see the light. Two clans, the Maxwells

and Johnstones, had been feuding for ages with many, many

deaths. The Maxwell chief called a meeting with Johnstone to

negotiate a solution. No more

feuding! Unfortunately, during

the meeting, Maxwell killed

Johnstone. Talk about dumb.

I guess he had had too much

The wheelock - a heavy pistol use wild-west culture.

by the reivers. --



Quick Recap of 18 Cures (Initials underlined means available)

1. VL. Culture the microbe from patient’s urine; make vaccine.

2. SB. Infuse intra-lymphatically the missing amino acid.

3. GN. Infuse intra-paranodularly 714-x nitrogen-in-camphor.

4. EM. Consume dichloroacetate to help mitochondria signal.

5. RR. Track a cancer microbe and zap it with radiofrequency.

6. RB. Put electrode-generated silver ions into the cancer.

7. GL. Use antennae or oscillator to neutralize cosmic rays.

8. GC. Equalize the negativity of cancer cell and adjacent cells.

9. RO. Treat blood with UV light; this helps immune system.

10. JO. Get the correct part of the light spectrum into eyes, skin.

11. JB. Consume pancreatic enzymes: trypsin and amylopsin.

12. JB. Consume flaxseed with ricotta cheese to help lipids.

13. WC. Induce hyperthermia with erysipelas and B. prodigiosus.

14. MG. Get nutrients from veggie juice; detoxify with enemas.

15. TG. Culture cancer microbe, make serum in horses, inject it.

16. RL. Inhale germs in order to evoke natural bacteriophaging.

17. ER. Manipulate the acid or alkaline imbalance; stop the pain.

18. RH. Psychologically undo effects of emotional shock or loss.

Recap of the Mission of This Book and Its Themes

The job of this author does not include:

Advising anyone what to do about his/her cancer,

Specifying what a healthy, anti-carcinogenic lifestyle requires,

Identifying cancer cures other than ones explainable by science,

Discussing methods of attacking the tumor, e.g., the Big Three.

The job of this author does include:

Fuming to the max, and begging the reader to fume,

Encouraging young scientists to think freely,

Inviting doctors to get with the program,

Sorting out cancer cures by their theoretical premises,

Reminding the baddies that their future is bleak -- guaranteed,

Smiling at the number of (heretofore hidden) remedies for ills,

Thanking the sloggers who did the work, often with no support,

Analyzing how the hell we ended up in such an absurd situation,

Digging up any actions that can now be taken with help of law,

Declaring without embarrassment that fixing this is URGENT.



Chapter Eight

Article I, Section 8

The Congress shall have Power 1. To lay and

collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises to

pay the Debts and provide for the common

Defence and general Welfare of the United

States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout

the United States; 2. To borrow money on the credit of the United

States; 3. To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the

several States, and with the Indian Tribes; 4. To establish an uniform

Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies

throughout the United States;

5. To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and

fix the Standard of Weights and Measures; 6. To provide for the Punishment

of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United

States; 7. To establish Post Offices and Post Roads;

8. To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for

limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective

Writings and Discoveries;

9. To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court;

10. To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high

Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations;

11. To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make

Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

12. To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that

Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

13. To provide and maintain a Navy; 14. To make Rules for the Government

and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;

15. To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the

Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

16. To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and

for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of

the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment

of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the

discipline prescribed by Congress;

17. To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such

District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular

States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government

of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places

purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the

Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-

Yards, and other needful Buildings; And 18. To make all Laws which

shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing

owers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government

of the US, or in any Department or Officer thereof.



Chapter 8

Laying Down the Law: Why Tolerate This Criminality?

[Advanced cancer is] irritated by treatment; and the more so the more

vigorous it is…. no medicament has ever given relief; the parts cauterized

are excited immediately to an increase until they cause death.

After excision, even when a scar has formed, nonetheless the disease has

returned....The majority of patients [given] only mild applications in

order to sooth the tumor, attain a ripe old age in spite of it.

-- Celsus (1st century AD)

This chapter will discuss how you can stop America being destroyed

(it’s easy).


As noted, many heroes of cancer-cure tried to go it alone, but

your help would have made the difference. Solidarity is the winning

strategy against a bully. That’s the long and short of it. You

have to go on the offensive against the people who are taking

over America. I said above that it’s easy to do this. It is an outand-

out piece of cake! All you have to do is see what is happening.

Don’t close your eyes. Were you to see, all would be well.

You’d block the incredibly easy passage that our overlords have

had. The following seems to be what their tutors told them decades

ago: “Have no concern that the citizens will rise up. They

have, as all members of the H. sapiens species have, a slave mentality.

Once conditioned into slavery they always adjust to it. Moreover,

they have no idea that such doormatism is the norm for H.

sapiens, or that human behavior is mostly instinct.”

But the joke is that we actually do have rationality! I know

I have it by the cartload, and there wasn’t a separate evolution

that created me with a different kind of brain from the rest, was

there? Looks like the poor devils at the top are talking themselves

into what they want to believe, (which is, of course, a H. sapiens

instinct itself). Won’t they have diarrhea when they find out you

have woken up!



The Prosecution Does Not Rest, Thank You.

Let’s identify what can be done. We begin by returning to the

“power list” described in Chapter 6. Having pointed out the bad

things that happened to our ghost doctors, I said that some of

the acts against them call for retribution. Someone needs to be

rounded up by the police, or by citizen arrest if necessary, for the

three crimes: threatening, burglarizing, and assault-and-battery.

We know it can’t be “authorities” committing those deeds, as

the job description of an official never says he may commit crime.

So who are the baddies? …They are the ones enforcing a regime

of illness and death via cancer.

In Chapter 5 we did a bit of searching into the ACS and the

MSK. So now we do know who is enforcing a regime of illness

and death via cancer. Does this mean the “personnel” of the

ACS? Well, yes. And if they say they are innocent, let them join

with us in feeling angry toward the ones who are not innocent.

They can march shoulder to shoulder with us, right? We welcome


How about you write to the ACS today and ask how it happened

that Cornelius Rhoads (“I zap Porto Ricans”) got appointed as

director. Was there a “search committee” for that job? Was he

interviewed? You need not even send the letter – just composing

it would put you in the driver’s seat.

The Basic Right of Self-Defense

It may be wise to consider here the most

desperate measures available for legal redress,

before looking at the calmer ones.

First, the law of self defense. Centuries ago,

Sir Edward Coke identified the right of the

person to repel any threat against himself

or against another whom he chose to defend.

Sounds pretty reasonable, eh? His Institutes

of the Laws of England was a best-seller

in the American Colonies! Coke’s work is

now entwined in common law in 49 states.

(The excepted state is Louisiana; it follows

the Code Napoleon rather than common

law.) If you harm someone in self-defense

Sir Edward Coke




you do not commit a crime. Obviously. This is to be distinguished

from instances in which you have committed a crime but then

try to offer the exculpating excuse that you were provoked. The

right is protected by common law in countries, such as the US, of

which Britain was the mother country. In Australia, a 1986 High

Court ruling in Zecevic vs DPP confirmed:

“The question to be asked… is quite simple. It is whether the

accused believed upon reasonable grounds that it was necessary

in self-defence to do what he did. If he had that belief and there

were reasonable grounds for it … he is entitled to an acquittal.”

But what about the fact that the police have been granted the

exclusive authority to wield violence against baddies? Didn’t that

close the door on the old (“wild west”) behavior known as selfhelp?

No. Self-help is a basic instinct and is everywhere accepted

as a right. The opposite would be to “Just lie there and take it.”

The 1894 case Starr v US is an American precedent that use of

force against an attacker is your right even if it turns out that the

attacker is a law enforcer who did not properly identify himself.

Isn’t law a marvelous little invention of H. sapiens?

Well, yes, but the cleverness of those who would thwart law is

pretty impressive also. In pre-civilized society, it was expressed,

in basic terms, that one could engage in payback. Leviticus 24:20

says: “Fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. As he has

injured the other, so he is to be injured.” But as law became more

advanced, folks naturally began to think there was something in

law itself that contained knowledge of what is best.

This is really the heart of the matter. I am saying that we are too

easily impressed by, and overwhelmed by, legalisms.

The Law of Treason

There is also the fact that government wrongdoing, on the scale

of murder, is just not part of our vocabulary. Thus we have to

make it part of our vocabulary. That is the message of my book

Prosecution for Treason (2011).

To harm an enemy is not a crime. It is considered a virtuous,

nay glorious, thing to do. But harming one’s own people is seen

as repulsive. There may be a question as to who is “one’s own

people” but no one has, so far, challenged the designation that

co-nationals are one’s own people. Hence for Americans to harm



Americans is repulsive. And luckily, the law proscribes it.

“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against

them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within

the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer

death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under

this title but not less than $10,000….” [18 USC 2381]

There is very little case law on this but in an early episode, the socalled

Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania, in 1798, men who had

attacked the tax collectors were tried for treason and were found

guilty. President George Washington later pardoned them.

If it is government personnel who are committing treason, this

adds a distracting notion. Many people seem to have the impression

that prosecutions cannot happen owing to “sovereign immunity.”

No, that’s incorrect. All officers of the state or federal

government are vulnerable to prosecution. (And my advice is,

Don’t go for “malfeasance in office” or “acting ultra vires.” That’s

too wussy – indict them for the plain crimes they committed.)

The ACS Is Private; The USPS and DHSS Are Public.

What if a crime is committed by such entities as the FDA and

the CDC? How would justice get done? Actually, it cannot be an

abstract entity that commits a crime. It is the office holder. And

what if she were following orders? Or being bullied by a mafia? Is

that sufficient to relieve her of liability? No way in hell.

Ah, but in the case of personnel working for the executive

branch of government, can we expect that the very same branch

will come out with a warrant for the arrest of its own people?

Yes of course we can. If they hold back, we set up a grand jury of

citizens (within a state) to lay appropriate charges. At the same

time, we charge the holders-back with the crime of obstruction

of justice. Not to mention misprision of felony. Etc.

Charles Pixley Went To Jail for Your Cancer.

In Canada, Gaston Naessens has been legally distributing his

714-X cancer cure since 1989, thanks to a certain “compassionate”

clause. The US forbids its importation. A US citizen named

Charles Pixley, son of the Minutemen so to speak, defied FDA’s

law: he distributed 714-X with gay abandon. Furthermore, he accused

those who made the law, of genocide, in regard to the reign



of cancer (as I call it).

Where were we when Pixley needed us? He was sentenced to

jail and did time. After he got out of jail, he blogged something

of great interest. He said that the late Harris Coulter, a medical

historian of the first rank, had ascertained that the rule related to

Pixley’s “crime” had never been gazetted in the Federal Register,

and so was unenforceable. I have not checked it out, but it may

thus have been a false arrest. There are all sorts of penalties for

that! His conviction was affirmed at Circuit Court level. (As for

Coulter’s brilliance, and his stalwart efforts to help us all, please

see our Exhibit S, in which he speaks of Type-1 diabetes.)

Consider how easily we assume that government is within its

rights to chase after doctors who try a new medicine. Sure, there’s

a law stating that the FDA must okay a new drug. But why do they

go after violators? Is it so patients won’t receive bad medicine?

Almost certainly that is not the reason. Several of the scientists

we have discussed were persecuted. What is really going on? I

stated my opinion at the end of chapter 6, namely that “they” are

against “us.” They want us to suffer cancer.

Dancing the Knockback Polka

Law students may be coaxed to do something about the fact that

plaintiffs are at a great disadvantage when seeking restraining

orders against governmental incursions, for example, the spraying

of harmful chemicals. Recently, in Vermont, a citizen named

Thabault brought an action regarding chemtrails. These are allegedly

trails of barium and aluminum being placed in the sky. (Not

the same as Centerfold, where no aircraft is involved.)

The plaintiff ’s case was dismissed without the defendant ever

having to “defend” himself. So much for Americans’ belief that

if you are willing to pay for a fight in court you can at least be

heard. It doesn’t happen that way. First, you may find that no lawyer

will take the case! Then, if you file on your own (as a “pro se

litigant”), you may get gobbledeegook from the judge.

On the next page you see the easy dismissal of Thabault’s case.

I do not know if Judge Murtha was too afraid to listen, or too set

in the ways of court precedent, but he sure did disappoint. The

“highest law” for him was the fact that the Federal Aviation Act

did not provide for private suing. He even managed to deploy the

civil rights law against the plaintiff. Imagination really counts!





[Here is the opinion and order of the court, as delivered by J. Garvan

Murtha, United States District Judge August 13, 2008]:

Plaintiff Louis Thabault, proceeding pro se, brings this action claiming

that Vermont Army National Guard (“Guard”) airplanes spray harmful

chemicals in a “deliberate assault on the people below.” For relief, he

seeks an injunction barring the Guard from “any spraying of chemicals”

……The defendant has moved to dismiss, arguing… that Thabault has,

at most, alleged a state common law assault or nuisance claim that does

not arise under federal law. The Court turns first to the question of

whether the FAAct creates a private cause of action. A plaintiff alleging

violations of a federal statute does not state a claim “arising under the

Constitution, laws, or treaties of the United States” . . . when Congress

has determined that there should be no private, federal cause of action

for the violation.” Merrell Dow Pharm. Inc. v. Thompson, U.S. (1986)

If the FAAct does not create a private cause of action, this Court has no

subject matter jurisdiction over Thabault’s claim. In Vorhees v. Naper

Aero Club (2001), the Seventh Circuit noted that “the Federal Aviation

Act has no civil enforcement provision or any provision allowing a private

resident to sue for the property torts of an airline pilot or airline

operator.” Similarly, the DC Circuit Court concluded that the FAAct’s

“extensive and detailed scheme of administrative enforcement complete

with civil and criminal penalties” belied any claim that Congress intended

to create a private cause of action.

Thabault cites 49 U.S.C. § 40103(a), which provides that “the US Government

has exclusive sovereignty of airspace of the US.” There is no

provision in this portion of the statute creating a private right of action

for violations of either the FAAct or related regulations. In the absence

of any such provision, some plaintiffs have tried to bring suit under 42

U.S.C. § 1983, which authorizes private actions for “deprivations of any

rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws . .

. .” The Second Circuit, however, has expressly rejected this approach,

holding that “the comprehensive enforcement scheme provided in The

Act manifests congressional intent to foreclose an action under § 1983.”

In light of this unequivocal language from the Circuit, and based upon

the absence of any express provision in the FAAct providing a private

cause of action, the Court finds that the complaint has failed to set forth

a valid federal claim. Consequently, Thabault’s suit is ripe for dismissal

due to the Court’s lack of subject matter jurisdiction. [Also] the Attorney

General has no legal authority over the Guard. See 3 V.S.A.§§ 151-




A judge can always reach into his quiver and pull out a bench warrant

to arrest relevant criminals. Is this power ever used?

States also have Proceeds of Crimes Acts, and Asset Forfeiture

laws (an Aussie recently had to forfeit 12 million in gold bullion!)

and we tend to forget the Equity remedy “disgorgement of illgotten

gains.” Main thing: if you’re knocked back, don’t quit. The

court may hit you with ripeness, standing, political question, and

other chestnuts. You’ll feel hurt. Humiliated. But so what? Just

turn up the music and play the knockback polka.

Law of Genocide

Pixley opined that he got off with a lenient jail sentence because

he had raised the word “genocide” regarding cancer-cure suppression.

Genocide is a domestically punishable crime in US.

(a) Basic Offense. Whoever, whether in time of peace or in time

of war and with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in substantial

part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such --

(1) kills members of that group;

(2) causes serious bodily injury to members of that group;

(3) causes the permanent impairment of the mental faculties of

members … through drugs, torture, or similar techniques;

(4) subjects the group to conditions of life that are intended to

cause the physical destruction of the group in whole or in part;

(5) imposes measures intended to prevent births within the group;

or (6) transfers by force children of the group to another group;

shall be punished as provided in subsection (b).

(b) Punishment for Basic Offense (1) in the case of an offense

under subsection (a)(1), where death results, -- by death or

imprisonment for life and a fine of not more than $1,000,000, or

both; and (2) a fine of not more than $1,000,000 or imprisonment

for not more than twenty years, or both, in any other case.

(c) Incitement Offense. Whoever directly and publicly incites

another to violate subsection (a) shall be fined not more than

$500,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

(d) Attempt and Conspiracy Any person who attempts or conspires

to commit an offense under this section shall be punished in

the same manner as a person who completes the offense.

(f) Nonapplicability of Certain Limitations… an indictment

may be found, or information instituted, at any time without

limitation. [Yeah, man.] -- 18 USC 1091



Troy and Pat: This Is Not Off-Topic.

My hope for the American judiciary was devastated on September

21, 2011. That is when the state of Georgia killed a good fellow,

Troy Davis, whom it had already “killed” for the preceding

20 years by way of incarcerating him on false charges of murder.

The US Supreme Court played the top role in this. Hence, we are

in trouble, the more so as hardly anyone understands that our

court has effectively disappeared. People still think the structure

– as it is written on paper – will save us.

You are unprotected – except by Society. My husband, who was

a man of few words, used to say “Society protects.” He meant

that outsiders are expected to step in where they see cruelty to

children. But social protection is a fact of life in all settings.

The Orwellian cabal brilliantly figured out how to take away the

various cues that tell us we’re part of something, and have obligations

to it, and can rely on its protection. People born after 1990

have had it drummed into them that society does not exist, and only

their local friends will grant succour. Frightening!

I say we can recreate what we had. Actually I know we can, as

we, made up of the H. sapiens genome, created it once before --

maybe hundreds of times before! We therefore have the biological

makings for it. Nothing material stands in the way. People are

longing for it, even if they don’t consciously realize that.

Troy knew he was going to be killed and he said “Please don’t

forget me.” We must remember him. And Pat Tilman must not

be forgotten. The death of the football star, who was serving in

the US Army in Afghanistan was not by “friendly” fire. Rather,

a sharpshooter gave him 3 bullets to the forehead at close range.

His mother, writing in Boots on the Ground at Dusk, provides every

detail of this remarkable (or maybe not so remarkable?) event.

Congress, ever happy to aid a coverup, held hearings about the

so-called friendly fire. A soldier, Bryan O’Neal, testified:

It didn’t take long before those in the GMV… open[ed] up on

us with the 50-caliber machine gun basically shot at us in waves,

or bursts of rounds. [We were]… yelling, screaming. … [Then]

sir, they moved into a better position, and started shooting at us

again. And at that time, I could hear Pat calling, “Stop shooting.

I’m Pat f-ing Tillman. Stop shooting,” you know … And



it abruptly stopped, with him calling for help.... But when our

medic came up to come assist us, he asked what happened, and

I tried to let him know. CHAIRMAN WAXMAN: Who is he?

Could you identify the name? O’NEAL That would be Sergeant

Anderson. I tried to let him know, but our squad leader told me

basically just don’t say anything…

That is where the matter rests. Although the lad said the above

in front of a live audience, and although his sworn testimony is

now in the Congressional Record (August 1, 2007), there was no

follow-through! That does not mean we have to throw up our

hands. There’s no statute of limitations on murder (or treason).

In 1935, world-class journalist George Seldes showed how the

Italian public was ready to “enforce the law” against its leader

Mussolini for arranging the killing of a beloved citizen. They had

all the evidence they needed -- with eyewitnesses to the killing,

just as for Tillman, but they let it slip away. They nattered on,

in Parliament, about all the “difficulties” that could arise if they

took action -- instead of the fantastic difficulties that could – and

did – arise if everyone did nothing!

I label that a “Mussolini moment.” For Troy and Pat we should

not now be having a Mussolini moment. Agree?

Troy Davis


Pat Tillman


Died young, for lack of society’s protection



Why Would FDA Wish To Quash Cancer Cures?

In the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, Congress gave the executive

branch of government the power to police the manufacture

of certain goods. Right then and there Congress erred, as it is not

in the federal government’s power to intervene in manufacture.

That is a state power.

At first, the Pure Food and Drug Act limited interventions to

those cases where the goods crossed state borders. In Burzynski’s

earlier career, the FDA forbade him to mail any of his antineoplastons

to Americans outside Texas, but “allowed him” – as some

might put it -- to sell them in Texas. What then changed? The

FDA didn’t change; Texas did! It re-legislated. (I mean the guy was

curing cancer; we can’t have that, can we?)

Permit me a cynical moment regarding the actual founding of

the FDA. Were you taught in school that in early 20th century we

had muckrakers, such as Ida Tarbell and Upton Sinclair? These

whistle-blower types and left-leaning persons allegedly led the

move toward “social reform” via law. I had suspected that the

muckraker movement was done by You-Know-Whom, and just

now when I googled to find the beginning date of the FDA, look

what popped up on the homepage: a sepia-colored poster

that was used in 1913 to advertise the movie version of Upton

Sinclair’s book The Jungle (“an exposé of the beef-packing industry”).

There ya go! Who had the money to make a movie?

The same website tells us that the 1906 Act “prohibited the

interstate transport of unlawful food and drugs under penalty of

seizure of the questionable products and/or prosecution of the

responsible parties. The … law rested on regulation of product labeling

rather than pre-market approval.” “Premarket approval” was snuck

in later by Congress, as it be crucial for medical tyranny.

Please go to 21 USC 355 if you want to see the drug-approval

process. (What do you bet the big drug companies have permission

to bypass its more Kafkaesque points?) Note: For any federal law

you need only google the letters “USC” plus the subject, e.g., FDA.

Delmonte Fruits recently turned the tables by suing FDA, as

the agency had ordered a recall of cantaloupes. I suppose the

Constitution does allow such policing. Article I, section 8, clause

3, grants Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce.

(Please read that commerce clause now, in the frontispiece of this

chapter.) “Trafficking” in tainted products could – perhaps, but



I’m not enthusiastic – fall into that clause’s legitimate authority.

Nah, come to think of it, I reject it.

Granted, Clause 3 permits federal overseeing of commerce, but

“commerce” means trade; it is something above and beyond the

manufacture or the sale of particular items. To ask “Should regulation

apply to interstate traffic in anti-cancer serums?” should be

the same as asking “Is there constitutional authority to regulate

interstate traffic in washing machines?” The answer is No. When

talking about washing machines we have no trouble seeing that the

provision for regulating commerce has to do with commerce itself.

The reason the states surrendered that power to the feds, back at

the Constitutional Convention in 1787, was so that no one state

would be able to harm the trade of others.

Please don’t give serums a sacred aura! Their safety is, constitutionally,

only on a par with that of washing machines.And

please ride hard on the fact that the feds must not be involved

in health. Montana must decide if it wants to inspect serums.

Will the state legislature of Montana act irresponsibly and allow

harmful serums? It might. In that case, Montanans will suffer, and

that’s sad. But it’s a lot sadder to burn the Constitution. (Let’s see,

who was that Montana patriot who said “Give me bad serums or

give me death”?)

See What Came in with the Cat?

It’s not just the FDA’s ability to monitor commerce or productlabeling

that thwarts our ability to get cancers cured. It is also the

federal government’s wholly unconstitutional build-up of the socalled

National Institutes of Health, which fund the majority of

medical research in America.

The Constitution was written in 1787, and came into effect in

’89. The first Congress (1789-91) was hardly seated when it passed

“An Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen,” establishing

a Marine Hospital Service for merchant seamen.

Stop right there! Is that legal? No. Can’t the US spend its national

treasure on charitable efforts, if it sees fit? Absolutely not. The

legislature can pass laws only on the subject matters for which it

was given a grant of power by the states. The 13 sovereign states

granted the powers listed in Article I, section 8 of the Constitution

to tell federal legislators what they could legislate about. It’s really

quite restrictive! Go to the frontispiece once again, and memorize

it if you can. Perhaps set it to music?



Why the US Has a Surgeon General

Do you see any hint in Art I, section 8, of a federal prerogative

to legislate in matters of health? No. Then how is it that we have

a US Surgeon General? As mentioned, we

started a hospital for seamen. From there

it took only one more flick of the pen to

say that the hospital would have a boss, to

be called “the surgeon general.” Yes, that’s

how he got his start; federal “health authority”

came in with the cat, so to speak.

Congress does this all the time. It lets

very unconstitutional things in with the cat.

I’ll now inventory some things that came in

over the years thanks to that charitable seaman’s

hospital. (Alarm bells! Always be wary

about large institutions performing charity… They know you won’t

criticize, as “nice people” would never say a negative thing about

charity.) “March of Dimes” a scam? Wash your mouth out! Die!

In its first century, the nation had many people on the lookout

for breaches of the Constitution and they would put up quite

a shout. Hence, law stayed fairly proper. A century later however,

Congress gave the Marine Hospital the authority to perform

quarantine, “interstate.” In 1878, it had passed a Quarantine Act

“to prevent the introduction of contagious or infectious diseases

into the United States.” That was a set-up for the 1890 move in

which Congress strengthened quarantine, on the pretext of concern

about the outbreak of cholera in Europe. Ah, the pretext of

emergency, the route for many a foul law. Caveat!

In 1899, Congress ordered the Marine Hospital Service, which

would soon be renamed the US Public Health Service, to study

leprosy. That initiated a trend, which we see in the National Cancer

Institute of our day, of the feds “owning” a particular disease.

Do you recall a First Lady helping to federalize mental health?

Soon the USPHS had a “reserve corps” to act in emergency,

thanks to the 1918 flu pandemic. (What did I tell you?) In 1930,

the Surgeon General was tasked by Congress to investigate narcotics

and –“relatedly” – (let the cat in quick!) the cause and treatment

of mental disorders. Sure, the Soviet Union was adept at using the

psychiatric profession for social control, but we knew such a thing

could never happen in the land of apple pie....

Regina Benjamin, MD,

US Surgeon General



Conclusion of First Half of Book

1. Cancer is the uncontrolled replication of cells. There are several

different causes (things that get it going).

2. As cancer is a constitutional disease, rather than a local one, the

remedy is likely to be a systemic one.

3. When a tumor blocks a function (such as breathing or urinating),

surgery may help, but can’t prevent a recurrence.

4. There are many proper, scientific medical cures for cancer.

Ones with documented success include: Coley’s hypothermia,

Livingston’s autogenous vaccine, Naessens’ 714-X, Gerson’s diet,

Burzynski’s antineoplastons, Beard’s pancreatic enzymes.

5. There was massive propaganda in 20th century for Big Three.

6. Radiation and chemo are acknowledged causes of cancer!

7. On average, patients live longer by refusing those treatments.

8. ACS was formed in 1913 to control research, treatment, and

public perceptions about “this terrible scourge of mankind.”

9. Doctors are unaware of medical cures that were normal before

1920s. Those were cut out of textbooks, and doctors who persisted

were made examples of, via sacking, smearing, death.

10. FDA unconstitutionally decides which drugs are marketable, as

health is a state power -- and so is business, unless inter-state.

11. By funding, Congress gave control of research to the NIH.

12. Medical persons control each other by silencing heretics who

dare to utter that microorganisms can be pleomorphic.

13. Crimes are committed with impunity against errant doctors, and,

when this happens, medical associations do not protect victims!

14. Citizens shrink from the happy news that cancer is curable,

perhaps because it’s a threat to beliefs (“Hyde Park hypothesis”).

15. False cures are often touted, perhaps to muddy the waters.

16. Worldwide, there were ten million new cancer cases in the year 2000

17. Medical education was reformed by Rockefeller circa 1910.

18. Medical schools do not teach nutrition. They teach students to

treat symptoms not causes, and to rely on pharmaceuticals.

19. It’s kept secret that the immune system can deal with cancer!

20. Congress, when told of murder of Pat Tillman, looked away.

21. State medical licensing boards collude with malpractice insurers

to create an arbitrary standard-of-practice re treatment.

22. Doctors find it safe to obey the AMA and the ACS blindly.

23. Medical journals won’t publish articles that challenge the party

line. Fathom it!

End Part Two





. . . Fare thee well, thou first and fairest!

Fare thee well, thou best and dearest!

A fond kiss, and then we sever;

A farewell, alas, forever!

-- Robert Burns, A Fond Kiss



Barry Marshall MD

Robert Strecker MD Thabo Mbecki MA

John Walker-Smith MD

Welcome to Part Three

Confirming Some Proven Cures and Looking at

Other Illnesses

Temple Grandin PhD

John Robin Warren MD

William Kelley DDS Nicholas Gonzalez MD

Judy Mikovits PhD



Chapter Nine

The Ebers Papyrus,

held at United States National Library of Medicine

This papyrus from ancient Egypt mentions a tumor

and recommends:

“Do thou nothing there against.”



Chapter 9

Revici Used Lipids To Fix Both Cancer and AIDS!

And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how

they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, that

even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Wherefore,

if God so clothe the grass of the field, shall he not much more clothe you,

O ye of little faith? -- Matthew 6: 28-30

Welcome to Part Three: Confirming Some Proven Cures and

Looking at Other Illnesses. So far we have established that good

cures abound. Here you’ll find elaborations of ones we already

mentioned: Revici’s lipids, Glover’s serum, Lincoln’s phages,

Beard’s pancreatic enzymes, and Lakhovsky’s thingamajig. Plus

surprising additional revelations from Ott and Crile.

All is not good news, however. I must warn of shocking revelations

to come. They knocked me over when I first heard them,

but at least I received them in small doses over a period of years.

Possibly you are hearing all of it in one hit, Dear Reader. You

may wish to have a support person nearby.

.Revici’s Fabulous Discoveries about Cancer Pain

As Wm Eidem reports (1997:

35-45), Revici observed that

some cancer patients with

morning pain could get relief

by eating. Those who

experienced most of their

pain in the second half of

the day found that eating

would intensify the level of

their pain. “Many whose

pain increased with the intake

of food refused to eat.”

Next, he applied acid and

alkaline compounds directly

to tumors, if the patient had

easily accessible, superficial

In 1961 Revici published a 772-

page book: Research in Physiopathology

as Basis for Guided Chemotherapy:

with Special Application to Cancer.



lesions. As expected, Revici found the pH of cancerous tissue

to change with the application of different substances. The

patients experienced a dramatic drop in the intensity of pain. He

believed the source of the disturbance in urine pH comes from

the aberrant pH of the tumor itself.

Learning pH is easy. It means “potence Hydrogen,” a measurement

of the H (hydrogen) ions in a liquid. The range of pH

is numbered 1 to 14. At 7, there is equilibrium, between acidity

and alkalinity (a.k.a. baseness). Should you care if your pH is under

7 or over 7? At least one fluid in the body is supposed to be

acidic: our gastric juices register a pH of 2 or 3.

Revici found that healthy folk have a cycle in which the urine

pH levels predictably change every 12 hours. At around 4am, he

says, a person’s pH is around 6.2. Then it starts to go up. By 4

o’clock in the afternoon it falls to less than 6.2, and remains that

way until the next 4am. (I remember by saying “We sleep on an

alkaline pillow,” as the alkaline phase runs through the night.)

We find corroboration in George Crile: Autobiography (1947: 269):

“Upon my return from service in 1915, [we observed] that the

hydrogen-ion concentration of the blood steadily increased during

anesthesia and at the exact time that all the buffer substances in the

blood were overcome and the blood became acid, death would occur.

[This] disclosed that protoplasm ceases to function when it

becomes preponderantly acid or preponderantly alkaline. In

other words … the energy of the cell is lost and the cell breaks

down. The maintenance of the acid-alkali balance between the nucleus

and the cytoplasm of the cells – the electric potential – is essential

to life.” [Emphasis added]

Mary’s Simplification. Revici had many a Eureka moment

working with the periodic table, as developed by Dmitri Mendeleev

in 1869. (See “Mendeleev Song” on Youtube. If it doesn’t

give you goose bumps you’re a party pooper.)

One can trace down the workings of a whole system to lower

levels -- such as a particular organ, then the cell, then the nucleus

of the cell. We find that, if a low level of organization screws up

this may hurt the level above it. So we must repair the problem,

using basic chemistry Every cell wall is made of a not-very-soluble

substance, a lipid. When the lipid is troubled, some routine



compounds in the body – say, ones involving potassium – can’t

hold themselves together as they should and the “upshot” (as in

“the problem gets shot up to the next level”) is that one’s body

may deviate from its normal balance and become acidic or too

alkaline. So we cure that with chemicals! Which elements in particular?

Just ask Uncle Dmitri.

Other Illnesses. Since this book is about cancer, it glosses over

the interesting fact that many of the 18 curers could fix other

illnesses. Revici and Naessens cured AIDS, Gerson cured TB,

Finson cured lupus, Ott cured his own arthritis, and Revici found

that putting the pH back into the right balance relieved the

pain of arthritis sufferers, as well as of his cancer patients.

My reaction to this is one of outrage. What in God’s name is going

on if these cures were once known? How can they be secret now?

Med School “Accreditation”. Anger pays!

I was so mad about Revici and Gerson losing their MY medical

license that I just looked up the rules in NY. I found that accreditation

of medical schools is NOT a state matter! A wholly

private group, called Liaison Committee, I kid you not, calls itself

“the national recognized authority.” (Like whose authority, Bub?)

Its logo says “Tomorrow’s Doctors, Tomorrow’s Cures.” Oh my.

Two students members serve on the Liaison Commitee: Shady

Heinlein and Laura Ostapenko. Laura says her campus concern

is student wellness; Shady ran for undergraduate office on the

strength of being a Christian. Excellent. He must be on terms

with John 2:13, Jesus’ “cleansing of the temple.” You go , students.

El Greco, Christ

Drives the Money

Changers from the




Cancer Cure – You Can Offer This Page to your GP!

“One common characteristic [of most chemical activity in the body] is

water solubility. So Revici theorized that water-soluble reactions play a

much lesser role in cancer metabolism. He theorized that there must

be a substance providing the stability tumors manifest. That idea of a

stable, non-water soluble substance led him to look at lipids as a likely

place to find some answers... He learned that some lipids would promote

an acid reaction…. With this new information, Revici [concentrated

on] two categories of lipids with antagonistic properties: fatty

acids and sterols. He found acid pain patterns could be controlled

with the highly unsaturated fatty acid lipids almost immediately,

while the sterol lipids did the same for alkaline pain patterns. “In both

cases, the effect occurred in a few minutes.” Tumor shrinkage would

often follow in days or weeks.

Revici encountered a problem with most of his patients in that during

the course of treatment their lab results would switch to the opposite

side. That is, acid pain patterns would switch to alkaline pain patterns,

with their corresponding lab results, and vice versa. Although treatment

would be stopped, the patient would die. …With the ability to

monitor pH levels, specific gravity and other indicators, Revici started

to modify the choice of lipids used based on the patient’s lab tests. The

first case … occurred in 1942, in Mexico. A woman in her seventies

had a liver tumor After more than a month of steady improvement

from the treatment, she took a sudden turn for the worse. Revici wrote,

“Analysis at this time showed the opposite off-balance present.” At

that time her treatment was changed, and she continued to improve

once again. This adjusting back and forth to his patients’ “off-balance”

was implemented time and time again.

Revici found that sterols and fatty acids had many different properties

including opposite effects on urinary specific gravity, urinary calcium

and blood potassium. He [used] the results from tests on urinary calcium

and total blood potassium to isolate imbalances at the cytoplasmic

level. For conditions affecting the extracellular compartment, blood

serum and lymph, he found that he could isolate imbalances by applying

a dualistic interpretation on urinary pH, urinary surface tension,

pain patterns and eosinophiles. To detect imbalances occurring at the

organ level, he applied the principles in interpreting urinary specific

gravity and body temperature.

[Emphasis added] W Eidem, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer (1997: 43-50)

(Note: There’s an easy guide to the urotensiometer on Youtube.

The patent for it has expired.)



What Constitutes Proof of a Cure?

Can a medical treatment be “a proven success?” Say you have a

headache, you take a pill, your headache stops. It happened to you

four times this year, and on no occasion did it fail. You’d call that

a proven success. The pill cured your headache. Amen. Who “allowed”

you to make the decision? Nobody, you just made it.

Joe may challenge you by saying 1. That your sample was not big

enough. 2. That correlation is not causation (maybe another factor

made the headache disappear) or 3. That a textbook shows that

there is no connection between the ingredients of that pill and the

relief of pain. You might then decide that Joe is right and that your

judgment was faulty. Still, that is your decision, too – not his.

Can we please stop believing, on the basis of court dramas on TV,

that there is a moment at which something gets “proven,” without

an ordinary person having called it? Such can never happen, as there

is no non-human entity available! Of course we can attribute great

authority to a particular individual -- in other words, assign the job

to him. But he too will only be making a decision out of his own

experience. There is no “there” out there.

Granted, society can stipulate criteria of proof. “To get welfare

benefits you have to bring in official proof of age. It must be a

school record or testimony by grandparents.” The guy “proves” his

age and we are pleased to give that decision finality, as uncertainty

is annoying. But I could have “proved” his age by different means.

Did Livingston cure cancer? I believe she did. She claims 90%

success but even a much lower rate can be called a “proven” cure.

Still, she may be a liar. Or the whole thing could be a set-up of

disinformation. (I have a hunch Pixley’s case in Chapter 8 is a fake;

many court cases are!) So there’s no point waiting till we can determine

that there was no deceit. We can never finalize that!

Always in this book I indicate the basis of my judgment, even if it

is “prejudice.” I feel sure Revici got it right. Perhaps half of the 18

“cures” I mentioned deserve to be called “proven.” But that’s for

you to decide. You can’t count on a “source.” Fathom our designating

the ACS as the font of wisdom. Now that’s hilarious.

The Super-big AIDS Discovery. On the next two pages I print a

rather technical report. I hope you will give it a squiz. Though I’m

no bacteriologist I am pretty sure we see here an astonishing discovery.

Happily, it is one that could affect all our lives, apart from the

particulars of the wicked human immuno-deficiency virus.



Paradise Regained on the Lipid Front (Revici’s AIDS Cure)

Dear Reader, for a quarter century this extremely basic and extremely

happy news has been doing time in somebody’s filing cabinet. Enjoy!

Revici described AIDS as a condition with 4 major components. An

individual might manifest only one or all four. It begins with a virus

that, if left unchecked, contributes to a generalized susceptibility to

localized bacterial infections. Those proceed into secondary infections

sometimes accompanied by certain types of malignancies. [Hello?]

In its final stages there is a systemic condition characterized by an

“intensive” lipidic imbalance. About 50% of his AIDS patients [had]

improvement according to indicators such as the elevation of the

Helper/Suppressor Ratio (H/S Ratio) or an increase in T 4 cell count.

The first of the four characteristics of AIDS occurs at the viral level.

Viruses correspond to the subnuclear compartment in Revici’s system

of Hierarchic Organization. Viruses can be controlled by special fatty

acids. To prove his hypothesis, Revici injected rabbits with either fatty

acid lipids or with sterol lipids given just under the skin. Twenty-four

hours later, the “prepared skin” sites were exposed to a virus. The

sterols “exerted a promoting (enhancing) effect on viral replication,”

but the fatty acids, “showed a profound inhibitory effect, suggesting a

role for these substances in anti-viral activity.” So his hypothesis about

the relationship between viruses and bacteria was correct: the fatty acids

exhibited a natural defense activity to control viruses. The sterols

-- which are the antagonists of fatty acids -- promoted viral activity.

Armed with that knowledge, Revici began treating his AIDS patients

with fatty acids for the purpose of stopping the activity of the virus.

The second part of the quadruple pathology occurs at the bacterial

level. Bacteria correspond to the nuclear compartment. When the

AIDS virus is left unchecked, it will induce an attack on the lipidic defense

system [making one] susceptible to infections. Revici identified a

class of lipids he suspected to be anti-bacterial -- phospholipids.

When administered orally, these provided astounding protection to

infant mice that were exposed to the tuberculin bacteria, anthrax or Ecoli

bacteria. The death rate for the untreated mice was 100% for both

tuberculosis and anthrax. For the mice infected with E-coli, the death

rate was 86%. But mice treated with phospholipids had protection.

Of that group, only 8 to 12% of the mice infected with the tuberculin

bacteria died. None of the mice exposed to either the anthrax or E-coli

bacteria died after treatment with phospholipids. [Hello! Hello!]

In patients with pneumocystis pneumonia, favorable changes were

often obtained in 24 hours. Dr. Revici concluded that the loss of certain

specific phospholipids, “represent the missing factor in the special



pathogenesis of AIDS.” As we have seen, abnormal lipids can play a

direct role in cancer formation as well as in primary viral infections.

The third component [is] marked by secondary opportunistic infections

and a tendency to develop lymph cancer and/or Kaposi’s sarcoma. To

combat the effects of a disease that has reached this stage, patients are

treated with a combination of lipidic medicines: fatty acids for their

viral infection, and one of the phospho-lipidic agents for their bacterial

infections. For the third level of the disease, either anabolic or catabolic

lipids incorporated with a chemical element are provided to combat the

more generalized breakdown of the lipidic defense system. It is at this

stage of the disease that the encapsulated elements such as potassium,

copper, selenium, or zinc are needed to help stabilize the condition.

The fourth level of pathology is seen only in the sickest AIDS patients,

who manifest an extreme systemic lipid imbalance.

By the mid-1980’s Revici found that AIDS patients often had intracellular

deficiencies of either copper or potassium. The copper deficiency

was common in acid imbalances and potassium deficiencies

were common in the alkaline imbalances. The intracellular deficiency

was caused by abnormal lipid formations that dump the unused potassium

or copper into the blood. (In fact, a blood serum test might

indicate an excessive level of the element.) Revici predicted that adding

either a potassium or a copper compound would have little effect

in correcting the deficiency because the abnormal lipid formations

wouldn’t be able to hold onto the needed element.

To correct the lipid imbalance while providing the needed missing

element, he took a two-fold approach by incorporating the needed element

into the middle of a lipidic substance. The central location of

these lipid-attached elements prevented them from separating from

the compound prior to reaching the intracellular compartment.

In this way, the intracellular lipidic imbalance would be corrected

and the necessary element would then be available for use within the

cell. Revici found in a number of AIDS cases that excess copper in

the blood serum is caused by an inability of the cytoplasm to use the

element properly due to a malfunction of an anabolic lipid in the intracellular

compartment. Similarly, an excess of potassium in the blood

serum was usually due to a catabolic lipid malformation within the

intracellular compartment, which causes the potassium to be sloughed

off into the extracellular compartment. In that situation an anabolic

lipid containing the potassium element would be administered, which

would then allow the potassium to be properly utilized.

[sarcastic comment: “Fort Detrick, we have a problem.”]

The above is from a 1987 Townsend Letter to Doctor and Patients.



The AIDS Genocide of Gay Men in the 1980s

My gay cousin Frank Quirk of Long Island died of AIDS; so did

my gay friend Bernard Lamote in Manhattan. Also, a neighbor of

mine who had hemophilia, died of AIDS from a blood transfusion.

I have never until this moment put 2 and 2 together to say

“They were killed.” But surely they were. They were undeservedly

deprived of life because the idiotic cabal decided to use, in New

York, a new bioweapon.

In respect to the “gay AIDS outbreak” of the 1980s, Alan

Cantwell, MD, has proved that the first batch of decedents had

received the virus – or whatever it was – during an official trial for

a new Hepatitis-B vaccine. (See his book, Queer Blood.) A Soviettrained

doctor, Wolf Smuzness, was in charge of that Hep-B trial.

The subjects were 1,000 men in excellent health.

A physician, Robert Strecker, had a lawyer brother, Ted, who

was projecting vital statistics for insurance companies. Ted saw

that AIDS was spreading in a way that defied the rules of epidemiology.

He told Robert, and they both made a public fuss. (See

Robert on Youtube.) Ted was then found dead. Suicide? I don’t

know. Was the HIV genocidal? I say yes. A typical bioweapon.

At a hearing in the House on July 1, 1969, Dr MacArthur said:

“Within the next 10 years it may be possible to make a new

infective organism which would differ from any known disease-

causing organism… it might be refractory

to immunological and therapeutic processes…”

NCI. Leonard Horowitz, DMD, makes a strong case for geno-

Steven Lewis, Canada’s

“Ambassador for AIDS.”

He’s got 32 honorary doctor

of law degrees. Why?

On left, Robert Gallo, MD. Right, Albert

Sabin, MD (1906-1993).



cide in regard to the HIV that has killed millions of Africans. He

accuses Litton Industries in Africa of producing some relevant

viruses. In Emerging Viruses he quotes Robert Strecker, MD:

“I think the viruses were growing in the basement of the National

Cancer Institute all along ... Anyway, a year or two ago, and this is

documented in Science or somewhere, Gallo, Montagnier, and Salk met

in San Diego to write up the history -- the official history -- of their

discoveries. …They met down there and made up a story ... And I

personally believe that virtually everything they wrote was bull... [T]hey

used to meet like two or three times a week and decide what to tell next

-- how to package it, how to discuss it.”


An extra scandal is that Burroughs-Wellcome came up with an

expensive AIDS medicine, AZT, later seen to be often lethal.

Luckily, Thabo Mbecki, president of South Africa, took a stance

against the use of AZT in Africa. The world media then went on

a rampage against him for being out of touch with science. Ha!

Elsewhere in Africa, five Bulgarian nurses were tried and convicted

of having infected 400 children with AIDS, in a hospital in

Libya. One nurse confessed to having injected the children, but

believed she was taking part in a harmless vaccine experiment.

Later, she said this confession was obtained under duress. Nurse

Kristiana Vulcheva was said to be the paymaster, and indeed she

did transfer large sums from her bank account to the others.

The court found that all the children who died were only in the

rooms where those nurses worked. Luc Montaigner testified for

the defense, saying that the disease could have come from re-used

oxygen masks. (Hello?) In any case, “the West” was not going to

let the conviction stand. The European Assembly put on an anti-

Libya meeting, with none of the trappings of justice, saying: “The

Assembly thus concludes that the Bulgarian nurses… should be

regarded as completely innocent.” My Lord. (I lived in a Muslim

country for 5 years and found the law to be applied meticulously.)

Then an appeal was made by Nobel laureates, to have the convicted

personnel transferred to Europe. Does this mean the laureates

consider an action against hospital personnel to be a threat

to “science”? The convicts were indeed moved to France, and

walked free. On Youtube you can see Nurse Vulcheva addressing

the UN Assembly -- as to Libya’s human rights violations!



Rounding Up Some Persons of Interest

If I am wrong and there was no genocide, persons who have

been involved in AIDS science should be willing, nay, eager, to

answer questions about the AIDS affair. One is Steven Lewis of

Canada who I saw give a tear-jerking address about the orphans

of AIDS in Africa. He claims to know heaps about the matter.

June Goodfield of BBC wrote a book celebrating the heroism

of a private club called The Order of the Bifucated Needle. Its

members were so devoted to public health that they went bush

to eradicate smallpox in the 1970s. So why don’t we hear them

remonstrate against the fact that stocks of it were kept? Hmm?

Do you wish to ask retired basketball player Magic Johnson

if anyone pushed him into endorsing AZT? A party that owes

us major answers is RAND corporation. They keep records of

every AIDS patient. Your science group could start to mirror

RAND by keeping records of AIDS. Call it an epidemiological

project. Do you know there is a website called (Be

still, my Republican heart.) Of course you can host an event at

the school hall or wherever and invite Robert Strecker to speak.

His brother Ted died, probably because he spoke out. But we

know that a bereavement does not always make a man shut up.

Speaking of my republican heart, let’s read a few salient, not to

say juicy, items from NH’s Bill of Rights of 1784, still in force:

3. When men enter into a state of society, they surrender up some of

their natural rights to that society, in order to ensure the protection

of others; and, without such an equivalent, the surrender is void.

7. The people of this state have the sole and exclusive right of

governing themselves as a free, sovereign, and independent state;

and do, and forever hereafter shall, exercise and enjoy every power,

jurisdiction, and right, pertaining thereto, which is not, expressly

delegated to the United States of America in congress assembled.

10. Government being instituted for the common benefit,

protection, and security, of the whole community, and not for the

private interest or emolument of any one man, family, or class of

men... the doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and

oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and

happiness of mankind.



The Importance of “Truth” in Science and Law

We are a thoroughly deceitful species. Lying and cheating either

for individual gain or for our group’s advantage is important and

is indeed pleasurable. Still, in the course of history, we created

institutions – such as science and law -- that have truth-seeking

as their function. They’re not allowed to lie.

Do I see you smirking? You think it can’t be done? Ah, but

it has been done – in living memory. I distinctly remember it. A

court could really get to the bottom of things. It has nice tools

for that, not least the threat of punishment for perjurers. It also

has the ability to cut through bull by applying high principles, in

spite of lawyers pushing the interests of powerful clients.

As for science, this was something that the intelligentsia worshipped

as a kind of deity that must be protected from blasphemers.

This gets honored in the breach nowadays. For example,

many scientists lie fabulously about autism (they could

hardly do anything more vicious that that) – but, watch -- the

tone they use is the tone of old. “They” are guardians of truth!

It’s time to call it off. Both science and the law will again have

to buckle down to (actual) truth-dealing. Why do I think that

will occur? Not because we are goody-goodies; we’ve never been

goody-goodies. I think we will buckle down, soon, for the same

reason we created those institutions the first time around, namely,

we need them. The alternative is unbearable chaos.

Note: The words “truth” and “trust,” both come from the Old

English treowian, meaning “to believe.” Trust is a biological thing;

an animal trusts its mother. No rational thought need be used in

the calculation of trust. I imagine we are having a truth crisis today

because the trust calculation cannot be made: we don’t know

who is working with us or against us. It’s like when the fellow

asked Jesus, in Luke 10:29, “Who is my neighbor?”

The Avenue In Boston, near my alma mater, Emmanuel College,

there’s an Avenue Louis Pasteur. How about some students

ask the City Council to change the name to “Avenue of the Great

French Scientists.” The French embassy could hardly object.

This would honor Claude Bernard of terrain theory, Béchamp

the pleomorphist, and René Dubos. (Note: Dubos wrote a sympathetic

biography of Pasteur.) Did you know Revici did some

of his work in Paris? Oui. So did Lakhovsky. Gerson, too! By the

way, Bernard was a writer for vaudeville.



Strictly an Aside, about Leukemia and Lymphomas

I think there’s something dodgy about cancers of the lymphatic

system. Those includes leukemia, which is a disease of the white

blood cells, and B-cell and T-cell lymphomas (also called nonhodgki’s

lymphomas). (Heavens, I have just learned that the letter

T simply means a cell originating in the thymus, while a B-cell is

one originating in bone marrow.) These cancers are really cancers

of the immune system, which seems peculiar to me.

I have zero evidence of sin here, but a gut feeling. It strikes

me as odd that the FDA approved extracorporeal photopheresis

(similar to Olney’s UV treatment) only for T-cell lymphoma.

Also, I read at the website

People with a weakened immune system have an increased chance of

developing lymphoma. Certain viruses such as the Epstein Barr virus

may be involved. The bacteria helicobacter pylori is associated with a rare

type, MALT lymphoma, affecting the lining of the stomach wall.

The fact that HIV is a lab creation means that science knows a lot

about how to break a person’s immune system. That knowledge

would provide insight into leukemia, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, HIV is quite the secret. Per

Dr. Kary Mullis, 1993 Nobel Prize, Chemistry: “If there is evidence

that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which

either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high

probability. There is no such document.” (Sunday Times 28 Nov 1993)

Prof Emeritus Heinz Ludwig Sänger, Molecular Biology and Virology,

Max-Planck Institut, Munchen. “For the existence of HIV. Not

even once such a retrovirus has been isolated and purified by the methods

of classical virology.” (Letter to Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2000)

From Lida Mattman, in Stealth Pathogens (1993), we hear:

“Does a carcinogenic bacterium or fungus prevent a normal antibody

response? Some cancer viruses such as the Gross leukemia agent

leave antibody formation intact but prevent cellular defense.”

Mattman also said “Leukemia may be the result of dual infection with

the Rauscher murine virus and mycolplasma laidlawii.” Boy, did I get a

jolt from the name Laidlaw, as Broxmeyer has shown the hankypanky

that went on in the 1930s, regarding the flu that killed

millions. Sir Patrick Laidlaw was a naughty boy in that episode.



Citizen’s Arrest and a Vaccinator at the Door

It is perfectly legal in all of the 50 sates for a citizen to arrest

someone who has committed a felony or is about to do so. That

makes sense doesn’t it? We saw in Chapter 8 that the law of selfdefense

is ALWAYS in effect. By the way, security guards have

no authority on which to act, except as makers of a “citizen’s”

arrest. FBI personnel, when making an arrest, are also doing so

as citizens. That’s because there is no federal police power.

There are some Youtube videos where a person attempts

an arrest and then gets arrested himself (perfectly illegally!).

Better not to work alone. Get some friends and make noisy

advance announcement of what you are going to do. Did you

see the Summons form at the end of Chapter 5? It’s wise to be

seen to have exhausted the ordinary before you indulge in the

extraordinary. I discuss this in Prosecution for Treason.

Today we have to act preemptorily before “they” come around

with the mandatory shots. The following is as recent as 2003:

I, Tommy G. Thompson, Secretary of HHS have concluded, in

accordance with authority vested in me under section 224(p)(2)(A) of

the [completely nullifiable] Public Health Service Act, that a potential

bioterrorist incident [I’ll say!] makes it advisable to administer …

covered countermeasures. [Thus] the President announced the

smallpox vaccination program… [Didn’t pox go out with long johns?]

Section 304 of the Homeland Security Act is intended to alleviate

liability. [!!] Based upon scientific data from animal model studies

examining Cidofivir’s effectiveness in treating lethal pox virus

infections Cidofivir may be useful in treating smallpox…

Of course I am hoping to get people’s attention by showing the

truly hazardous position we are in, but even an ordinary sense of

duty should make citizens see that if the cops are out to lunch

– or are in fact working with the crims – somebody has to act.

You also have every right to be a volunteer investigator of crime

(and you and others can form a volunteer grand jury if you wish).

If AIDS is man-made, the makers of it are murderers. When you

aren’t sure who has committed a crime, you can give the name

“John Doe” to the prosecutor; this is a standard convention.

Regarding leukemia, you need not feel that only an MD can see

if it’s dodgy. Jurors can make any decision re crime.



Is Rockefeller God, or What?

In 1969, Richard Day, MD, of Planned Parenthood, a Rockefeller

organization, spoke to a large audience of doctors in Philadelphia,

forecasting the future. One doctor, Lawrence Dunegan, took notes. In

1989, he gave his recollection of the speech, claiming that Day said:

“No longer would the doctor be seen as an individual

professional. He’d be gradually recognized as a highly skilled

technician. The solo practitioner would become a thing of the

past…. Most doctors would be employed by an institution. As

the corporate image of medical care became more and more

acceptable, doctors would become employees. Along with that,

is [the idea that] the employee serves his employer, not his


Day said: “We can cure almost every cancer right now.

Information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute, if it’s

ever decided that it should be released.”

Left: David Rockefeller, b 1915. Right: his son David.

Middle: Wm Gates, father of Bill.

(These men actually have less freedom than the rest of us!)

Chapter Eleven



Chapter 10

Get the Cancer Microbe! – Glover and Lincoln

Ha! whare ye gaun, ye crawlin ferlie! Your impudence protects you sairlie...

Ye ugly, creepin, blastit wonner Detested, shunn’d, by saunt an’ sinner

How daur ye set your fit upon her Sae fine a Lady! -- Robert Burns,

To a Louse: on Seeing One on a Lady’s Bonnet at Church.

I have trouble getting my brain around the fact that microbes

cause cancer. In fact I simply don’t think they do. But the evidence

is against me. Glover, as we will see, successfully cured cancer by

giving the patient a serum that would attack microbes. Lincoln

ordered the body to do its normal bacteriophaging job.

Recall that Livington, Burton, Naessens, and Gerson all aimed

at fixing the immune system. Even two of our “electric” curers,

were going after microbes: Rife hit them with radiofrequencies;

Olney put them out of business by using UV light on the blood.

I shall first tell the Glover story because it is entertaining, and

then offer you some real surprises, nay shocks, about Lincoln’s

phages. (You can go right to Exhibit J, which cuts to the chase.)

Solid, Unassailable Cures Wrought by Glover’s Serum

J. M. Scott, MD, FACS, “Clinical Experiences with Carcinoma

Antitoxin 12 (Journal of Cancer, Vol. III, No. 9, January, 1926,


Case 2 - M.F., female, age 50. Pathologic diagnosis, St. James Hospital,

Butte, squamous cell carcinoma. Part of face, entire nose,

septum, roof of mouth with middle half upper lip completely

destroyed by carcinoma; left cervical glands enlarged. Patient was

very emaciated and weak; weight 125 lbs. (normal 180 lbs); case

considered hopeless. First antitoxin treatment October 22, 1923,

last treatment Dec., 1924. By April, 1924, all evidences of carcinoma

had disappeared, and by two months later all ulcerated

and eroded surfaces had completely healed. Present weight 190

lbs; colour good, patient appears to be in perfect health; and says

she never felt better. (Total Treatment Period – 14 Mo.)

.Case 6 - S.W., female, age 43, July 7, 1920, at St. Peter’s Hospital,



Albany, N. Y. Pathologic report by Bender Laboratory, Albany,

adenocarcinoma of breast, July 22, 1921. Right breast, with pectoral

muscles and axillary contents, was removed at St. Joseph’s

Hospital, Troy, N. Y., by Dr. Marcus D. Cronin. Diagnosis, November

14, 1922, secondary carcinoma left axilla and supraclavicular

region with involvement of lung and liver.

There was a marked swelling and soreness of left hand, forearm

and arm.General condition poor; patient weak and emaciated;

weight 81 lbs. (normal 104 lbs.); case inoperable; prognosis

bad. First antitoxin treatment Nov 15, 1922; last regular series of

treatments July, 1923; since then has been given one treatment on

average of every two months when she reported for observation.

At present no evidence of any carcinoma involvement can be

found; swelling and soreness have disappeared from hand, forearm

and arm. Colour good; looks well and says she feels well;

weight 105 lbs.; is in full charge of all class work of unusually

large fourth-grade enrollment. (Total Treatment Period - 8 Mo.)

Case 9 - J. A., female, age 43, April 13, 1923, a diagnosis of carcinoma

of rectum made by Drs. Leyda and Dean, Denver, Colo.

Pathologic report St. Lukes’s Hospital, Denver adenocarcinoama

of rectum. Three applications of radium were made with no discernible

improvement. Last radium treatment January 11, 1924.

May 2, 1924; patient complained of feeling of pressure with dull

pains in rectum; always had feeling that bowels were about to

move; had not had normal bowel movement in several weeks,

and following each defecation had very severe pains lasting for

several hours.

Patient weak, emaciated; weight 65 lbs. (normal 142 lhs.). Wasserman

test negative. Examination by Drs. Craig and Johnson revealed

a large, nodular, irregular mass involving rectal wall and adjacent

tissues; bled freely on examination. Prognosis bad; condition

considered hopeless. First antitoxin treatment May 30, 1924,

last treatment April 28, 1925. Proctoscopic examination on July 1,

1925, by Dr. J. Chisholm showed that carcinomatous mass and

ulceration have entirely disappeared; pain has disappeared;

bowel movements are regular; stools well formed; some cicatricial

tissue present; appetite good; patient looks and feels well;

weight 106 lbs. (Total Treatment Period - 11 Mo.)

[Emphasis added]



What Happened, Per Historian Mark Boesch

Thank God for historians. The strange tale of the

surgeon Scott would have been lost, except for

Mark Boesch’s book The Long Search for the Truth

about Cancer. (Dear Reader, you should maybe put

the billy on, this is a long story). Please note,

I will be freely speculating about the CIA here.

Those who can’t stand the heat, get out of the

küche, bitte. First, about the real inventor of Glover’s

serum. It was not Glover but a lowly lab assistant,

Tom Deaken, born around 1870. He may

have got the idea of a cancer serum from French

pleomorphist E. Doyen, whose lecture Lancet published in 1902.

Anyway, Tom’s regular job was to produce media for culturing

bacteria. He secretly made a medium and grew microbes taken

from patients’ excised tumors. Then he went out to Scarsdale and

injected small doses into healthy horses. The horses thus made antibodies

to cancer (sort of). Deaken drew their blood about three

months later to make the serum. Voila “Glover’s serum!”

Deaken had been unable to get anyone to listen to him until

this new doctor, Glover, showed up at his hospital around 1910.

The two then made a secret contract. As for the surgeon MJ Scott,

whose cases are listed above, he had developed cancer of the hand,

as did many doctors, from using X-ray machines. He proceeded to

have his middle finger amputated, but having heard about Glover’s

serum, he used it on himself and passed it to other doctors.

I’ll now paraphrase, from Boesch’s book, the recipe for Deaken’s

culture medium: Use all the parts of a Red Geranium except the

roots, and some Chondrus (seaweed) and Cetraria (lichen) – plus

peptone and agar. Boil each of the first three in a litre of water for

an hour. Then mix and sterilize. Boesch comments that it’s important

that this base is all plant, no animal material.

Boech reports that Deaken told Scott he was the true inventor.

After this, a Jesuit priest, Fr Charles Moulinier, the founder

of the Catholic Hospital Association, tried to get members to use

Glover’s serum in their animal labs. The Reverend implored nuns

at a big meeting. “Sisters, don’t go home without signing up for 3

tubes of Deaken’s stuff for experimentation” -- yet none took it!

(As a Catholic I can say that’s just about unheard of). Note: Father

Moulinier was also friends with George Crile, but Crile ignored

this cure.

Mark Boesch





Back in January 5, 1921, JAMA (Journal of the American Medical

Association) had published a disparaging report. The ACS, which

had existed for only 8 years at that point, managed to conclude

from it: “After careful study of the literature and other information

available [whatever that means] we found no evidence that

treatment with the Glover serum results in any objective benefit.”

Ah! I see - maybe survival isn’t all that “objective…”

Suspicious Minds (e.g., Mine)

I deduce that Glover was CIA. I think he went to the hospital

where Deaken was a lab worker in order to get a hold of the item,

and make sure it did not get released to the public. Maybe it was

OK to let Scott try it out, as that meant free guinea pigs. I note

that Glover subsequently worked at Bethesda Hygienic Laboratory,

NIH’s predecessor, from 1929 to 1938. Wink, wink. Also,

Scott’s younger brother, a doctor, and his sister Mary who was his

office and lab assistant, died before time.

I use the term “CIA” sloppily. I really mean the cabal, but

the cabal hires much of its staff via the taxpayer’s tab; these are

known as Intelligence officers. Huge numbers of citizens are

also on the covert payroll. I often wonder if they double dip

in full. For example, if you are a professor of medicine, do you

get your professorial salary plus a check from NI? (i.e., National

Intelligence. It took over US Central Intelligence under Bush II.

Not that it really matters, since it is run by world government.)

When Scott had demanded that Glover publicize the serum,

Glover said “No, I plan to make big money on it.” That was a lie,

in that Glover never applied for a patent. So there must be another

explanation for his secrecy. I think a major clue is given in a

1961 report published by the ACS. That report must have come

about as a damage-control reaction to Boesch’s book.

Glover’s cure had been a dead issue for 40 years until Scott

asked Boesch, a fellow resident of Montana, to do the honors,

bookwise. Putnam published it. (Can a big press have been free

of cabal-control at that late date? Gosh.) When citizens started to

read Boesch, “the thought police,” ACS, had to slam down. It sent

out the usual letter to doctors decreeing an “Unapproved Method,”

but it included favorable remarks, and details of the cure. I

take that to be ACS’s way of tipping off “elite doctors” who could

make use of it. The cabal often communicates “in plain view.”



Robert Lincoln, MD, of Medford, Massachusetts

Perhaps we can get off the CIA topic, in order to discuss Lincoln.

But here, too, it will be seen, that “the hidden hand” was

busily at work to prevent patients finding the doctor who had

the cancer cure. Astonishingly, even in that post-war time, when

returned soldiers, sailors, and airmen had quite a grip on the public’s

emotions, they could not get proper help. Senator Charles

Tobey had insisted on holding hearings on Lincoln’s cure (bacteriophaging)

in 1953. The result, called the FitzGerald Report, is

now Exhibit I in this book.

The senator’s son, who had traveled the 60 miles from Concord,

NH to Medford, MA, to be cured of cancer by Lincoln, says:

[Dr Lincoln] went into the sinus cavities and took what they call a

“culture”; that was a cluster of millions of staphylococcus germs. The

virus and hoemeplitic Staphylococus aureous germs were taken to his old

professor, Dr. Hooker, Chief of the Department of Immunology

of Boston University and there they were made into what was called

bacteria, which consisted of a virus but without the germ.

In other words, in the laboratory by rapid transplanting of these

germs in which the virus grew from… rabbit blood to another, they

increased the vitality, you might say, of the virus and then they’d feed

that back in with a nebulizer in the form of a substance.

You breathe back trillions of these viruses which are germ killers.

[Dr Lincoln] was only trying to find the answer to sinusitis. He was

treating sinus patients but, as was inevitable, in would come patients

who had collateral diseases and he would find as the sinus infection

would disappear, so would the collateral diseases. [Emphasis

added] -- Charles W Tobey, Jr. [reprinted at website]

Many a veteran will feel hurt, even today, when they hear how

VA hospitals were still using mustard gas as treatment, in 1950s,

when such miracles as Lincolns were available. One vet said:

“I came to Dr Lincoln’s clinic. Here I found a doctor eager to help

me. Here I have seen and experienced scientific marvels, both with my

own progress and those that I have observed in others … considered

hopeless by other doctors. They carry a look of great hope and confidence.

In my personal case, visible enlarged lymph glands have been

reduced approximately 70 % in a six weeks. [I’ve had] almost complete

disappearance of a hand rash which has been present since my Navy

discharge of 1946. All clear fluid drainage from this rash gas been



arrested. Most of the nervous tension associated with Hodgkins has

been relieved and instead of sleeping [all day] I’m working 10 hours a

day, 6 days a week. I have experienced my first feeling of reserve energy

in many years…

Come with me and speak to a man [R. Lincoln] who has been using

this antibiotic with success for 5 years in the handling of cancer and

tuberculosis cases. Ask him about the utter futility of trying to secure

the cooperation of even his own state medical society [Massachusetts!]

until it was forced by the pressure of public opinion. He admits he has

nothing but a means of bolstering the body’s defenses…” -- The Arlin

Brown Information Center, Ft Belvoir, VA

[Note: Arlin Brown was an early sharer of cure data, by mimeograph!]

Going then to see what Boston

University’s Sanford Hooker was

doing, I found a 1942 abstract at

Antigenic proteins having a molecular

weight of about 35,000 seem to have

a minimal functional valence of 5, …

larger molecules can have much higher

valences, plausibly in proportion to

their surface.

Well, you know me, suspicious mind. I wonder if Lincoln was

used by Hooker to do research. If so, then Hooker himself was

being used. (Aren’t most scientists being used these days?)

Massive Hopkins Relief on the Bacteriophage Front

Dear Reader, I am shocked. I have just found out that if you

want phage therapy you are welcome to rock up at the Eliava

Institute in Tblisi, Georgia, and that (per, the Polish

Academy of Sciences have had 92% success, over many years,

phaging with Staphylococci, Pseudomonas, Escherichia, and Salmonella.

I also learned from the article quoted on the next page, that

the Pasteur Institute of Lyon stopped making “therapeutic cocktails”

in the mid 1990s” and that, according to a 2002 study by

Henri de Montclos “successful treatment was typically achieved

in a few weeks.” (This is general, not about cancer.). Does the

following article validate Lincoln, or what?



Bacteriophage. Phage treatment of human infections” by Stephen

T Abedon, et al [Hot off the press]: 2011 March 1(2): 66–85.

Phage therapy involves the targeted application of bacteriophages that,

upon encounter with specific pathogenic bacteria, can infect and kill

them. As typically practiced, phages then lyse those bacteria, releasing

virion progeny that can continue the cycle, including migrating to other

sites of infection anywhere in the body. Of similar importance, phages

only minimally impact non-target bacteria or body tissues. The viruses

of bacteria were discovered in 1915 by Frederick Twort. The seminal

publication demonstrating “un bactériophage obligatoire” is by Félix

d’Hérelle in 1917.13 Microbiologists subsequently began to incorporate

the idea of phages into their worldview, with phage therapy almost

immediately coming to play a central role in the development of

the field. [I’m like Huh?] This was followed by a period of declining

enthusiasm in much of the western world, [with] displacement of its

use after World War II by antibiotics….At the same time, phage therapy

and its active application continued to increase within the Soviet Union

and eastern Europe, where it was well supported until the fall of the Soviet

Union [1990]. In the West, the golden age of phage-based development

of molecular biology involved intense work with just

a few phages infecting one avirulent lab host (E. coli B) rather than

broad exploration of phages targeting a range of key pathogens. …

Phage therapy was “rediscovered” by the English-language literature

starting with Smith and Huggins in the 1980s. Human phage therapy

has been practiced in France since 1919, when d’Hérelle first successfully

treated several children at the Hospital des Enfants Malades in

Paris who were suffering from severe dysentery, using the phage he

had first isolated from the stools of soldiers. [He] carried out very

extensive studies of the properties of phages, with work especially in

fowl typhoid and in cholera.

His methods for the preparation of therapeutic phages were particularly

well laid out in an appendix accompanying one of his later works,

the first English translation of which is found elsewhere in this issue.

[Quod videt pronto!] Research in Belgium by Bruynoghe and Maisin in

1921: reported that injecting phages targeting Staphylococcus near the

base of cutaneous boils (in six patients, led to improvement within 48

hours: reduction in pain.

D’Hérelle describes the first use of intravenous bacteriophage, which

was used in the treatment of cholera by Asheshov in India. [Hello?]

… Henri de Montclos, in his 2002 review, described how several European

laboratories maintained an individualized, essentially artisan-like

production of phages by classical methods until the 1980s.



The Speech That Did Not Launch a Thousand Ships

Koch’s Postulates, in“The Aetiology of Tuberculosis,”

March 24 1982, read at Physiological Society

of Berlin (This is “the germ theory of disease.”)

Up until recently it has not been possible to state

for certain whether tuberculosis is an infectious

disease. The goal of study must be the demonstration

of a foreign parasitic structure in the body

which can possibly be indicted as the causal agent.

This proof was possible through a certain staining

procedure. … All other types of bacteria except of

leprosy assume a brown color. The color contrast

between the brown colored tissues and the blue tubercle bacteria is so

striking, that the latter, although often present in very small numbers, are

quite easy to find. They are rod shaped… one-fourth to one-half as long

as the diameter of a red blood cell, …surprisingly like that of the leprosy


In all locations where the tuberculosis process has recently developed

and is progressing most rapidly, these bacilli can be found in large

numbers. They ordinarily form small groups of cells which are pressed

together and arranged in bundles, and frequently are lying within tissue

cells. Many times the bacteria occur in large numbers outside of cells as

well. Especially at the edges of large, cheesy masses, the bacilli occur almost

exclusively in large numbers free of the tissue cells. As soon as the

peak of the tubercle eruption has passed, the bacilli become rarer, but

occur still in small groups or singly at the edge of the tubercle probably

in the process of dying or are … dead.

After this, the isolated bacilli must bring about the transfer of the

disease to other animals, and cause the same disease picture that can be

brought about through the inoculation of healthy animals with naturally

developing tubercle materials. On the basis of my extensive observations

I consider it as proven* that in all tuberculosis conditions of man

and animals there exists a characteristic bacterium which I have designated

as the tubercle bacillus which has specific properties which allow

it to be distinguished from all other microorganisms.

From this correlation between the presence of tuberculous conditions

and bacilli, it does not necessarily follow that these phenomena are

causally related. However, a high degree of probability for this causal

relationship might be inferred from the observation that the bacilli are

generally most frequent when the tuberculosis is developing or progressing,

and that they disappear when the disease becomes quiescent.

*See? That’s all it takes. Authority comes from chutzpah. Create some today!

Robert Koch, MD




L to R:

Eleanor Alexander-Jackson

PhD, Alan Cantwell MD,

Irene Diller PhD

Microbial Cause pf Cancer?

For 45 years Alan Cantwell has been looking down microscopes

and shouting “I see the cancer microbe. Here, look at it, please!”

I entitled this chapter “Get the Microbe” so as to place the work

of Glover and Lincoln in the context of cancer-as-infection.

(Note: infection does not imply contagion.) Personally I have a

hard time getting my brain around this idea. I just cannot see a

microbe causing cancer. But the evidence is against me. Recall

Rife: when he applied his zapper to Milbank’s 16 patients, it was

Veni, vidi, vici all over the place. And although Orthodoxy insists

cancer is not infectious, I came across this journal article:

Regression of lung lesions in Hodgkin’s disease by antibiotics

by C Sauter and S Blum. American Journal of Clinical Oncology, Feb 2003.

Abstract. We propose that the pathogenesis of Hodgkin’s disease is

similar to the one of crown gall tumors in plants. Here a natural exchange

of genetic material from (oncogenic plasmids) to plant

cells induces malignant tumors in dicotyledons…. The clinical

consequence of this hypothesis is that antibiotic treatments of very

early Hodgkin’s disease may be successful before the genetic exchange

between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells has taken place.

Don’t forget that clues may be found in pleomorphism. Cantwell,

at, reports a 1931 article by N Busni on an:

“organism in 5 cases of mycosis fungoides ( “T cell lymphoma of the

skin”) and 140 cases of “lymphogranulo-matosis” (the older synonym

for Hodgkin’s) ). The bacteria showed TB-like rod forms, but after 24

hours the rods transformed to cocci, resembling staphylococci.”

Note: Cantwell gets the woo-woo look when he talks “pleo,” but

in “Biological Warfare; Its Cutaneous Manifestations,” military

officer T McGovern unabashedly states “The cause of tularemia

is a Gram-negative, pleomorphic coccobacillus.”

Next we turn to the great equalizer (in these matters): H pylori.



Helicobacter Pylori Microbe Brings Nobel Prize to Oz

John Robin Warren, a pathologist, noticed that a bacterium, Helicobacter

pylori, was growing on a specimen taken from a person

whose diagnosis was stomach ulcer. An ulcer is a break in the lining

of the stomach or the duodenum. Doctors were taught that

stress and/or smoking caused ulcers, and that anti-acid treatment

was appropriate. Warren could see that it was an infection, and

therefore the treatment should be antibiotics.

Don’t ask me how, but after 25 years of frustrating effort to

get the point across, he did get it across. The infectious cause of

most stomach cancers is now listed in the textbooks as bacterial.

Warren even snagged the Nobel Prize for this, in 2007.

Furthermore – are you sitting down? – the textbooks now say

H. pylori may also cause cancer! And it is becoming fashionable

to blame some cancers on viruses, especially the papilloma virus.

Some Doctors Will Do Anything for You.

Note: Warren shared the Nobel Prize with Perth academic Barry

Marshall, MD. The two men produced many publications that

properly supported their case, but Marshall knew definitive proof

could come only from naughty human experimentation. So he

went ahead and did it, not informing his wife or UWA’s dean.

He swallowed some Helicobacter pylori. Barry Marshal expected

that it would be two years before he’d get a stomach ulcer. But

in fact he got ill right away. Naturally, he was delighted.

Doctors often try new things on themselves. George Maxwell

had lovely scars on his arm from where he sent catheters up to

his heart when he helped George Rowe pioneer this technique in

Wisconsin in the 1950s. Rowe had a matching scar on his arm.

On the next page, see how Charles Campbell

discovered that smallpox can be vectored by

bedbugs! Since we never hear about that today,

I guess Campbell’s idea was rejected, just as

Warren’s was. Well, that’s just not acceptable.

My stance is that these things are controlled

from the top, and are criminal. How many

people suffered stomach ulcers while Warren’s

cure was suppressed? Please sue! We needn’t

be a bunch of gutless wonders.


Campbell, MD



Cachexia: Campbell’s 1903 Speech to Bexter County Medical Society

“I learned that Mexican mothers of the lower classes find a great

deal of consolation when their children have had the small pox. They

regard it as inevitable; and, in order to get through with this trouble

as soon as possible, they place the well children upon the same bed

as the one having the smallpox, so that they may become infected.

Having followed very closely the current literature concerning the

brilliant work done by Drs. Reed, Carroll, and Agramonte in yellow

fever, the above peculiarities caused me hypothetically to ascribe to

the bedbug the quality of being the diffusing agent of [smallpox].

Assuming that bedbugs are the only [vectors] of this disease, then

our present knowledge of its being “air-borne,” or of its being

transmitted by fomites [e.g., blankets, rugs], must be all wrong. I

then began to experiment with this disease directly by contact and

to expose some person to it who had not had it. I selected as this

person one whose movements I could at all times control.

I therefore chose myself. I exposed myself with impunity as going

from house to house where the disease was. I have never conveyed

this disease to my family, or patients.

Another one of my experiments was thoroughly to beat a rug

in a room, only eight or ten feet square, from which had just

been removed a smallpox patient. …I beat this rug in the room

until the air was stifling, and remained therein for thirty minutes.

This represented the respiratory as well as the digestive systems as

accepted avenues of infection. While I was inhaling particles of

organic, as well as micro-organic, matter, I never lost sight of the

fact that I was engaged in trifling with the system of knowledge

which had been handed down from generation to generation, each

one accepting as true what the preceding one had written. [I’ll say!]

The most important observation is the cachexia with which [pox]

is associated and which is actually the soil requisite for its different

degrees of virulence. I refer to the scorbutic cachexia. Among the

lower classes this [i.e., scurvy] is most prevalent, as they care little for

fruits or vegetables. [Smallpox] is most prevalent among the poor;

it is more prevalent in winter, when the anti-scorbutics are scarce;

and, finally, that the removal of this perversion of nutrition will so

mitigate the virulence of this malady as positively to prevent the

pitting or pocking of smallpox. [Astonishing!] A failure of the fruit

crop in any particularly large area is always followed the succeeding

winter by the presence of smallpox.” -- Charles Campbell, MD



Is It Safe To Go the Amateur Route?

This chapter has shown that Glover and Lincoln had viable cures

for cancer, but their work is lost. My mission is to get doctors

to “cross the Rubicon” and start to use the science that has

(outrageously) been ILLEGAL. As far as I know, I am the only

one who takes this approach. No doubt I do so because my late

husband imbued me with respect for the medical profession, and

because I am in the legal profession.

Still, the more obvious approach to take, especially if you are

ill and in need of help, is to look for home remedies or backyard

curers. There are many “offerings” on Youtube. In the cancer

line, there are folks urging you to use baking soda, peach pits,

prayer, hydrogen peroxide, or fasting. I cannot comment on any

of them; my judgment of these would have no value.

There is one person I feel able to comment on, Bob Beck, as

he fits this book’s parade of curers. He manufactured a blood

electrifier. Let’s recap our “bioelectric” curers of Chapter 4:

1.Rife zapped the cancer microbe by using electronic frequencies.

Per the Smithsonian Report (1944) : “Disease organisms may be

observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies

…directed on them by rays covering a wide range of rays.”

2. Becker (not to be confused with BECK) “We found that as

human fibroblast cells were exposed to the electrically generated

silver ions they dedifferentiated.” Re cancer: “What probably

happens is that the silver ion is shaped so as to connect with some

receptor group on the surface of the cancer-cell membrane, [then

a signal goes] to the nucleus of the cancer cell that activates the

primitive-type genes, and the cell dedifferentiates.” (See Meryl

Rose’s work on salamanders.)

3. Lakhovsky “The coli bacillus, has no harmful effect on [our

cells] as it does not modify their wavelength. But the typhoid

bacillus vibrates with another frequency and modifies the cell’s

oscillatory equilibrium.”

4. Crile “A cancer cell is a bipolar mechanism within which the

nucleus is the positive, the cytoplasm the negative pole. Bacteria,

like cancer, attack best the negative tissues…”

5. Olney: Subject the blood to UV light; she’ll be right, Mate.

6. Ott: Every creature needs the spectrum of light with which

its species originally evolved. If I’m deprived of my normal

exposure to UV light I may get cancer.



On Youtube, Bob Beck offers a Protocol consisting of colloidal

silver, blood ozonator, a magnetic pulser, and a blood electrifier.

I’ll discuss only the last. Beck’s friend told him that Science News

had carried an item on March 30, 1991, entitled “Biocompatible

Electric Current Attenuates HIV-1…” (human immunodeficiency

disease). Scientists had said at a conference that:

“because biocompatible direct electric current attenuates the infectivity

of cell-free virus, this treatment may allow development of new

strategies to prevent transmission of HIV-1 …

Additionally, biocompatible electric current may be applicable for

the direct treatment of AIDS patients by utilizing either extracorporeal

systems or self contained indwelling electrodes.”

The four scientists are: William D. Lyman, Irwin R. Merkatz,

William C. Hatch, and Steven C. Kaali, all doctors on the faculty

of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY. But

when Beck tried to get in touch with them he discovered that

they were under some kind of gag order. Then he went to the

publishers of the periodical that had broken the news, and was

similarly stymied. The publisher pretended the item had never

existed! Eventually Beck found patent #5,188,738 – “a cure for

incurable diseases including AIDS, cancer, gulf war syndrome,

biological warfare plagues plus emerging viruses.” Fathom it!

Maybe Kaali should be listed as a curer but he

won’t give us his theory. I chose not to list Beck

as he admittedly is just using the Kaali plan

(Kaali’s patent expires in 2013.) Anyway, I think

it unfair of doctors to force patients to take the

risk of believing a man (Beck) based on Internet.

I purchased one of the Beck machines just to see

what it’s like, but I dare not share it. How would I

know if it, say, causes heart attacks?

The lawyer in me says the way to proceed is to

ask the court for an injunction, restraining Kaali

et al from hiding their work. I suppose an AIDS patient could

file a civil RICO against Pharma. In order to call the defendant a

racketeer, he could allege that the Kaali cure harms of the profits

of the “AIDS industry.” He could ask what is being done about

gulf war syndrome. Theoretically, the court route could uncover

some facts.

Bob Beck,

DSc, Physics




Chapter Eleven

Cuckoo birds, in

Naumann’s Vogel, 1905

Jenner’s article that led to his election to the

Royal Society:

“The nest was placed so near the extremity of a hedge that I could

distinctly see … the young cuckoo in the act of turning out the

young hedge-sparrow. … [It] contrived to get the bird upon its

back, and clambered backward with it up the side of the nest,

till it reached the top, where, resting for a moment, it threw off

its load with a jerk …. It remained in this situation a short time,

feeling about with the extremities of its wings as if to be convinced

whether the business was properly executed, and then dropped

into the nest again. With these (the extremities of its wings) I have

often [how often?] seen it examine, as it were, an egg and nestling

before it began its operations.”


Charles Creighton wrote, in “Jenner and Vaccination; A

Strange Chapter in Medical History”:

He afterwards tried the experiment of putting in an egg beside this

heartless young creature, when, “by a similar process, it was conveyed

to the edge of the nest, and thrown out.” These experiments

he had since repeated several times in different nests, and always

found the young cuckoo “disposed to act in the same manner.”

The “often” in a former sentence, and the “several times in

different nests” in the last sentence, must not be taken too literally,

inasmuch as this whole behaviour of the young cuckoo was, on his

own admission, new to him on the 19th of June, 1787, by which

time the hatching season was about over for that year, and his

paper was sent in.

Edward Jenner (1749-

1823) on an African

postage stamp



Chapter 11

Is Cancer Weaponized?

O beautiful for pilgrim feet/ Whose stern impassion’d stress/

A thoroughfare for freedom beat/ Across the wilderness.

-- Katherine Lee Bates (1859-1929), America the Beautiful

The Pentagon openly acknowledges that it has weaponized

various diseases such as anthrax, cholera, tularemia, and Q fever.

It is reasonable to surmise that the advanced militaries of the

world have weaponized any possible disease, even cancer. In 2011,

a former CIA employee, Judyth Baker, publicly confessed that she

had been involved in weaponizing cancer back in 1963. You may

say she is making it up, but she has documentation. At the young

age of 17 she received this colleague-like correspondence:

Walter Reed Army Medical Center 2 September 1960

To Miss Judyth A Vary….Bradenton, Florida [PRE- ZIPCODE!!!]

Dear Miss Vary,

I am arranging for two chemicals to be sent to you. [One is]

mercaptoethylamine as the hydrochloride. This material is to be

administered to mice intraperitoneally in a concentration of 13

milligrams…. The aminoethylisothiourea is somewhat more useful in

protecting mice against radiation. I am interested in your studies of

hypothermia and in the work you are doing with the stearates….

Very sincerely yours, David Jacobus, MD…

That letter, declassified, contains 2 redacted lines. You could

use Freedom of Information law to demand those 2 lines or an

explanation as to why they must remain secret after 50 years!

(Note: the fact that she was only high-school age suggests she

was CIA-trained in childhood, as were many offspring of military

men, as Carol Rutz has revealed in A Nation Betrayed.)

This chapter will first look at the 1913 writings of Tenison

Deane, MD, on how vaccination can be used to spread disease,

then go into Baker’s 1963 story, and then argue that the polio

epidemic of the 1950s was not as we American believed it to be.

I apologize in advance for saying terrible things, but hey, would it

be to anyone’s advantage for me to be stay mum?



Tenison Deane, The Crime of Vaccination (1913)

“The farmer had a wife and seven children. The foreman, a negro, had a

wife and five children. [16 people total] None had ever been vaccinated.

Six of them were selected and vaccinated by the author: The farmer’s

wife, age 43; the farmer’s daughter, 6, the farmer’s son, 8, and the farmer’s

son, age 25 years. The negro foreman, age 46; his son, 12. All the

rest [ten people] were not vaccinated. August 1st, 1890, the farmer,

his wife, and five of his seven children [not the oldest ones, apparently,

thus not the 25-year-old son] went to the mountain ranch forty miles

away, taking with them the foreman, his wife, and five children. There

had been no diphtheria in the town.

“The mountain ranch was an uninhabited virgin pine forest district

with pure water, where they took up their camp. August 24th an epidemic

of sore throat and canker sores developed among the children.

Farmer’s two children, now 7 and 9, and the foreman’s son, now 13 [all

of whom had been vaccinated], developed serious throat and constitutional

symptoms and were taken to the home ranch, from where a

doctor was sent for. Diphtheria was the diagnosis.

“The farmer’s wife also developed diphtheria. All the rest who had

not been vaccinated cured rapidly of their sore throats. The farmer’s

seven-year-old daughter died. The farmer’s son did not recuperate

for one year. The farmer’s wife, age 44, had paralysis and sequelae [subsequent

developments] that lasted over one year. The foreman’s son

became very weak and did not return to normal health.

For the next 12 lines, I’ll paraphrase Deane because his wording in

the original requires too much unpacking -- MM:

To repeat: there were 16 individuals, of whom I vaccinated only 6.

Those 6 came to a bad end, years later, while the other 10 did not.

• Of the six vaccinated individuals, the son who was 25 at time of vaccination

died of tubercular intestinal trouble at age 29;

• The son who had got sick for a year when he was 9 died of tubercular

meningitis at age 30.

• Recall that his sister had died of diphtheria at age 7.

• The farmer’s wife died of cancer at age 63.

• The foreman died of tubercle or cancer of larynx at age 57.

• The foreman’s son died of tuberculosis at age 25.

Of the ten unvaccinated persons, the farmer died of old age. All the

rest are living and in perfect health, they have never been vaccinated.

Note: I checked that Library of Congress does have this 1913 book.

Also, it is referred to by Annie Riley in her 1935 book, Medical Voodoo.



Jenner and Deane -- Don’t Miss This!

In 1796, Edward Jenner gave the first vaccine injection in history,

to his gardener’s son. The idea is that it contained a bit of smallpox

and so would protect the child against getting a real bout of it. As

far as I know, our immune systems are set up to deal in this way

with incoming little bits of trouble. We make antibodies. (Whether

or not a person is carrying an antibody to this or that is measured

by “titration.” As in How are your titres for Lyme today?)

But what was in Jenner’s vaccina? One didn’t order from Merck

in those days. Jenner claimed it was made from the lymph of a

cow named Blossom. Please read the wonderful Exhibit A, by

Charles Creighton, MD, who tried to trace down, for years, the

actual contents of the thing and got nowhere. (Creighton goes

in for understatement, as in his barb about the cuckoo research.)

I suggest that vaccina was untraceable because it was nasty

stuff, made by the cabal. Fewster’s original theory, in the 1700s,

was that milkmaids passed their smallpox disease from their

hands onto the cows’ udders and the cows then got “cowpox.”

If so, Jenner would have been right to use cow lymph, to protect

a person from smallpox. Deane proudly offers a new interpretation.

He says the milkmaids had syphilis (which they got from

sailors) and they gave the cow “bovine syphilis.” Thus, by using

calf lymph, Jenner inadvertently spread syphilis, and its biological

cousins diphtheria, TB, and cancer, to the population.

Deane does not imply that anything sinister took place. (He is

no Mary Maxwell.) He refers to the whole business as a tragedy.

Note: I chanced upon a similar item in National Library, Canberra.

Its author is untraceable as he/she used a pseudonym:

Cancer – A Result of Vaccination, by Aesculapius Peripateticus.

Vaccination, performed with vaccine from a calf infected with latent

hereditary ‘Cancer’ …may lurk 40 years and then spring into sudden

activity. See Makna Vaccination inquiry, page 31, London, 1883. Dr.

Dennis Turnbull, author of “The New Cancer Treatment” says, “in

my judgment, the most frequent predisposing condition for cancerous

development is infused into the blood via Vaccination …” The works

of Drs Creighton, Edgar Crookshank, and Scott Tebb [show this].

Where the so-called human lymph is employed, Syphilis, Leprosy, and

Tuberculosis follow in its train; and wherever calf lymph is used Tuberculosis

and Cancer spread like a conflagration.” -- [circa 1890]



Judyth Vary Baker

MA, born 1941

Judyth, The Ridiculously Young Scientist

Dear Reader, we must put Deane aside for now,

and switch to Judyth Vary Baker. By the age

of 17, she was doing cancer research with top

scientists. At 19, she was at Tulane University

working with Dr Mary Sherman, being told

that it was for an urgent project to develop a

fast-acting cancer in order to secretly kill Fidel

Castro. An abstract from a 1962 conference

shows Judyth as first author of “Studies on the

Increase in vitro of the Mitotic Activity in the

Strain Melano.” (Session Chair: Gordon Mallett of Eli Lilly):

“A 73rd generation unpigmented melanoma, derived from a metastatic

lesion in a human host and cultured in the Syrian hamster, was used

in attempts to accelerate the proliferation of the melanoma in vitro.

Several hundred variations of amino acid concentrations were tested.

… dopa revealed an increase in melanogenic activity in some cases.”

Baker says (in Me and Lee, 2011, pages 208-211):

“[We were] all united by a common goal to develop a cancer weapon

and kill Fidel Castro…. With each lap around the loop of laboratories,

the cancer-causing viruses would become more aggressive Originally

these viruses came from monkeys but they had been enhanced

with radiation. Each specimen was macerated, strained, mixed with

RPMI medium…Our goal was to find aggressive cancers that

produced fast-growing tumors…. The training I had received at

Roswell Park and the melanoma experiments I had quietly conducted

for Dr Ochsner at St Francis and UF gave me the right credentials.”

The cover story is plainly incorrect. We were never trying to kill

Cuba’s leader. He is on the payroll of the cabal, same as every

leader. It suited “Cold War” purposes

for the US to have an enemy

90 miles offshore. The stories the

CIA has put out about its clumsy

attempts to kill Castro are garboodge.

“Blown cover is good cover.”

Bill Donovan of OSS; Ochsner on the right



The Polio Genocide. Recall that Rosenow discovered the cure for

polio in 1917 but it got suppressed. Again, in 1944, Miley cured

people of polio, with Ultraviolet blood irradition. I believe the polio

epidemic of the early 1950s was deliberately seeded into our nation in

order create a demand for vaccinations. Then the people could be given

Simian Virus 40. Perhaps the very existence of this simian virus was

not natural; we could have seeded it into the monkeys.

The Tulane project -- called Project Freedom, wouldn’t you know

it – was to make a “galloping cancer.” I don’t see why it was needed.

The cabal has had ways for centuries to bring about a death that

looks like “natural causes” if that is what’s required. And it can arrange

for a person to be in a plane crash or get hit by a car.

From the confession made by Judyth Vary Baker in Me and Lee, 2011.

[Note: The volunteer was killed. He was a Cuban man, prisoner at

Angola State Prison, LA. She saw him writhing with a fever, 8/1963.]

Page 470: Our bioweapon …could be kept frozen for years and used

by anyone who had access to it at some point in the future. But here

was the problem: I was originally told that the prisoner was terminally

ill and had “volunteered” to be injected with cancerous cells knowing

his days were numbered. [Now I hear] “He’s healthy.”… I was participating

in what could only be called premeditated murder.

Page 477: The plan to kill Castro depended on two or three people.

First a doctor to influence diagnostics for the required x-rays, then a

technician to rig the machine to deliver a dangerous dose (creating

symptoms of an infection and pulling down the immune system) and

someone to contaminate the penicillin shots given to overcome the

presumed “infection” with the deadly cancer cocktail. …It had killed

the African green monkeys in only two weeks. [Emphasis added]

Fancy us having control of that many medicos in Cuba!

I note that a blogger has said Judyth acted criminally. Perhaps

he wants to dissuade others from coming forth. Note: Judyth

has already said she acted criminally. We ought to thank her for

telling us, and welcome confessions from the lot. What about all

the students who were invited, as she was, to a summer course at

Roswell Park? Each of them can step forward now – provided

we offer them protection – and tell what they did in regard to

cancer research. What career did they end up in?



Pause To Contemplate This Business of Killing

Let’s downtool for a minute. Earlier, this book provided mucho

evidence of persons and organizations standing in the way of

our using the cancer cures. Now we are into the story of cancer

being deliberately spread. Jenner’s vaccine did it (apparently at

the behest of the UK leaders), then polio was used to spread

cancer in the US. Numerous doctors must have OK’d this plan!

Surely I must be nuts. How could I say such a thing? Don’t we

all agree that 1. Americans are good; 2. Docs obey a Hippocratic

oath; 3. If any large crime like that were being committed, some

journalists would find out and the law would come down hard?

All that I agree to in the preceding paragraph is that believing

those things is standard in our culture (so, not believing makes

me look insane), but as far as it being true, come on, get real.

My dissertation, written 25 years ago (later published as Morality

among Nations) is about the fact that one society cannot be moral

toward another. Morality is at-home stuff. It pays to be honest,

generous, etc, with one’s immediate group, as the good you do

will result in something good for you.

Instinctively we do not reach out to take care of other groups.

Rather the opposite. We effortlessly fall for any story about their

willingness to harm us and then feel justified in wanting to kill

them. (“Atrocity stories” get used before each war, but perhaps

they are not needed. As soon as we are informed that we are going

to war with Group X we automatically dehumanize them.)

But We Are Not Foreigners to Ourselves, Are We?

How can there be a genocide carried out by Americans against

Americans? Note: challengers and economic rivals do get killed

and we ignore it. Check the lack of indignation by the NY Times

when describing a 1914 massacre of unionists by Rockefellers:

“Forty-five dead… 20 missing and 20 wounded is the known result of

the 14-hour battle which raged between state troops and coal miners

in the Ludlow district, on the property of Colorado Fuel and Iron, the

Rockefeller holding. The Ludlow is a mass of charred debris… a story

of horror unparalleled in the history of industrial warfare [warfare?]. In

the holes that had been dug for their protection, the women and children

died like trapped rats as the flames swept over them.”

The next page is about New Yorkers who can’t get our attention.



Apartment Building in Rego Park, New York City, in 2011

Dear Reader, the 16 chapters of this book are only two-thirds of your

reading burden. Some terrific exhibits follow. My fave is “X.” That

exhibit is written by my fellow author at TrineDay, Mary Efrosini

Gregory. She is a classics scholar who, along with neighbors, is hit by

microwave as a government experiment.

When residents complain, they are told it is their imagination!

Gregory is unable to get help, as no one believes her. The photos

make the point that even when you have proof of something,

that may not do the trick. As we saw in Chapter 8, even when official

proof was in, regarding the murder of Pat Tillman, nobody

reacted in any way! So it is possible that the cancer cures could be

proven to a high standard and yet the disbelief would continue.



We Are on Instinct 365 Days a Year

My best guess as to “how they get away with it” is that we are

befuddled by our evolutionary programming. If something is

called “government,” then it has the quality of “dear parents.” I

personally know some educated people who take deep offense at

any suggestion that the government is doing bad things. It can’t

be that they are ignorant; I am talking about persons who could

win a debate on other issues! Their brain just shuts down.

Consider the fact that Ochsner was engaged in evil-doing with

Bill Donovan, the founder of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services)

in 1940. That entire organization, like its successor, the

CIA, was formed to do bad things. Congress even passed a law

to “authorize” the CIA, but the OSS was out of FDR’s office.

I noticed on Wikipedia that Donovan received honors from

this, that, and the other nation. You would think this might tip

people off to the fact that he was not patriotic, but, there again,

his mission was semi-military -- so anything he did in office

would have assumed a patriotic hue in our eyes. This is truly a

source of confusion and we need to teach it in the schools.

Eustace Mullin’s book, cryptically named World Order, says:

“On May 24, 1979, a 14 ft. bronze statue of General [?] William J.

Donovan was dedicated in front of Columbia University’s Law School.

The dedication speech was delivered by John J. McCloy [oh dear].

When Donovan died in 1959, Allen W. Dulles [oh dear, oh dear] sent

a message to all CIA stations around the world: ““Bill Donovan was

the father of central intelligence. He was a great leader.” International

intelligence, or, as it was formerly known, espionage, was not founded

by either Donovan or Dulles, who were mere employees of the World

Order. The Order founded international espionage to protect their far

reaching investments and dealings in slaves, drugs and gold, the commodities

on which their wealth was built.” (Mullins, 1964)

Needless to say, it’s not only our being “on instinct” 24/7 that

gives these guys free rein. It is that they know our instincts in

detail, and play on them. Brice Taylor wrote, in Thanks for the

Memories, “My experience was that the Council [cabal] was publicly

nameless and unknown, and this anonymity is what made it

possible for them to wield power over the masses.” (1995: 281)

Yes, but Internet is making a dent. Without leaving my living

room I was able to locate the following little beauty:



Human Susceptibility to a Simian Tumor Virus

James T. Grace, Jr. and Edwin A. Mirand, Roswell Park Memorial

Institute, New York State Department of Health, Buffalo.1963

. Annals of the NY Academy of Sciences

In 1957 Bearcroft and Jamieson noted an outbreak of subcutaneous

tumors in a rhesus monkey colony in Yaba, Nigeria. [Why were they in

Nigeria?] The initial tumor was detected on the face of a rhesus monkey

which was housed in an open air pen. Subsequently, similar tumors

appeared in 20 rhesus monkeys in the same colony. No tumors developed

in African monkeys housed there. The tumors were composed

of large pleomorphic cells [eh?], some of which contained cytoplasmic

inclusion bodies, thus strengthening the suspicion that these lesions

might be of viral etiology. Subsequently, Andrewes and co-workers

demonstrated cell-free transmission of the tumors and identified

the etiologic agent as a virus which morphologically resembled members

of the pox virus group [pox? Did u say pox?] Niven et al. in a

study of the histopathology of the tumors concluded that the cell of

origin was probably the fibroblast or fibrocyte.8 …Susceptibility to

this virus appears to be limited to primates.

Extensive studies involving inoculation of newborn and adult rabbits,

guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, and dogs by a variety of routes faiIed

to produce proliferative lesions or evidence of virus replication. [Why

go to the bother?] The virus produced no lesions in the embryonated

egg. Subsequent inoculation of the egg passage material into monkeys

revealed no evidence of virus [“unfortunately”]. Similarly extensive

attempts to propagate the virus in tissue culture were unsuccessful.

…TABLE 2 shows the susceptibility of various monkeys to the virus.

Generally the rhesus and cynomolgus are most susceptible. Six human

volunteers [names, please] with far advanced cancer were inoculated

with virus obtained from monkey tumors. These tumor filtrates were

cell-free, and …free of extraneous simian viruses. The humans developed

lesions quite similar to those of the monkeys although the

proliferative responses were not as marked and the lesions regressed

earlier than those of monkeys. A healthy young male laboratory worker

accidentally punctured the web space of his hand with a contaminated

needle. [Name, please. Did he get compo?]

Within one week, viral complement-fixing antibody appeared in his

serum. The level rose progressively for three weeks and then remained

at that level for four months at which time he developed a nodule at

the site of needle puncture. The nodule grew rapidly for a period of

seven days when it reached the diameter of about two centimeters. At

this time the nodule was surgically excised. …

[Emphasis added]



Wikipedia: Ludwik Gross (1904-1999) was a Polish-American. He

joined other scientists (notably Rosalyn Yalow) in the “Golden Age”

of research at the Bronx VA Hospital, becoming director of Cancer

Research Division. Gross was a major proponent of the possibility

that some cancers can be caused by viruses and began a long search.

He isolated the “Gross murine leukemia virus strain,” whose counterpart

in humans is human T cell lymphotropic virus I (HTLV-I). He

also found the first poly-oma virus, so named for its proclivity to cause

cancers in multiple tissue types. He wrote the encyclopedic textbook

“Oncogenic Viruses.” Ironically, he died of stomach cancer, a major

cancer caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori.

If you can read the above and not think Grace, Mirand, and

Gross were involved with bioweapons, you’re a better man than

I am, Gunga Din.

Make Love, Not Prosecution. While it is necessary to talk jail,

in order to make people realize that crims are crims, it’s by no

means my wish to identify only the bad in the perpetrators. They

must be ordinary humans -- all H sapiens are! We all have some

urge to do harm but we’ve all gotta lotta love in us as well.

Fascinatingly, a woman named Svali, who claims to have been

in the MK-Ultra program, recently stated that when slaves like

her are allowed to state what they want, as a reward for doing a

special task for the masters, they often ask for the favor of being

given time off from hurting people. Wow. That’s good to hear.

No amount of wishing that the secrets of the 20th century will

go away is going to make them go away. It is a waste of effort to

suppress, and it tars the suppressors with the crime of cover-up.

Let’s deduce from Gross’s position at a VA hospital that the cabal

may have had free rein in any VA hospital. Personnel will please

come forward to explain what he hell was going on. At the very

least you could say we owe this to our soldiers.

You Can’t Always Invoke the Fifth Amendment.

It has been a fixture of English law since the Middle Ages that

a man cannot be forced to incriminate himself. When the colonists

of the New World broke away from Mother England in

1776 they took much of English law with them. The Framers of

the Constitution did not put such protections into the Constitution

– although, thanks to George Mason, the right of habeas

corpus did make it into Article I of the Constitution. Shortly



after that document became the law of the land, people used

the amendment procedure of the Constitution, to add a Bill of

Rights. Thus the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution says:

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous

crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury… nor

shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in

jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to

be a witness against himself ….

Note the phrase “in any criminal case.” So that’s when you have

a right to remain silent. You have no such right when you are a

witness. If the court asks for your testimony, or demands it by

subpoena, you must reply. Same if Congress or state legislature

demands your testimony at a hearing. Did you wish to say mum

you can be held to be in contempt of court or contempt of Congress.

That means jail until you decide to cooperate. Or you can

lie, and that means perjury, which is a felony.

Most Americans don’t know how wonderful is society’s right

to get information. Most people also believe, incorrectly, that if

you don’t have a watertight case against a criminal, you can’t start

proceedings against him. Nonsense. As long as there is reasonable

cause to charge someone, a trial can take place. It is then up

to the jury to determine guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

In the foregoing pages I intimated some pretty bad things about

some individuals. Did the reader say “Great, let’s call the police”?

Probably not. But if you double-park your car for 10 minutes

you are not surprised when someone calls the police. So

what is it that we need to do? We need to correct that mentality.

The most essential message of this book isn’t “You can be saved

from cancer.” It is “Please don’t be in a stupor about what’s happening.

These miscreants are ordinary persons (there is no other

kind, is there?) and they want a really good whooping.”

Singing. We have a nice federal law, that permits the jailing of

a person who is thought to have vital information. The Material

Witness law. We also have, since the 2002 memo written by Jay

Bybee, a sort of sanctioning of water-boarding as a means of

coercing testimony. Although I don’t approve of the way it has

been used (basically as disguised torture), I am in favor of it. After

all, the witness need never undergo it -- he can “sing.”



.A Concluding Comment on Deane and the Bioweapon

Back to Tenison Deane, MD. In 1913 he made intriguing suggestions

that can be followed up. Recall that he took the contents

of Jenner’s vaccina to be “cow syphilis.” He claims, in his book:

1. A person who has syphilis (uncured) will not get smallpox.

2. When a person who has had syphilis is given a smallpox shot,

it does not “take.”

3. A person who is exposed to syphilis nevertheless fails to contract

it, if he has recently been vaccinated for smallpox.

4. When half the children of a family have been vaccinated with

vaccina [the Jenner stuff, the alleged cowpox, sometimes called

“vaccinia”], only those who were vaccinated develop diphtheria

when an epidemic of tonsillitis attacks the family.

5. The Wasserman tests and the Noguchi test show positive for

syphilis in persons who have never had syphilis, nor are heirs of

syphilis, but who were recently vaccinated for smallpox.

The late Stephen Caiazza, MD, held that many men diagnosed

with AIDS have actually got syphilis (see Exhibit Q), and the

late Salvatore Catapano won a patent for a typhoid medicine that

he claimed cured AIDS. I suppose there could be a bioweapon

involved. It seems to tie in with Deane’s notion.

Deane evaluated the damage appropriately. He says the vaccination

affair “makes Shakespeare’s Hamlet a tame tale.” He notes:

“For 125 years the human race has inoculated itself and babes in

arms with syphilis…the enormity of which can never be equaled

nor half appreciated …. And the correction should be made

without delay, for every hour places a black mark against those

who are the keepers of the people’s health.”

A black mark? We ought to change that phrase to “acting as accessories

after the fact,” which is, of course, a crime.

That said, I don’t trust Deane. He never mentions the 1885

Encyclopedia Britannica article by Creighton (our Exhibit A) that

would support his idea of the vaccina being dodgy. Oddly, he

gives a very complicated pleomorphist interpretation of disease,

speaking as though he invented it. Possibly he was assigned to

muddy the waters? I don’t know. His book, which is online, has

a lengthy list of pathogenic bacilli that may have some special

significance. If you crack the Deane code, please let me know.



If Cancer Is Weaponized, Who Makes Those Decisions?

Dear Reader, This book takes as a premise that there is a world

government that acts behind the scenes to control everyone. If

you think back to the USSR or Mao’s China, you’ll agree that the

state tried to control every inch of people’s lives.

The reigning Alpha has got to do that, or he risks overthrow.

Such is now the position globally: there is a global alpha (the

cabal). I’ll bet they are unhappy campers. What a strain to have

to run around closing up all possible chinks on the armor, 24/7.

Not happy campers -- the “leaders” of Communist states, pre-1990.

L-R: Bulgaria, E Germany, USSR, Romania, Poland, Hungary, 1987.

When it’s a foreign society, it’s easy to see the operating power

structure, even if a quite different one is alleged. (A “dictatorship

of the people” ran the communist state, so the story went!) Are

Americans the great exception? Do we not have overlords who

plan, and run, our lives? Ha! If people firmly believes that, it makes

it extra-easy for the bosses to control them.

I claimed Castro wasn’t our enemy. The Cold War was never

more than a psy-op. “Divide and rule” is just social psychology.

We fall for it. Presumably we sapiens are so wired up from the old

days, that we still carry out instinctive reactions even when we

should know better. For documented truth about the Cold War, see

Antony Sutton’s books. The US was always in bed with the USSR!.

Sutton was unable to find a press in 2000, so Kris Millegan started

a publishing house just for him: TrineDay. It now publishes my




Your Little List

Suspect’s name……………..(“John Doe” if you’re not sure)

Occupation (i.e., his day job)…………….

Groups with which he probably associates……..

His likely protectors within government………….

Tick the crimes he may have committed:












Obstruction of Justice

Misprision of Felony

Human Trafficking

False Imprisonment (kidnapping)


Child Endangerment

Child Molestation

Misappropriation of Funds


Mail Fraud

Revealing State Secrets

Trading with the Enemy

Profiteering (on weapons)

Jury Tampering

Witness Tampering

Drug Trafficking

Conspiracy to commit any of the above

Acting as accessory to any of the above

Cover-up of any of the above

For courts of equity: does he possess any ill-gotten gains?



What’s the Cabal Up To This Week?

In Camelot, there is a song “I Wonder What the King Is Doing

Tonight.” How quaint! The implication is that an actual person

runs the kingdom. If so maybe we chat with him, influence him.

Today, none of the visible national leaders have the slightest

ability to run their kingdom. They all serve the top masters. If

they deviate from their assigned script they get removed pronto.

Dwight Eisenhower (1890-1969) was no exception, yet the cabal

apparently got his goat. A few days before leaving the White

House, he seized the chance to warn us as about a handful of

defense corporations that now represent the cabal:

Farewell Speech of US President Eisenhower, January 17, 1961

But threats, new in kind or degree, constantly arise. …Our military

organization today bears little relation to that known by any of my

predecessors …we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments

industry of vast proportions.

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large

arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence

– economic, political, even spiritual – is felt in every city, every Statehouse,

every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative

need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend

its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all

involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition

of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the

military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of

misplaced power exists and will persist. …We should take nothing

for granted. [We need] an alert and knowledgeable citizenry…

Akin to, and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our

industrial-military posture, has been the technological revolution

during recent decades. In this revolution, research has become central,

it also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly. …Today, the

solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by

task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same

fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free

ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the

conduct of research. …a government contract becomes virtually a

substitute for intellectual curiosity.

It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate

these and other forces, new and old,… ever aiming toward the

supreme goals of our free society. [Emphasis added]



Chapter Twelve

I’m Like “Huh?”

In 1895, students in Kansas

were able to answer these questions

on a final exam:


1. Name the parts of speech; define

those that have no modifications.


1. A wagon box is 2 ft. deep, 10 feet

long, and 3 ft. wide. How many

bushels of wheat will it hold?

2. District No 33 has a valuation of $35,000. What is the necessary

levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and

have $104 for incidentals?

United States History

1. Give the epochs into which U.S. History is divided.

2. Give an account of the discovery of America by Columbus.

3. Relate the causes and results of the Revolutionary War.

4. Tell what you can of the history of Kansas.

5. Describe three of the most prominent battles of the Rebellion.

6. Who were: Morse, Whitney, Fulton, Bell, Penn, and Howe?

7. Name events connected with these dates: 1607, 1620, 1800, 1849.


1. What are elementary sounds? How classified?

2. What are the following, and give examples of each: trigraph,

subvocals, diphthong, cognate letters, linguals.

3. Give two rules for spelling words with final ‘e.’ Name two

exceptions under each rule.

4. Mark diacritically the following, and name the sign that indicates

the sound: card, ball, mercy, sir, odd, cell, rise, blood, fare, last.


1. What is climate? Upon what does climate depend?

2. Describe the mountains of North America.

3. Name and describe: Monrovia, Odessa, Denver, Manitoba, Hecla,

Yukon, St. Helena, Juan Fernandez, Aspinwall and Orinoco.

4. Describe the movements of the earth. Give the inclination of the earth.

-- My Source: (Original at Smoking Valley

Genealogical Society and Library, Salina KS.)



For the evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out.

-- Proverbs 24: 20

The search for truth is exhilarating. Therefore, even though our

doctors suffered suppression of their work, and even persecution,

they did not give up. “Pure knowledge” makes you ignore

some of the mundane things. I have a friend, age 84, who goes to

the museum every day, unpaid, to catalogue the insects of Australia.

Did you wish to get him out of the building for a cup of coffee

you’d probably have to call in a bomb scare.

(See Jaak Panksepp explaining, on Youtube, that the motivator

for any kind of search, is the brain’s hunting or seeking instinct!)

Dear Young Reader, how much effort is expended on trying to

keep you from thinking! As George Orwell exposed in his 1984,

the way to do that is to erase history by putting facts about the past

down the Memory Hole. “The past was erased, the erasure was

forgotten, the lie became truth.” Is that pathetic or what?

I nominate four meta-theories of cancer. What qualifies them as

meta (Greek for “above”) is that the theorists had in mind a big

picture. Rather than looking at particulars, they consider whole

systems. The names I give the theories are: placental, metabolic,

electric, and infectious.

1. Placental Theory (a.k.a. Chorionic, or Asexual Theory)

The evolutionary “purpose” of sexual reproduction, as opposed

to asexual budding, it is to produce diversity, fast. Every new individual

is unique. That is, since you have two parents, you can’t

be an exact copy of either. John Beard, a zoologist, looked for the

transition from asexual to sexual reproduction. First he studied

fish. Then, in 1888, he found something in fish nerves that helped

him figure out how life on earth passed from asexual reproduction

to the plan we all know and love: sexual reproduction, featuring

sperm and egg.

Chapter 12

Intellectual Thrills: Meta-theories of Cancer



He then had an urge to look at marsupial mammals, the ones in

Australia that evolved separately from the placental mammals. The

kangaroo “joey” is born while still in an early stage of embryonic

development. It has to crawl to the pouch and start getting milk

from the nipple, at an age when the corresponding placental embryo

is having life easy with nourishment supplied internally.

Beard’s cancer cure, you recall, has something to do with substances

produced by the pancreas. He was aware that the pancreas

develops from the seventh week of pregnancy. It is at that point that

the pancreatic enzymes cancel the unique task of the “trophoblast”

cell, which had been enabling the placenta to dig into the wall of

the uterus for support.

If a certain thing happen at the critical period of a fish, or a marsupial, I

know from experience that something corresponding to it will take place at the

like period in a higher mammal or a man. [For instance] a fish forms its anus

at this period, so does a marsupial, while in the act of being born, and so does

a man, although he does not need it for seven months more. Under the action

of the pancreatic ferments, the asexual structures of a fish development begin

to degenerate, and, as represented by the trophoblast, they do the like in man.”

Beard contends that even though we get rid of our asexual apparatus

at this point, we keep bits of it; these lie dormant. He said that

cancer cells appear very similar to trophoblast cells and that they

probably are precisely that! If a few of them got left in the body,

an event later in life (he mentioned “an electrical event”), or aging,

could bring these wild cells out.

If this did happen, what is needed as a cure is injection of the

appropriate pancreatic enzymes. See? Beard calculated the right

amount of trypsin plus amylopsin. (I remember this chemical

name by saying “Ms Amy Lopsin.”) Not being a physician, he had

to urge doctors to prescribe it. Some prescribed only the trypsin

portion and then Beard got bawled out for mishaps. It is indeed

dangerous to give trypsin by itself, and anyway it is Ms Amy Lopsin

that works the cure.

Beard’s work did not die on the vine. William Kelley, a Texas

dentist, cured thousands of people by using the pancreatic

enzymes, along with a Gerson-like nutritional regime. Then, a

young medical student, Nicholas Gonzales, saw it and has been

using the cure for 25 years. He is a proper MD.

You can watch Gonzales chatting with Dr Mercola on Youtube,

discussing the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs.



2. Electric Theory (or Radiobiology, Electro-magnetism)

Lakhovsky more than proved his “meta” leanings by absorbing

the research about how birds, insects, and bats are oriented to

earth via cosmic rays. He discusses this marvelously in The Secret

of Life (1925). A cosmic ray, it seems, is not exactly a spiritual

affair; it is the load of would-be atoms in the air. We see experimentally

that homing pigeons are deprived of their sense of direction

if local cosmic rays are messed up. (Bees, too?)

Jacques d’Arsonval, MD (1851-1940), inventor of the moving

coil galvanometer, says, in a preface to Lakhovsky’s Secret of Life:

According to Lakhovsky, the geological nature of the soil modifies the

field of cosmic radiation at the earth’s surface, and this gives rise to

secondary radiations which must be taken into account in biological

phenomena…. Lakhovsky devised a special type of oscillating circuit

which, by creating an auxiliary electromagnetic field, acts as a “filter”

of cosmic rays. Spectacular results [are] obtained with these oscillating

circuits by many medical men on a wide range of diseases…

There’s a 1941 addendum to that book, with reports of clinical successes

from use of the Multi-wave Oscillator, for example:

^Arthritis in both knees, 14 treatments, good improvement.

^Periarthritis of shoulder, marked improvement after 1 treatment

^ Fracture of both ulnae, 5 treatments, no pain

^Congenital hip dislocation, 3 treatments, marked improvement.

Now to George Crile. Talk about meta! His 1926 book, A Bipolar

Theory of Life Processes, looks at the solar system and asks what effects

electrics have on species. Allow me to paraphrase:

Atoms and man have positive and negative charges in them. In

man, each cell has a positive nucleus surrounded by a cyto-plasm

that is negative. A helium atom is perfectly balanced and goes on

through time being neutral (read: boring). But H, the hydrogen

atom, has a positive nucleus, only partially balanced by its one

negative electron, so it’s always looking for action.

The disturbance in the carbon atom, C, caused by the sun, is

what endows the C atom with the energy that, in combination

with H, it carries into the cell of animals. There it’s released in

the process of oxidation, which is thus really an electric process!

The nucleus of the original unicellular organism (e.g., amoeba)

-- being the positive pole – was the prototype of brain and CNS



of multicellular organisms. The nucleus is the control center. So

in the nucleus of the ovum reside the potential qualities that will

govern later activities. Crile says, “As soon, however, as the nucleus

of the ovum is reinforced by the nucleus of the spermatozoon, a

difference for potential [between nucleus and cytoplasm] is established…[

leading to cell] division and differentiation.” (1926: 157)

Note to students: Take Crile’s Exhibit F out to the shed and get

busy. No doubt the cure that he didn’t get around to developing

is right smack there. I think Crile participated in suppressing his

own work. Luckily, his widow, Grace, was having none of that;

she gives the following update of his 1926 ideas in George Crile An

Autobiography, which she edited in 1947. This is page 431:

A cancer cannot grow unless a difference in potential is maintained between

the cancer mass and the surrounding tissue. The finding that the

electric potential of a cancer has an opposite sign of charge to that of

if the tissue in which it is growing. In a series of experiments on rats,

direct observations were made of the electric sign of charge of cancer.

…A measured current of electricity and a solution of sodium chloride

were so manipulated that, by ionization, the potential of the cancer

became the same as that of the normal tissue surrounding it. The

cancer diminished in size during the course of treatments with the

electrodes placed in one position; by reversing the position of the electrodes,

we could cause the cancer to grow; when the electrodes were

again reversed the cancer would again diminish. When the cancer

potential was brought to, and maintained at, the level of the

potential of the normal tissue, the cancer disappeared. To what

extent these findings would be applicable to human cancer remains to

be determined. [As if we couldn’t guess!] [Emphasis added]

As for Lakhovsky, who died in 1942 when hit by a limousine,

it is pleasing to hear d’Arsonval’s sum up the man’s career and

character: “Such are the outstanding achievements of a solitary

research worker, struggling in the face of formidable handicaps

aggravated by the antagonism of witless reactionaries.”

I don’t believe they were witless! Some went to great effort to

prevent you and me, educated moderns, from realizing that there

are easy cures for arthritis, and other pains. By the way, from a

prosecutorial view, may I point out that “diminished responsibility”

can be pleaded as a defense by doctors, editors, etc, if they

were coerced into carrying out these suppressions.



John Ott: The Endocrine System Is Guided by Light

Come with me now up to the sky and look down at the plants

and animals on earth. We see a lot of activity, especially growth,

movement, and grabbing of resources. How do the living systems

get their power? From outside energy – just as you power

your car with gasoline, or your toaster with electricity.

What is the source of power for life? The sun. How does it

connect to earth? The sun radiates, that is, sends out rays. What

was on earth before life? The elements. What is an element? A

piece of matter that has a lot of energy in it, a lot of force tied up

in the “charge” of the electrons that whirl around in it.

John Ott’s work was entirely based on simple experiments he

carried out in his greenhouse, and his cellar. He figured out that

the light of the sun plays a specific role in physiology. If he experimentally

changed the part of the light spectrum received by

a plant, he could cause it to stop or start blooming.

He was not referring to the total amount of light, but whether

the plant got a sufficiency of, say, the ultraviolet (UV) portion of

the spectrum. The EM spectrum is wide and only a narrow part

in the middle is “visible light.” That part extends from red to

violet. Radiation less than red (infrared) can’t be seen by humans,

nor can that which is greater than violet (ultraviolet).

Among his experimental findings: mice getting too much pink

light develop more tumors than controls. Human adults getting

too much pink light get irritable. Men who work under UV light

seldom get the flu even when others in their city get it. Chidren

in a closed electromagnetic field behave badly. You can see on

Youtube how he took 4 mice from a colony, put 2 in a cage and

another 2 in a nearby cage with a different amount of radiation.

Immediately one set of mice gets aggressive and hyperactive.

Ott preached against sunglasses for cancer and arthritis patients

(see Exhibit M, if you dare). Also, he demonstrated how

the pineal gland in some animals is the controller of hormones.

He noted that it is usually the eye that receives light, yet in some

species even if the eyes be removed, light comes in OK.

Ott has been granted the title Father of “Photobiology.” I typed

that word into Pubmed and got a Korean study that says “Phototherapy

is an effective treatment for allergic rhinitis,” as well as

an article on how light therapy stimulates angiogenesis. So there.



3. Metabolic Theory (Nutrients and Energy, and Light)

What it Metabolism? -- from

Metabolism refers to the physical and chemical processes. When we

eat, digestive enzymes break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins

into a form the body can use for growth or energy.

Anabolism (build up) Energy is used to support the growth of new

cells and to maintain our body tissues, and energy is stored as fat.

Catabolism (break down) The energy-releasing provides fuel for

processes such as heating the body and moving muscles. The thyroid

gland releases hormones that regulate many metabolic processes.

Revici is a meta-theorist of cancer in the metabolic section. I

quote Marcus A Cohen, MD (in Townsend Letter 8/04):

“Pre-1942, Revici launched a systematic study of the effects of different

elements on bodily function…[Each] induces an anabolic or

catabolic metabolism. Later, he discovered that within a vertical series of

the Periodic Table, elements acted similarly – their valency shell partly

determined their bioactivity, and the concentration of an element in

different organizational levels of the body was both precisely regulated

and a key determinant of normal and pathological states.” [Recall

that Revici also cured arthritis, asthma, and addictions…. -- MM]

I confess to not really understanding valency. But the general

picture suggests that Revici had a purchase on the situation.

Now to Max Gerson, MD. He’s not a meta-theorist, in that he

did not start with theory. He had migraine headaches, for which

someone recommended a diet -- and it worked. He then used it

in his clinical practice and took careful notes of what effect different

foods had on patients, mainly at first tuberculosis patients.

He was very successful with skin TB.

His daughter, and grandson Howard Straus, run

the Gerson Clinic in Mexico. They also publish

the diet for all to see. It requires a huge effort

to do it at home, as 13 glasses of carrot juice

per day must be consumed. When Dr Gerson

learned about the work of his compatriot Johanna

Budwig, he began to incorporate the

Omega 3 fatty acids. Max died of arsenic poisoning,

which his family thinks was murder. A

1946 Congressional hearing that lauded him later did the disappearing act.

Charlotte Gerson,

Max’s daughter



An Aside: Covenant To Not Sue the Author

Dear Readers, I hope nobody is under the impression that I

am promoting any of the 18 cures in this book. I don’t wanna

hear that someone is suing me for leading him/her astray. Even

thought I am enthusiastic about some of the 18, occasionally to

the point of hysteria, I have assiduously avoided saying “Go get

this cure.” Really and truly, I do not advise any of the cures.

Come to think of it, there are two that I can sensibly endorse:

Ott’s cure, sunshine, and Hamer’s cure, tranquility. (Go on, try to

rouse a jury to award damages for my promoting those!)

That said, I wish to recommend a new book: Never Fear Cancer

Again, by Raymond Francis, MSc. On every page it tells you what

to do, especially in the kitchen and the supermarket. I normally

am very wary of such books, but this one passes the No Bull test,

at least to the extent that my Bull detector works. Mr Francis asks

you to take supplements galore. His reasoning is persuasive. I

think it would behoove any cancer patient to read it.

4. Infectious Theory

One infectious theories of cancer is about viruses, which I cast

as being bioweapon-related. Another holds fungi responsible -

see Doug Kaufmann’s website There’s also

Naessens’ pleomorphist claim of a 16-stage life-cycle of the microbe.

Quizzing Rife. I accepted Rife’s cancer cure as valid, as I think he

fronted for Rosenow, whose work (see Exhibit H) is great. Yet I

have some questions about Rife’s presentation, as follows:

Quizzing Rife. Let’s see Rife’s not entirely clear narrative:

.“I felt that the start of malignancy would be originated by some

kind of microorganism.” Hmm. The subject if that sentence is

start and the predicate is originate. Can a start originate? No.

Rife gives the impression that this thingie is causing the cancer:

“We have proven to our satisfaction that the so-called virus is in

reality the premodal cell of a micro-organism.” Oh, wait. Is he

now saying that there isn’t at first a micro-organism, but only the

promise of one? If so, is that spontaneous generation? Do critters

materialize simply when they be needed?

He invokes Bernard terrain:“We also have proven that it is the

chemical constituents and chemical radicals of the virus under



observation which enacts upon the unbalanced cell metabolism

of the body to produce any disease that may occur.” Rife claims:

“A test tube containing a sample from the unulcerated breast mass was

sealed and placed in an argon gas filled loop with 15 mm vacuum and

activated with 5000 volts. This produced a decided change of ionized

cloudiness in the media. This test tube was then checked for cancer

virus, but at this point none were visible. Then the test tube was subjected

to a 2-inch water vacuum and incubated for 24 hours. [Then] the

solution in the test tube was teeming with cancer virus which were the

most highly motile and the smallest of any of the viruses previously

isolated.” -- the Rife Report

Boy is that annoying! No mention of why they used that method

to “birth” the BX, and no theorizing its real origin! Recall Bechamp:

“An extravagant role has been assigned to the airborne

germs. The air may bring them, it is true, but it is not necessary

that they do.” Whoops, where do they come from?

Student Contest: Explain What’s between the Toes

Dear Denizen of the Shed, To get your attention, I hereby promise

a trophy, of $0. value, to one person who sends me, in 2013,

an interesting answer to the following question: If there’s a special

pathogenic bacterium whose only lodgment is between the

toes of man (“man” in the gender-blind sense of those halcyon

days before 1970), what are its provisions for its offspring?

There is, in fact, such a species. But you needn’t

look it up. I only ask: What is its raison d’etre? Sure,

every species has a niche, often one “designed” by

food resources. You could try telling me that its raison

d’etre reflects the fact that it can have a good life

between the toes of some bloke who happens to

live rough.

Fine, but one day that “host” may take a bath. Then what? Are we

to throw out the bacillus with the bath water? Tch, tch, that would

be a poor way for it to protect its progeny. Ask Richard Dawkins: he

proved in The Selfish Gene that individuals have to do as their genes

wish, and the genes of these bacteria must want a future.

Terms: max length 4 pages. Basis of my judgment: whim. Restrictions

on your publishing: none – you don’t even have to tell me

you’ve taken up this idea (unless you are trophy hungry). Will the

judge enter into correspondence? Absolutely.



Furniture. Let’s identify some pieces of mental furniture, regarding

the concept of infection:

Infect The word comes from the Latin inficere, to imbue or tinge

Vector: delivers the goods from one to another. “Assuming that

bedbugs are the only [vectors] of this disease [smallpox], our present

knowledge of its being “airborne,” or transmitted by fomites [e.g.,

blankets] must be all wrong.” – Charles Campbell, Bextar Co speech

CWD “Cancer bacteria are capable of producing tiny sub-microscopic

virus-like and mycoplasma-like forms, as well as large fungal-like forms

known as ‘large bodies.’ Cancer microbes can assume different forms

because they are ‘cell wall deficient forms.’ The absence of a bacterial

cell wall causes a loss of rigidity [so] organisms assume a variety of

shapes and size.” – Alan Cantwell, “Bacteria Cause Cancer -- The Microscopic

Evidence” September 12, 2012,

Viruses “are smaller than bacteria and biologically much simpler. They

have no enzyme system to generate energy and cannot reproduce except

within a living cell whose activities can be controlled by the virus.

Each virus particle is made up of protein with RNA or DNA.”

(George Maxwell, Principles of Paediatrics, 1977, page 154) (fave)

Filterable: small enough to go through a filter “Epidemic polio is due

to infection by a specific streptococcus which in the virus phase becomes

minute and filterable and perhaps thus penetrates the bloodbrain

barrier to invade the CNS. [It later] reverts to streptococcal size

in which it is cultivatable.” -- Edward Rosenow, “Polio,” Exhibit H.

Lymph “a fluid that originates in spaces between cells; Lymph drains

into networks of tiny capillaries that unite to form larger vessels called

lymphatics. Nodes scattered along the lymphatics filter and store the

lymph. This involves thyroid and spleen that contain white blood

cells.” -- Steve Parker, Concise Human Body Book (2009, page 192).

Disease “It is obvious that the “normal” existence and performance

of any living organism demand a state of subtle equilibrium between

its different component parts, as well as between them and the factors

of the environment. Any change is likely to disturb the balance of

forces upon which depend the maintenance of the normal state. ‘Disease,’

said Virchow, ‘is life under altered conditions.’”

-- Rene Dubos, “The Gold-Headed Cane” NIH Lecture, 1953








The tomato virus is one of the biggest problems growers have to contend

with. It usually appears following long periods of cloudy weather

and low sunlight intensity [hint, hint] ….It breaks out even under the

most sterile and carefully guarded conditions. Nevertheless, it is generally

agreed that the low light level also weakens the plants so they

become more susceptible to attack from the virus.

During the course of making the film, I brought some virus-ridden

tomatoes from the glass greenhouse into my plastic greenhouse. With

just a few days of sunlight in my greenhouse, and a light foliar

feeding of the leaves, the tomato plants quickly came to life,

started new healthy growth and began producing normal tomatoes.

[Why has] no consideration has been given to the possibility of a

virus originating within the living cells of the plant itself …. It’s generally

accepted that the virus must be introduced from… outside.

The metabolism, or life itself, that goes on within a living cell is the

utilization of the nutritional factors present by the energy of light. …A

comparison would be the gasoline used in an automobile engine and

the spark that ignites it. If the draft in the boiler is not adjusted right,

or the carburetor is giving too rich a mixture, there will be incomplete

combustion. This can result in both the boiler and engine giving off

not only obnoxious smoke and fumes but also partially consumed fuel.

In a similar way, it seems quite possible that a chemical substance

of a poisonous nature could result as a by-product from an incomplete

or unbalanced metabolism within the cells of a leaf.

….If so, then this chemical by-product would fit all the various descriptions

of a virus. It would not be capable of reproducing itself, but

if injected into the cells of other leaves, it might throw the metabolism

of these cells off balance so that they would in turn produce more of

the same chemical substance of a poisonous nature. …It could fit

all the various descriptions of a virus and still originate within the affected

plant itself. ….By now, a new theory was boiling within me and

I determined to attack the virus problem through time-lapse. [I built

a new unit] to take microscopic time-lapse pictures of the streaming

of the protoplasm within the cell of a leaf as stimulated by direct unfiltered

sunlight, [and] various types of artificial light illumination. It

would show precisely the effect of different sources of light and variations

of temperature on the photochemistry. It would then be possible

to study the effect [of light] on the germination of spores, mitosis of

cells and other growth processes. [Emphasis added]

Light and Health (1973) [note: See Ott’s videos on Youtube.]



“Collapse Theory” – Can We Put 3 Theories Together?

It may be possible to collapse three of the four meta-theories

-- electric, metabolic, and infectious – into one. Let’s consider it.

Tomato virus. In his study, on the previous page, John Ott floated

the idea of a metabolic explanation for viral infection. I am

not aware that anyone has followed up on his insight but it looks

pretty exciting to me. Note: I looked at the website of the Royal

Horticultural Society, 40 years on. It does not indicate that Ott

had any influence! The entry on “tomato virus” says:

“Stunting, distortion and fern leaf may also be caused by exposure to

hormone weedkillers… Providing the source is removed, plants usually

recover, but they do not usually recover from virus infection.”

Ott sees the “virus” as an internal change of chemicals, rather

than a visitor from outside. Wow. Maybe he will re-open the

“spontaneous generation” debate. (Yes, I realize that concept

went out with long drawers, or with Louis Pasteur as the case

may be. Still, it was never fully dealt with.) Let me now list out a

few other amazing statements from our theorists in which they

show some cross-border interest. You may wish to scissor these

quotes up, and lay them out in any new way that suits you.

A Parade of Quotes

George Crile said, A Bipolar Theory of Life Processes, 1926 (p 219):

“Bipolar theory explains the primary importance of the acidalkali

balance. It shows that the living organism is a mechanism

adapted to electric control hence susceptible of being driven

by trigger action by such minute forces as a beam of light.”

[All emphasis added by MM for the rest of this chapter.]

Lakhovsky, working around the same time as Crile but independently

of him (possibly influenced by Tesla) said:

“The coli bacillus becomes harmful only because it is capable

of modifying the characteristics of the cell: capacity, selfinductance

and conductivity. The coli bacillus, vibrating with the

same frequency as the living cells, has no harmful effect on them

as it does not modify their wavelength. But the typhoid bacillus

vibrates with another frequency and modifies the oscillatory

equilibrium of the cell.”



Max Gerson is “metabolic,” right? But listen to him now:

“I am convinced that the problem of chronic disease is not one of

biochemistry; rather, it is produced by deeper forces which cause

the deficiencies of energies. It is the electrical forces that hold

matter together. If the electrical forces become disorganized,

matter will disintegrate. Disease is the result of disorganized electrical

forces. Health results in the organization of electrical forces;

therefore, we must discover how to organize these forces.”

-- website of The Pythagorean Center for Natural Healing

Rife, in the Rife Report came forth with this:

“We are positive that the causative agent of malignancy [is] bacillus

coli…BX is a bipolar virus, but both the positive and negative

forms of this virus are required to produce tumors…” To

quote another of Crile’s gems, “Surely then the sun’s energy

released within an animal may be capable of organizing energy

systems.” (1926: 167) S’truth!

Cautionary note for high schoolers. Perchance you may think you now know

a lot about cancer. Oops, not from me! Peruse a cancer textbook in your

library -- I’m not even in the ballpark. But any soul can play with ideas.

Oh, and don’t forget Judyth Baker disgorging the big secret:

Ochsner radiated viruses to cause mutations. And Crile:

“The effect of radiation is to interfere with the mechanism in the

cell for the creation and storage of electric charges, an interference

which as effectively prevents growth and function.”

Rife “…it would be possible to create an electronic frequency

that was in the correct coordination or resonance of the

chemical constituents of a given organism and devitalize it.”

(If you can devitalize something it must have been alive. Was it

formed by natural selection? I realize Darwin does not have to

have the last word, but I haven’t heard another explanation for

species evolution. How can Darwin deal with pleomorphism?

That would present a moving target to the forces of evolution!)

Three quotes on infection:

“Electric current flow through the blood [can be done]… at a



magnitude that is …sufficient to render the bacteria, virus, parasites

and/or fungus ineffective to infect healthy cells.” [!!] --

Steven Kaali, US Patent, 1993

“The remedy Thuja has proven to be a [good] remedy for vaccine

related disease. In case after case, progress was dependent

on the use of Thuja, the anti-vaccine remedy [made from cypress

tree oil]…. It is as if vaccinations have the ability to block

response to a constitutional remedy, an obstacle that must be

dealt with before cure can be underway.”

-- Robt Pitcairn, Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats

“The US started an offensive biological warfare program at Camp Detrick.

By 1969, it had weaponized the agents causing anthrax, botulism,

tularemia,brucellosis, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, and Q fever. In

1978, Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markovwas assassinated using an

‘umbrella gun’ that shot ricin into his thigh. BW agents are typically

invisible in aerosol clouds and may not be detected until humans

become ill. Panic would result as medical capabilities are quickly overwhelmed

….BW attacks would most likely occur late at night or early

in the morning…. At these times, atmospheric temperature inversions

would allow an agent cloud to travel at low altitude to cover its target.

More unusual methods of dispersion could include releasing agents

in their natural arthropod vectors. Person-to-person transmission of

several agents … could perpetuate an epidemic….” [Tularemia] starts

with sudden onset of fever, chills, headache, and generalized myalgias

and arthralgias after an incubation period of 3-6 days. An ulcer is generally

seen at the bite site and may persist several months as organisms

spread to local lymph nodes.” --

Thomas W. McGovern, MD, MAJ, MC, and George W. Christopher,

LTC, USAF, MC, “Biological Warfare: Its Cutaneous Manifestations”

Dear Reader, you just knew I would revert to type and start mentioning

“baddy” stuff again, eh? You see, that is really all I personally bring

to the table. Cancer research is not by any stretch of the imagination

the story of a search for good health. It is an enormous political-power

thing, as any political scientist can see at a glance. McGovern and

Christopher, whom I just quoted, are likely innocent of crime, in that

they have probably persuaded themselves not to notice what is going

on. But I say YOU are now responsible if you can see what is going on.





So when the long drought-winds, sandpaper-harsh,

were still, and the air changed, and the clouds came,

and other birds were quiet in prayer or fear,

these knew their hour.

-- Judith Wright, Black Cockatoos



Welcome to Part Four

We Could Turn This Thing Around in a Jiff.

Andrew Marino PhD JD


John Gatto MA


Aung San Suu Kyi PhD


Mary Tillman


Your photo,


Micha Kurz

Society Builder

Trish Fotheringham


William McBride MD


Mary Efrosini Gregory

Customs Officer



Chapter Thirteen

Retrieved from

“President George W. Bush signs S.15-Project Bioshield Act of

2004, in the Rose Garden Wednesday, July 21, 2004…. [The new

law] provides new tools to improve medical counter-measures

protecting Americans …

[Note the word “countermeasure” means vaccine.]

The President first proposed Project BioShield in his 2003 State

of the Union address and Congress approved it last week.

Project BioShield is a comprehensive effort overseen jointly by

Secretary Thompson [of Department of Health and Human

services] and Secretary Ridge [Homeland Security] .…

[It will] give FDA the ability to make promising treatments

quickly available in emergency situations – this [relaxation of the

rule that clinical trials precede use of a new drug] will enable

access to the best available treatments in the event of a crisis.

[It will] ensure that resources are available to pay for “nextgeneration”

medical countermeasures. Project BioShield will

allow the government to buy improved vaccines or drugs. The

fiscal year 2004 appropriation for the Department of Homeland

Security included $5.6 billion over 10 years….

As the result of the Project BioShield legislation, the

Administration has already begun the process of acquiring:

-- 75 million doses of a second-generation anthrax vaccine

-- new medical treatments for anthrax …

-- safer second-generation smallpox

Today, based on the new BioShield authorities, Secretary

Thompson will launch multi-year initiatives to develop advanced

treatments and therapeutics for exposure to biological agents

and radiation poisoning.

Note: The president’s seal contains the naion’s symbol, the

eagle. One claw holds arrows, and the other holds an olive

branch. The nation’s motto is on the banner: E pluribus unum

-- Out of many, one.



Chapter 13

Vaccination Is a Big, Fat Hoax: Wallace Saw It in 1898!

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor

of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our

struggle… is against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of

this dark world ….

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes,

you may be able to stand your ground…. Stand firm then, with the belt of

truth buckled around your waist.… -- Ephesians 6:10-14

Welcome to Part Four. There’s no more new information about

cancer here, but plenty to help us get on the right road. If ever

our society had a fixable problem, this is the one! I’m referring

to the problem laid out earlier. It can be turned around in a jiff.

We shouldn’t spend another precious minute looking for cancer

cures. What is the point? We already have good ones. What is

needed is for doctors to become aware of them. How will that

happen? Probably society will have to get out of the state of

acceptance it is in.

If you’re now feeling desperate, with a loved one suffering

cancer, the best move for you to make (I honestly believe) is to

talk to your friends, and your GP, about the crime that is going

on. Surely that’s what you would do if you discovered that your

loved one’s lupus, say, were being caused deliberately by a mean

or mentally disturbed neighbor. As soon as you frame the issue

this way, everything will change. Eschew embarrassment, please.

Vaccination – The Word “Hoax’ Does Not Do Justice.

Since 1963 I’ve had a dear friend who has to drag crutches, canes,

or leg braces around to make walking-after-polio possible. Being

aware of her bad luck, I was appalled when I read, a few years

ago, that India was getting slack about polio immunization. How

stupid! How reprehensible!! How dare they toy with a child’s fate!

Dear Reader, those are no longer my sentiments. Au contraire,

I am now a severe critic of vax. Please try the next few pages….



Cats May Get Cancer Because of a Vaccination.

In 1991, a scientist at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary

Medicine identified an association between aggressive fibrosarcomas

and the location where vax are typically given to cats,

namely, between the shoulder blades. They called this VAS: vaccine

associated sarcoma.

I quote Wikipedia:

“Two possible factors for the increase of VAS were:

1. the introduction in 1985 of vaccines for rabies and feline leukemia

virus that contained aluminum adjuvant, and

2. a law in 1987 requiring rabies vaccination in cats in Pennsylvania.

Inflammation in the subcutis following vaccination is considered

to be a risk factor in the development of VAS, and vaccines

containing aluminum were found to produce more inflammation.

Furthermore, particles of aluminum adjuvant have

been discovered in tumor macrophages. [Holy Moley!] The

time from vaccination to tumor formation varies from three

months to eleven years.

Similar examples of sarcomas developing secondary to inflammation

include tumors associated with metallic implants and foreign

body material in humans, and sarcomas of the esophagus associated

with Spirocerca lupi infection in dogs and ocular sarcomas in cats

following trauma.

Cats may be the predominant species to develop VAS because they

have an increased susceptibility to oxidative injury.

VAS appears as a rapidly growing firm mass in and under the skin. The

mass is often quite large when first detected and can become ulcerated

or infected. Diagnosis of VAS is by biopsy. The biopsy will show the

presence of a sarcoma, but information like location and the presence

of inflammation or necrosis increases the suspicion of VAS.

It is possible for cats to have a granuloma form after vaccination,

so it is important to differentiate between the two before radical

surgery is performed. …X-rays are taken prior to surgery because

about one in five cases of VAS will develop metastasis, usually

to the lungs but possibly to the lymph nodes or skin.

[Emphasis added]



The Dog Department

I have no pets. Checking on “Inflammatory” is what brought me

to the veterinarian part of the Internet. It appears that it’s acceptable

to mention some iatrogenic illnesses (ones caused by medical

treatment) in connection with cats

and dogs. Lori Long, author of Siberian

Huskie, wrote this in Whole Dog Journal

in 1995:

“Holistic [vet] practitioners suspected

a link between vaccines and immune

disorders. There may be a connection

between agents designed to provoke an

immune response and the dog’s inappropriate

immune responses. …The inflammatory

nature of the animals’ reaction [made] researchers suspect

that reactions to vaccinations, or the combined effects of multiple

vaccines, could be risk factors for chronic diseases.

Jean Dodds, DVM, a veterinary hematologist [says]

“Evidence implicating vaccines in triggering immune-mediated and

chronic disorders (vaccinosis) is compelling.” Lorie Long notes:

Adverse reactions to conventional vaccines can be the same as to

any chemicals, drugs, or infectious agents. Immediate (anaphylactic)

reactions can occur in 24-48 hrs. Delayed reactions can occur

in 10-45 days. Symptoms include fever, stiffness, sore joints,

abdominal tenderness, nervous system disorders, susceptibility to

infections, and hemorrhages or bruising. Transient seizures appear

in puppies and adults….”

That sent me to Laura Wallingford conducting an interview for

Wolf Clan magazine, 1995, with veterinarian Robert Pitcairn, author

of Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats. Listen:

“The remedy Thuja has proven to be a [good] remedy for vaccine

related disease. My understanding of the [relevance] of vaccination

in animal diseases gradually developed over several years.

In case after case, progress was dependent on the use of Thuja,

the anti-vaccine remedy…. It is as if vaccinations have the ability

to block response to a constitutional remedy, an obstacle that

must be dealt with before cure can be underway.”

“block response to a remedy?” What the Sam Hill is going on here?




Declaration of Independence, at

-- by Lisa Goes, May 7, 2012

When in the course of human healthcare it becomes necessary for one

people to dissolve the political bands… and to assume the separate and

equal station to which the Laws of Science entitle them, We hold these

truths to be self-evident, that all children …are endowed [with] certain

unalienable Rights, that among these are the right to a healthy life free

from the tyranny of untested preventative medicine and a life free from

chronic inflammatory illness caused by a pharmaceutical oligarchy that

receives government endorsement and protection. To secure these

rights, Governments and Institutions are created deriving their just powers

from THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. It is the parents’

right, it is their duty, to throw off ... the rigorous and untested pseudoscientific

assertions of the CDC… .To prove this, let facts be submitted

in a candid world. Medical Institutions have repeatedly refused the most

wholesome and necessary policies required for the public good...

Over half of our precious children will become ill and several will die,

for the fallacious notion of the good of all. These are the principles of

a corrupt, immoral, and bankrupt nation. The American Government

has repeatedly discredited organizations, research studies, physicians,

and citizens opposing the notion that they, and they alone, know what

is best. At present, over 55 studies exist demonstrating a strong link

between vaccines and autism (also known as vaccine encephalopathy).

They are not permitted publication in medical or scientific periodicals

as those journals are funded by the very industry those studies indict.

The censorship of intellectual property that pertains directly to the

health and welfare of all children is a crime against humanity. Furthermore,

imperative data, pertaining to the health of all American children

that was obtained in 2000 at a clandestine meeting …has been embargoed.

This data from the Simpsonwood Conference and the sealed

court documents pertaining to the Hannah Poling Case contain valuable

medical information that is pertinent to EVERY PARENT. This is suppression

of medical data that could save the lives of count-less children.

We have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms and HAVE


A TYRANT is unfit to determine healthcare policy. Free and Independent

Thinking Parents have the full power to levy CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE

and protect their children from these systems that proclaim

health. Consider this a new way of life. An Official Declaration of

Independence. Our rules, for our children, for thinking people, are now




Halvorsen’s Offer of a Compromise

In the UK, Richard Halvorsen, MD, runs a clinic

called Babyjabs. We know he’s not an anti-vaxxer,

right? But he asks for a more reasonable approach.

I’ll quote, verbatim, his four suggestions:

1. Start vaccinating later. This would allow

the developing nervous and immune systems

to mature, as there is evidence that they may be

more susceptible to harmful effects of vaccines at a very early

age. (There is also an increased risk of allergy and atopy when

vaccines are given at an early age.)

2. Polio has been eradicated from the UK, Europe, and most

of the world so a delay in protection would be perfectly safe for

the majority of children. Children are not exposed to tetanus

until they’re crawling around in the dirt; there is little benefit in

vaccinating an infant. Diphtheria is extremely rare (less than 10

cases a year in the UK). It could be argued that the increase in risk

from delaying vaccination against diphtheria is negligible.

3. Leave out some vaccines altogether. It is unnecessary to

give the three vaccines contained in the triple MMR vaccine

together. These can quite easily be given in separate single

vaccines. However the case for vaccinating against mumps is

extremely weak as mumps is nearly always a mild and harmless

illness. Rubella is a relatively harmless illness except in pregnant

women who are not immune; for this reason it could be argued

that rubella vaccination is unnecessary in boys.

4. Give fewer vaccines at once. This will result in less

immunological load, as well as less toxic material such as

aluminium and formaldehyde, to be given at any one time.

The Thickness Test

Pediatrician Moskowitz, Exhibit V, shows the inestimable value

of natural immunity – God’s gift that is messed up when we

get vaccinated. May I suggest that you have your friends read it,

along with the page on cat vaccination, and the testimony by the

wonderfully sober and reliable Harris Coulter in Exhibit R, and

then you administer “the Thickness Test” to them? If they score

low on understanding the vaccination issue, it must mean that:

1. They are actually with the baddies, 2. They have been bribed

or have undergone mind-control, or 3. They are just plain thick.


Halvorsen, MD



Martial Law Has Been Ready for a Long Time.

Can an American adult citizen be vaccinated against his will? Yes.

Here are some facts, published in official sources:

1. Emergency Acts passed by Congress have declared that the

president can declare an emergency and this “authorizes” the federal

government to seize food from homes, commandeer all communications,

force citizens to perform labor, etc.

2. One such Emergency began in 1942 and did not get cancelled

until 1972. On September 14, 2001 in response to the World

Trade Center event known as 9/11, the US president declared a

new emergency for one year. Congress has agreed to a renewal

of that every year since. Hence we are currently under emergency.

(Your food can be seized today – legally.)

3. The Homeland Security Act of 2002 mandates “covered countermeasures.”

This is a codeword for vaccination. (Hmm. Why

the need for a codeword?)

4. In Jacobsen v Massachusetts (1905), the US Supreme Court ruled

that a state law requiring vaccination for all adults was not unconstitutional.

No subsequent Supreme Court decision has altered

this ruling. So lower courts won’t help you today.

5. Congress legislated, as part of Homeland Security, that manufacturers

of vaccines, and personnel involved in vaccinating,

won’t be held liable for adverse consequences. An individual

would have to sue the US Government (really, the taxpayer -- me

and thee) for compensation. “The remedy provided by sections 1346(b)

and 2672 of title 28… for damage for personal injury, including death, resulting

from the performance of medical… or related functions, including the

conduct of clinical studies or investigation, by any …employee of the Public

Health Service while acting within the scope of his office… shall be exclusive

of [i.e., it excludes] any other civil action…”

6. There already was a National Vaccine Injury Act (1986), in

which Congress dictated that any child who suffered from vaccine

could not sue in court without first exhausting an administrative

route to compensation. That is, the child had first to go to

“vaccine court.” That entity, however, is not really a court. The

decision maker is not a judge but a government-paid attorney



with the title Special Master. He or she must decide the claim

based on rules made by the Secretary of Health. Kind of makes

you wonder about the separation of powers. The Act says:

“The Secretary may only identify such covered injuries, for purpose of inclusion

on the table, where the Secretary determines, based on compelling, reliable,

valid, medical and scientific evidence that administration or use of the

covered countermeasure directly caused such covered injury.”

7. On February 26, 2011 in Brueswitz v Wyeth, the United States

Supreme Court held, 6-2, that the injured child could not bring

a tort action against the manufacturer. Stunningly, this went beyond

what our elected representatives had legislated! In dissent,

Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote that the Court’s majority “imposes

its own bare policy preference over the considered judgment of Congress. Its

decision leaves a regulatory vacuum in which no one ensures that vaccine manufacturers

adequately take account of scientific and technological advancements

when designing or distributing their products.” [Note: IMHO, the

purpose of the penning of dissenting opinions is to prevent the

public from noticing the majority opinion’s illegtimacy.]

8. The federal CDC publishes a recommended schedule for childhood

vaccinations (which now includes 24 shots), and calls for

aggressive distribution by the providers. Many of the 50 states

make laws for religious or “philosophical” exemption, whereby

citizens can decline vaccination, but these are getting narrower all

the time, and most can be overridden.

9. When a parent refuses the state’s mandate, he or she can be arrested

for negligence and the child removed to foster care. This

happens frequently today!! Waging War on the Autistic Child, by

Andy Wakefield, tells of five autistic kids taken from their parents

that way.

10. The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP)

passed in 2006 allows the HHS Secretary to be the one to decide

if an epidemic or national emergency calls for mandatory vaccinations.

There are no guidelines in the Act. He can declare either

an epidemic or an emergency based on nothing at all.

Dear Readers, are you going to keep your blindfolds on? You’ll be kicking

yourself later. Worse, you’ll be kicking me for not coming on stronger.



How the Handling of Wakefield Illuminates Everything

In 1998, Andrew Wakefield and other gastroenterologists

shared with fellow doctors their

initial findings on the GI-autism connection It

was not a rallying cry against the MMR jab. I

quote below the Lancet article that subsequently

led to a full UK media circus , in which a “programmed”

journalist, Brian Deer, was himself

a sideshow. (Poor man, see him on Youtube.)

Wakefield got “struck off the register.” He has

replied in a very poignant book, Callous Disregard.

Simon Murch, MD, one of the twelve,

escaped punishment by “apologizing.” (I venture that that was the

right thing for him to do, as cancellation of his licence would have

deprived all the kids of their treatment.)

Lancet “retracted” the offending article, a decade on, saying it was

based on fraudulent research. There was no fraud at all.

Here are the ending words of the 1998 article – verbatim:

“If there is a causal link between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine

and this [bowel] syndrome, a rising incidence might be anticipated after

the introduction of this vaccine in the UK in 1988. Published evidence

is inadequate to show whether there is a change in incidence or a link

with measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. A genetic predisposition to

autistic-spectrum disorders is suggested by over-representation in boys

and a greater concordance rate in monozygotic than in dizygotic twins.

Urinary methylmalonic-acid concentrations were raised in most of the

children, a finding indicative of a functional vitamin B12 deficiency.

B12 deficiency may, therefore, be a contributory factor in the developmental

regression.” [It concludes]:

“We have identified a chronic enterocolitis in children that may be related

to neuro-psychiatric dysfunction. In most cases, onset of symptoms was after

measles, mumps, and rubella immunisation. Further investigations are needed

to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to this vaccine.”

Autism Is Not Mental

Beginning around 1996, autism, hitherto seen as a psychological

condition, is recognized to be a medical problem. Pediatric gastroenterologist

John Walker Smith, MD, an Australian-Brit, observed

that many autistic kids have yellow diarrhea, abdominal pain --

sometimes all day, everyday. The godsend of a discovery he made,

is that medicating the child for gastro disease can relieve the



Wakefield, MD



When Is a Professor Not a Professor?

A professor is one who professes to be have expert knowledge.

She can’t get sacked -- she has tenure, a privilege intended not for

her benefit but for society’s benefit. Job tenure encourages her to

speak freely, to debate even a very controversial topic..

The University of Wisconsin’s Distinguished Lecture Series gave

UK journalist, Brian Deer, a venue for speaking on “An Elaborate

Fraud: The MMR Vaccine & Autism.” (Deer is tasked by his masters

to smear Wakefield and persons who doubt vax.)

“It was truly a sad day for education when the University made their

position clear in the opening remarks of professor of immunology,

Bernadette Taylor, before an audience of hundreds of UWL students.

“There is no debate… This University did not invite a debate on that issue.” Case

closed: the University would not allow for a free exchange of ideas so

intelligent students could make up their own minds. Deer expressed no

concern over why autism is now affecting one in every 88 children, one

in every 54 boys in the U.S.” --

How could Bernadette Taylor possibly think – how could she

dream in her wildest dreams – that it was her job to get up there

and announce that a propagandist would speak on a medical topic?

Johns Hopkins, too, hosted Brian Deer. No professor at Hopkins

objected. I can recall a time when every professor at Hopkins

would have objected and not stopped until Deer’s invitation was

rescinded. Today, would it take grenades and machetes for them to

win? No. It only ever takes word of mouth.

Exiting Muddleville. When we finally start working on getting out

of the muddle we are in, we will find that some of the task involves

thinking new, and much thinking old. It’s pathetic that the Air Force

recently asked for advice from Alvin Toffler, “as he is a futurist.”

The only futurist is someone with sober ideas

as to where we can go with the DNA we’re in.

H. sapiens will have a future predictably like its

past, as is true of all species!

We will have something like a university.

Therefore colleges today should not be shifting

into the “new mode” of acting like a

business. Neither should doctors. Both are

disgusting when they behave according to

business principles. Protesting New Zealand

Law Society



Cash Register.

Not only did Lisa Goes say it all in 2012; Charles Higgins said it all

in his letter (Exhibit E) to President Woodrow Wilson: Compulsory

vax is an outrage. Yet nothing changes. Just for a moment, let’s

try a different tack:

As it’s always easier for the public to get riled up about the theft

of money than about medical genocide, let’s expose this swindle. In

1938, FDR, on no authority atall, set up the National Foundation

for Infantile Paralysis -- as polio was then called. This “national

foundation” was later rebranded the March of Dimes.

In 2012 its website boasts that it has collected $1.5 billion over

the years, for the aim of preventing birth defects. Liars. Many birth

defects today are caused by the army’s depleted uranium.

Thanks to the Internet, we learn that a “reluctant poster child”

of the 1950s, Bostonian Elaine Burns, was asked, but she refused,

to appear in an iron lung at a train station to raise money. Note: she

was not an iron lung patient. Swindle, swindle, swindle.

I think I recall my Mom wearing that Collector’s hat. I certainly

recall every retail shop placing, near the cash register, a cardboard

thingie in which we could insert dimes for “the cause.” This made

us feel we had taken action. That’s a brain-wired reaction that the

cabal has been capitalizing on forever. Con men.

In 1951, Mothers wore paper hats while collecting for March of Dimes on their street.

We must examine our willingness to suck up to our tormentors!



Dear Docs, Please Do a Saint Christopher

Docs, did you know that back in ’87, an eminent physician in

London said “Nothing would more redound to the credit of the

medical profession than to give up their faith in vaccination?”

Yes. The year was 1887; Professor Edgar Crookshank said it.

Any doctor who has read this book’s exhibits, has got an eyeful

as to the way he or she has been used re vaccination. These

physicians cannot now close their eyes, hold their breath, and

wait for the problem to go away. It is not going to go away.

What to do, Dear Docs? I suggest you “do a St Christopher.”

A few decades ago, Roman Catholicism took the unusual step

of de-canonizing one of its saints. There had been a legend that

a man named Christopher had carried the Christ Child across a

body of water. In fact that is the meaning of his name: Christ-ofer

(to bear). Well, it was a fairy tale, and the hierarchy decided to

acknowledge that, so now we don’t have a St. Christopher.

The other option was to hang onto the status quo, let him stay

in the saint-collection, causing embarrassment. I note that the

website of the U of London Medical School features a bunch

of propaganda about Blossom the Cow. ( Can anyone

feel respect for that school? Or for Nancy Snyderman selling

“herd immunity” on Youtube? You can only feel sorry for her.

I recommend docs bite the bullet. At least some of the immunizations

of the past were hoaxes, and worse. DEFINITELY

the smallpox one, the polio one, and the soldiers’ anthrax one.

Doctors, I realize you have no one to turn to. All the rarified

journals, medical schools, guilds, and even the clinics have been

taken over by either government or business. You’re on your

own. Luckily, though, you have a swag of adoring patients, and it

appears that we-all could get together on this issue.

The book at hand does not say “doctors did it.” It says the

cabal did it. And it also says everybody did it and is still doing it!

Anyway, please make a copy of the page near end of Chapter 5

about Dr Day’s horrific 1969 speech, and send it to colleagues. It

took 20 years for Dr Dunegan to deal with it, following

which no medico has taken it any further. How’ll you

explain that to your grandchildren? Go on, you can

do this.




Gobbldeegook. (“Press Briefing on Vaccine Safety” March 6, 2008)

OPERATOR: Welcome, and thank you for standing by. During the

question-and-answer session today you can press star one. At this time,

well turn the call over to Glen Nowak, you may begin sir.

GLEN NOWAK: Thank you. This is a call on the science of

vaccines and autism… I do want to note, we are not here to discuss

the vaccine injury compensation case that has received a lot of media

interest. I realize, this is related to that case, but we are unable to talk

about the specifics of that case. We do, however, recognize that, you

know, many media stories have likely prompted new questions, caused

some confusion, introduced some new medical terms and concepts,

such as greater awareness of mitochondrial diseases and disorders.

And so given the range of questions and interests that weve been

getting the last day or so, we have a number of people here today

to help answer your questions from the Institute of Mental Health

at the National Institutes of Health. And because many of you have

been calling us at CDC about mitochondrial diseases we also have

Dr. Edwin Trevathan, Director of CDCs National Center for Birth

Defects and Development Disabilities with us today. Edwin is a

pediatric neurologist [God help us.] And then, Dr. Norman Baylor,

whos Director of the Office of Vaccines Research and Review in the

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA. And Dr.

Anne Schuchat, Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

DR. JULIE GERBERDING: Today is, again, a very kind of sad

reminder of how difficult autism is for so many families. And while

we can talk about lots of different aspects of this I want to be real

clear from the beginning that probably the most important aspect of

this is the fact that autism is a very serious and challenging disease for

many families and each of these families has to struggle to understand

and cope with the condition and we wish we could be more helpful in

supporting all of that. We also recognize that some of the information

thats being promulgated about this particular situation is not accurately

characterizing what we understand to be the true situation. So let me

just be very clear that while we recognize and have recognized for a

long time that mitochondrial disorders can be associated with nervous

tissue degeneration and muscle tissue degeneration and that autism

like systems are sometimes a component of that theres nothing

about the particulars of this situation that should be generalized to

an understanding of the risks associated with vaccines for normal

children and certainly nothing in any of this is going to change any

of our recommendations about the childhood immunization for

every child for whom these immunizations are otherwise indicated. I



want to say that again. Our message to parents is that immunization

is lifesaving. And we are very committed to the interagency research

process thats been going on at HHS to try to define the most critical

research requirements to work with families and advocates for children

with autism and really do more faster to try to get to the bottom of

what is obviously a very complicated and difficult disease to understand,

identify early and treat. So we know we need to do more and were

committed to that. But in the meantime we need to disassociate [!]

the issue of autism with the very important public health and health

protection intervention… of

DR. THOMAS INSEL: Thank you. Im happy to be with you. …

For most cases, we actually dont have a cause. There are some forms

of autism that will occur as part of other – part of genetic diseases

fragile X, tuberous sclerosis and there are a few others that frequently

have autism as part of the overall syndrome. And there are some cases

of autism in which we find genetic lesions. But, in fact, most cases are

probably likely due to both genetic and environmental factors. And

just as we havent identified genetic lesions in most cases, in just about

all cases we havent been able to identify a clear and environmental

cause. So theres lots of interest in trying to think about what those

environmental factors may be but we have a long way to go before

weve been able to pin down the most important ones.

As Dr. Gerberding mentioned, theres a lot of research in this area.

The research is in the diagnosis to causes, trying to find some new

treatment. Theres funding, in this case, from both federal and from

private organizations. And so its a very active area of science. And

the science is covering a whole range, as I mentioned, a whole range of

different questions that parents want to know about…

DR. ED TREVATHAN: Thanks, Glen. Its good to be here

today. When we talk about mitochondrial disorders, what were really

discussing are a group of rather heterogeneous genetic disorders. They

are disorders of function of the mitochondria. And we often

remember mitochondria from grade school or high school science

as the powerhouse of the cells. And, in fact, that is a key thing to

remember because the children who have mitochondrial disorders or

these genetic disorders can appear normal initially. But when placed

under severe stress due to infections or vomiting, diarrhea, fever, other

sorts of stress like perhaps severe sleep deprivation or malnutrition

theyre not able to make enough injury to compensate for their severe

energy needs. And because the brain actually has such a high need for

energy and utilizes a large amount of energy, when these children are

under stress the brain is really [etc, etc. etc].

Mary Maxwell’s recommendation: Call the police.



Chapter Fouteen

The Canary Party was formed in

2011 to deal with health decline in the

United States. Named after the bird

whose song, in the coal mines, gave

assurance that there was not (yet) a

dangerous gas leak into the mine.

The Canary Party worries about steep

increase in illness of the Amercan


* Autism now disables 1 in 100 American children, 1 in 60 boys

* Peanut allergies put the lives of nearly 2% of children at risk

* Asthma affects over 10% of American children, putting lives at


* New experimental vaccines such as Gardasil (many reported


* Thousands of serious adverse events and disability, many of

them unreported, uninvestigated and suppressed

* Countless deaths and disabled among soldiers and military families

* Deaths and disabilities from the use of experimental vaccine adjuvants

* Epidemic of suicides (blamed on post-traumatic stress disorder)

in the army occurring among those never deployed in combat

* Adults and children suffering from the epidemic of auto-immune

diseases, where the body’s own immune system turns against itself

* Rising rates of celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome,

and colitis

* Epidemic rates of ALS, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Addison’s

Disease, Guillain-Barré, Graves’ and other disabling conditions



Chapter 14

Malice and the Deliciousness of Honesty

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be….

I, who saw power, see now love perfect too:

Perfect I call Thy plan: Thanks that I was a man!

Maker, remake, complete, -- I trust what Thou shalt do!”

-- Robert Browning (1812-1889), Rabbi Ben Ezra

Good heavens, where did Robert Browning get his inspirations?

“I, who saw power, see now love perfect too.” Fabulous.

Houston, We Have a Malice Problem

Not yet so sick of this book as to toss it out? R U some sort of

ghoul? All I have been nattering on about is horrible stuff. How

can you stand it? And it gets worse. The current chapter carries:

an important reminder from George Orwell as to exactly where

we are headed, and a claim by me that the following three horrors

were not accidental but malicious: the bubonic plague, the thalidomide

disaster, and all outbreaks of hoof-and-mouth.

My evidence on that last one is paltry and my evidence on two

bubonic plagues -- in 17th century England and in fin de siècle Australia

-- is just about non-existent. But that won’t stop me.

The second half of this chapter discusses the food supply, fertility,

and also tries to account for human malice. And of course

tried to show how to punish crime.

Generally I see all events reported in the newspaper as having

originated in The Planning Room somewhere. If you are a Youngie,

please try to answer these questions:

-- Who decided what this year’s fashion colors would be?

-- The posters on your campus encouraging girls to get a

Gardisil vaccine – who paid for them and posted them? Why?

-- The obesity epidemic, and the gym craze. What’s that about?

My guess is that obesity is engineered, to cause bad health (which

keep the diabetes industry thriving), and to harm the beauty and

sex appeal of the female half of the population. Who gains from

that? The cabal wants us to have no secure relationships!



Hoof and Mouth Disease

There are many ways to harm an economic rival. Set his barn on fire.

Manipulate the currency of his nation. I reckon hoof and mouth

is “beautiful” in that it sounds so natural it won’t raise suspicions.

(Drought used to sound natural, too, but now we know that it can

be a weapon.) The following statement, written by an academic,

gives no hint whatsoever that the destruction of livestock could be

anything other than natural, but, sorry, I say that is just not realistic.

That is really all I’ve got. It just looks to me that HMD is such a

temptingly easy way to harm your economic rival that it would be

likely to be used. Similarly, when I hear that a poor country has

some such, I am suspicious. Similarly when I hear that a health

food shop has been closed because of poor hygeine….

“Hoof and Mouth Disease (HMD) is an acute infectious disease of

cloven-hoofed animals. …This disease primarily has severe economic

implications for the livestock industries…. Cattle, swine, sheep, and

goats are all susceptible. The disease is enzootic in many areas of the

world, including most of Asia, Africa, and South America. [Yet] North

and Central America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan are free of infection.

…The Pan Asia strain of HMD has been isolated as the cause

of the disease in Britain.

Last year [2000] it caused Japan’s first outbreak in 90 years

and South Korea’s first in 60 years….. The virus probably entered

Britain in food products.... The disease first appeared in pigs

at Burnside Farm in Heddon-on-the-Wall, Northumberland.

The most common means of infection is by the inhalation of viruscontaining

aerosols [Gee]… or entry of the virus into the eye, nose,

udder. Direct contamination of abraded epithelial surfaces, especially

in the oral cavity is an extremely efficient means of introducing the

virus.” [Emphasis added]

“Two important aspects of the pathogenesis of HMD lead to control

problems. One is the ability of the virus to multiply in the pharyngeal

region of vaccinated or even recovered cattle…. [Ahem] Much circumstantial

evidence shows that the persistently infected animals, referred

to as carriers, can transmit virus to other animals and thereby cause new

outbreaks of disease, but such transmission has not been shown under

controlled laboratory conditions…. [Why not, I wonder.] In those

countries where the disease is enzootic, losses result from time and expense

of vaccination campaigns, from the production and culling losses

during the periodic outbreaks, and loss of foreign markets.”

-- Dr Richard Wallace,



Bubonic Plague

In London, around 1666, people started to get lumps on their

skin, known as bubos. It has to do with swollen glands. Plague,

reportedly, is spread by rats that tend to have the disease even

when there are no humans around. (BTW, Charles Creighton,

whom I adore, thinks the plague was not vectored by rats.) I claim

this illness was spread in order to cause panic.

The fact that 1666 was also the time of London’s great fire is,

for me, the tip-off. In those days some men from Amsterdam

were planning to move into London to form a national bank,

which indeed they did in 1694, The Bank of England. Did you

know it is located on soil that is not the UK? (like Vatican City)

The same men had arranged the Glorious Revolution of 1688,

putting the Dutch Prince of Orange onto the British throne as

King William. (William and Mary, a couple, co-reigned.)

One more bit o’ dirt. In 1900, Sydney got its one and only

bubonic plague. More that 1700 people were quarantined. The

year 1901 was when the Australian nation was formed -- the six

colonies teamed up. Were opponents of federation locked up in

quarantine to prevent their trying to prevent this political event?

I don’t know but there’s no reason to rule it out. As theologian

Reinhold Niebuhr said in 1932 (in Moral Man and Immoral Society),

a group can behave much more selfishly than an individual.

City of Sydney Ratcatchers during plague.



Thalidomide Disaster In June 1961, two Sydney women gave

birth to babies missing the upper arm bone. They were patients

of obstetrician William McBride. When he delivered a third baby

that looked just like those other two, he realized it must have been

the morning-sickness pill he had prescribed: thalidomide.

By June 13, 1961 he told the Australian distributor of the drug,

Distillers Biochemical, about his suspicions. They took no action.

On the same day McBride mailed a short article to The Lancet. To

his amazement, a full MONTH later he got a rejection -- as there

was a large number of important (!) papers awaiting publication,

said deputy editor, Dr I Douglas-Wilson.

By September 4, McBride had delivered a fourth baby that

was missing its radius. Two weeks later he told Wellcome

pharmacologist Roland Thorp his theory: that deformities were

produced by thalidomide competing with glutamic acid, which is

important in the metabolism of nervous tissue. Thorp disagreed,

and continued to disagree after a fifth baby was born on 26 September.

On September 20, 1961, The Lancet, perhaps tipped off by Thorp,

wrote an editorial saying that drugs taken by pregnant women may

enter and upset the fetus. “It behooves all who care to be on the

alert for it.” [Do I detect sarcastic language?] However, the specific

name “thalidomide” was not mentioned! Many children in Germany

were born without arms. As of November 28, 1961 the drug was

taken off the market. I don’t think the drug went out for sale with

no one foreseeing its consequences. I say it was intentional.

That made seem paranoid, however, if you read McBride’s book,

Killing the Messenger, and Harold Evans’ book, The Paper Chase, you

may agree that the behavior of the manufacturer is a give-away.

Pharma does not normally ignore complaints, for fear of lawsuits.

But here, silence was resolutely maintained. I say this was done in

order to make time for more mothers to take thalidomide.

FDA director Kelsey prohibited import of thalidomide into the

US, allegedly because she had read in an article that it may cause

peripheral neuropathy. Oh? Then why did 46 other countries

allow it? I think this item from tells all:

“In the wake of the Thalidomide disaster, Congress passed the

Kefauver-Harris Drug Amendment in 1962, mandating stricter

controls on drug testing, marketing and advertising, by FDA.”



Frances Kelsey, MD, receiving award from President JFK in 1962

I confess that this alone could make me believe that it was a

set-up from the beginning, (just as, say the Oklahoma bombing

of 1995 gave the overlords many new “rights” to restrict us,

and just as the Port Arthur massacre led to the gun buyback).

The subsequent persecution of Bill McBride, however, should

clinch it for anyone. This doctor was subjected to exactly the

same, (probably scripted by the exact same person) routine as

was Andy Wakefield in regard to autism, or our various ghosts

in regard to cancer. A combination of the New South Wales

medical licencing board and Australian Broadcasting Corp did

it. (For Wakefield, it was media plus General Medical Council.)

An irrelevant matter was brought up against McBride – that

he had performed 44 unnecessary Caesarians. A lengthy court

case ensued during which no patient had anything bad to say

about him. Norman Swan of ABC accused McBride of fraud

in research, having to do with rabbit’s drinking water. The only

doctor who could vouch for McBride in this matter had just died,

young. Luckily, Douglas Keeping, MD, said, in the witness box,

that the case was “without substance” and was a persecution.

Update: a lawsuit in Australia has just been settled (mid-2012)

with Distillers (manufacturer of the drug) paying out to a victim.

That has nothing to do with what is being said about malice in

this chapter. The suit treated the event as a tragic accident. It was

not an accident. Some commentators mention mammon. No.

Humans are greedy, but that is not what caused this affair. It was

a power move. As is the suppression of cancer cures. A word, on

the next page, from Orwell, will clarify the issue.



O’Brien speaks to Winston, in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four

“The proletarians will never revolt, not in a thousand years or a

million. You understand well enough how the Party maintains

itself in power. What is our motive? The Party seeks power entirely

for its own sake.

The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture

is torture. The object of power is power. Power is power

over human beings. Over the body but, above all, over the mind.

... How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?

Winston thought. By making him suffer, he said. [Ahem. Didn’t

I tell you?].

Exactly. By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless

he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your

will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation.

Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together

again in new shapes of your own choosing.

Do you begin to see, then, what kind of world we are creating?

... A world of fear and treachery, a world which will grow not less

but more merciless as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be

progress towards more pain. The old civilizations claimed that they

were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred.

In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph,

and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy, everything.

Already we are breaking down the habits of thought

which have survived from before the Revolution.

We have cut the links between child and parent, and between

man and man, and between man and woman. But in the future

there will be no wives [See?] and no friends.

There will be no love, except the love of Big

Brother. ... If you want a picture of the future,

imagine a boot stamping on a human face -- for

ever. The arrests, the tortures, the executions,

the disappearances will never cease. ... That is

the world that we are preparing, Winston.”

Note: George Orwell, who died at 47, was not

writing a “satire.” He was surely an insider, who,

can like HG Wells in The Open Conspiracy, tried

to tell us exactly what would happen!

Eric Blair,

a.k.a. Orwell




Solid Honesty. It means the world to me that Douglas Keeping,

MD, in the witness box, said that the trial of Bill McBride was

“a vicious persecution.” Just think: if only another three or four

colleagues had banded with him, the persecution mission would

have fallen flat on its face.

Keeping is an Aberdonian, like Creighton. I have found in my

dealings with Scots, that when a Scot thinks he’s got it right, you

won’t be able to break him down. Isn’t that nice? I presume it

is a cultural rather than a genetic trait. If it’s cultural, any society

could fasten on to the value of dead honesty, and I wish they

would. I wish everybody would scream that we are sick and tired

of deception.

Speaking of screaming, do you remember the movie where

some people leaned out their windows and said “I’m mad as hell

and I’m not going to take it anymore”? Betcha the purpose of

that movie was to somehow keep us from realizing that such

“sticking out” will never happen. We are not built to show emotion

when everyone around us is being silent. But we can do what

Douglas Keeping did. We can say “Excuse me, but it looks to me

as if, ahem, the emperor is, not, ahem, clad at this time.”

McBride measured the rabbit’s drinking water slightly wrongly

and this was drummed into the full language of “scientific

fraud.” The cabal uses that sort of trick to hurt us, but we’d

be less vulnerable to it if we could call it when we see it. I propose

to call it a Swanno, after Norman Swan who led the charge

against McBride. “Excuse me but that looks, ahem, like a bit of

a Swanno.”

A word from Dubos on the way we take up unhealthy practices:

“Admittedly, human beings are so adaptable that they can survive,

function, and multiply despite malnutrition, environmental pollution,

excessive sensory stimulation, ugliness and boredom, high

population density and its attendant regimentation.

But while biological adaptation is an asset for the survival of Homo

sapiens considered as a biological species, it can undermine the attributes

that make human life different from animal life. From

the human point of view the success of adaptation must be judged

in terms of values peculiar to humanity.” [emphasis added]

-- René Dubos, “The Fitness of the Environment,” The Rockefeller

University Review, July 1968, pp 2-11. – Never stop, Dubos!



Surrealism in Our Time

[This is from Rockefeller Foundation website, April 12, 2012]:

Assets: $3 billion in 2009, Grants awarded $145 million in 2009

“The Rockefeller Foundation (RF) was established in 1913 by John

D. Rockefeller, Sr., who amassed a vast fortune as the founder and

developer of the Standard Oil Company. According to RF’s current

President, Gordon Conway, “Mr. Rockefeller gave us a broad mandate

to further the well-being of mankind throughout the world.”

RF’s philanthropy is directed toward five main program areas:

(a) Creativity and Culture: This program seeks “to give full expression to

the creative impulses of individuals and communities…”

(b) Food Security: [DEAR GOD!] This program works to “improve the

food security of the rural poor through the generation of agricultural

technologies, institutions and policies that sustain livelihoods in areas

of sub-Saharan Africa and Asia … According to RF, a root cause

of food shortages worldwide is the “corporate dominance” that

“limits access to agricultural technologies.” In September 2006, RF

collaborated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Africa,

aiming to “dramatically increase the productivity of small farms, …and

significantly reduce hunger.”

Dissociation. 24 yes-men at a 1970s Rockefeller meeting:

I got this photo from Thy Will Be Done, by Colby and Bennett, a book

that shocked unshockable me, re the collusion between Nelson Rockefeller and

evangelical clergy in the “conquest” of Latin America, mid-20th century.



The Connection between Impudence and Impunity

You can’t get much more Orwellian than the previous page.

Imagine having the impudence to say on your website that your

aim is to help the rural poor. Ah, impudence! That word calls to

mind the law maxim Impunitas semper ad deteriora invitat. (“Letting

them get away with it invites worse.”)

Note the word impunity. I just looked it up. “He did so with impunity”

means he did it and they let him do it. So it incriminates us.

And by Jove, we do have a crime on the books that can be used

to charge the person who lets the major criminal get away with it.

It is called “misprision of felony.” I learned it from Rodney Stich

and went to town with it in my book Prosecution for Treason. Just

about everybody is committing that felony today.

Wait. The word “impudence” also caused me to look up Bobbie

Burns’ To a Louse. Burns says (and was he ever wrong?) “Your

impudence protects you, sorely.” Sooo true. A person who acts

like he is unarrestable is …unarrestable. Why? Because we won’t

arrest him. A bit circular? Think about it.

Food. In the past, most people had access to the fruits of the

earth and the sea. Today we depend on remote sources, namely

the five companies that control most of the world’s agriculture.

Recipe for disaster! We can all be starved into submission. It’s sort

of like having a droit du seigneur night, every night.

I recently attended a lecture by an economist who works for

Bill Gates. His power-point presentation included remarkable

maps of the world’s agriculture. He told us that Gates has data

on every 10-square-mile unit of the earth’s surface, as to what is

grown there.

No one in the audience got antsie. Why? First, the speaker

was an invited guest and you don’t offend a guest. That’s a deep

human instinct. Second, he did not say “We do terrible things

with the data.” So we assume it’s fine. This chapter opened with

“We’re done in by our hierarchy-forming mammal instincts.”

Add: and our innate tendency to believe that the boss (the king,

upper class, etc) is – wait for it – good. Talk about slave morality!

Another reason the Gates lecture went along smoothly is “the

Kitty Genovese thing.” That is, no one got antsie because no

one else got antsie! We take our cue from each other. Ever see a

flock of birds fly off? They get a cue.



Baby Steps: How To Get Your Legal Feet Wet

Was I ever surprised when us recent law grads were told that there’s

a lot of depression among new lawyers. We were handed a list of

psychologists we could turn to. Hey, wait! Nobody said let’s make

the job more upbeat! That would be easy to do!

Who will take responsibility for our world? A good answer is: The

Responsible. We are not ants, with built-in social solutions. It takes

human individuals, of various types, to get down to it. If you join

the legal profession, this is your veritable bailiwick!

If you’re a bit wary of getting involved in prosecuting heavy stuff

like genocide (and who wouldn’t be?), note two ways to use law that

wouldn’t knock the average person out emotionally:

1. Child endangerment law. Not long ago legislators came up

with this. It’s very flexible: persons who leave a child locked in a car,

or who overdo corporal punishment, can be charged with endangering

a child. Why not apply the law to “leaving a cancer-stricken

child uncured when a cure is available?” The penalty differs by state.

In CA, one can be sentenced to prison for up to 6 years. In IL it’s 10

years; NY one year; TX up to 20 years!

2. Guardianship. A second gentle law, that can be used to put

crims out of business, is guardianship law. If an adult looks unable

to act in his own best interest, a guardian can legally be forced

on hm. Typically, the appointed individual (or bank) will hold the

person’s wealth in trust, pay his electric bill, remind him to see a

dentist, and hand him a spending allowance.

What of the cabal members, who are so messing up the world

that there will be nothing for their own grandchildren to enjoy?

“Acting in one’s own best interest” includes one’s family’s best interest.

Your state can initiate testing the person’s competence, with an

eye to taking money out of his control. (I had a dream once about

Delaware putting the Duponts under guardianship.)

Law students, does your law school have a moot court? Then you

could put on a skit of a case – I don’t mean an actual one. Have a

go at prosecuting. Use moot names. Do NOT be afraid!

Get into the swing of throwing a few law maxims around, like

“A good judge enlarges his jurisdiction.” That needn’t call for a Scalia

treatise on judicial activism. (Poor Scalia, if only he knew). It

means judges can apply the great legal principles expansively!

And the maxina mentioned earlier Impoonitas dayterri-ora inveetat.



Denial and Dissociation

If a Martian visited us today, I think he would be fascinated by our

dissociation, our ability to not-see certain things that we should

see. We dissociate on a personal level and a cultural level. Trish

Fotheringham has woven these two together in a play called One

Simple Truth. It makes a strong case that we started to be dissociative

ages ago, before the Roman Empire.

When my spouse died, I went into denial and stayed there for

nine years solid. I had heard of people doing that, and thought

they were doing it deliberately. But I was surprised to see myself

doing it, and realized it was not the least bit a voluntary choice.

Still, good news can make a person snap out of denial. How

about the news that we don’t have to fear cancer anymore? We

probably can dump autoimmune diseases, too -- lupus, MS, rheumatoid

arthritis, Lyme, diabetes, and autism. Hooray! Yay!

Another way people start to accept reality is if they see trusted

friends accepting it. We can form a quorum of citizen activists (or

“yellivists”) yelling that all that is needed is a return to the rule of

law. I felt secure growing up in the US, thinking we had a magic

agreement about law. I later realized we must work at this magic.

Other arrangements of legal power are often nightmares:

Time and Life Getty Image. See Tony Rennells’ article “Justifiability” in

Mail Online, April 12, 2011. Suspected members of the Mau Mau

imprisoned by the British in the 1950s, awaiting their fate (daily

beatings and some castrations, according to a current lawsuit).



There Just Might Be a Future for Civilization, You Know.

Homo sapiens emerged from the primates. Good-oh to that! An

essential trait is language. It allows two persons to exchange data.

It involves encoding of information that is based on what the

senses have received, plus a further mechanism to manipulate

this data into categories, principles, visions, theories, whatnot.

Before you know it, you have dear old sapiens claiming he can

remake the world into a more desirable arrangement. Aha, but

desirable for whom? And who was to bring about the change?

Art plays an important role. By art, I mean “making up something

not already there,” such as by stories and drama. The writer

can present an undesirable picture, for all to shy away from, or a

picture of something wonderful, to light the way. We desperately

need the insight and inspiration of art today.

It’s nonsense that we are told everything is so advanced and

complicated that people can no longer contribute. Quel crock!

Folks had better start contributing ideas on how we can get away

from that “advanced stuff ” and revive human nature. If we are

busy sending drones (now miniaturized to the size of a fingernail)

all around the world to kill people, that’s no sign that this is

what we are destined to do. How puerile can you get?

Dear Reader, if you want a really wild turn-on, please got

to the bibliography and acquire a familiarity with the works of

Meir Tamari and Philip Allott. Tamari says we are not destined to

make a mess of capitalism. He shows how rabbinic law has applied

wisdom to the need of a community to carry on businesses,

while still showing respect for all the players. He makes total

sense. Note the word “wisdom” there – a major gift of culture.

Allott calls himself a Social Idealist, and with good reason.

Having served as a British diplomat, Allott must be aware of the

ability of power to crush the human spirit, but his riposte is (this

is not his phraseology): “Oh yeah, so what? It could just as easily

go the other way. Humans can invent a system of love, like mad.”

Law students, please take note: Allott was a delegate to the Law

of the Seas Conference and has undaunted faith in law.

Just think how easily you could talk the majority of folks into

being enthusiastic about some new plan for society, provided it

met basic requirements for survival and for joy. Just think!



The Murder Situation: Burk and Mercola on Fluoride

Stop press! has just published a Harvard study

that proves correlation between fluoridated water and lowered IQ. A

Jan 28, 2013 article by Mercola contains a reference to Dean Burk, MD,

who said the practice of fluoridating amounts to murder, as Burk had

found a rise in cancer deaths as soon as a city put F in the H2O.

It’s astounding that HuffPost would carry such material (and it links

to Dean Burk’s speech on Youtube). Dean published his proof in 1937.

No typo there; I said 1937; that’s 85 years ago. Many scientists have

known since then that the practice was harmful. It seems that merely by

placing a happy slogan on the deal (“Fluoride helps teeth”), the murderers

have been able to escape all blame. This is marvelous.

Please, pleezie-pleeze, turn your attention to this aspect of the case.

I do not mean to introduce, into the present book, any information

about fluoride. Rather I ask you to look at physician Burk speaking

on Youtube. He so simply and soberly says what I have been trying to

convey. The “giving” of cancer is no accident; it was well-planned. That

being so, we should be acting as we do when we see any crime.

Also, I just happened to see on Youtube a lengthy documentary called

“Resonance – Beings of Frequency.” It’s partly about the discovery

by German physicist W Schumann that the earth has a pulse, with the

frequency of 7.83 Herz. (A herz is the number of oscillations made per

second). The human brain has the same resonance – 7.83 Herz. We

evolved to expect a certain pulse in the atmosphere. Today, the die-off

of bees is apparently due to waves from cell phone towers. The bee

can’t find the electromagnetic paths that it uses to navigate. Humans

also need to pick up EMF data to make the circadian rhythms of the

body function. David Weaver, PhD

asked student volunteers to live in a bunker that shut out the earth

pulse. He found that they complained of emotional distress. When he

secretly put the 7.83 pulse back into the bunker, by a magnetic pulse

generator, the “patients” got better. Experiments show that our melatonin

helps us deal with light vs dark. (Recall John Ott’s flowers.)

I hear you retort that the “cabal” wouldn’t do something as harmful

to itself as causing a mess-up of the planet. Actually, its members have

become reckless. I can’t see any of those idiots saying “Hey, we must

protect the bees that pollinate the crops.” All they must concentrate on

nowadays is how to prevent our punishing them one day soon.

Being human, just like us, they also dissociate! When reality is hard

to bear, they run from it. It does seem that they did a brilliant job of

controlling us, secretly, for centuries but now the jig is up. By the way,

I hear they go in for crazy religions, and make a real intellectual effort

to prove that evil is good. Poor souls. Don’t you feel sorry for them?



Chapter Fifteen

Microbiologists -- Were They Assassinated?

From Charlene Fassa, at (2005):

June 24, 2003 -- Dr. Leland Rickman, a UC San Diego expert on

infectious diseases

November 12 2002 -- Dr. Benito Que, 52, an expert in infectious

diseases and cellular biology at the Miami Medical School

March 25, 2002 -- Steven Mostow, 63

March 24, 2002 -- David Wynn-Williams, 55

February 28, 2002 -- In San Francisco, Tanya Holzmayer, 46, is shot

and killed by a colleague, Guyang Huang, 38, who then apparently

shot himself.

February 11, 2002 -- Dr. Ian Langford, 40

February 9, 2002 -- Victor Korshunov, 56

January 2002 -- Two in one day: Ivan Glebov and Alexi Brushlinski

December 14, 2001 -- Nguyen Van Set, 44

December 10, 2001 -- Dr. Robert Schwartz, 57

November 24, 2001 -- Three microbiologists died in Israel:

Dr. Yaakov Matzner, 54, dean of the Hebrew University school of

medicine; Amiramp Eldor, 59, head of the haematology department

at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, world-recognized expert in blood

clotting; and Avishai Berkman, 50, director of the Tel Aviv public health

N ovember 21, 2001 -- Russian defector Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, 64

November 16, 2001 -- Dr. Don Wiley, 57

July 18, 2003 --6 Dr. David Kelly, a British biological weapons expert

UK policeman guards area where David Kelly was suicided. See Hutton Inquiry.



Chapter 15

Autism: Would God Order Torture for Toddlers?

Lay thee down now and rest. May thy slumber be blessed.

-- English lyrics to Johannes Brahms’s lullaby, “Wiegenlied,” 1868

I have been told multiple times that in major institutions, if you want to study

developmental or genetics, you will likely be funded but if you want to study

immune or viral, not only should you not expect funding, but you may be reprimanded

or even let go. Somehow, that does not resemble the medical or academic

world I was exposed to . . . .

-- Michael Goldberg, MD, The Myth of Autism, 2008

There are tragedies and there are tragedies. There is no tragedy to

compare with the autism tragedy. Your child is healthy until about

15 months of age and then something happens. He loses the ability

to speak, stops being affectionate with family, acts as if he is in

great distress. His future may be one of non-stop pain.

Quick Disclaimer, Apology, and Confession

Disclaimer: As before, the reader should remember whom the reader

is dealing with: Mary Maxwell has no neuroscience background.

Apology: The above statement about tragedy refers to children in

obvious pain. Older persons who are happy to find themselves

autistic should not be labeled “tragic” by the likes of me. (Judy

Endow, a great “autie,” would say: “Mary, you lack autism.” Fine.)

Confession: I am going to favor Michael Goldberg, MD in this

chapter for the simple reason that he boasts a standard pediatric

background (he boasts of it, too!), and that reassures me.

Boring Is Beautiful. Goldberg, having been properly trained in

science, makes “boring” statements such as the following:

1. The rules of physiology have not changed.

2. It can’t be meaningless that auties show high viral titres.

3. There has never been, and never could be, an epidemic whose

basis is genetic. (Didn’t I say this would be boring? Snore...)

4. Logically we can see that children who were fine until they

regressed at 18 months weren’t born with a mis-wired brain.

Goldberg makes non-boring statements, too, in Exhibit U.




Could This Man Even Conceivably Be a Pediatrician?

Poor Dr Paul Offitt. He was the president of the American Academy

of Pediatrics (whatever that means) during “the Wakefield

affair.” When Offit went to George Washington University recently

to give his standard “Vaccines Are Beautiful” talk, there in the audience

was a student, Jake Crosby, who has Aspergers (the mild end

of the autism spectrum). Jake challenged the pediatrician in a very

polite way, on point. In no time at all the security guard removed

Jake from the room. Isn’t that awful?

Anne Dachel’s Strategy: Persistence

There are many autie parents who are not willing

to fall under. The website AgeofAutism.

com carries their work, such as that of former

schoolteacher Anne Dachel. She write replies

every day of the week to any newspapers that

“do the wrong thing.” She doggedly exposes

their fixed formula. She shows that:

1. They write stories about autism being “not so bad” – (it’s true

that a few kids will become exceptionally gifted adults).

2. They keep repeating, with no basis, that autism’s cause has been

settled: “It’s genetic and vaccines had nothing to do with it.”

3. They attribute the numbers to over-diagnosing, not ‘epidemic.’

4. They emphasise the financial burden schools.

Anne warns us of the “tsunami” of autistic adults our society will

soon have to care for. Right now in the US there there are 750,000

victims of the autism epidemic, mostly under age 20. Where can

they go? Google for “Natalie Palumbo” to get a feel for this issue

from the perspective of a loyal sister. And think of the halfmillion

autistic kids in China who have no siblings to help them!

Paul Offit, MD, specialist in ridiculing concerned

parents. Shown here after a polite question from

the audience. The hand under his hand is that of

a lady who protects him from such incursions. He

was recently named to the Institute of Medicine.

Keep in mind that the IOM is unconstitutional.

Anne Dachel, BA



Bernard Rimland’s Autism Questionnaire, as sent to Grandin’s Mom

Did he have a normal change from crawling to walking or was it a sudden

start to walking with no crawling? Respiratory infections? Does

the child look through, or walk through people? Does he refuse to

drink from a transparent container? Does he take an adult by the wrist

to use the adult’s hand to open the door, get cookies, etc?

Did the child ever imitate anyone (like wave “byebye”)? When he spoke

his first sentences, did he surprise you by using words he had not used

previously? Can he understand you, judging by the way he follows


Does he hide his skill or knowledge so you are surprised later on? Has

he ever used the word “yes”? Does he have an unusually good memory

for songs, rhymes, or TV commercials? How well did he pronounce his

first words – unusually good?

Does the baby rock in his crib? Does he hold his hands in strange postures?

Is the child deaf to some sounds but hears others? Does he react

to bright lights? Does he want to be on a rocking-horse, jump-chair, or

swing? Would you describe him as being ‘in a shell’?

Does he like to spin a jar lid? Does he whirl himself like a top? Does

he deliberately hit his head? Is he very good at jigsaw puzzle, arithmetic,

has perfect musical pitch or can tell the day of the week a certain date

will fall on?

Does he line things up precisely in even spaced rows and insist that they

not be disturbed? Is he upset by certain things that are not right, like a

crack in the wall? Does he resist new clothes?

Does he react badly to being interrupted?

Does he adopt complicated rituals like putting dolls to bed in a certain

order or insisting that only certain words be used in a given situation?

Does he get upset if furniture or toys rearranged?

Is there a problem that makes him hit, pinch, and bite himself?

Does the child repeat sentences he heard which are irrelevant now, and

does he use a hollow or parrot-like voice?

Note: I found the above list in Emergence written by Temple Grandin

and Margaret Scariano (1986). Grandin’s books are extremely helpful

to us NT’s (neurotypicals), not just regarding autism but neuroscience

and our humanity. See her Thinking in Pictures and Animals in Translation.



So What Is Autism, Really?

As you can see from the Rimland questionnaire on the previous

page, autism has many very peculiar symptoms. Psychologist

Bernard Rimland, PhD, was an autism Dad. His son Mark

was born with it in 1956. Based on replies he received to that

survey, Rimland published an article in 1964 and later founded

the Autism Research Institute. He helped jettison the hypothesis,

offered by Leo Kanner, MD, in the 1940s, that the “cause” of the

child’s mental malfunctioning was cold mothering!

Today, as mentioned in Chapter 13, autism is understood to be

a medical problem. For one thing, it has a tie-in with GI issues.

This has led the Wakefield group to put new lyrics to an old song:

“The brain bone connected to the bowel bone….”

We now also have Michael Goldberg’s discovery that blood

tests of these children yield a picture like that of the blood from

patients with CFS – chronic fatigue syndrome. Moreover, he

works with a Chilean radiologist, Israel Mena, MD, who invented

a scanning machine to watches blood flow in the brain. (You can,

of course, see that procedure on Youtube!)

Goldberg’s deduction is that a shut-off of blood to the brain is

causing the trouble. Also, he finds high viral titres in autistic kids,

so is certain that infection plays a role. His theory that autism is

an autoimmune problem will be discussed below.

Goldberg, by the way resolutely avoids the word autism as he

knows it conjures up a non-medical behavioral problem. He

won’t even agree to refer to autism as a developmental disorder,

since there is no scientifically known pathway that makes a child

do well on development until 18 months, and then lose skills.

Other contributors to real scientific research include some

parents, such as Teresa Conrick and Kent Hechkenlively, who,

though not medically trained, were forced into studying autism.

Heckenlively thinks an XMRV explanation for

autism could help treatment. Scientists find that

this retrovirus increases (gets replicated) when

any of 3 things is in the body: stress hormones,

sex hormones, and inflammation. Autistic children

suffer greatly under stress (the stress of ordinary

stimuli) and their pain increases during

puberty. Maybe they thus encourage the virus!

As for inflammation, Heckenlively wonders if

Atty. Kent








the act of receiving a vaccination, which by its nature causes inflammation,

could be the thing that starts a child down the road to

autism. He also believes that understanding the role of inflammation

may shed light on why the gluten-free diet helps some auties.

Lyme Disease Seems Connected in Some Way to Autism

The awful symptoms of Lyme: are Fatigue, mental

confusion, swollen joints, numbness in hands

and feet, tachycardia (fast heartbeat), constipation,

night sweats, migraines, mood swings, food intolerances,

motor tics. In 2004, Kathy Blanco collected

data about this, and in 2007 Robert Bransfield,

MD published on Lyme. In 2008, Bryan Rosner,

with Tami Duncan wrote a persuasive book, The

Lyme-Autism Connection. It observes:

• Some states that have high incidence of Lyme disease are the

same ones that have high autism rates, namely CT, RI, NJ, ME.

• (But, they note, OR and IN have high autism and no Lyme.)

• Many mothers of autistic children have Lyme disease.

• Lyme is called, as syphilis used to be called, “The Great Imitator”

-- its symptoms are similar to that of other diseases.

• Although a tick is known to be a vector for Lyme, many Lymers

say they do not recall a bite, and many did not have the

post-bite “bullseye” rash that is diagnostic for Lyme.

• Some families have reported that their autistic child improved

when given the antibiotics used to fight Lyme.


Many diseases today – such as lupus, MS, diabetes, and autism,

are said to be the result of one’s own immune system carrying

out its “fight” duties on the self. Auto being the Greek word for

self, if you are autoimmune you are immune to yourself!

We healthy folk have the beautiful immune system turning out

all the right pieces like lymphocytes and antibodies to tackle the

enemy. But those pieces could attack one’s own organs if the

whole biochemistry of the immune system has gone awry. And

what would make it go awry? Some external stresses, added up.As

to why that begins, the answer must be that some combination

of triggers from the environment upset one’s biochemistry.



Rhymes with Alice. Would I dare to suggest that the disease

was “caused”? Yes. After all, I said so regarding cancer and AIDS

(both in NY and Libya). And thalidomide. And polio.

I assume that autism is “weaponized” just as we know cancer

is. I speculate that the weapon is the thingamajig that causes all

the autoimmune diseases. Recall the 1969 request to Congress to

fund a weapon that would cause immuno-deficiency?

Just read Exhibit Z, many reports written by parents. Even if

Joan Campbell had not collected them so well, we could judge by

the way NIH says, without proper argument and with loads of

ridicule, that it is “definitely not the vax.” It’s absolutely forbidden by

science to talk like that! And recall Beth Maloney showing how

NIH impeded her search for an OCD remedy.

We are also assisted by Creighton’s 19th century effort to track

down Jenner’s vaccina. (Exhibit A). Had it been legit, he would

have been able to get his mitts on it. In Australia I’m assisted by

the McBride case. His persecution was just like Wakefield’s yet

there was no doubt as to the harm done by thalidomide.

How about the fact that our Gulf War Syndrome men came

down with autoimmune-like symptoms after anthrax shots? See

Alison Johnson for details. In Exhibit R, Harris Coulter, shows

that military personnel get more diabetes than the rest of us.

Huh? Listen to this. I just came across, in the book Cancer Cures

Crucified by Suzanne Caum (1968: 501), a letter written to her by

an air corps medical technician re his World War II days:

“One of [my] jobs was to administer shots and vaccinations. Many

thousands of our men were shifted about from base to base and as

no shot records were given then, they were obliged to take all of their

shots over and over again. They [faced] court martial if they refused.”

A real stunner is the following, posted at

“Our son, who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at 2.5 years, just

turned 10. My husband and I still can vividly remember the day when

he was 3 years old and received antibiotics for the first time, for an ear

infection. After the first dose he had an incredible reaction. He was

engaged, verbal and connected in a way we had never seen. That

response lasted about 24 hours, then faded.”– Linymom 5-21-12

Say, for now that I’m nuts and there is no malice. It may still

pay some researcher to toy with the idea of autism as a planned

attack, as it could make him go Bing! as to how the thing works.



Be Patriotic

I am a Somali parent, resident in Minneapolis and a father of a 6-year

old. He is still non-verbal and horribly dysfunctional. My son grew up

a healthy and bouncing baby, started speaking a few words by the time

he was about 15 months. He waited for me at the door everyday as I

got back home from work and welcomed me. He raced down the stairs

and hugged me, then held my hand and led me inside. I looked forward

to those moments, and they were perfect moments as they relieved me

of the day’s tensions and workplace frustrations. Then one day, I came

home and he did not welcome me as was his wont.

A few days earlier, Abdimalik got his 18

months MMR vaccine as scheduled. On

all subsequent days after that, Abdimalik

went from one extreme behavioural

problem to another, like tantrums, biting,

sleeplessness. We spent the entire

next winter virtually awake at night, relieving

each other and trying everything

possible to calm him down. It was not

until we withdrew dairy from his diet

that he started sleeping. This simple advice

came to us from another parent,

and not from our medical caregivers.

…. We are even ready to forgive those who damaged our kids if they

promise not to damage any more kids. We can even sign such pledges

just in case they are afraid of lawsuits …But whatever the motive of the

powers that be, the autism community will remain steadfast and united

against a superior force of big business and coward science. We have

made America our home and enjoy the full benefits of American citizenship.

My firstborn son is now serving in Afghanistan, and I am not

apologetic about speaking my mind or demanding my rights.

Autism should be viewed as a threat to our National Security. At the

rate it is increasing, it is a fundamental threat to our very existence as

a Nation and a negative influence on our role in the world. So, hiding

from the truth and continuing to ignore a fast approaching disaster is

a very unpatriotic disposition towards our country. I tell you, sir, that

whether one child or 10 children die of measles, I would rather have my

child suffer for a few days and recover than have him mentally damaged

for life and be a burden on society. I would rather have one child die in

infancy than to have thousands disabled and dehumanized for life. I will

never accept the notion that a doctor who doesn’t know what causes

autism can still tell me what does not cause it.

-- Abdulkadir Khalif is a Contributing Editor at Age of

The Khalifs, father and son



Can the Constitution Offer Any Guidance?

When anything goes wrong in the US, people can seek the friendship

of our long-gone forefathers. I am not sure what their motives

were but undoubtedly they gave us a tool for the distribution

of power. (They were powerful men, why share it?)

In regard to autism, two constitutional protections come to

mind. The first is simply the limited grants of power that the

states made to the federation, in 1787 (Chapter 8’s frontispiece).

Congress’s 18 area of legislative power do not include health;

therefore only the states can pass laws on health. Perforce, the

CDC is an unconstitutional entity. Its website says it is trying to:

“be a more efficient and impactful agency by focusing on five strategic

areas: supporting state and local health departments, improving global

health, implementing measures to decrease leading causes of death,

strengthening surveillance, and reforming health policies.”

A little less impactfulness would be appreciated, O Agency. The

fault, however, lies with the individual states for not resisting it.

The second protection comes from the Bill of Rights’ sixth

amendment: “In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall

exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved….”

If any person or organization has harmed you, you can ask a

court to rule on damages owed. In other words, you may sue.

In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine

Injury Act. It offends the Constitution in two ways. Firstly, it

declares that no one can sue the manufacturer, the doctor, nurse,

or anyone for injuries received as a result of vaccination. In my

opinion it was treasonous of Congress to pass that law. It makes

killing liability-free – who ever heard of such nonsense?

Secondly, the Act sets up a “court” but it does not fulfill the

due process rules that we take to be basic. The defendant is the

federal government! If damages are awarded the taxpayer foots

the bill! See Exhibit W for a sample. An average payout is $822,

000. Plaintiffs lack a right of discovery, to subpoena evidence.

By 2008, 5000 autism families had filed for compensation

for their vaccine-injured child. Mysteriously, all their cases were

lumped into two Omnibus cases. Both cases lost. One appealed

and lost. Neither had cited anything other than mercury or thimerosal

as the culprit. What of all the other possible causes?



Guilty Knowledge

I have said, in Chapter 8, that there are laws covering even the

most unthinkable crimes. I do realize, however, that people shy

away from thinking in those terms. It may help to go for smaller

concepts. Let’s polish up the concept of “guilty knowledge.” In

UK, it was invoked by the High Court during a lawsuit against

British Coal. The judges chose a date, 1954, as the time from

when the coal company should have known (in other words, did

know) how the miners were being injured. (Note: lie detector

tests are usually seeking to establish guilty knowledge of a crime)

So let’s look for some guilty knowledge about what I allege to

have occurred, that is, autism was intentionally given to children.

I think these categories tend to evince guilty knowledge:

1. anyone who says John Walker-Smith et al acted unethically,

2. anyone who ridicules mothers who say their baby got injured,

3. anyone who says it’s proven that vaccines do not cause autism.

Am I an enemy of free speech? Shouldn’t anyone be allowed

to say that any doctor at any time acted unethically? Sure. They

can. I am not stopping them. It’s just that they raise a suspicion.

If you want to slam Walker-Smith, it must be, logically, because

you’ve got the goods on him, right? So, then, we want you to

show us the goods. If you don’t have ’em, we will wonder why

you made the effort to badmouth him. (“I bet I know why.”)

As for ridiculing Moms, it just isn’t done. Society respects mothers.

In the rare case where it appears that a woman is deluded, we

would speak in sympathetic tones, not harsh tones.

In his book False Profits (2008: 188), Dr Offit notes how Elana

O’Brien testified, back when the tobacco companies were being

sued -- she said “I know Camels are mild.” Offit says “Hill and

Knowlton used personal testimonials to trump epidemiological

studies.” (H&K is a public relations firm.) Similarly, he said, the

parents of autistic kids gave “personal testimony” at Rep Dan

Burton’s hearings, “science be damned.” Hey, hold everything!

How does Offit know that obscure detail about the tobacco suit?

Hmm. H&K is considered a CIA company. They probably gave

Elana her lines. Oh! They probably wrote Offit’s book for him,

too. False Profits. Why is the CIA interested in squelching

publicity about a vaccine-autism connection? Tum-te-dum-dum.



What Is Autoimmunity? [Website of Johns Hopkins Medical Institute.

Autoimmunity [means] misdirected immune responses. These can be [researched],

for example: Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (in which

deliberate human experimentation in the early 1950s [Hello?] showed that

the platelet destruction is directly caused by an autoantibody), Graves’

disease and myasthenia gravis (in which there are signs of disease in the

infant due to transplacental transfer).

… Another, more feasible, way to demonstrate pathologic effect of autoantibody

is to reproduce the functional defects characteristic of the disease

in vitro. For example, inhibition of the fixation of vitamin B12 by

intrinsic factor can be produced by autoantibodies from certain patients

with pernicious anemia, and overproduction of thyroid hormones can be

produced by autoantibodies from patients with Graves’ disease….

[Or try] re-creation of the human disease in an animal model. The majority

of autoimmune diseases fit in this category. E.g., the autoimmune

basis of systemic lupus erythematosus is well accepted because of the

availability of several genetically determined mouse models which, while

not simulating lupus as seen in the clinic, do very closely replicate the serological

features and some pathological features.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and multiple sclerosis can be reproduced by immunizing

the animal with an antigen analogous to the putative autoantigen

of the human disease. Neonatal thymectomy of mice can produce excellent

analogs of autoimmune gastritis. [!] Investigators are [sometimes]

left with circumstantial evidence, that is, listing “markers” descriptive of

autoimmune disease. Examples of markers:

1. positive family history for the same disease, or for other diseases known

to be autoimmune 2. presence in the same patient of other known autoimmune

diseases 3. presence of infiltrating mononuclear cells in the affected

organ or tissue 4. preferential usage of certain MHC class II allele 5. high

serum levels of IgG autoantibodies 6. improvement of symptom by use

of immunosuppressive drugs (such as corticosteroids).

Autoimmune diseases can strike any part of the body, and thus symptoms

vary widely and diagnosis and treatment are often difficult. The

broad spectrum of autoimmune diseases includes multiple sclerosis and

the severe type 1 diabetes mellitus….. Diseases such as scleroderma require

skillful, lifelong treatment. Still other autoimmune diseases, including

Graves’ disease and chronic thyroiditis, can be successfully treated if

correctly diagnosed …

Diseases of autoimmune origin are allocated to different medical specialties.

Autoimmune diseases of the blood, are treated by hematologists,

those of the nervous system by neurologists…The presence of an autoimmune

response [may be] based on cumulative genetic risk factors, combined

with an environmental contribution (infectious, chemical, physical,

or other).” -- Retrieved Nov 9, 2012.



The previous page contains my initial experience of Hopkins

relief. I should now admit that the relief is not simply one

of finding that the big boys and I are somewhere in the same

hymnbook. It’s also – sorry – about Guilty Knowledge, “GK.”

I mean I get a sort of Perry Mason buzz on finding that labs

traffic in something whose existence they’ve doggedly denied.

.Perry Mason, Period. Now allow me, please, to claim that

I’ve developed many ways of recognizing GK. These work for

me. I don’t mean they prove that the person is harboring guilty

knowledge; cross examination or confession would be needed. I

mean I see patterns that look very revealing. Simple example: a

well-known pediatrician stated that vaccinations are so safe that

“a child could have a thousand of them.” No doctor who did not

have an agendum would ever make such a bonkers remark.

Here is another example. National Geographic recently wrote

up a story about the new cancer that is harming a marsupial

mammal called the Tasmanian devil. It’s being looked at in a wellfunded

study of the transmissibility of cancer. (Oh? Don’t they

say cancer is never contagious?) To me it seems clear that the

“study” is an experiment. Someone is using the poor old devils

to learn how to make cancer transmissible. (God help us.)

Why doesn’t the writer (NG is CIA) ask the obvious question:

how is it that this cancer was not manifest for centuries? No, that

is not interesting. Anyway, why would this study get big official

money, while a doctor who wanted a grant to study the infectious

aspects of cancer would be declared “certifiable”?

Next, to the matter of XMRV, mentioned by Heckenlively.

Vincent Lombardi, in Science, showed that this retrovirus (i.e., it

changes the DNA) may cause ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis,

better known as chronic fatigue syndrome). Two doctors, Alter

and Lo, also wrote a paper but it was pulled! Among the sequellae

was jail time for a researcher, Judy Mikovits, in a civil action!

The Wall Street Journal announced that all is well: XMRV does

not cause chronic fatigue syndrome. Just the fact that WSJ would

get involved tells me all I need to know! Anyway the virus in

question is related to HIV, so… well … ya know....

Law students, if you want some Perry Mason work, ask Anne

Dachel for her interviews with Minnesota school authorities re

the fact that Somali immigrants have top incidence of autism.



Recap of Some Crimes Narrated in This Book

Our curers and other scientists were made to suffer in many ways.

William Koch and Lawrence Burton were effectively exiled from their

country (as was Judyth Baker, a witness). The following lost their job:

Livingston, Revici, Lincoln, Creighton, Rife, Ivy, Becker, Enby,

and Kelley. Burzynski was arrested; Naessens, William Koch, and

W Reich all went to jail. Many were sued, including Rife’s associate,

John Crane. I think the following were persuaded to shut up and

who knows with what violence they were threatened: Rosenow,

Crile, Coley, and Kaali.

Suppression of cures and good treatments caused deaths. Recall autogenous

vaccine for cancer, electrification of blood for Gulf War

syndrome, phospholipids for AIDS, and many more

Out-and-Out Crimes. The mind of the citizen fogs up when

asked to think about retributive justice for those things – although

district attorneys could no doubt identify a charge for

each of them. For the moment let’s just look at relay obvious

crimes, ones that citizens understand to be punishable:

1. Deaths that were probably murder: Wilhelm Reich, Max Gerson,

Robert Lincoln, Senator Tobey, Georges Lakhovsky.

2. Diseases that were probably deliberately spread: cancer, polio, bubonic

plague, AIDS, and thalidomide’s deprivation of limbs.

3. Bereavements that look malicious: MJ Scott (of siblings), Rife (of

wife), Baker (of grandmother), Strecker (of brother).

4. Attacked electronically at home: Mary Gregory (Fathom it!)

.5. Burning down of his home: Wm Kelley (The mind boggles.

Some of the principals are still alive; so are some accessories. It

is vital to bring them to book. Inevitably that makes the crims

hesitant to continue. In 2011, Kevin Annett was beaten up and

his Dad bothered to make a public fuss. What if he hadn’t? Everybody

would be quietly calculating that “no one does anything

when we suffer.” That’s a problem we can so easily fix!

Note: there is a slight consolation in all this, if you have a sense

of humor. Drastic actions against curers who are clearly doing

no harm strongly suggest the cure works! If you read Dinshah’s

book, you’ll find yourself believing in color-light therapy, given

the enormous effort directed against Ghadiali for four decades.



Recap of Clues That the Autism Epidemic Is Suspicious

1. When there is an epidemic, the cause can never be genetic.

2. Can’t be a “development disorder” if child was earlier OK.

3. Scientists ruling out a cause without checking is unheard of.

4. Gastroenterologists stripped of licence for their autism work.

5. Mainstream media discusses autism from “talking points.”

6. A recent talking point is “Let’s get used to autism.”

7. Michael Goldberg finds clues on brain scans, can’t win grant.

8. Nowadays, families are not allowed to say No to vaccination.

9. Leo Kanner, first diagnosing autism, blamed cold mothering

10. Security guard removes student from Offit lecture at GWU.

11 In NCVI Court, two Omnibus cases represent 5,000 injured.

12. The one paid-out vaccine case (Hannah Polling) is secret.

13. Journalist Brian Deer allowed to give medical lecture at JHU.

14. Congressional hearings by Rep Dan Burton spin wheels.

15. Lancet “retracts” a 1998 article in which there are no errors.

16. CDC sells database to private company to avoid FOIA.

17. American kids now get 22 vaccinations by age 2.

18. Most babies receive Hepatitis B shot within hours of birth.

18. Homeland Security Act freed vaccine makers from liability.

19. Some states take kids away from “noncompliant” parents.

20. Somali kids in Minnesota have unexplained rates of autism.

21. No university offers to compare various treatment responses

22. Doctors studying “immune/viral” may be reprimanded.

23. None of the 50 states queries why 2% of boys get autism.

24. Connection to Lyme and infectious diseases fails to fascinate

25. See Gobbledeegook speech by CDC (at end of Chapter 13).



Chapter Sixteen

Surgeon on Horseback Makes House Calls.

It was in the horse and buggy days, and always during cold and snow

that the unchecked ravages of diphtheria occurred. My horse, Lucy,

played her role, too, as we always drove fast.

As if death of any promising child were not enough, one night Lucy

and I went to the suburb of Brooklyn [Ohio] where, in a family of

six children, five of whom were mentally defective, I found the only

normal one -- a beautiful curly-haired child -- in the last stage of

asphyxia from diphtheria.

In spite of every effort to add oxygen to the flickering light of life

of the beautiful little blond-haired girl, we failed. I could think of

nothing to say to the parents as I left to drive the shivering Lucy


One day many years later while sitting in a Pullman car, a fine

energetic-looking young man paused, saying, “Are you Dr Crile?”

Giving me his name, he said, “I was your intubation and tracheotomy

case when six months old. You see, I recovered from the diphtheria

and the pneumonia.” To prove his identity he called my attention to

his tracheotomy scar.

This case had followed soon after the preceding disaster of the only

hope in a family of six. I recall staying with that child all night. From

the chill of early dawn when I left knowing the child would live, to

meeting the grown man on the train, a period of more than forty

years, I knew nothing of that patient.

From George Crile: An Autobiography,

edited by Grace Crile. (1947: 60)

Note: We have had

railroads for only 150 years!



Chapter 16


Do not go gentle into that good night. Waterboard somebody.

-- Mary W Maxwell, Musings on Cancer and the Law

Came straight to the Conclusion without reading the chapters did

we? Well, that’s fine. Welcome! If you need answers about cancer

you may surprised at the ones you find here. I am not a doctor.

I am an ambulance chaser. I want to chase after cancer and find

all I can about the apparently malicious plan to keep us sick.

I’m particularly interested in the problem of our pitiful willingness

to take what they re dishing out to us. They? Is there a “they”

there? Yes. Some people have been indefatigable in their efforts

to suppress good cancer cures -- for over a century!

You may be curious as to their names. No need for me to mention

their names. Those creepy individuals are not the problem.

We are. Pardon me, Newly Arrived Reader, but that’s the way it is.

If you live in a free enough country, such that you were able to

obtain this book, you ought to be a leader of your community.

Perhaps you could start in the next week or so.

Here are two stories that I heard just yesterday. First, in Australia,

a 14 year-old boy, who was running from the police, crawled

under a trailer truck in fear. The cop then tased him. I repeat his

age: 14, and his location: under a truck. There is no excuse in the

world for that boy to be hurt like that. But it is not the cop’s fault;

it is society’s fault. If you are Aussie, it is your fault.

Second, I happened to hear that Judy Micovits, PhD, (who

wrote a scientific paper linking the XMRV virus to chronic fatigue

syndrome) was treated like a criminal. Her employer filed

charges against her for “stealing” and so she went to jail. The

worst thing is that no one has said to the “authorities” You can’t

abuse the law like that. So, if you’re American, it is your fault!

Just so you won’t hate me too much for preaching, let me say,

that since I am both a Yank and an Aussie, both incidents were

entirely my fault. Sorry, 14-yr-old boy! Sorry, Judy Mikovits!



The 18 Cures – Where Are They Now?

Of the 18 curers listed in this book, four are still alive and so

you can ask them directly about their work. Three of these are

in the phonebook: G Naessens, S Burzynski, E Michelakis.

Reportedly, Ryke Hamer is in hiding in Spain.

The work of some curers lives on through others. Elana Avram,

who was E Revici’s office manager, minds the shop (AIM center)

in Paramus, NJ. Edmond Addeo’s website says that the man

who made V Livingston’s vaccines is still making them. Your

GP can use his services. To enjoy Lincoln-phaging you can rock

up at a clinic in Tblisi (Why not? Aeroflot is a cheap airline.)

M Gerson’s family runs a clinic, and they publish books for

doing their cure at home. J Budwig’s cure is also written in her

book. This doesn’t mean I am recommending that anyone go the

non-doctor route. Fact is, I recommend the doctor route.

G Crile has no following. Alas, few libraries carry his books.

The devices made by G Lakhovsky and R Rife are ostensibly

on the market but who can know if they are fair replicas? Maybe

Rife’s cure is hiding in plain sight -- John Crane gave us Rife’s

frequency for several diseases. For carcinoma it is: 1,607,450 hz.

(I wouldn’t know a herz if I tripped over one so don’t rely on me!)

Nick Gonzales, MD, in New York does the J Beard cure. He

got it from dentist William Kelley who claimed to have cured

thousands of people of cancer. (You’ll recall Kelley’s house was

burned down – always a good sign.) I know of no one using

“the Father Moulinier special” -- T Glover’s serum.

As for W Coley, “hyperthermia” is used by some doctors as

a cancer treatment, but perhaps not by injecting erysipelas to

engender fever. Pfizer’s website says it has bought Coley’s work.

Ha! It’s in the public domain. (Twenty year max on patents.)

R Olney’s Providence Hospital no longer stands. His UBI has an

elaborate imitator in extracorporeal photopheresis at Yale – see

R Edelson. I guess you could say that John Ott’s cure, sunshine,

is so hard to suppress that it’s available “above board.” It won’t

break the bank either! What about the miraculous work of R

Becker? Ask his former assistant, Professor Andrew Marino.

(I also dipped me lid to cure-contributors Babbitt, Beck, Broxmeyer,

Cantwell, Domingue, Enderlein, Enby, Finson, Giardiali,

Holt, Mattman, Nordenstrom, Reich, and general theorists Béchamp,

Bernard, Creighton, Dubos, and Rosenow.)



How To Schmooze It to Your Doctor

Dear Reader, if you have enjoyed this book and intend to share

it, you may get a rude shock. Friends may react angrily, strange as

that may seem. If so, there is NO point trying to argue the case

rationally. But if somebody looks educable and asks for more

info, it may be wise to start with the MJ Scott cases.

In fact, if you can give a sample of this book to your GP, let it

be the first few pages of Chapter 10, as those include the unimpeachable

reports of surgeon Scott. He cited the names of doctors,

hospitals, and test results of a few once-hopeless patients

(whom he then cured with Glover’s serum). We can assume those

doctors would have complained if he lied.

No doubt someone will ask you which of the 18 curers had the

best track record. Allow me to show that it doesn’t matter.

To begin with some humble figures: Lakhovsky cured one plant,

Crile a few rats, and Becker two humans. Olney’s score is five.

Michelakis didn’t cure anyone in vivo, just in vitro. Ott said 14

people who tried his method “showed improvement.” Still, all

of those methods may have great success today; we don’t know.

Rife cured 14 out of 16 patients. Hamer says he cured all who

requested it. Livingston, Burzynski, Naessens, and Gerson had at

least hundreds of successes, and I think it likely that Revici and

Budwig cured thousands, as they were doing it for decades.

Glover left a book, which I have not seen recording 3,000 cases,

and I am sure the Beard method cured thousands via Kelley.

Even if only one hopeless case found a medical cure, that tells

us that there is such a thing as curing cancer medically, right?

As for my seemingly wild tales about Rockefeller influence in

medicine, I bet your doctor would be surprised at the following,

which is not speculation but documented fact. Wikipedia says:

“Rockefeller researchers were the first to culture the infectious agent

associated with syphilis, showed that viruses can be oncogenic and enabled

the field of tumor biology, developed the practice [!] of travel

vaccination, identified the phenomenon of autoimmune disease[!], developed

virology as an independent field, resolved that virus particles

are protein crystals, helped develop the field of cell biology, resolved

antibody structure, developed methadone treatment of heroin addiction

[!], devised the AIDS drug cocktail, etc.”

I rest my case.



Do a Double-take As you Read This Critique of Radiation Risks

Source: Early-Stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, by James Armitage, M.D.

New England Journal of Medicine, 363: 653-662 August 12, 2010.

Some of the most serious toxic effects of treatment tend to occur late.

… the risk of treatment failure is calculated with the use of the International

Prognostic Score… defined in selected clinical trials.

Importance of Treatment-Related Complications

Cumulative Risk of Recurrent Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Second Malignant Conditions,

and Cardiovascular Events among Patients Receiving Both Radiotherapy

and Chemotherapy for Early- Stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma….

The frequency of late complications is dependent on the particular

treatment used. The late treatment-related complications of radiotherapy

have been studied extensively. …there is an increased incidence of

several potentially lethal events after radiotherapy.

Second malignant conditions occur at an average rate of approximately

1% per year for at least 30 years after treatment. The risk is

particularly high among women younger than 30 years of age who

receive thoracic radiotherapy; breast cancer develops in 30 to 40%

of these patients in the 25 years after treatment.

Radiation-related cardiac disease can be manifested as coronary artery

disease, myocardial injury, valvular disease, or pericardial fibrosis.

The risk of death from myocardial infarction is increased after thoracic

radiotherapy, and that increased risk persists for more than 25

years. Diastolic dysfunction after radiotherapy seems to be a marker

for an increased risk of cardiac events. The incidence of stroke also

rises in patients who receive radiotherapy in the neck and mediastinum.

The risk of late complications after chemotherapy appears to be

dependent on the type of drugs prescribed. For example, patients prescribed

regimens that include mechlorethamine have a significantly

increased risk of myelodysplasia, acute myeloid leukemia, and

lung cancer. Doxorubicin, which is included in the commonly used

ABVD regimen, is associated with an increased risk of congestive

heart failure, and the combination of radiotherapy and treatment with

an anthracycline has an additive effect on the frequency of cardiovascular


Bleomycin, which is also included in the ABVD regimen, is associated

with pulmonary fibrosis. The acute pulmonary injury associated

with bleomycin can be fatal …. [Emphasis added]

Who knew?



“Medical Malpractice” – The Wrong Category

So there. Radiation causes a “second cancer.” (That does not

refer to metastases!) Chemotherapy also is carcinogenic, as is

officially admitted to by the NIH. Am I mentioning these things

to get your dander up? Yes.

Not so you will sue your doctor. Just so you will believe me

when I say that the average person’s sense of the value of the

official cures is a bit off. (My husband’s sense of the value was

similarly off. I mention that again to underscore how innocent a

doctor can be. When a doc becomes a patient you find that out!)

I am all for legal action but I wish they had never made up the

category “medical malpractice.” Probably the cabal cooked it up

(it’s a fairly recent invention). It causes over-servicing and much

other CYA behavior by doctors and ruins the sense of trust.

I guess it also causes doctors to want to use the “approved”

treatments. They will be seen to have done what was required. By

whom? By juries? By the brilliant physicians we discussed? No.

By insurance companies (tied in with state medical associations)

that send a legal team to defend them if sued.

The Mary Maxwell Cancer Cure: $350 plus $5.75 Postage

You know that the Powers that Be are holding any and all cancer

cures that work. You know Dr Richard Day in 1969 said the

Rockefeller Institute has one under lock and key. No doubt it’s

what the elite use when they find themselves cancer-stricken.

How can us battlers get it? There have been unsatisfactory

Congressional hearings on cancer, so don’t bother with the

federal legislature. But for $350 you can be a “pro se litigant” in

any US district court. The clerk of court gives you a summons

to send to defendants, which you must send by Certified Mail.

In 2012, that would set you back five and three-quarter clams.

Pro se means for himself, without benefit of lawyer. In fact you

cannot be represented by someone else when you are pro se.

That does not mean you can’t take legal advice on it – you can.

The drill is to ask for an injunction, i.e., you ask the Court

to order the defendant to stop doing what he’s doing, namely,

hiding the cure. You will not have to pay the other side if you

lose, except if your suit be frivolous. I’ve made a rough draft on

the next page. Don’t forget Chapter 5’s Summons form. It leads

to prosecution by authorites.



A format for a Pro Se filing in federal court (rough draft, fictional case):

In the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the District of Utah

John Smith and Mary Brown, PLAINTIFFS


The American Cancer Society (ACS), The American Medical Association

(AMA), and the State of Utah, DEFENDANTS

CV number [to be supplied by the Court]

Jury Trial Demanded

John Smith, filing pro se, states the following:



1. This Court has subject matter jurisdiction per 28 U.S.C. section 1331

2. This is a civil rights action under 42 U.S.C. section 1983.


3. John Smith, of 42 Main Drag, Townsville, Utah, is a cancer patient.

4. Mary Brown of 53 Main Drag, Townsville, Utah, is a nurse in good

health with a 40% statistical chance of getting cancer in her lifetime.

5. The American Cancer Society is a charity, based in Atlanta, California.

6. The American Medical Association is a professional association.

7. Plaintiff Smith needs urgently to have his cancer treated, using methods

that defendants have prevented doctors from using.

8. When scientists find cancer cures, ACS publishes its “unapproval.”

9. The AMA bows to ACS’s judgments regarding cancer treatment.

10. Utah, like other states, makes its medical licenses contingent upon a

doctor’s conformity to the “standard of care” dictated by the AMA.

11. Defendants are violating the plaintiffs’ rights by that arrangement.

12. Nicholas Gonzales documents in detail in his book What Went Wrong

(2012), that the plan to suppress cancer cure is in bad faith; that it is

across-the-board, and involves industry-state collusion. It is possible

that Defendants hold cancer cures under lock and key.

13. The granting of an injunction may save the life of Plaintiff Smith.

14. Such an injunction will not cause irreparable harm to the Defendants.


Plaintiffs ask for an injunction enjoining the Defendants to cease their

efforts to prevent doctors from using scientific cancer cures, and seek an

order for the Defendants to release any cures it is hiding, such as Royal Rife’s

electronic-frequency method of destroying cancer microbes. Plaintiff asks

the Court for any other relief that may be just and proper.

Respectfully submitted by [signature]___ Witnessed by [signature]____

[Note: Unable to afford the $350 filing fee? File “in forma pauperis”.]



“The doctor placed the clipboard on my bed and opened it briefly

before he spoke. ‘You have cancer,’ he said. ‘We found a malignancy

about the size of a golf ball. I’ve scheduled you for surgery tonight.’

Chemo. I took my chemotherapy on the eighth floor of St Vincent’s.

The oncology unit looks out over the river and patients are seated in

Naugahyde recliners facing the river. I’d lay motionless while an IV machine

pumped me full of Leucovorin, steroids, and 5-FU. Sometimes

the treatment took four hours. Orderlies brought me ice chips for the

painful hard-edged sores that blossomed under my tongue. I and the

other patients were bloated, emaciated, hairless, or all three. The steroids

did not help my temper. The smallest frustration would throw

me into a rage. The chemo had many side effects: chronic nausea, confusion,

fatigue and ulcerating mouth sores.

My sense of smell became extremely acute. I doused myself with

cologne and stank of it. My abdomen swelled and my eyes became

puffy slits. I was always exhausted and I whined like a child. The treatment

was every bit as virulent as the disease. It even caused leukemia

in some patients.” -- Chuck Pfarrer, Warrior Soul, 2004


I am here to say that the US has a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt

Organizations Act, for catching hard-to-pin baddies. One

hopes prosecutors would use it, but Department of Justice is

itself a Corrupt Organization. You can use it in civil actions!

Google “RICO.” Also there is the wide-ranging Civil Rights Act

that makes it possible for you to sue in federal court for nonfederal

things. (I know I should be sad about that, as a republican,

but it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good…)

Pardon me for a moment if I get a sales pitch in. Men of the

covert squad, I’m talkin’ to you. Don’t you get sick and tired of

playing the game of those jerks who enslave you? Isn’t it bad

for your health to have to live a lie all the time? In US there is

clear criminal law re enslavement. At 18 USC 1595, in addition to

prosecution of slave owners, we see the following provision for

civil action as well, with ten-year statute of limitations. Get rich!

(a) An individual who is a victim of a violation of this chapter may

bring a civil action against the perpetrator (or whoever knowingly benefits,

financially or by receiving anything of value from participation in

a venture which that person knew or should have known has engaged in

an act in violation of this chapter) in an appropriate district court of the

United States and may recover damages and reasonable attorneys fees.



Cancer research suppressed:


Propaganda, psy-ops:

Levels of government:

The crime of vaccination:



New Study on Chemo. Jane C Weeks et al, “Patients’ expectations

about effects of chemotherapy for advanced cancer,” New England Journal

of Medicine, Oct 25, 2012. Source: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

BACKGROUND: Chemotherapy for metastatic lung or colorectal

cancer can prolong life by weeks or months and may provide palliation,

but it is not curative.

METHODS: We studied 1193 patients participating in the Cancer Care

Outcomes Research and Surveillance (CanCORS) study (a national,

prospective, observational cohort study) who were alive 4 months after

diagnosis and received chemotherapy for newly diagnosed metastatic

(stage IV) lung or colorectal cancer. We sought to characterize

the prevalence of the expectation that chemotherapy might be curative

and to identify the clinical, sociodemographic, and health-system

factors associated with this expectation. Data were obtained from a

patient survey by professional interviewers and comprehensive review

of medical records.

RESULTS: Overall, 69% of patients with lung cancer and 81% of those

with colorectal cancer did not report understanding that chemotherapy

was not at all likely to cure their cancer. In multivariable logistic regression,

the risk of reporting inaccurate beliefs about chemotherapy was

higher among patients with colorectal cancer, as compared with those

with lung …and among patients who rated their communication with

their physician very favorably, as compared with less favorably …Educational

level, functional status, and the patient’s role in decision making

were not associated with such inaccurate beliefs about chemotherapy.


Many patients receiving chemotherapy for incurable cancers may not

understand that chemotherapy is unlikely to be curative, which could

compromise their ability to make informed treatment decisions that

are consonant with their preferences. Physicians may be able to improve

patients’ understanding, but this may come at the cost of patients’

satisfaction with them. -- Co-authors: JC Weeks, PJ Catalano, A

Cronin, M Finkelman, JW Mack, NL Keating, D Schrag.

COMMENT from MM. For comparison, say you go to your dentist

and request a certain drug, which has bad side effects, and which you

believe will cure you of gingivitis (an incurable disease of the gums).

The dentist is aware of your state of ignorance about the curative effect.

She does not attempt to set you straight. She does not ask you to

look at each of the side effects and calculate what benefit you will get,

in compensation for those harms. She writes the prescription.



Why Are They Silent? This Silence Speaks Volumes

You can ask disbelievers to try to answer these queries:

1. Sloan-Kettering send its biochemist Saul Green to do a thorough

inspection of Virginia Livingston’s clinic. He never mentions

any of the patients she cured. Thus, how could he reach a

conclusion, even a properly negative one if warranted?

2. Michelakis comes up with a reasonable theory in 2007 that

the mitochondria sometimes fails to stop growth and that this

is remedied by DCA – Yet insurance companies don’t celebrate

this money-saving news; scientists don’t send congratulations,

the Canadian government doesn’t rush to support its son. Why?

3. Soldier gives sworn testimony to Congress about the direct

killing of Pat Tillman. No one at the hearing then asks him any

questions or makes any reaction to this stunning news. Why?

4. Obstetrician in Sydney reports the birth of two, then three, babies

with deformities. The manufacturer of thalidomide and the

leading medical journal both ignore him. How is this possible?

Doesn’t a manufacturer want to avoid huge lawsuits?

5. Nobel Prize winner Neils Finsen cures lupus by the simple

means of light (now jazzed up with the name photopheresis).

That was 1904, but in 2002 my friend died after agonizing lupus.

Why was her specialist, in a Boston hospital, unaware of a cure?

.8. Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis points out that there is no

documentation of HIV-ADS connection. Don’t people listen?

Aren’t researchers curious about this gap? Are they scared?

10. As soon as Senator Tobey died, Senator Bricker (“the AMA’s

man”) replaced him as head-of-committee and offered FitzGerald

money to douse the Report, the one that showed navy and

other men raving about Lincoln’s phaging cure for many ailments.

Why? Is there something wrong with phaging, and if so

why aren’t there any medical articles arguing against it?

7. says: “Taking a daily 200 mcg of selenium significantly

reduced the occurrence and death from total cancers. Breakdown

products of selenium are believed to prevent tumor growth by

enhancing immune cell activity and suppressing development of

blood vessels to the tumor.” Do doctors know?




The Third Ball

I’ve been trying to keep three balls in the air: 1. cancer cures, 2.

the tale of the criminal cabal, and 3. a pitch to the young. This

is of that last type. Oldies, cover your eyes (peekaboo permitted)

Youngies, when I ranted about prosecuting the baddies, did you

wonder what might be next if we actually started to do that? It

won’t be a pretty sight. The cabal doesn’t just run the bad stuff

in our lives -- they also run our survival. They control the money

supply, which is like an amazing central nervous system. They

make the buses run on schedule. “They grow the food.”

If you have any talent at all, your services are urgently needed. I’m

not any longer referring to the work of opening up the medical

secrets. I mean you have to think up some ways for populations

to cope. As an indication of how NEW our circumstances are,

please note that in 1899, when my Dad was born, the number of

humans stood at 1.8 billion. It has tripled. This means problems!

So the main thing is to start believing that there is work galore

for your brain. The next thing is to doubt all that you hear in the

media. The other day I read that a polling of Scots, regarding the

planned 2014 vote for independence, “shows most against it.”

A lie, of course, but that lie will now lessen the Yes vote! Yucko.

Surely you have to practice, on however small a scale, some way of getting

together with others. The paralysis of real communication is stunning, never

mind all the praise for Twitter and Facebook. I mean face-to-face stuff.

Are you on the East Coast of America? How about meeting to

deal with Mary Gregory’s claim, in Exhibit X, that NY citizens

(especially disabled, Jewish, widowed) are being tortured? You

could go to 63rd drive and look for the Duane Reade store. It’s

an easy subway stop. Your role could be that of “investigator.”

You could ask local police, politely, about the driverless cars that

she says killed someone. The US Defense department has officially

sponsored “the Grand Challenge” to race such cars, so

don’t let yourself

get woo-wooed

down. Of course,

if you don’t live

near New York,

you can easily think

of a different task.



Joyful Doctoring: For Students Considering a Medical Career

“There’s been a lot of criticism of the medical profession at this

conference, all of it richly deserved, but I would like to state that I

am proud and happy to be a member of the medical profession. …

I’m proud to be a brother of other doctors. We do spend our lives

caring for others. Most are more selfless than they get credit for.”

-- Gregory White, MD, “Hospital Births – a Dissenting View” in

Robert Mendelsohn, ed, Dissent… Nine Doctors Speak Out, 1984.

As I sat by Phillip’s side and witnessed the quiet end, I reflected that

in all the vicissitudes…he possessed complete mastery of himself.

He died a learned, and great physician. He had never known an

interest, a diversion, a hobby outside of his profession.

-- George Crile, MD, in his Autobiography, Vol 2 , 1947, p 435.

“I had come from Sydney Church of England Grammar School,

closely linked with Shrewsbury School in England, whose motto was

Manners Makyth Man. Our motto was Vitai Lampada Tradunt (they

hand on the torch of life).” -- John Walker-Smith, MD, Journal of

Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition, May, 2002.

“I went to Melbourne to sit for the College of Surgeons exam. I had

heard tales form Melbourne graduates that Sir Sydney Sunderland

was a tough examiner, which was an understatement. I had never

had an examiner who, when you gave the wrong answers, smilingly

encouraged you to go on.”

– William McBride, MD, Killing the Messenger, 1994 p 28

“Sherwin Nuland is hands down the best professor I had at Yale.

He forced us to think critically and examine our beliefs. He’s so

knowledgeable. Has an incredible collection of medical books that

he’ll bring in to class!” -- anonymous at

Dr Charlie [Mayo] helped his father and brother Will with surgery.

He gave anesthetics when he was so small that he had to stand on a

soapbox. Will was his friend, his idol, and remained so through-out

his life. I wondered on many occasions how Dr and Mrs Charlie

could do so many kind things for so many different people.

-- L. Rowntree, MD, Amid Masters of the 20th Century, 1958, p 274.

“If my life has been given to the faculty and the university, it has been

enriched by the experience.” – George M Maxwell, MD, retirement

speech, University of Adelaide, May 1988.



End Part Four

Recap of Political and Legal Recommendations

Parents, go to your kids’ dean and fulminate about the curriculum.

Youngies, imagine a marvelous tomorrow. That’s how you’ll get one.

Grasp the Hyde Park hypothesis, about our irrational barrier to ideas.

Judges, see a harassing lawsuit? Get them for “abuse of process.”

Grand Juries, indict cure suppressors for burglary, assault, treason, etc.

Get the local woodworker to build a pillory. Gaze at the pillory daily.

Docs, jot down your own beliefs about chemotherapy and radiation.

Ohio, don’t let your state delegate its legislative power to the AMA!

Be wary of large institutions performing charity, and large “charities.”

Invoke the law of self-defense; it includes your right to protect others.

Don’t take the wussy option of accusing Congresspersons of ultra vires.

There is domestic law in USC to cover treason and genocide. Use it.

Charge holders-back with the federal felony of obstruction of justice.

Anticipate humiliation – prepare to dance “the knockback polka.”

Silence being the problem, talking is the solution. So talk.

Set up a grand jury, with or without official “permission.” It’s legal.

Think Leviticus 24:20: “fracture for fracture.”

Prestigious old scientists, take your blinkers off, please. Scan the skies.

Be a Jewish mother. Religion, no bar. Ethnicity, age, gender no bar.

Don’t have a Mussolini moment over the Tillman and Davis murders.

Query anything that came in with the cat (especially NIH, FDA, CDC).

Everybody’s lying as the cultural norm? Call it off! This is chaos.

Bostonians, ask the City Council to rename the Avenue Louis Pasteur.

Accreditation Committee Members, consider temple-cleansng.

Return to smaller communities, for which our emotions are attuned!

Determine what your values are. Love them. Flaunt them. Kiss them.

Doctors, copy out the Dr Day speech and send it to your colleagues.

In regard to compulsory vaccination, administer the thickness test.

Academics, stop letting your salary be a bribe for silence. That sucks.

Aussies, you know what to do. “Life -- be in it.”

Docs, do a St Christopher over your mistakes in the vaccine hoax.

Catholic hospitals, post a notice that you answer to CDC, not God.

Understand that Orwell’s warning are all coming true, and why.

Look for the guilty party in the Minnesota Somali autism thing, now.

Track down who stopped the career of Robert O Becker in 1984.

Look into the RICO Act, for punishment of racketeers.

Ponder the summons-complaint form; list some suspects and charges.

Realize it’s still easy to do these things. Later it’ll be nearly impossible.

Be happy about the cancer cures. “Consider the lilies of the field….”

Rejoice! Yes, I said rejoice. Why not? The only obstacle is ourselves!


Addendum for the Diamond Jubilee Year: The Monarch’s Authority

2 June, 1953 Order of Service for The Coronation of

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,

The Queen, as soon as she enters at the west door of the Church, is

to be received with this Anthem: Psalm 122, 1–3, 6, 7.

I was glad when they said unto me: We will go into the house

of the Lord. Our feet shall stand in thy gates: O Jerusalem….

III. The Recognition

The Archbishop, together with the Lord Chancellor, Lord Great

Chamberlain, Lord High Constable, and Earl Marshal (Garter King

of Arms preceding them), shall then go to the East side of the

Theatre, and after shall go to the other three sides in this order, South,

West, and North, and at every of the four sides the Archbishop shall

with a loud voice speak to the People: and the Queen in the mean

while, standing up by King Edward’s Chair, shall turn and show

herself unto the People at every of the four sides of the Theatre as

the Archbishop is at every of them, the Archbishop saying:

Sirs, I here present unto you Queen ELIZABETH, your undoubted

Queen: Wherefore all you who are come this day to do your homage

and service, Are you willing to do the same? The People signify their

willingness and joy, by loud and repeated acclamations, all with one

voice crying out, GOD SAVE QUEEN ELIZABETH.

Then the trumpets shall sound.

IV. The Oath

The Queen having returned to her Chair (her Majesty having already

on Tuesday, the fourth day of November, 1952, in the presence of

the two Houses of Parliament, made and signed the Declaration

prescribed by Act of Parliament), the Archbishop standing before

her shall administer the Coronation Oath, first asking the Queen,

Madam, is your Majesty willing to take the Oath?

And the Queen answering, I am willing, The Archbishop shall

minister these questions; and the Queen, having a book in her hands,

shall answer each question severally as follows:

Archbishop: Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the

Peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern

Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa,

Pakistan and Ceylon, according to their respective laws and customs?


Queen: I solemnly promise so to do.

Archbishop: Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy,

to be executed in all your judgements? Queen: I will.

Archbishop: Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the

Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel?

Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United

Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law?

Queen: All this I promise to do.

Then the Queen arising out of her Chair, supported as before, the

Sword of State being carried before her, shall go to the Altar, and

make her solemn Oath in the sight of all the people to observe

the premisses: laying her right hand upon the Holy Gospel in the

great Bible (which was before carried in the procession and is now

brought from the altar by the Archbishop, and tendered to her as she

kneels upon the steps), and saying these words:

.The things which I have here promised, I will perform, and keep.

So help me God.

Then the Queen shall kiss the Book and sign the Oath.

The Queen having thus taken her Oath, shall return again to her

Chair, and the Bible shall be delivered to the Dean of Westminster.

V. The Presenting of the Holy Bible

When the Queen is again seated, the Archbishop shall go to her Chair;

Our gracious Queen: to keep your Majesty ever mindful of the

law and the Gospel of God as the Rule for the whole life and

government of Christian Princes, we present you with this Book, the

most valuable thing that this world affords. And the Moderator shall

continue: Here is Wisdom; This is the royal Law; These are the lively

Oracles of God.

Then the Lord who carries the Sword of State, delivering to the

Lord Chamberlain the said Sword (which is thereupon deposited in

Saint Edward’s Chapel) shall receive from the Lord Chamberlain, in

lieu thereof, another Sword in a scabbard which he shall deliver to

the Archbishop: and the Archbishop shall lay it on the Altar and say:

Hear our prayers, O Lord, we beseech thee, and so direct and

support thy servant Queen ELIZABETH,

that she may not bear the Sword in vain; but may use it as the

minister of God for the terror and punishment of evildoers….




Welcome to the Exhibits

These exhibits proffer a specific cure for cancer:

C. 1909 Coley: use toxins to make fever (2 pages)…… 265

D. 1911 Beard: augment pancreatic enzymes (3 pages)……. 267

F. 1924 Crile: equalize cancer and nearby cells (8 pages)…. 275

L. 1970 Olney: treat the blood with UV light (2 pages) .. 312

M. 1973 Ott: consider full-spectrum light (3 pages)… 314

O. 1985 Becker: the use of silver ions (2 pages) …...…. 320

Other cancer-related exhibits:

I. 1953 FitzGerald: Senate stymies Lincoln cure (6 pages) … 252

J. 1961 Rife: find the microbe and zap it (6 pages) ………. 256

N. 1975 Thomas: Issels’ whole-body method (4 pages).. …… 317

P. 1993 Mattman: look at the virus and DNA (3 pages)…… 323


These expose the subterfuge that surrounds vaccination:

A. 1885 Creighton: vaccina of Jenner is spurious (4 pages)... 252

B. 1898 Wallace: Royal Commission cooks books (9 pages).. 256

E. 1920 Higgins: Army less healthy than civilians! (5 pages). 270

K. 1965 Dole: pro-vax BBC silences anti-vaxxers (4 pages)… 308

(includes 1 page by Eleanor McBean on polio)


Strong statements on immunity, autoimmunity, and autism:

U. 1999 Goldberg: neuroimmunity and autism (3 pages)……. 338

(includes 1 page by George Maxwell on autoimmunity)

R. 1997 Coulter: pertussis shot causes diabetes (3 pages)……..330

S. 1997 Panksepp: the brain in autism (3 pages)…..……… 333

V. 2005 Moskowitz: natural immunity is superior (3 pages)... 341

Z. 2011 Campbell: a mother can see the damage (3 pages)... 351

Extremely interesting pieces on miscellaneous topics:

G. 1947 Underwood: medical history of British (7 pages)…. 283

H. 1950 Rosenow: ubiquity of pleomorphism (6 pages)……. 290

Q. 1994 Caton: the ease of culture-creation (4 pages)….…. 326

T. 1998 Emery: hypnosis used for enslavement (2 pages)… 336

X. 2011 Gregory: our tormentors in New York (5 pages)…. 345


Exhibit A: Creighton on the Elusive Vaccina

Exhibit A. 1885 C. Creighton, “Vaccination,” Encyclopedia Britannica

VACCINATION (from Lat. vacca, a cow), the

name given in France to the Jennerian practice

of cowpoxing, shortly after the practice began in

England (1799). To replace smallpox inoculation

by cowpox inoculation under certain specified

circumstances was Jenner’s tentative project. The

history of the introduction of cowpoxing, given

in the article JENNER, is here supplemented

from the point of view of historical criticism. It

is right to say that the views expressed in the present

article diverge in many points from the opinions

generally received among medical men, and

must be regarded not as the exposition of established and undisputed

doctrine, but as the outcome of an independent and laborious research.

Jenner’s originality consisted in boldly designating cow-pox as variolæ

vaccinæ or smallpox of the cow, and in tracing cowpox itself back to

the grease of the horse’s hocks. The latter contention was at length set

aside by practical men as a crude fancy; the former designation is just as

arbitrary and untenable. It was elaborately shown by Pearson in 1802,

and has often been confirmed by subsequent writers, that the vesicle

of inoculated cow-pox, even while it remains a vesicle, is quite unlike a

single pustule of smallpox.

Jenner’s originality in starting vaccination in practice is for the most part

misunderstood. When he published his Inquiry in June 1798, he had

twice succeeded in raising vaccine vesicles by experiment, -- the first

time in 1796 with matter from a milker’s accidental sore, and the second

time in March 1798 with matter direct from the cow. The first experiment

was not carried beyond one remove from the cow; the second was

carried to the fifth remove, when the succession failed. A third experiment,

in the summer of 1798, failed from the outset; and his fourth

and last experiment, in November-December 1798, led to nothing but

extensive phagedenic ulceration in two cases out of six.

Historical sources of vaccine lymph:

In this posture of affairs Woodville of the inoculation hospital, London,

succeeded in January 1799 in starting a succession of arm-to-arm

vaccinations from a London cow, which were exceptionally free from

the ulcerative termination. From that source Jenner himself was supplied

with lymph in February, while more than two hundred practitioners

both at home and abroad were supplied some three weeks later.

There was a quarrel with Woodville in due course, and an attempt to set

Charles Creighton MD



up as authentic Jennerian lymph independent of the London stock. But

the merits of this claim (which otherwise rests on the vague evidence

of Marshall) may be judged of by the fact that Ring’s application to

Jenner in September 1799 for genuine lymph was answered by the latter

with a supply of matter which was none other than Woodville’s own

stock, after six months’ use in the country. Woodville’s stock was used

all over the world down to 1836.

By that time there were numerous complaints that the lymph was degenerating,

and a widespread feeling that it was necessary to “go back

to the cow.” Apart from the numerous original cases of cowpox alleged

to have been found in Wurtemberg, the first new authentic source was

the Passy cow of 1836. From the accidental vesicles on the milker’s

hand Bousquet, the director of vaccination in Paris, started a new stock,

which partly superseded Woodville’s lymph hitherto in use in France….

Estlin’s new geniture is one of the most fully recorded in the history of


In the same year, and the two following years (1838-41), Ceely of

Aylesbury found some half-dozen distinct occurrences of cowpox in

the dairy-farms of his district, and cultivated lymph from them. His account

of the natural history of cowpox in the cow, and of the effects

of primary lymph when inoculated on the human arm, is by far the

most comprehensive and candid that has ever been given; without it we

should hardly have understood the real nature of cowpox. …

In England the editors of the Veterinarian inserted a notice in the number

for August 1879, making a request to their readers for lymph “from

vesicles on the teats of cows in cases of so-called natural cowpox.” The

only answer to it hitherto has been an intimation in June 1880 that there

was a case of cowpox at Halstead in Essex, which was visited by Ceely and

others and pronounced by the former to be of the nature of eczema. In

1876 the disease was found at a farm near Reykjavik in Iceland, where it

had never been seen before; it was of the old type, producing sores on

the milkers’ hands, and causing much alarm by its unfamiliar character…

The so-called calf lymph is as remote from the cow as ordinary humanized

lymph; it differs from the latter merely in the circumstance that the

calf (on its shaven belly) becomes the vaccinifer, instead of the child, and

that the cycle of the disease is very much abbreviated or contracted in the

calf: the vesicles are distended with lymph about the fourth or fifth day…

Under the influence of theory, “vaccine” lymph has been got from two

sources that have absolutely nothing to do with cowpox ; and, oddly

enough, the matter from these sources has been so managed [managed?]

as to produce correct vesicles on the child’s arm. One source is the

Exhibit A: Creighton on the Elusive Vaccina


grease of the horse’s hocks and the other is smallpox itself.

The grease of the horse was known to produce vesicles and subsequent

ulcers on the hands almost indistinguishable from those of

accidental cowpox. There was also the tradition (which breaks down

when tested by facts) that infection with the grease protected from

smallpox. … Sacco of Milan actually used the equine matter on a large

scale, instead of cowpox matter; and De Cairo of Vienna “equinated”

many persons in that city with lymph sent him by Sacco. Baron prints a

memorandum of Jenner, dated 23d July 1813, relating to “equine virus

which I have been using from arm to arm for these two months past,

without observing the smallest deviation in the progress and appearance

of the pustules from those produced by vaccine,” and a second

note, dated 17th May 1817, in which Jenner says he “took matter from

Jane King (equine direct) for the National Vaccine Establishment. The

pustules beautifully correct.”

Human smallpox

The other anomalous source of “vaccine” is human smallpox. Jenner

having succeeded in passing off his doctrine that cowpox is smallpox

of the cow, it occurred to some persons about forty years after to prove

the doctrine by experiment, the proof being to variolate the cow on the

udder. This was accomplished in 1838, after much trouble, by Thiele in

Kazan (Russia), who inoculated several thousands of persons with the

variolous matter “passed through the system of the cow.” Within a few

months of that experiment, the same thing was attempted by Ceely of

Aylesbury, who succeeded, after many failures, in raising a large variolous

pock, not on the udder of the cow, but on the mucous membrane

of the vulva. The first experiment with the matter of this pock was

undesigned; his assistant pricked his hand with the lancet which had

just been dipped into the large pustule, and in due course had an attack

of smallpox. Ceely persevered with his experiments (having meanwhile

variolated another heifer at five places on the vulva), and in due time so

“managed” his matter as to produce vesicles on the human arm (without

general eruption on the skin), which were regarded at Cheltenham

and other places as on the whole better than the cowpox vesicle of the

period. But the real practical application of this idea was reserved for

Badcock, a dispensing chemist at Brighton. It does not appear that any

authentic or fully detailed account of Badcock’s experiments has been

published; (See Hodgson, Brit, Med. Journ., 26th November 1881) but

he thus summarized the results some forty years later (Pall Mall Gazette,

Jan. 23, 1880):—“By careful and repeated experiments I produced, by

the inoculation of the cow with smallpox, a benign lymph of a non-infectious

and highly protective character. My lymph has now been in use

Exhibit A: Creighton on the Elusive Vaccina


In 1999 a UK postage stamp

commemorated Jenner’s

cowpox fandangle.

Exhibit A: Creighton on the Elusive Vaccina

at Brighton for forty years, and is at the present time the principal stock

of lymph employed there, being that exclusively used by the public

vaccinators.” At Boston, U.S., the same kind of lymph was raised and

put in use in 1852. But at Attleborough, Mass., the same experiment

had in 1836 led to disaster. Smallpox was inoculated on a cow’s udder,

and the product used to vaccinate about fifty persons. The result

was an epidemic of smallpox, a panic, and the suspension of business.

(Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., 1860, p. 77). On the face of it this method

was simply variolating the cow (on a mucous membrane if the hairless

or shaven skin failed) and inoculating the human subject with that curiously

disguised smallpox matter. …A negative result was come to by

Klein in 1879, in an inquiry for the Local Government Board, wherein

he had Ceely’s cooperation. In 1879 the Irish Local Government

Board prevented the use of similar variolous lymph by threatening to

prosecute under the Act making the inoculation of smallpox penal.


State-Supported facilities for vaccination began in England in 1803

with the National Vaccine Establishment. In 1840 vaccination fees

were made payable out of the rates. The guardians also appoint; a public

vaccinator, who must be duly qualified to practise medicine, and

whose duty it is to vaccinate (for a fee of not less than eighteen pence)

any child resident within his district brought to him for that purpose….

The Board awards a considerable sum in premiums for totals of successful

vaccination, at a higher scale of one shilling for each case, and a

lower scale of sixpence. The vaccination officer sees that all infants are

vaccinated, either publicly or privately, before they are three months

old (in Scotland six months), unless there is reason for postponing the

operation. He acts also as registrar of vaccinations. Parents refusing to

obey the summons taken out by the vaccination officer are liable to a

penalty of twenty shillings for each offence. In 1880 the president of

the Local Government Hoard brought in a bill to repeal the part of

the Act re cumulative penalties; but the bill was withdrawn owing to

protests from the medical profession. …


Exhibit B. 1898 Alfred Russel Wallace, LLD, DCL, FRS, “Vaccination

a Delusion, Its Penal Enforcement a Crime. Proved by the Official

Evidence in the Reports of the ROYAL COMMISSION.”

[Wallace published the theory of evolution in

1858, a year before Charles Darwin’s Origin of


I have put before [Parliament] the essential

facts… taken from the Reports of the Royal

Commission or of the Registrar-General…. I

thus abundantly prove … that similar misstatements

have characterised the whole official advocacy

of Vaccination from the time of Jenner

down to this day.


… [T]wo cases that afford most conclusive tests of the absolute uselessness

of vaccination [are that of] Leicester and our Army and Navy.

Up to 1872 Leicester was a fairly well vaccinated town, yet for thirtyfour

years its small-pox mortality, in periodical epidemics, remained

very high.

But immediately after the great epidemic of 1872, which was much

worse than in London, the people began to reject vaccination, at first

slowly, then more rapidly, till for the last eight years less than 5 per cent.

of the births have been vaccinated. During the whole of the last twenty-

four years small-pox deaths have been very few, and during twelve

consecutive years, 1878-89, there was a total of only eleven small-pox

deaths in this populous town. GRAPH 9. is equally important as showing

a remarkable correspondence … between vaccination and disease.

From 1848 to 1862 there was a considerable decrease of both general

and infant mortality, and also in infant mortality from small-pox. This,

Mr. Biggs tells us, was when important sanitary improvements were in

progress. Then the more thorough enforcement of vaccination set in

(as shown by the dotted line), and was accompanied by an increase of

all these mortalities. But so soon as the revolt against vaccination began,

till the present time, when it has diminished to about 2 or 3 per cent

of births, all mortalities have steadily decreased, and that decrease has

been especially marked in infant lives….. I venture to declare that in

the whole history of vaccination there is no such clear and satisfactory

proof …as these Leicester statistics afford of its having been the cause

of death to many hundreds of infants. I next discuss in some detail

what is undoubtedly the most complete and crucial test of the value

Exhibit B: Wallace on Royal Commission

Alfred Wallace



or uselessness of vaccination to be found anywhere in the world. Since

1860 in the Army, and 1872 in the Navy, every man without exception

has been vaccinated on entering the service.

[T]he circular of the National Health Society states that “soldiers who

have been revaccinated can live in cities intensely affected by small-pox

without themselves suffering to any appreciable degree from the disease.”

Let us see how far these official statements are true

In their Final Report the Commissioners give the statistics of small-pox

mortality in the Army and Navy from 1860 to 1894 (It was introduced

into the Navy in 1801, and in that year the medical officers of the

fleet presented Jenner with a special gold medal!) Brigade-Surgeon Wm

Nash, M.D., informed the Commission that …the revaccination of the

Army was as perfect as endeavours can make it,”

Turning now to the diagram (No. XI) which represents the official

statistics, the two lower solid lines show the small-pox death-rate per

100,000 of the force of the Army and Navy for each year, from 1860

to 1894.

This dotted line shows us that, with the exception of the great epidemic

of 1871, when for the bulk of the Irish patients there was neither

isolation nor proper treatment, the small-pox mortality of the Irish

population of similar ages has been on the average below that of either

the Army or the Navy; while if we take the mean mortality of the three

for the same period (1864—1894: Army, mean of the annual small-pox

death rate, 58 per million. Navy mean of the annual small-pox death

rate, 90. Ireland (ages 15—45) mean of the annual small-pox death rate

65.8. If we combine the Army and Navy, the death-rate is 64.3 per million,

or almost exactly the same as that of Ireland.

Now if there were no other evidence which gave similar results, this

great test case of large populations compared over a long series of

years, is alone almost conclusive; and we ask with amazement,—Why

did not the Commissioners make some such comparison as this, and

not allow the public to be deceived by the grossly misleading statements

of the medical witnesses and official apologists for a huge imposture?

It is thus completely demonstrated that all the statements by which

the public has been gulled for so many years, as to the almost complete

immunity of the revaccinated Army and Navy, are absolutely false. It

is all what Americans call “bluff.” There is no immunity. They have no

protection. When exposed to infection, they do suffer just as much as

other populations, or even more.

This slurring over the damning evidence of the absolute inutility

of the most thorough vaccination possible, afforded by the Army and

Navy, is sufficient of itself to condemn the whole Final Report of the

Exhibit B: Wallace on Royal Commission


majority of the Commissioners. It proves that they were either unable

or unwilling to analyse carefully the vast mass of evidence brought before

them, to separate mere beliefs and opinions from facts, and to discriminate

between the statistics which represented those great “masses

of national experience” to which Sir John Simon himself has appealed

for a final verdict….

That they have not done this, but without any careful examination or

comparison have declared that revaccinated communities have “exceptional

advantages” which, as a matter of fact, the Report itself show

they have not, utterly discredits all their conclusions, and renders this

Final Report not only valueless but misleading.


Among the greatest self-created scourges of civilized humanity are the

group of zymotic [i.e., infectious] disease and are believed to be due to

the agency of minute organisms which rapidly increase in bodies offering

favourable conditions, and often cause death. The exact mode by

which these diseases spread is not known; but with all of them there

must be conditions favouring their reception and increase….If the

whole population of a country lived under thoroughly healthy conditions

as regards pure air, pure water, and wholesome food, none of

them could ever obtain a footing, and they would die out as completely

as the plague and leprosy have died out, though both were once so

prevalent in England.

Only four years after the discovery had been first announced…. this

testimony caused Parliament to vote Jenner £10,000 in 1802. Ample

proof now exists of the fallacy of this belief, since vaccination gives

no protection whatever…; and had it not been for the unscientific haste

of the medical witnesses to declare that vaccination protected against

small-pox during a whole lifetime -- a fact of which they (minus a crystal

ball) could not possibly have any evidence. When therefore the flood of

evidence poured in, showing that it did not protect, it was already too

late to remedy the mischief that had been done, since the profession

would not so soon acknowledge its mistake, nor would the legislature

admit having hastily voted away the public money without adequate

reason. The vaccinators went on vaccinating, the House of Commons

gave Jenner £20,000 more in 1807, made the operation compulsory in

1855, and enforced it by penalties in 1867.

A few preliminary misconceptions must be dealt with. One of these

is, that as vaccination is a surgical operation to guard against a special

disease, medical men can alone judge of its value. But the fact is the

very reverse, for several reasons. In the first place, they are interested

Exhibit B: Wallace on Royal Commission


parties, not merely in a pecuniary sense, but as affecting the prestige of

the whole profession. In no other case should we allow interested persons

to decide an important matter. Whether iron ships are safer than

wooden ones is not decided by ironmasters or by shipbuilders, but by

the experience of sailors and by the statistics of loss.

The Board of the National Vaccine Establishment consisted of the

President and four Censors of the Royal College of Physicians, and the

Master and two senior Wardens of the College of Surgeons. We cannot

possibly suppose that they knew or believed that they were publishing

untruths and grossly deceiving the public. [???]

Smallpox was always present in London, while Sir Gilbert Blane tells

us that in many parts of the country it was quite unknown for periods

of twenty, thirty, or forty years. In 1782 Mr. Connah, a surgeon at

Seaford, in Sussex, only knew of one small-pox death in eleven years

among a population of 700. The late Mr. Ernest Hart, a medical man,

editor of the British Medical Journal, … states that in the forty years

1728-1757 and 1771-1780, the average annual small-pox mortality of

London was about 18,000 per million living. …This great authority,

[the Royal Comission] therefore, has multiplied the real number by six!

An average of 52 children officially murdered every year, and officially

acknowledged, is termed “alleged injury,” which need not be

feared! And these cruel falsehoods are spread broadcast over the country

and the tract [has] upon its title-page…Revised by the Local Government

Board, and issued with their sanction. No one has been punished,

and no compensation or even official apology has been given to

the thousand sorrowing families.

Left: Elvis helps us get our polio shots.

Below: 1999 stamp celebrates vaccine.

Exhibit B: Wallace on Royal Commission


Exhibit B: Wallace on Royal Commission


Now such figures as these… are a perfect farce, and are totally useless

for any statistical purpose. Yet every vaccination is officially recorded.

As the medical advisers of the Government give us instead partial and

local statistics… often demonstrably incorrect, every rule of evidence

and every dictate of common sense entitle us to reject the fragmentary

and unverified statements….

Again, it is admitted by many pro-vaccinist authorities that the unvaccinated,

as a rule, belong to the poorer classes, while they also include

most of the criminal classes, tramps, and generally the nomad

population. They also include all those children whose vaccination has

been deferred on account of weakness, or of their suffering from other

diseases, as well as all those under vaccination age.

The unvaccinated as a class are therefore especially liable to zymotic

disease of any kind, small-pox included; and when, in addition to these

causes of a higher death-rate from small-pox, we take account of the

proved untrustworthiness of the statistics, wholly furnished by men

who are prejudiced in favour of vaccination. We have already seen that

the total case-mortality of these hospitals agrees closely with that of

the last century; the two classes of facts taken together thus render it

almost certain that vaccination has never saved a single human life.

In the first place the decline in the first quarter of the century is a

clear continuation of a decline which had been going on during the preceding

forty years….In 1845 began the great development of our railway

system, and with it the rapid growth of London, from a population

of two millions in 1844 to four millions in 1884. This rapid growth of

population was at first accompanied with over-crowding, and as no adequate

measures of sanitation were then provided the conditions were

prepared for that increase of zymotic disease which constitutes so remarkable

a feature of the London death-rates between 1848 and 1866.

But at the latter date commenced a considerable decline both in the

total mortality and in that from all the zymotic diseases, except measles

and small-pox, but more especially in fevers and diphtheria, and this

decrease is equally well explained by the completion, in 1865, of that

gigantic work, the main drainage of London.

Every statistician knows the enormous value of the representation of

tabular statistics by means of diagrammatic curves. It is the only way

by which in many cases the real teaching of statistics can be detected.

An enormous number of such diagrams, more or less instructive and

complete, were presented to them, and, at great cost, are printed in the

Reports; but I cannot find that, in their Final Report, they … have once

referred to them.


It is one of the most certain of facts relating to sanitation that comparative

density of population affects disease, and especially the zymotic

diseases, more than any other factor that can be ascertained… It

is mainly a case of purity of the air, and consequent purification of the

blood; and when we consider that breathing is the most vital and most

continuous of all organic functions, that the air we breathe is taken into

the lungs, one of the largest and most delicate organs of the body, and

that the air so taken in acts directly upon the blood, and thus affects the

whole organism, we see at once how vitally important it is that the air

around us should be as free as possible from contamination.

It will now be clear to my readers that these conclusions, set forth as

the final outcome of their seven years’ labours, are the very reverse of

the true ones, and that they have arrived at them by neglecting altogether

to consider, in their mutual relations, “those great masses of national

statistics” which alone can be depended on to point out true causes…


We will first take Sweden, which has had fairly complete national statistics

longer than any other country, and we are now fortunately able

to give the facts on the most recent official testimony—the Report furnished

by the Swedish Board of Health to the Royal Commission…

Looking at diagram V, we see that it absolutely negatives the idea of

vaccination having had anything to do with the great reduction of

small-pox mortality, which was almost all effected before the first successful

vaccination 17th December, 1810!

And this becomes still more clear when we see that as vaccination increased…

small-pox epidemics increased in virulence, especially in the

capital (shown in the diagram by the dotted peaks). This case of Sweden

alone affords complete proof of the uselessness of vaccination…

My next diagram (No. VI.) shows the course of small-pox in Prussia

since 1816, the general medical opinion was expressed thus in an article

in the Pall Mall Gazette (May 24, 1871): “Prussia is the country where

revaccination is most generally practised, the law making the precaution

obligatory on every person, and the authorities conscientiously watching

over its performance. As a natural result, cases of small-pox are

rare.” Never was there a more glaring untruth than this last statement. It

is true that revaccination was enforced in public schools and other institutions,

and most rigidly in the Army, but, instead of cases of small-pox

being rare, there had been for the twenty-four years preceding 1871 a

much greater small-pox mortality in Prussia than in England.

This most misleading, unscientific, and unfair proceeding, of giving

certain figures of small-pox mortality among the well vaccinated, and

Exhibit B: Wallace on Royal Commission


then, without any adequate comparison, asserting that they afford a

proof of the value of vaccination, may be here illustrated by another

example. When we make the comparison, which both Dr. Balfour and

Sir John Simon failed to make, we find that these … if they prove anything

at all, prove not only the uselessness but the evil of vaccination,

and that it really tends to increase small-pox mortality. And this conclusion

is also reached by Professor Adolf Vogt.

We had better therefore be content with our own Army and Navy

statistics, though even here there is some concealment. In 1860 Mr

Duncombe, M.P., moved for a return of the disaster at Shorncliffe

Camp, where, it was alleged, 30 recruits were vaccinated, and six died

of the results, but the return was refused. A letter in the Lancet of July

7, 1860, from a “Military Surgeon” stated that numbers of soldiers have

had their arms amputated in consequence of mortification after vaccination

… Eighteen out of the twenty men vaccinated at the same time

suffered; some were months in hospital and in a much worse condition

than himself (6th Report, p. 207). In the same volume is the evidence

of twenty medical men, all of whom have witnessed serious effects

produced by vaccination, some being of a most terrible and distressing


At the end of the main inquiry, as to the effect of vaccination on

small-pox (pp. 98, 99) the Commissioners adopt a very hesitating tone.

They say that - “where vaccination has been most thorough the protection

appears to have been greatest,” and that “the revaccination of

adults appears to place them in so favourable a condition as compared

with the unvaccinated.” But why say “appears” in both these cases?

It is a question of fact, founded on ample statistics, which show us

clearly and unmistakably - as in comparing Leicester with other towns

- that vaccination gives no protection whatever, and that the best and

most thorough revaccination, as in the Army and Navy, does not protect

at all. It is no question of “appearing” to protect. As a fact, it does

not protect, and does not appear to do so.

Their conclusions [are based] not upon the statistical evidence at all,

but upon the impressions and beliefs of the various medical officials

they examined, who almost all assumed the protection as an already

established fact. Such was the case of the army-surgeon who declared

that the deaths were much fewer than they would have been without revaccination;

and who, on being asked why he believed so, answered that

it was from reading of the smallpox mortality in prevaccination times!

He had made no comparisons, and had no figures to adduce. It was his

opinion, and that of the other medical officers, that it was so. I trust

that I have now convinced my readers that the best evidence -- the

Exhibit B: Wallace on Royal Commission


evidence to which Sir John Simon and Dr. Guy have appealed -- DEMONSTRATES

complete INUTILITY, as against what “appears” to the

Commissioners and what they “think.”

One other matter must be referred to…I have already shown how

completely they ignore the elaborate and valuable evidence, furnished

by those who oppose vaccination, such as were brought before them

by Mr. Biggs of Leicester, Mr. A. Wheeler, and Mr. William Tebb, who,

though all were examined and cross-examined on the minutest details,

might as well never have appeared so far as any notice in the Final Report

is concerned.

But there is also a very elaborate paper contributed by Dr. Adolf

Vogt, Professor of Hygiene and Sanitary Statistics in the University of

Berne, who offered to come to London and submit to cross- examination

upon it, which, however, the Commission did not consider necessary.

This paper, a translation of which is printed in the Appendix, p.

689, is especially valuable as the work of a thorough statistician, who,

from his position, has access to the whole body of European official

statistics, and his discussion goes to the very root of the whole question.


But the heads of the medical profession had accepted the operation as

of proved value, and the legislature, on their recommendation, endowed

a National Vaccine Establishment with about £3,000 a year. Reputations

and vested interests were henceforth at stake, and those who adduced

evidence of the failure or the dangers of vaccination were treated as

fanatics, and have been so treated by the medical world.

With this example [from a Sydney ship] of officially quoted facts (!)

in support of vaccination, coming at the end of the long series we have

given or referred to in the first part of this work, it is not too much to

ask that all such unverified statements be, once and for ever, ruled out

of court….

It is an absolute law of evidence, of statistics, and of common sense

that when two kinds of evidence contradict each other, that which can

be proved to be even partially incorrect or untrustworthy must be rejected.

It will be found that all the evidence that seems to prove the

value of vaccination is of this untrustworthy character.

“The fact that revaccination of adults appears to place them in so

favourable a condition as compared with the unvaccinated,” etc. (Final

Report, p. 98, Sec. 375). What can be said of such statements as these,

but simply that they are wholly untrue. This is a matter upon which it

is necessary to speak plainly. [Men are being imprisoned] for refusing

Exhibit B: Wallace on Royal Commission


to allow their children’s health, or even their lives, to be endangered by

the inoculation into their system of disease-produced matter, miscalled

“lymph” [a colourless nutritive fluid in animal bodies]. How misleading

to apply this term to a product of disease, used to produce another

disease, and now admitted to be capable of transmitting some of the

most horrible diseases which afflict mankind -- syphilis and leprosy!

Hundreds and probably thousands of English parents have been

fined or imprisoned and treated as criminals, while certainly thousands

of infants have been officially done to death, and other thousands injured

for life. And all these horrors on account of what Dr. Creighton

has well termed a “grotesque superstition,” which has never had a rational

foundation either of physiological doctrine or of carefully tested

observations, and is now found to be disproved by a century’s dearly

bought experience. …

I venture to think that I have here so presented the best of these

statistical facts as to satisfy my readers of the certain and absolute uselessness

of vaccination as a preventive of small-pox; while these same

facts render it in the highest degree probable that it has actually increased

susceptibility to the disease. The teaching of the whole of the

evidence is in one direction. Whether we examine the long-continued

records of London mortality [or the] crucial test afforded by unvaccinated

Leicester, or the still more rigid test in the other direction, of

the absolutely revaccinated Army and Navy, the conclusion is in every

case the same: that vaccination is a gigantic delusion; that it has never

saved a single life; but that it has been the cause of so much disease,

so many deaths, such a vast amount of utterly needless and altogether

undeserved suffering, that it will be classed by the coming generation

[Hello?] among the greatest errors of an ignorant and prejudiced age,

and its penal enforcement the foulest blot on the generally beneficent

course of legislation during our century.

To talk of amending such legislation is a mockery. Absolute and immediate

abolition is the only rational course open to us. Every day the

vaccination laws remain in force parents are being punished, infants are

being killed. An Act of a single clause will repeal these vile laws; and I

call upon every one of our legislators to consider their responsibilities

as the guardians of the liberties of the English people, and to insist that

this repeal be effected without a day’s unnecessary delay.

UPDATE: More whooping cough among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated

in California, says on April 12, 2011,

from a study by (HMO) Kaiser Permanente’s Dr David Witt.

Exhibit B: Wallace on Royal Commission


Exhibit C. 1909 William B Coley, MD, “The Treatment of Inoperable

Sarcoma by Bacterial Toxins (the Mixed Toxins of the Streptococcus

erysipelas and the Bacillus prodigiosus).” Proceedings

of the Royal Society of Medicine, Surgical Section.

...My own belief, expressed sixteen years ago and held more firmly

with increasing clinical experience, is that all varieties of malignant

tumours are of extrinsic or microbic origin. Just what

type of organism this may be -- whether bacterium, protozoan,

or spirocheote, or what not -- is of little consequence.

Assuming such origin, we have but to follow the analogy of other

diseases of known germ origin. We know that in all such diseases there

is a natural immunity and an acquired immunity. In the case of malignant

tumours there is probably a natural immunity which is very great,

but in certain cases it is absent or becomes lowered, and the germ

finds a favourable site and here starts the primary malignant tumour.

The important role that trauma or injury plays in the development

of malignant tumours, now accepted by all authorities, can, to my mind,

but be explained on the theory of microbic origin, some writers e.g.,

Tillmanns -- going so far as to state that most cases of bone tuberculosis

follow an antecedent injury, the bacilli, of course, being present in

the circulation prior to the injury; but a naturally existing immunity

or resisting power of the tissues had been sufficient, up to this time,

to prevent any local infection. The injury, lowering this local resistance

of the tissues, furnishes precisely the conditions favourable for

the growth and development of the bacilli. Hence the origin of the

tuberculous lesion.

If time permitted, I could cite many striking cases of sarcoma of

the most virulent type that followed immediately upon a blow or an

injury to the bone in previously perfectly healthy individuals. The etiology

of tumours is a problem far too difficult and complicated to do

more than touch upon here. Assuming such extrinsic origin, the action

of the toxins appears to me to produce certain changes in the blood

or serum that restore the weakened or lost immunity or natural

resisting power of the tissues, and the sarcoma-cell, no longer finding

conditions favourable for further growth and development, undergoes

a process of degeneration, with absorption in some cases and the formation

of a slough in others.

The reason why a cure results in some cases is that in these the antagonistic

action of the toxins is sufficient to destroy the cancercell

and render the soil unfavourable for further growth; whereas

in other cases the tumour-cells, by reason of greater vigour or better

Exhibit C: Coley on Toxins and Fever


Exhibit C: Coley on Toxins and Fever

nourishnment, are more resistant and, although receiving a temporary

setback by reason of the changes in the blood produced by the toxins,

soon accommodate themselves to the new environment and continue

to grow as before. To quote a recent and unpublished paper of Dr.

Jones [?] Ewing, “Apparent slight differences in the food supply

sufficed to render the soil unfavourable to the tumour-cell. These

remarkably delicate nutritional requirements of the cancer-cell suggest

that some means may be found to render the human patient’s tissue

unfavourable for cancer growth.” And this is exactly what, in my

opinion, the toxins do in sarcoma. [Emphasis added]

Note: Glover, Crile, and Coley all seem to have agreed to the suppression

of their work. When Coley died, his daughter Helen was age 29.

Eight years later, she looked through his papers and saw how many

cancers had been cured. She then put her all into reviving Dad’s cure.

A search of for her book A Review of the Influence of [Coley’s

Toxins] reveals only one copy, in Denmark. However, she wrote other

reports that are held by many libraries.

A New York Times obituary of Mrs Nauts, January 9, 2001, says:

In the years that followed, Mrs. Nauts wrote thousands of letters to

doctors and patients who had used Coley’s methods, seeking specifics

about their cases. Her efforts were not always welcomed by the medical

establishment. “At times the response to her could be described as

vitriolic,” said Dr. Alan M. Houghton at Sloan-Kettering. But Mrs.

Nauts was unyielding…. Even some admirers say she may have lost

perspective at times. And family members -- “We felt she spent much

too much time,’” [her daughter] said. “I remember once saying to her,

‘Mommy, let’s play.’ And she said, “I can’t play, because people are dying

when I’m not working.” [Goodonya, Helen!]

Helen Coley Nauts


William Coley MD



Exhibit D. 1911 John Beard, The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer.

London: Chatto and Windus.

…This is not the place to write a history of a quarter of a century’s

researches in embryology. Suffice it to say that the chain of researches

is now a complete one, every link has been tested, and no flaw discovered.

As one outcome of this systematic investigation, a single case of

successful cure of malignant disease, quite apart from others recorded

in the literature, is brought before the whole work, and the invitation is

give that any test of its truth be applied to it. All the methods employed

are published in full. The remedies suggested and the modes of using

them may be rejected or ignored; but the truth, if scientific truth have

any place at all in this world, must be admitted.

The facts are: that in a case of malignant disease, termed by the

pathologists a “round-celled sarcoma”—named by me, scientifically,

irresponsible trophoblast or asexual generation—which was recurrent

and inoperable after two extensive surgical operations upon it; the remains

of the tumour, under the influence of the all-powerful ferments,

trypsin and amylopsin, finally shelled out, leaving the patient free from

all trace of malignant disease, and, in fact, “cured.” I ask that these

scientific fact, which cannot be denied, be admitted, and that with this

the tardy acknowledgment be made, that when, on January 20, 1905, a

scientific man, whose sole object was the revelation of the truths of

Nature, stated publicly that “in the secretion of that important digestive

gland, the pancreas,” Nature had provided a potent remedy for

cancer: what he then said was nothing more than scientific truth, which

is greatest of all truth.

This, Nature’s remedy, may be taken or left; but the truth may be denied

no longer. It is beyond my power to prevent mankind, in happy ignorance

of what the cycle of life really is, from awaiting some other solution of

the problems. In doing this futile thing mankind may watch, and hope,

and pray, until the crack of doom; but all in vain. Even if the scientific

solution were to dawn upon official research, it could—in this universe,

at all events, and as it is constituted—be none other than that offered by

Nature! No denial can any longer have the smallest value against the supreme

truth, that when properly—that is scientifically-applied, the pan

creatic ferments, trypsin and amylopsin, being the most powerful

things in the whole range of organic nature, are efficacious agents

against cancer.

Cancer is a natural phenomenon, not a disease; although it may bring

disease in its train. Its treatment -- that of a natural phenomenon -- has

Exhibit D: Beard on Pancreatic Enzymes


Exhibit D: Beard on Pancreatic Enzymes

been committed legally, logically, rationally, and scientifically not to the

hands of the scientific observer, who has discovered its origin and nature.

It is the business of the scientific observer, not that of the medical

man or surgeon, to study and elucidate natural phenomena. Let the

truth be acknowledged for its own sake. As the writer is “not even a

medical practitioner,” the adoption of the treatment in all or any cases

of cancer is not compulsory; but it may not for a moment be imagined

that scientifically it is intended to make good the failures of surgery.

The statement made in this book that cancer is a natural phenomenon,

not a disease is unassailable. It rests upon scientific evidences,

which are impregnable against all attacks; but it may be questioned

whether civilized mankind as a whole has any real conceptions of the

nature of natural phenomena in general. Some are beneficent. The sun

rises, and its heat and light render this earth habitable to man. Owing

to natural phenomena, the seasons return in orderly fashion, bringing,

among other things, spring, with its fresh, new green; summer, with its

wealth of flower; and autumn, with its harvest of fruit and grain. Other

natural phenomena are maleficent -- malignant. The volcano, also a

natural phenomenon, has in the past buried or destroyed countless cities;

and even in our own day this has happened. Some naturalists have

been of opinion that the fossil remains of innumerable animals, now

extinct -- often found in great multitudes heaped together -- owed their

present existence, as imperfect records of past events, to catastrophes

which were also natural phenomena.

Last, cancer, with all its malignancy -- a thing which laughs to scorn

the impotence of the surgeon’s knife, which yearly claims its thousands

upon thousands of human victims -- is at its scientific basis only a

maleficent natural phenomenon, such as these. We come into being

and exist as human beings because of beneficent natural phenomena,

and as human beings we continue, for a span of time, to subsist, in spite

of maleficent natural phenomena.

The course of some natural phenomena is unalterable by human agency;

others, again, by a knowledge of the working of Nature … can have their

maleficent action stemmed and averted; and, as a scientific man, I affirm

that cancer belongs to the category of these.

To those, surgeons and others, who have not, like the writer, foolishly

devoted their lives to scientific research and experiment, but wisely to

more mundane pursuits -- such as the acquirement of wealth -- let the

following warnings be uttered: “If you wish to set up what you term

‘test cases,’ pray let them be such as shall fulfil in every way the requirements

of science. Do not vitiate your experiments from the very start,


as has happened, by choosing some 66 per cent of the cases, in which

there lay the pernicious ‘error of experiment’ of previous surgical operation,

once or several times over. Remember also that if your cases

be chosen rightly -- that is, scientifically -- even then there remain the

reagents employed, and how used. Do not forget that in this, as in every

scientific chemical experiment, the observer must not only satisfy himself

regarding his reagents, but be prepared, if called upon to do so, to

produce scientific evidences concerning their nature and composition.

Above all, do not for a moment imagine that you ‘have tried trypsin

in cancer, and have found it useless,’ when to all intents and purposes

you might just as well have been testing the effects of a solution of

glycerine and water. Do not think it is ‘science’ to perform mere elementary

qualitative experiments upon your injections, showing that

they have some action upon starch and upon white of egg. Lastly,

under the erroneous idea that it thereby makes the thing a scientific

document, do not publish any account of your negative experiments

with trypsin and amylopsin with the sub-title, “A Scientific Report,”

unless the document in question fulfil, like my scientific memoirs

and like this book, in all respects the requirements of science.

Note: For a very readable discussion of Beard’s protocol, see C. Saleeby, Conquest

of Cancer (1906), free at

UPDATE: Nicholas Gonzales, MD, who uses Beard’s cure, has just had

his “clinical trial” sabotaged. See his book What Went Wrong.

Some University of Edinburgh men:

Wm Russell, MD John Beard, DSc


George Maxwell, MD


Exhibit D: Beard on Pancreatic Enzymes


Exhibit E. 1920 Charles Higgins, Letter to President Woodrow

Wilson, A Plea To Abolish Compulsory Army/Navy Vaccination

The President is Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy and

is thus invested with supreme commanding and pardoning power,

through which he can bring about an immediate reform in the evil

practice of compulsory vaccination by pardoning, at his discretion, all

men in the Army or Navy now unjustly condemned by Court Martial

for refusing vaccination. ……. This enlarged work has required nearly

twelve months to complete and make ready for the consideration

of the President after his return from the Peace Conference, and its

publication has been much delayed by several unavoidable conditions,

including the recent great strike in the printing trades.

I might further state that I have spent a lifetime and a fortune in the

investigation of this subject and in efforts for the repeal. [It] can, I

think, leave no doubt in the mind of any reasonable man or woman…

that all Compulsory Vaccination should be abolished.

In this medical malpractice of to-day doctors inject [into the blood]

various more or less virulent diseases, blood poisons, or disease germs,

cultures or products, either living or dead. In some fatal cases, death

finally occurs from lockjaw, paralysis, meningitis, or pneumonia….

These fatal results of vaccination are commonly denied and concealed

in death certificates by recording the terminal disease of lockjaw,

paralysis, meningitis, or pneumonia only as the sole and original cause

of death without any record of the inflicted disease, vaccination, as the

primary cause of the death. See the “Manual of Causes of Death,” by

U. S. Census Bureau, page 56, No. 20, in which vaccination is recorded

as a form of septicemia.

I have now in hand a memorial pamphlet written by an aggrieved

father, Mr. James A. Loyster, of Cazenovia, New York, which shows the

death of his own son and about thirty other children from vaccination

in New York State in 1914. This child slaughter was the result of a

general vaccination raid made upon the school proof that about thirty,

and probable proof that about twice that number, were killed by vaccine

infection, while only three persons died from smallpox in the whole State for the

same year!

I would like to call your careful attention to a news item in the New

York Times of May 2, 1918, as follows: Elmer N. Olson, of Goodrich,

Minn., a soldier in training here, refused to submit to vaccination. He

was tried by general court-martial and sentenced to fifteen years in the

disciplinary barracks at Fort Leavenworth. In answer to a special request

for information on this point, I have been informed by the office of

Exhibit E: Higgin’s to Woodrow Wilson


the Judge Advocate General, in a letter dated January 14, 1919, …that

this was held to be a violation of the 96th Article of War, and that the

offender in this case was sentenced to be “Dishonorably discharged from the

service, to forfeit all pay and allowances due or to become due, and to be confined at

hard labor at such place as the convening authority may direct for twenty-five years.

Now I respectfully submit, Mr. President ….

Article IV. ‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons…

against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated.”

Article VIII. “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fine’s


To thus degrade a loyal and honorable soldier and condemn him like

a felonious criminal to the long term of fifteen or twenty-five years’

imprisonment, merely for the act of refusing to have a dangerous medical

operation and an inflicted disease forced upon his body against his will

and consent, is clearly an “unreasonable seizure”

of the person. Mr. President, I want to remind

you of the rich American thought you expressed

in your address to the American soldiers on the

battlefield in France, at Chaumont, on Christmas

Day, 1918. You were reported to have there

said:” . . . this is not a war in which the soldiers of

the free nations have obeyed masters. You have

commanders, but you have no masters.” I might

cite for a second example the advice from one

of the highest medical authorities of to-day, viz.,

Osier’s “Modern Medicine,” new edition, 1913,

p. 848, “it is unwise for the physician to force the

operation upon those who are unwilling, or to

give assurances of absolute harmlessness.”…

…Another shocking fact is that vaccination has been proved to

be the cause of several great epidemics of deadly disease among

mankind and domestic animals…. I may first refer on this point to

one of the strongest pro-vaccination works now published, viz., “Acute

Contagious Diseases,” by Drs. Welch and Schamberg, Lea Brothers

& Co., Philadelphia, 1905. On page 65: “Several appalling epidemics

of septicemia after vaccination are on record; one occurred in the

United States, one in Germany, and one in France.” And “In October,

November, and December, 1901, there was a small epidemic of tetanus

after vaccination in Philadelphia…”

From the rapidity, severity, and mortality of this disease, it would

seem not to be a true influenza, as heretofore known, and as its worst

President Woodrow

Wilson, elected 1912.

BA Princeton 1879,

PhD Hopkins 1886

Exhibit E: Higgin’s Letter to Woodrow Wilson


cases are characterized by a rapid and fatal ending, with a few days’

sickness, in malignant or septic pneumonia, with abscesses in the lungs,

it seems more related to the very fatal ‘Pneumonic Plague’ which raged

in Manchuria after the Japanese war. [How interesting.] General Shiro

of Japan is credited with half a million Chinese deaths by cholera for

which he used an insect vector, in 1934.

This suspicion is strengthened by the fact that the chief germ found

in the fatal cases is the streptococcus, which is found in the worst forms

of “septicemia,” and also in vaccination…Therefore, as the act of

vaccination is simply the impregnation of the body and blood with a

pus infection identical with “septicemia” or “pyemia,” …

It has been further suggested that this disease should not be called

a true influenza or pneumonia at all, but is essentially a most virulent

form of general septicemia, and that it originated from the frightfully

infected soil of the battlefields, which, in addition to the ordinary deadly

soil infections, contains virulent septicemic and cadaveric infections

from the great mass of buried and unburied bodies. And as the soldiers

in camp and field were already impregnated with several septicemic

infections in the multiple vaccinations of five or six kinds to which

they have been almost universally subjected, their systems thus became

“sensitized” or highly susceptible to further infection. See U. S. Naval

Medical Bulletin, Oct., 1914, page 591, Smallpox on Battleship Ohio

confounded with Influenza.

A hard fact is proved by the frightful epidemics of “foot and mouth

disease” in the United States in 1902, 1908, and 1914, some of which

originated from two of the largest vaccine factories in this country, one

in Philadelphia and the other in Detroit, and were widely distributed to

cattle and mankind. See reports of U. S. Bureau of Animal Industry,

1902 and 1908. Also Year Book of U. S. Department of Agriculture,

1914, page 20. It is clearly shown in these reports that vaccine infection

was the direct cause of these epidemics.

This foot and mouth disease is a horrible eruptive fever …

something like a mongrel smallpox and diphtheria combined, with

successive crops of vesicles, blisters or blotches, something like cold

sores, large and small, breaking out all over the body, but chiefly on

the hoofs, or hands and feet, lips and nostrils, also inside the mouth

and throat as is common in smallpox. …Now here we see that at

least two and probably three great epidemics of fatal disease have

originated from vaccine factories and this raises the serious question

as to how far other epidemics, or even the recent epidemic of

influenza and pneumonia, may have originated from some vaccine

factory or from some of their products extensively or carelessly used.

Exhibit E: Higgin’s Letter to Woodrow Wilson


…And let us here ask, what is the use of having soldiers forced to

submit to a whole series of disease infections, if these infections, at best,

give immunity only for a little while from such diseases as smallpox and

typhoid and make the system more susceptible to the far worse diseases

of measles, pneumonia and meningitis, which seems to be the possible

effects of vaccination from the recurring epidemics of these dangerous

diseases in our heavily vaccinated camps?

As a matter of fact, my studies of deaths from vaccination for many

years past show that meningitis and pneumonia are some of the most

frequent complications… See also Osier’s “Principles and Practice of

Medicine,” 8th edition, 1918, page 330, on the “Influence of Vaccination

on Other Diseases.” On page 18 in the Report of the Secretary of War

for 1918 the death rate of the Army in the United States from disease

for the year ending August 30, 1918, is given as 6.4. The age-groups

composing the Army are, of course, on the general average, between

twenty and forty. In the same Report it is admitted that the male civilian

death rate for the same ages as in the Army (twenty to forty) was about

4.7, which is a difference of 1.7 or nearly 2 per 1000 in favor of the

civil population.

Now what is that cause? The army population is made up of “handpicked”

men selected for their nearly perfect health and physique and

the absence of all serious constitutional diseases such as tuberculosis

and others, which are all excluded from the army group. On the other

hand, the civil population of the same age-group of twenty to forty

includes the healthy and diseased; those afflicted with tuberculosis

constitute a big fraction.

What is the cause of this

difference if it is not that extraordinary

medical practice,

which deliberately impregnates

the bodies of these exceptionally

healthy and “hand-picked”

men with a whole series of the

worst type of disease infections

known? And should anyone

wonder, therefore, if the

death lists of the army should

show plainly in the blood poi-

World War 1

Aussie Diggers en route to

Gallipoli 1915. Poor things.

Exhibit E: Higgin’s Letter to Woodrow Wilson


soning diseases of pneumonia, meningitis, etc., which are known to

follow frequently after vaccination?

Japan has been perhaps the most extensively vaccinated country.

Now I believe that there is no country in modern times, whether vaccinated

or unvaccinated, which has shown worse epidemics of smallpox

than much-vaccinated Japan… What is perhaps still more damning, it

is proved by U. S. Government Reports, that Japanese vaccination was

the source of the deadly epidemics of Cattle Plague, known as “Foot

and Mouth Disease,” which afflicted both animals and mankind in the

United States in 1902 and 1908, this dangerous infection being imported

in vaccine virus from Japan....

At this point I am sure it will be readily admitted that even if an

alleged medical remedy were absolutely effective and sure, it would not

be ethically or legally proper to force it upon any patient against free

will and consent. But when an alleged remedy is very uncertain… surely

the forcing of such a doubtful and dangerous remedy on any person

under pretense of its necessity and harmlessness [may be] a gross act

of sheer criminal malpractice.

When, therefore, any doctor forces such a doubtful and dangerous

remedy as vaccination upon any patient under the pretense that it is

necessary for public health and is perfectly safe and harmless, the doctor

is obviously under a most vicious moral and professional bias to

conceal, deny or falsify any unfavorable facts that may arise.

To this dangerously dominating vaccine sect of medicine, which sees

the faults of other men but not its own great errors, we may therefore

now apply the crushing words of Christ in His great parable of the

beam and the mote: “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy

brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

* * *

UPDATE: Since the 1991 Gulf War, 36 percent of American veterans

have filed for disability benefits, often blaming the anthrax vaccine for

devastating health problems. In spite of that, the military website anthrax., retrieved May 8, 2012, states: “People vaccinated against

anthrax are as healthy as unvaccinated people…. Vaccines have kept

troops healthy since the days of George Washington....

Also see 2012 Congressional Testimony of Remington Nevin about

the high number of suicide of soldiers apparently caused by Lariam

(mefloquine), an anti-malarial drug.

Exhibit E: Higgin’s Letter to Woodrow Wilson


Exhibit F. 1924 -- George W. Crile, M.D., “A Bipolar Theory of

The Nature of Cancer” Annals of Surgery, Vol Lxxx September,

No 3 Presidential Address, American Surgical Association.

I have decided to offer a discussion of a theory as to the nature of

cancer which is suggested by a new line of investigation. Our problem

is concerned with the struggle for survival between the cancer cell and

the normal cell; [Let us] search the normal and cancer cells for such

physical differences as may explain the superior ability of the cancer cell

to multiply at the expense of other tissues in which it grows.

The best-known example of growth energy is that initiated

by fertilization in reproduction. The outstanding facts regarding

fertilization which may throw light on the cancer problem are : 1. The

spermatozoon has the properties of the nucleus of the ovum with which

it unites, 2. The spermatozoon may be said to reinforce the nucleus

and as a consequence, 3. The quiescent negative ovum flares up in

active metabolism and growth and in consequence shows a striking

change in its internal-structure and assumes electrical properties; i.e.,

electricity is a constant phenomenon from the moment of fertilization,

so long as the life of the new individual lasts.

This comparison of the processes of the multiplication of cancer cells

with that of fertilized cells is no new conception … Moreover the cyclic

variations in the growth of tumors correspond to the cyclic changes

in nuclear and mitotic activities which have been observed in

protozoons. The whole histologic picture of malignancy indicates

that it is primarily nuclear in origin as is suggested …by nuclear

hyperchromatism in the active stages; and by the shrinkage of the

nuclei in the degenerating or necrosed areas.

… Certain analogies between cancer and the pyogenic [pus-producing]

infections may aid in this interpretation. Cancer cells multiply, bacteria

multiply, each finds restraint in certain tissue. Neither cancer nor

the pyogenic infections commonly attack tissues of high oxidative

capacity; thus neither cancer nor pyogenic infections primarily attack

the heart muscle, the voluntary muscles, the cortex of the brain …

etc. No enzyme, no specific chemical property has been found

to account for this fact. These are tissues of high chemical activities;

these organs are homogeneous in structure and their unit cells are closely

approximated and bathed in fluid; in other words, these organs are

concentrated cell suspensions. Neither infection nor cancer attack

successfully the anatomically and physiologically intact surface layers

of cells like the skin and mucous membranes, the latter in turn

being electrically charged cell suspension systems; they attack rather the

Exhibit F: Crile’s Theory of Bipolarity in Cancer


Exhibit F: Crile’s Theory of Bipolarity in Cancer

less cellular structures which normally are protected by cellular layers.

Our first generalization then is that cancer originates not in the midst

of a cell suspension such as the cellular organs, but at the boundary

points between highly cellular and less cellular structures. These less

cellular structures -- subcutaneous, submucous -- are successfully

attacked by cancer or infection only when the cellular defense is

broken down; in the case of a pyogenic invasion a single break in the

line of defense may be sufficient for entrance; cancer depends rather

upon the gradual lessening of the defense which results from the

frequent breaking down and building up.

Once the rapid infection or the slower cancer has passed this first line

of defense, each follows the path of least resistance -- namely, the

lymphatic channels and the connective tissue, rather than attacking the

solid cellular organs. … Both cancer and infection are repulsed by

vigorous metabolic activity within the defending structures; thus,

as we have already noted, the heart muscle, the voluntary muscles, the

normal thyroid, are relatively immune. To this fact, we may add the

significant fact that bacteria do not attack the most active part of

the cell itself; that is, the nucleus of the cell is immune to pyogenic

invasion. [Also] the cell nucleus and bacteria show a similar stain

reaction. Finally, unlike the normal cells of animals, cancer cells and

bacteria have no specific function; they possess only growth energy.

…The conclusions drawn … are (1) that the difference between the

living and the non-living depends upon the accumulation of free

energy on the dielectric lipoid films which surround the nucleus and

the cytoplasm and the numerous spherules within the cells; (2) that the

charges on these films are derived from oxidation; (3) that oxidation

within the cells is governed by the difference in energy potential

between the nucleus and the cytoplasm; and (4) that therefore both

the growth and the special function of cells are dependent on their

structure and their energy potential.

…As we have stated above, in cancer cells the nucleus plasma relation

resembles that of fertilized cells. Before fertilization the ovum in itself

is so lacking in organization and hence in oxidative capacity that

there is apparently little or no difference in potential between its

nucleus and its cytoplasm -- it carries no electric charge, it is inactive,

negative. But when the nucleus of the ovum is reinforced by the

nucleus-like spermatozoon there is at once established a difference in

energy potential within the cell, oxidation becomes rapid, nutrition is

demanded, the size of nucleus increases, mitosis is inaugurated,

cell division occurs. …

If the foregoing biophysical interpretation be correct, then cancer

tissue must meet the following biophysical requirements: (1) the


cancer cells must have a high capacity for the storage of electric charges

and (2) the conductivity of cancer tissue must show specific variations

from the conductivity of normal tissues. That is, if our assumption

is correct, then the lipoid films of cancer cells of normal cells and

of fertilized cells would take electric charges in a direct ratio to the

combined surface area of their lipoid films. For instance, though in its

external appearance a fertilized fish egg is apparently the same as an

unfertilized egg, one would expect the former to show a higher capacity

than the latter; one would expect that the capacity of cancer cells would

be higher than that of normal cells. One would expect that radiation

would lower the capacity of cells….

…. All of the carcinomata have had a relatively high capacity… in the

actively growing portions of the growths. The degenerated portions of

the growths had a lower capacity and the capacity of radiated tissues

Exhibit F: Crile’s Theory of Bipolarity in Cancer

A Bipolar Theory of Living Processes

In his 1926 book, The Bipolar Process of Life, Crile held that the human

brain is the positive charge and most of the rest of the body is the negative.

For this schematic representation he uses dark ink to indicate positive charge.

Whether it is an atom, or an animal, the electrical principle is the same.


has been much lower, the tissue in one radiated case showing as low a

capacity as three. Thus far in every case studied the tissue in which

the cancer had developed had a lower capacity than the cancer

itself. This difference has been particularly marked in carcinomata of the

breast in which the capacity of the adjacent glandular connective or fatty

tissue has often been less than one-tenth that of the malignant tissue.

Among the goitres, colloid goitres have shown the highest capacity of

any tissues studied, as much as 76 in one case, the average being in the

neighborhood of 40. This finding is of prime significance in view of

the fact that cancer of the thyroid never develops in a colloid goitre.

Adenomas and hyperplastic thyroids have, as a rule, had a low capacity

for glandular tissue, which in general seemed to show a somewhat

higher capacity than other tissue. Connective tissue has usually a

very low value, between one and three, and the capacity of fatty

tissue may be as low as 0.47, while an active inflammatory process

may show a capacity of 20.

The findings in these researches suggested at once that the whole

story of cancer may ultimately be derived from conductivity and

capacity measurements. These findings moreover are in accord with

the histologic picture presented by the microscope. The microscope

indicates the general structure, which in turn indicates the

capacity of the cell for work, multiplication, function, etc. A further

striking parallel between the cytologic picture and biophysical findings,

is found in the fact that Ewing and Wood have shown that cells

which have been subjected to lethal X-ray or radium radiation,

show loss of differential stainability, and in our laboratory Morse

has shown that heavily radiated tissue almost wholly loses its capacity.

Armed with these physical facts, let us see to what extent some of the

well-known facts regarding cancer may be harmonized. First of all, on

the basis of electric potential, implying as it does oxidative capacity,

if two cells are side by side competing for food, the one having the

higher potential, such as the fertilized cell or the cancer cell starves out,

and if the higher potential -- higher oxidative capacity -- persists long

enough, destroys the ordinary tissue…..

Again, let us consider one of the most common sites of cancer origin,

the breast. Here is an organ whose structure contains epithelial cells,

the capacity of which is low. It follows that when some circumstances

bring cells with a relatively high potential into contact with these low

capacity epithelial cells, the former multiply at the expense of the other

breast tissue. The capacity of cancer of the breast is from two to ten

times higher than the capacity of normal breast tissue. Capacity of the

tissue near the cancer mass is somewhat higher than that of normal

tissue. [Consider] the tables of Voit, which show that in starvation

Exhibit F: Crile’s Theory of Bipolarity in Cancer


the weight of the brain and of the heart muscle does not change,

the reason being that these tissues, the metabolism of which is at

a higher rate than that of other tissues, consume nutrition at the

expense of the others…..

This conception explains the higher incidence of cancer in old age

when the generally falling metabolism would diminish the already low

defense of the tissues of low capacity and lead to an inequality in an

already wavering balance between the capacities of neighboring cells.

Moreover the older and the feebler the subject, the slower the growth

of cancer and the better the prognosis; and per contra the younger and

more vigorous the subject, the shorter the course, the more fatal the

cancer. But youth has fewer cancers than old age. Our theory interprets

this antithesis as follows: In the general activity of all tissues in youth

it would be unusual to find the potential of any one cell raised above

that of its equally vigorous neighbors, but once so phenomenal a cell

has been produced, its growth energy would be enormous, rapid and

fatal. [But] cancer in the aged and feeble inevitably would appear just

above the low level of low vitality, in youth just above the high level

of general vitality. In youth the cancer must be virile; in age it must be

feebler. Thus, in experimental studies, cancers are not transplanted to

the muscles, nor to the liver, nor to the heart, nor to the brain, but to

the more negative tissues; it is the subcutaneous quiescent breast tissue

that is generally selected as the site…

If one could plant a self-limited bacterium in the nucleus of a cell, its

added oxidation might augment the nucleus in a manner analogous

to the augmentation of the nucleus of the ovum by the spermatozoon

so that in consequence cell division would be forced. Or if one could

draw the nucleus out of one cell and insert it into a sister cell, thus

reinforcing its nucleus, the energy potential of the latter cell would be

increased, its nutrition intake increased and cell division would follow,

i.e., a cancer would be produced.

The interpretation of another fact is made possible by the bipolar

theory, namely, the like action of X-ray and radium on cancer

and on fertilization. The effect of radiation is to interfere with the

mechanism in the cell for the creation and storage of electric charges,

an interference which as effectively prevents growth and function as

does the permanent injury to the plates of a battery.

Certain everyday facts about treatment are also open to a biophysical

interpretation. Thus if a cancer is entirely removed, early, no return

is seen, whereas if these electro-chemical mechanisms are stimulated

by injury, by partial operation, by inflammation, by chemical agents,

by X-ray, by radium, by heat, by electricity, the resultant struggle and

survival kill off the weaker cells, leaving the stronger. …Certain further

Exhibit F: Crile’s Theory of Bipolarity in Cancer


biologic principles governing infection which appear to be the same

by X-ray, by radium, by heat, by electricity, the resultant struggle and

survival kill off the weaker cells, leaving the stronger. …Certain further

biologic principles governing infection which appear to be the same

as those governing cancer may be cited. The resemblance between

cancer and infection has been noted by many observers. Pyogenic

bacteria may be regarded as free nuclei, like the fragmented nuclei

seen in many unicellular organisms. If we regard the law of universal

bipolarism as a necessary condition by means of which a difference

in potential is created and oxidation controlled with resultant electric

charges and maintenance of potential, we may interpret bacteria

as free nuclei depending for their common negative pole on the

common colloids such as mud, soil, seawater, etc., or the colloids

in the tissues and fluids of animals. Bacteria then will multiply as

free nuclei.

A cancer cell is a bipolar mechanism within which the nucleus is the

positive, the cytoplasm the negative pole; bacteria are positive poles

with lymph and tissue juices as a common negative pole. According to

this conception the cancer cell and the bacterium are in a common

class of high potential invaders. Now the bacterium like the cancer

cell must depend on its ability to compete with the cells of the organism

for nutrition. It is probably a consequence of this fact that bacteria, like

cancer, cannot primarily compete with the cells of the organs which

have a high metabolism. [Emphasis added]

UPDATE. Crile put this 1924 speech into his 1926

book, but after that did not do experiments with

cancer during the remaining 17 years of his career.

Possibly he was asked to shut up due to the military

uses of his electric theory.– MM

NOTE: In 1947, Crile’s widow collected many of his writings

that had not been published, making them into a two-volume

Grace Crile George Crile: an Autobiography.

I now quote from that source and add some bolding. -- MM

Page 73 -- In 1897, I was appointed Professor. The teaching of applied

anatomy always interested me. After my students showed curiosity

about the cholera slides, I began to examine the cells of cancer… To

teach I had first to prepare myself.... The practical investigative work

with the microscope…laid the foundation of surgical training for Ed

Lower and me.

When I read the vast and long curriculum now demanded of our

Exhibit F: Crile’s Theory of Bipolarity in Cancer


students, I see there is such a thing as crippling a mind permanently

by putting into it so many facts that it may become immobilized. …An

intensive abnormal memory mechanism may in a certain number of

students merge into a pathological physiology, in others it may exhibit

deficient judgment or lack of ordinary common sense.

Page 80 -- Early in the next year I applied the cocaine block on a woman

age 74 who was suffering from a tumor of the arm with metastatic

growth in the axilla. The patient was told that the operation would be

postponed to the next day. A towel was thrown over her eyes and she

was kept interested in conversation …while I made the amputation

using only one eighth of a grain of cocaine. There was no shock. The

patient was not even aware that she was being touched.

Page 81 -- In ’98 I reported my experiences in 62 cases of acute

appendicitis, in which there were but two deaths. This paper precipitated

an acrimonious debate. An old physician, Dr HJ Herrick contended

that surgical treatment was not indicated at all. He advocated the

use of flaxseed poultices and opiates. As the meeting broke up, Dr

Herrick invited me to follow an acute case with him. ...a patient with

extreme peritonitis under heavy morphinization and a flaxseed poultice.

To my surprise in several days a localized abscess formed which, a few

days later, perforated the large bowel and gradually evacuated itself. In

due course the patient recovered.

Page 246 – I scraped off the slime and scales on one side and put the

fish back in the pool. They could swim only in circles. [Does] the

swimming motion depend on preserving insulation between their nerve

and muscular mechanism and the water?

NOTE: Crile invented a suit for the patient to wear during surgery. I see

in a 1984 article by G Sternbach, in Journal of Emergency Medicine:

“Military antishock trousers (MAST) have been used in emergency

care for only a little more than a decade. However, the initial report

of the medical use of an inflatable compression garment appeared in

1903, when George W. Crile [made one] to augment the blood pressure

of patients undergoing head and neck surgery. Technical difficulties

occasionally [arose] but Crile maintained that the device was otherwise

free of adverse effects. Since then, a number of complications have

been ascribed to the suit. None of these have occurred with sufficient

frequency to substantially restrict the use of the suit. The mechanism by

which the pneumatic garment produces an elevation in blood pressure

-- ascribed by Crile to elevation of peripheral resistance --continues to

be a subject for research.” [!]

Exhibit F: Crile’s Theory of Bipolarity in Cancer


Page 113 – At a convention in the nineties, the hotel was crowded [so]

it was necessary to share my room with another guest. When I saw

my roommate for the first time I was intrigued. He looked exactly like

Henry Ward Beecher. The man was AJ Ochsner [uncle of Alton]. From

that evening Oschner and I were close friends. He told me about Will

Mayo and suggested I see what he was doing in Minnesota.

Page 192-- We found the most preventive influence against exhaustion

and death to be one so universal, so quiet, so soothing, that its vast

significance is still not understood. It is so essential that animals and

man give it about one fourth of its entire life – sleep. In our laboratory

every animal kept awake continuously died, usually before the

ninetieth hour. When Dolley, Hitchings, Austin and Mosiman examined

under the microscope the cells of every organ of the body of those

animals that died from loss of sleep, there were found no changes in

any organ except in the cells of the liver, the brain, and the adrenal

glands. Except for sleep there is inevitable death.

Page 272 – Barney was nine years old and [excited] over fishing. As the

boat turned he lost his balance and fell overboard and came up on the

other side of the boat. I grasped him and hauled him in. Gathering all

my philosophy I asked, “Well, what did you see down there?” “I saw a

candle burning,” he replied. Then at least you have proved it is not dark

when you swim under water.” I was so anxious that not a “footprint

of fear” be left in the mind of that child.

COMMENT from MM. I think the huge number of vaccinations

for children today is calculated to leave “a footprint of fear” and to

create docility. Worse, the shots occur in the presence of the Mother

who is supposed to be the protector. I have proven, but it’s outside of

this book’s theme, that the cabal has gone to great effort to break the

mother-child bond. Please see Blanche Chavoustie’s report on Morton

Prince and the Harvard mouse-trap experiment. I hereby state that I

have tracked this down and will happily sing in court. Hello, Court, are

you there? Or doesn’t society give a damn. Must everybody tune out?

Exhibit F: Crile’s Theory of Bipolarity in Cancer


Exhibit G: Memorial to Creighton

Exhibit G. 1947 E. Ashworth Underwood, M.A., B.Sc., M.D.,

D.P.H., “Charles Creighton, M.A., M.D. (1847-1927): Scholar, Historian

and Epidemiologist,” Sectional Proceedings of the Royal Society of

Medicine Vol. XLI [December 3]

TWENTY years ago, on July 18, 1927, there died in a little cottage in

the village of Upper Boddington near Rugby a man who had for eight

years been regarded by the villagers with respect and affection. He never

spoke of his life before he had come at the age of 70 to reside amongst

them. Few of his former friends ever visited him.

The man was Charles Creighton, described as the greatest medical

scholar this country produced during the nineteenth century. Yet for

nearly forty years he had been ostracized by the medical profession, not

because of any crime or misdemeanour, but because he had dared to

hold heterodox opinions…. When he died few voices were raised to pay

him homage. The Times was discreetly silent. … In the British Medical

Journal Professor Greenwood summed up in richly suggestive phrases

the manner of Creighton’s greatness.

That was twenty years ago. The object of this paper is not to review

the work of Creighton in the detailed and critical manner which it undoubtedly

merits. Its sole object is to point out that Creighton -- to

whom many have paid service from the lip and from the heart -- is still

neglected. His best work has a lasting quality which defies time. But the

man is part of his work, and the circle of those who knew Creighton in

his lifetime shrinks at a dangerous rate as the years pass.

Creighton had a tall, commanding presence, always meticulously dressed,

with a turned-down Eton collar and a black satin tie passed through a

ring. He had been a student of literature all his life, and his immense

learning and wonderful memory enabled him to range profitably over a

wide field. He was deeply read in the Bible and in Shakespeare. Bulloch

lists the following as Creighton’s major writings:

Contributions to the physiology and pathology of the breast and its lymphatic

glands. 1878. Bovine tuberculosis in man, an account of the pathology of suspected

cases. 1881./Dr. Koch’s method of cultivating microorganisms in tubercle. 1884./

Illustrations of unconscious memory in disease including a theory of alternatives.

1886./The natural history of cow-pox and vaccinal syphilis. 1887./ Jenner and

vaccination; a strange chapter of medical history. 1886./A history of epidemics

in Britain. 1894/ Microscopic researches on the formative property of glycogen.

1896-89./ Cancers and other tumours of the breast, researches

showing their true seat and cause. 1902. /Plague in India. 1905./

Some conclusions on cancer. 1920. [“The material cause of cancer

is blood reduced to a trophic substance by a lysin or ferment.”]


Exhibit G: Memorial to Creighton


Charles was the son of Alexander Creighton, a saw-miller and timber

merchant of Peterhead. There Creighton was born on Nov. 21, 1847.

He went to the Gymnasium in Old Aberdeen, gained ninth place in the

bursary competition, and from King’s College he graduated in Arts in

1867. His medical course was begun at Marischal College, but he seems

to have finished his training in Edinburgh. Having graduated in 1871, he

set out for the Continent, where he spent most of his time with Virchow

in Berlin, and with Rokitansky and Skoda in Vienna. Virchow, at that

time 50 years of age, was at the height of his powers as a pathologist and

was active in the political field.

Rokitansky was within four years of his retirement, and his dyscrasia

theory was widely accepted. It is small wonder that, with the recollection

of two such teachers in his mind, Creighton early decided to be a pathologist.

…In 1873 he began work on cancer under Burdon-Sanderson

at the Brown Institution.

In 1874 there appeared in a volume of special reports a communication

of eighteen pages by Creighton, entitled Anatomical Research

towards the Etiology of Cancer. It deals with the earlier signs of cancerous

invasion in the ultimate anatomical elements of the secondarily affected

organs. The investigation involved a study of secondary tumours

in the liver. This is the earliest paper by Creighton which I have been

able to find. The Index Medicus was not started until five years later;

there may be earlier papers. This paper seems to be a competent bit of

work, bearing traces of Virchow’s influence.

His first book -- Contributions to the Physiology and Pathology of the Breast

and its Lymphatic Glands was published in 1878. He was then 31 years

of age, Meanwhile, in 1877, he had been appointed Demonstrator of

Anatomy at Cambridge. The next few years in Creighton’s life form an

interesting exercise in speculation. In 1877, the year in which he went to

Cambridge, he had an article “On the Development of the Mamma” in

the Journal of Anatomy and Physiology. Between then and 1881 Creighton

had ten more articles -- a very respectable output. [Then], at the age of

32, he had become a joint editor of a leading scientific journal, in very

exalted company. For the next two years he remained a joint editor, and

Cambridge University had meanwhile (1880) conferred the degree of

M.A. propter merita upon him.

He had certainly “arrived”. Then, in 1881, he left Cambridge and

came to London. No further papers ever appeared from his pen in the

Journal after volume XV, and in volume XVI his name was dropped

from the list of editors. A crisis had evidently occurred. Bulloch covers

it with the phrase “He left Cambridge with some sort of a grievance and

came to London”. The crisis must have been great to warrant Creighton


Exhibit G: Memorial to Creighton

sacrificing such a brilliant future, and to encourage the editors to drop

such an outstanding and enthusiastic colleague.

Creighton now came to London… he became more and more a shadowy

figure, until many acquaintances had forgotten him completely. At

first he tried general practice in Savile Row, and later in New Cavendish

Street, but his attempt was unsuccessful….Until he left it in 1917,

Creighton lived in chambers in Great Ormond Street.

After his failure in practice he seems to have decided, possibly without

reluctance, to devote himself to a life of literature and scholarship, and

his time during this long period was divided between the British Museum,

or some other great library, and his home. His last medical work

during this period appeared in 1908 -- a book entitled Contributions to the

Physiological Theory of Tuberculosis. During the next twelve years there was

silence until, at the age of 73, he emerged from obscurity once again

with Some Conclusions on Cancer -- his last work.



I now propose to group these writings (a) Pathological writings.-His earliest

paper (1874) was concerned with secondary growths in the liver. He

reached a hypothesis that the secretory function of mucous membranes

is performed by means of a process in the epithelial cells

identical with the process known as endogenous cell-formation,

and he thought this theory was of significance as regards the malignant

tumours of epithelial parts. He took the mammary gland

as an illustration of his theory, and his next papers were devoted to

that gland. He first tackled the normal processes of development of

the mammary function, involution and evolution, and then applied his

results to “the grand disease of the breast.”

He concluded that centres of different types of cancer cells may

each infect with its own type of structure different glands in the

same pocket. He admitted that this research had not taken him very

far… Creighton always considered himself as a pathologist. The article

on “Pathology” which he contributed to the ninth edition of the Encyclopedia

Britannica….appeared in 1885. The article consists of 46 pages.

The preponderance of references to German pathologists, especially to

Virchow, Cohnheim and their schools, is noteworthy.

The Microscopic Researches on the Formative Property of Glycogen,

which he published in 1896, are of interest as illustrating one side of his

character. From the preface he had obviously been refused a publication

grant from some scientific body. He then turned to the Leigh Browne

Endowment. This trust was founded “for the promotion of original

research in the biological sciences without any recourse to experiments


upon living animals, Creighton’s work was microscopic and did not involve

animal experiments. Hence he had no hesitation in accepting the

assistance offered.

(b) Writings on tuberculosis Creighton’s early writings had dealt to a

considerable extent with the pathology of bovine tuberculosis. In the

tuberculosis field he was a heretic, out and out. His theories are now as

dead as the dodo, but in any study of Creighton the man they are significant.

…In referring to experiments to produce tuberculosis by inoculating

or feeding tuberculous matter, he says that a suggestive proportion

of all such experiments have succeeded. Then he goes on: “It has been

boldly alleged by Koch that the active agent in the inoculative production

of tubercle is not the tuberculous matter from a previous case, but

a minute rod-like living parasite belonging to the order of schizomycetes.

According to this view tubercle is from first to last an affair of a

parasite”. He then says that the weak point is that one cannot be

assured that the inoculated parasites have been completely freed

from the original tuberculous matter! This is a very good rock for

a heretic to take his stand on.

Twenty-three years later Creighton was still fighting a magnificent

rearguard action -- though he would not have admitted, or even realized,

that it was a rearguard action. It was a case of everyone else being

out of step but himself. In 1908 he published his Contributions to the

Physiological Theory of Tuberculosis. In this work he acknowledged the assistance

of William Bulloch in obtaining for him inoculation material

and brains of patients who had died from tuberculous meningitis. He

carried out a series of injections of tubercle bacilli into rabbits,

and from the histological features he concluded that the resulting

neoplasm was formed to get rid of the waste of disintegrated old

blood corpuscles. He thought that bovine tuberculosis was a chronic

disorder of nutrition, to which breeding might predispose in very high

degree. As a cause of the tuberculosis of human infants he suggested

the absorption of milk from anemic cows, which produced a state of

the blood favouring the formation of minute multiple thrombi in

the meningeal arterioles.

There was nothing specifically infective common to human and bovine

tuberculosis. He denied that tuberculosis was of the nature of a

specific fever. Though cases of acute miliary tuberculosis often ran the

course of a specific fever, it differed from other forms of tuberculosis

only “in the insidiousness of the prodromata (in a scrofulous constitution)

and the suddenness with which the actual crisis arises.” A man

who could assert such views on experimental evidence in 1908,

and have them published…must have been a very extraordinary

character indeed. [Please re-read that sentence -- MM]


Exhibit G: Memorial to Creighton

(c) Cow-pox and smallpox. Creighton’s first work on this subject, The

Natural History of Cow-pox and Vaccinal Syphilis, was published in 1887.

There is no preface, and it is not clear when or for what reason he first

embarked on the Jennerian question. In this work Creighton discusses

the origin of vaccine lymph from the first stocks. He implied that Jenner

had no justification for calling cow-pox “smallpox of the cow”,

and asserted that cow-pox had stronger relations with “the great

pox” (syphilis) than it had with smallpox.

He differentiated what he called “vaccinal syphilis from “venereal

syphilis” in the infant. In the following year Creighton’s article on “Vaccination”

appeared in the ninth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Creighton re-emphasized his views on the identity of “vaccinal syphilis”

with vaccinia of a severe type, and he regarded various sequeli of

vaccination -- such as erysipelas, jaundice, skin eruptions, ulcers,

and “vaccinal syphilis” not as evidence of secondary infection,

but as a reversion to type of certain manifestations produced by primary

inoculation from the cow.

…One reviewer stigmatized Creighton’s views on the pathogenesis of

cow-pox … as “pathological transcendentalism.” [Fabulous!]

In the following year (1889) Creighton returned to the attack with

his book on Jenner and Vaccination: a Strange Chapter of Medical History.

Creighton then discussed the history of the whole question of vaccination

in this country and in Germany, France and Italy. His concluding

chapter summed up his views and gave more fuel to those who had

called him an anti-vaccinationist. Greenwood has reviewed the position

from the modem aspect, and has shown that in respect of both

the cuckoo and the fact that cow-pox is smallpox of the cow, Jenner

was right and Creighton was wrong. A film has been taken of the cuckoo

carrying out the ejection; and the work of Monckton Copeman …

proved the analogy of small-pox and cow-pox.

(d) Historical epidemiology: Hirsch. The Handbuch der historisch-geographischen

Pathologie was planned by August Hirsch about 1856, and the first

edition appeared five years later…. The first volume appeared in 1881,

and Creighton was asked to undertake the translation of the whole three

volumes for the New Sydenham Society a Herculean task. He once told

Bulloch that it occupied him for twelve hours a day for three years. If

Creighton had done nothing else but this translation, he would still have

placed the world of scholarship in his debt.

(e) The History of Epidemics in Britain. The first volume of this great

work appeared in 1891, and the second volume three years later. The

whole work consists of over 1,500 pages; but even this number gives

only a partial idea of the depth of its contents, and of the knowledge

and labour which were essential for its compilation. Bulloch said that


Exhibit G: Memorial to Creighton

Creighton read and spoke every European language, alive or dead, and

here we see the fruits of his remarkable ability. The first volume covers

the period from 664 to 1666, and deals with: Pestilences Previous to the

Black Death; Leprosy in Medieval Britain; [etc] Sickness of Early Voyages

and Colonies; The Great Plague of London.

The second volume covers the period 1666-1893 [on] Typhus and

Other Continued Fevers; Fever and Dysentery in Ireland; Influenzas

and Epidemic Agues; Smallpox; Measles; Whooping Cough; Scarlatina

and Diphtheria; Infantile Diarrheea, … and lastly Asiatic Cholera.

It should be said that Creighton’s peculiar views on the aetiology of

infective diseases in no way impair the value of the work as a discussion

of history. We meet these views very early in the book. On page 7 of

the first volume he says that the nature of the plagues of 664 can only

be guessed. “They have the look of having been due to some poison in

the soil, running hither and thither, as the Black Death did seven centuries

after”. Somewhat further on he wonders whether the so-called

psychopathies of the medieval and more recent periods “may not have

had a beginning, at least, in some toxic property of the staple food.” [!]

These two factors keep recurring throughout the work, right up

to the last outbreak of cholera. The stand which he takes sometimes

leads him into a rather curious situation. For example, in discussing the

plague-spots of the world, he gives six long quotations, dating between

1851-1882, from writers who had been to these places. In four out of

the six there is specific mention of the mortality among rats, and even

the results of post-mortems on rats. Two pages later he notes -- correctly

of course -- that observations of rats leaving their holes during

an outbreak are found in the plague books of London and Edinburgh

during the Tudor period.

He then says this is only one of many proofs that the virus of

plague has its habitat in the soils, although it may be carried long distances

clinging to other things. But such matters are extraneous. Among

the great things in Creighton’s work are his descriptions of the Black

Assizes, his notable account of the history of variolation, his brilliant

description of the results of Black Death, and his numerous etymological

references which indicate the true scholar. Among the latter is an

interesting note on the derivation of the term “measles”.

Of the two volumes of the work, the first volume deals with a field

which was practically untilled when Creighton entered it. His opening

chapter is a most learned account of the famine fevers which were rampant

in medieval England, and in this chapter he embodied a mass of

learning much of which had previously been available only in the original


There has been little research on this material since Creighton’s


Exhibit G: Memorial to Creighton

His remarks on ergotism are especially interesting. The same may be

said of his chapter on leprosy, in which he exposed a number of the

misleading opinions of the day. The chapter on sweating sickness is of

great importance. It was -- and still is -- the only comprehensive

discussion of this strange malady. Although the second volume,

treating of the history of fevers since 1666, dealt with material which

had already been written up in various forms, there is a mastery about

Creighton’s handling of the data which has so far discouraged all serious

competition…. His accounts of typhus fever and of influenza

and epidemic agues are packed with information. The reviews of these

volumes were uniformly good, but nearly all pointed out that, while

Creighton’s scholarship was almost beyond criticism, his views on the

etiology of infectious diseases must be disregarded.... [Why disregarded?

Why not challenged?]


The controversy over cow-pox and vaccination was the great tragedy

of Creighton’s life. Although he must have been deeply hurt by

the manner in which his professional colleagues received his views, he

apparently did not show it. The years immediately following the start

of the ostracism were of course full years: the great mass of historical

material which he had accumulated during his years of reading in the

British Museum was being arranged and the book written. He must at

this time have been engaged also in writing the brilliant chapters on the

history of Public Health which appeared in the volumes of Traill’s Social

England. These chapters still merit careful study.

I do not know where he had his laboratory, or where his microscopic

work was carried out. Bulloch says that Creighton knew all about the latest

methods of section-cutting sections cut with a razor from tissue embedded

in a “penny dip”, and stained with ink. It was during these years

in London that he made a habit, from about 1905 onwards, of looking

in at the Bacteriology Department of the London Hospital about once

every two months.. Professor Greenwood tells me that Creighton was

asked to give a series of lectures on the History of Medicine, and these

were a great success. I have made enquiries at the London Hospital,

and no record of this series is now in existence. Sir Paul Fildes also

knew him at this period. He tells me that, though Creighton was a man

who did not suffer fools gladly, he was in no way cantankerous. A brilliant

conversationalist, he gave his juniors the impression that he was a

friendly and unassuming man….

He professed great satisfaction in the fact that infectious disease

was due to a miasma, and he was quite satisfied in his own mind

that the tubercle bacillus, though present, was not the cause of tuberculosis.

[Emphasis added]


Exhibit H: Rosenow on Polio

Exhibit H. 1950 Dept. of Bacteriologic Research, Mayo Foundation,

Rochester, Minn., and Longview Hospital, Vol. 76. No. 6 “Relation

of a Streptococcus to Epidemic Poliomyelitis Studies in Etiology,

Diagnosis and Specific Treatment,” Presented before the Section on

General Practice of the American Medical Association, San Francisco,

June 28, 1950. EDWARD C. ROSENOW, M.D., Cincinnati.

The production in 1915 of herpes zoster or “posterior”

poliomyelitis in animals with a streptococcus

led to further research on the etiologic importance

of streptococci in “anterior” poliomyelitis. A specific

streptococcus was demonstrated consistently

in persons with poliomyelitis and in well persons

having contact with them or merely inhabiting an

area in which poliomyelitis was epidemic. That the

organism was not present in areas remote from

contact with the disease was likewise demonstrated.

The streptococcus has been isolated from filtrates

of poliomyelitis virus and from the tissues and exudate which

harbor the virus. It appears in the spinal fluid in the preparalytic stage

of poliomyelitis and disappears from the spinal fluid during the severe

stage of the disease. Antibody and antigen prepared from the streptococcus

were used to determine the presence of antigen and antibody

indicative of streptococcal infection in many patients with poliomyelitis

and in well persons.

The intensity of reaction indicating specific streptococcal antigen

was directly proportional to the degree of paralysis in patients; the reaction

was greater in persons whose age, sex and previous isolation from

the disease would normally indicate greater susceptibility. The test for

antibody gave opposite results. Specific agglutinins for the streptococcus

and neutralizing antibody for the virus were present consistently in

the serum of persons and monkeys during recovery from poliomyelitis.

Virus produced in vitro from the associated streptococcus caused all

the clinical and pathologic features of poliomyelitis in monkeys inoculated

with it, and the animals that recovered from the disease thus induced

were proved to be immune thereafter to the natural virus.

Antistreptococcic serum prepared in horses was used to

treat poliomyelitis. In a group of monkeys inoculated with the virus

of the disease, 6 per cent of those receiving the serum before

inoculation died of the disease; of the control group, 82 percent.

In a series of poliomyelitis patients treated with the serum the mortality

rate was 8 per cent; in a control series, 21 per cent. In a series treated

Edward Rosneow

MD (1875-1966)


Exhibit H: Rosenow on Polio

in all stages of the disease by the author, 10 percent died; of those who

did not receive the serum, 25 per cent. An antibody has been prepared

from the streptococcus which appears to prevent paralysis and otherwise

mitigate poliomyelitis and to provide immunization from the

disease. The conclusion is reached that the virus of poliomyelitis is

a form of the specific streptococcus, which is the agent in primary

infections and in the development of the immunizing antibody.

PROOF that epidemic poliomyelitis is caused by a filtrable agent currently

considered to be a virus is complete. That the clinical and pathological

features of poliomyelitis occur in monkeys inoculated cerebrally

with emulsions and filtrates of emulsions of the spinal cord of persons

who died of poliomyelitis, and that these features can be reproduced in

rhesus monkeys throughout a series of brain-to-brain transmissions is

established beyond peradventure.

The influence so often exerted by current concepts in determining the

nature and course of original research is strikingly illustrated in studies

on the inciting agent of this disease. Bacteriologic studies prior to 1909

indicated that certain diplostreptococci that were isolated might have

significance in the etiology of poliomyelitis. These studies were quite

naturally dropped when in that year it was learned that the causative

agent is filtrable; in consequence, forthright bacteriologic studies have

not been generally used for more than forty years.

During studies on elective localization of streptococci in 1915, 14 the

author produced herpes zoster or “posterior” poliomyelitis in rabbits

and dogs with a streptococcus isolated from the nasopharynx, tonsils

and spinal fluid of humans. This result led to the concept that a specific

type of streptococcus might have etiologic importance in “anterior”

poliomyelitis regardless of the filtrability of the causative agent and

might indeed be the source of the filtrable agent.


[large elision here]…..edema; hemorrhage and degeneration of nerve

cells in the anterior horns of the spinal cord the all important occurrences

in poliomyelitis were produced in high incidence. Such symptoms

and lesions almost never occurred in animals inoculated with

streptococci similarly isolated in studies of other diseases.

In short, the specific streptococcus, when injected intravenously

into animals, tended to localize electively and to cause systemic lesions

like those occurring in patients from whom the organism was taken.

Mathers and also Nuzum and Herzog, using the same methods, reported

similar results in studies of epidemic poliomyelitis in Chicago.

The demonstration of pleomorphic cocci and diplostreptococci in....


Exhibit H: Rosenow on Polio

Cash Register

Recognizing that no practical means for specific prevention and treatment

had resulted from the purely viral studies, the author continued

making further streptococcal [elision]....

Gram-staining pleomorphic diplococci, sometimes in short chains,

were found consistently in the lesions of the spinal cord, medulla and

brain of persons who had died of epidemic poliomyelitis ……but on

investigation of points remote from these lesions the diplococci were

proved to be absent. 20 [Elision]………..

During or after the filtrable phase, the organism reverts to streptococcal

size in which it is cultivable, toxicogenic and causative of lesions,

fever, tremors and paralysis. During the subsequent course of the disease

both the viral and the coccal forms propagate in parallel in varying

proportions and are virtually inseparable even in filtrates of highly

potent “virus.”

Immunity following the course of the disease would seem to be due

mainly to the effects of the large, cultivable form of the organism in

its toxicogenic-antigenic phase…… That the large cultivable streptococcus

is also the form of the organism in primary infection is evidenced

by the facts that (1) the “viral” form cannot propagate except

in or on the susceptible living cells of a susceptible host, as has been

shown in studies; (2) the virus has been produced experimentally from

neurotropic streptococci; and (3) the streptococcal flora indigenous

in man and in animals tend to become neurotropic in summer in

temperate climates.

The use in adequate dosage of the non-toxic, non-sensitizing heatproduced

antibody prepared from the specific type of streptococcus

whose specificity was maintained is strongly indicated for the treatment

of epidemic poliomyelitis. This material can readily be prepared,

by methods previously described, from the streptococcus as isolated

from the nasopharynx of persons who have the disease during epidemics.

Longview Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio. . . . . . . . .[Elision]

Of the total number of patients in these three groups, 10 per cent

died and 10 per cent had severe residual paralysis. Of the control patients

of those who did not receive the serum, 25 per cent died and 33 per cent

had severe residual paralysis. Equally favorable results were independently

obtained in 1917 by Nuzum and Willy 9 in the treatment of epidemic

poliomyelitis with antistreptococcal serum prepared in the horse.

The antistreptococcal serum is not now available; it deteriorates

rapidly in storage, and outbreaks of the disease are seasonal. However,

studies on the production in vitro of antibody from streptococci

and other bacteria 24, 25 have resulted in the development of non293

Exhibit H: Rosenow on Polio

sensitizing and more stable solutions of heat-treated antibody from

streptococci isolated in studies of a number of diseases including

epidemic poliomyelitis. In such solutions the antibody prepared from

the streptococcus of poliomyelitis has neutralized with significant frequency

a virus potent in the mouse; 26 it specifically agglutinates the

streptococcus in extremely high titer and notably accelerates the destruction

of the streptococcus on intraperitoneal injection into mice.

24 Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of this antibody in therapeutic

amounts in persons with poliomyelitis causes abrupt diminution

of antigen and increase in antibody (as determined by reaction to intradermal

injections of antibody and antigen)20; the treatment appears

to prevent paralysis and otherwise affect favorably the clinical course

of the disease 26, 33, 10, 12 and, prophylactically used, to prevent transmission

within family groups.


On the basis of the facts reviewed in this presentation, it is concluded

that epidemic poliomyelitis is due to infection by a specific streptococcus

which in the “virus” phase becomes minute and filtrable and perhaps

thus penetrates the blood-brain barrier to invade the central nervous

system from the primary site of infection in the nasopharynx or the

intestinal tract. During or after the filtrable phase, the organism reverts

to streptococcal size in which it is cultivable, toxicogenic and causative

of lesions, fever, tremors and paralysis.


1. Hektoen, L., Mathers, G., and Jackson, L.: Microscopic demonstration

of cocci in the central nervous system in epidemic poliomyelitis,

Jour. Infect. Dis., 22 :87-94, 1918.

2. Hektoen, L.: Recent investigations on the bacteriology of acute poliomyelitis,

Boston M. & S. J., 176: 687-695, 1917.

3. Jensen, C.: The 1934 epidemic in Denmark, Proc. Roy. Soc. Med.

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Exhibit H: Rosenow on Polio

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Persons in iron lungs. A photo intended to horrify?

Exhibit H: Rosenow on Polio


Exhibit I. 1953 The FitzGerald Report, the United States Senate

THE UNDERSIGNED, [Benedict FitzGerald] as Special Counsel to

the Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, was directed

to supervise a study of the following:

1. All those individuals, organizations, foundations, hospitals and clinics,

throughout the United States, which have an effect upon interstate

commerce and which have been conducting researches, investigations,

experiments and demonstrations relating to the cause, prevention, and

methods of diagnosis and treatment of the disease cancer, … and to

ascertain the extent of the therapeutic value claimed by each in the use

of its particular therapy….

3. … interstate conspiracy, if any, engaged in by any individuals,

organizations, corporations, associations, and combines of any kind

…to hinder, suppress, or restrict the free flow or transmission of

Krebiozen, Glyoxylide, and Mucorhicin, and other drugs, preparations

and remedies, …

Activity Report

[We planned] a study of material covering the operations of

foundations, hospitals. Thereafter, the undersigned travelled to Illinois

to investigate the so-called Krebiozen controversy, and on July 2, 1953,

wrote a report on his findings which is attached hereto and marked

“Exhibit A.” Included in this report was the evaluation:

“The controversy is involved and requires further research and

development. There is reason to believe that the AMA has been

hasty, capricious, arbitrary, and outright dishonest, and of course if

the doctrine of ‘respondeat superior’ is to be observed, the alleged

machinations of Dr. J. J. Moore (for the past ten years the treasurer of

the AMA) could involve the AMA and others in an interstate conspiracy

of alarming proportions. “The principal witnesses who tell of Dr.

Moore’s rascality are Alberto Barreira, Argentine cabinet member, and

his secretary, Anna D. Schmidt.”

[Regarding Krebiozen] …. Its value in the management of the cancer

patient has been demonstrated in a sufficient number and percentage

of cases to demand further work. “Behind and over all this is the

weirdest conglomeration of corrupt motives, intrigue, selfishness,

jealousy, obstruction and conspiracy that I have ever seen.

“Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, who has been conducting research upon this drug,

is absolutely honest intellectually, scientifically, and in every other way.

… Dr. George G. Stoddard, President of the University of Illinois,

in assisting in the cessation of Dr. Ivy’s research on cancer at the

University of Illinois, and in recommending the abolishment of the

Exhibit I: FitzGerald Report


latter’s post as Vice President of that institution, has in my opinion

shown attributes of intolerance for scientific research in general.”

…Now, passing on to another institution, I have very carefully studied

the court records of three cases tried in the Federal and State Courts

of Dallas, Texas. A running fight has been going on between officials,

especially Dr. Morris Fishbein of the American Medical Association

through the Journal of that organization, and the Hoxsey Cancer

Clinic. Dr. Fishbein contended that the medicines employed by the

Hoxsey Cancer Clinic had no therapeutic value; that it was run by a

quack and a charlatan….. It is interesting to note that in the Trial Court,

before Judge Atwell, who had an opportunity to hear the witnesses in

two different trials, it was held that the so-called Hoxsey. method of

treating cancer was in some respects superior to that of x-ray, radium

and surgery and did have therapeutic value.

The Circuit Court of Appeals of the 5th Circuit decided otherwise.. …

In this litigation the Government of the United States, as well as Dr.

Fishbein, brought to the Court the leading medical scientists, including

Pathologists and others skilled in the treatment of cancer. They came

from all parts of the country. It is significant to note that a great

number of these doctors admitted that x-ray therapy could cause

cancer. This view is supported by publications, including the magazine

entitled “CANCER” published by the American Cancer Society. May


I have had access to literature by leading scientists in the field of

medicine. The attention of the Committee is invited to the hearings

held during the 79th Congress, in July 1946; Senate Bill 1875.. being

under consideration, wherewith it appears, as follows:… “Report of

Dr. Miley of a survey made by Dr. Stanley Reimann…

“Dr. Reimann’s report on cancer cases in Pennsylvania over a long

period of time showed that those who received no treatment lived

a longer period than those that received surgery, radium or x-ray.

The exceptions were those patients who had received electrosurgery.

[??] The survey also showed that following the use of radium

and x-ray much more harm than good was done to the average

cancer patient.”

“Dr. William Seaman Bainbridge, A.M., Sc.D., M.D., CM., F.I.C.S.

(Hon.) was the recipient of six honorary degrees …

“While there are some who still believe in the efficacy of radiation

as a cure, my skepticism with regard to its value is being increasingly

substantiated. But even with the best technic of today, its curative effect

in real cancer is questionable. In 1939 the great British physiologist, Sir

Leonard Hill, wrote: ‘Large doses (of gamma and hard x-ray) produced

Exhibit I: FitzGerald Report


destruction of normal tissues such as marrow and lymphoid tissue,

leucocytes and epithelial linings, and death ensues ... The nation would, I

think, be little the worse off if all the radium in the country now buried

for security from bombing in deep holes, remains therein.’

“A neoplasm should never be incised for diagnostic purposes,

for one cannot tell at what split moment the cancer cells may be

disseminated and the patient doomed. Aspirating the neoplasm

to draw out the cells by suction. This, too, is a very questionable

procedure, for what of the cancer cells that may be present below the

puncture point and around the needle which have been set free? It

must be realized that while cancer cannot be transplanted from

man to man, it can be transplanted in the same host.” (See index)

“There is a report from another source in which Doctor Feinblatt, for

six years Pathologist of the Memorial Hospital, New York, reported

that the Memorial Hospital had originally given x-ray and radium

treatment before and after radical operations for breast maligancy.

These patients did not long survive, so x-ray and radium were

given after surgery only. These patients lived a brief time only

and after omitting all radiation, patients lived the longest of all.”

(See index)

Doctors Warned To Be Wary In Use Of X-Rays In Disease Treatment,

by Howard W. Blakeslee, Associated Press Science Editor.

“New York, July 6, 1948 — X-rays and gamma rays can cause

bone cancer is warning issued in ‘Cancer,’ a new medical journal

started by the American Cancer Society. The bone cancer warning,

covering more than twenty pages, is by Doctors William G Cahan.

Helen Q. Woodward, Norman L. Higginbotham. Fred W. Steward and

Bradlev I. Coley, all of New York City.

“One of the most dangerous things about this kind of bone

cancer, the report states, is the very long delay between the use

of the rays and the appearance of the cancers. The delay time in

the eleven cases ranged from six to twenty-two years.”

“Doctor Herman Joseph Muller, Nobel Prize Winner, a world

renowned scientist, has stated the Medical Profession is permanently

damaging the American life stream through the unwise use of x-rays.

There is no dosage of x-ray so low as to be without risk of producing

harmful mutations.” (See index)

The attention of the Committee is invited to the request made by

Senator Elmer Thomas following an investigation made by the Senator

of the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic …In fact, every effort was made to

avoid and evade the investigation by the Surgeon General’s office.

… Among the numerous foundations and clinics which profess to

Exhibit I: FitzGerald Report


possess a remedy for the treatment of cancer is the Lincoln Foundation

of Medford, Massachusetts, which has been the particular target of

the AMA. I have not had an opportunity to sufficiently explore the

particular type of therapy employed by this institution. However, I

understand it involves a unique theory of inhalent therapy and

the transmission of bacteria-phage. In passing it is important

to note that this technique was the subject of particular interest

to the late Chairman who was a trustee of the Lincoln Foundation

following a successful treatment of his son Charles W. Tobey, Jr. This

remedy has been tried by hundreds of patients and it is alleged that

these treatments have been proven beneficial….

Specifically with reference to cancer, it would appear that an opportunity

would be afforded members of this sort of a health program to periodic

checkups to determine whether they had cancer. This subject was

discussed at length between Kenneth Meiklejohn, …From a strictly

legal as well as ethical approach, if one individual has the right to select

his own physician or hospital, why cannot 10,000 individuals and their

families determine that they intend to invest directly, or indirectly, in

the construction and maintenance of a hospital, employ a staff of

competent physicians, surgeons, technicians, laboratory experts, nurses,

interns, et cetera, to look after their health problems? This is not socalled

socialized medicine. It is purely voluntary. Here, as elsewhere

stated in this report, the jurisdiction of the Committee may be

limited. It may properly belong to the States and their legislators

and courts to determine this problem. …

Time did not permit me to ascertain the number of students or the

increase thereof in the various medical schools throughout the country.

It has been suggested that a studied effort has been made by certain

groups to keep the number of students enrolling in medical schools at a

low figure. I do not assert this to be the fact and I doubt if the Committee

would have jurisdiction to go into that question. This would properly

belong to the States. If this is a fact, then the various State legislatures

of the country should, of course, take necessary steps, consistent with

the public welfare, to see that every opportunity is given to any boy or

girl who possesses the necessary qualifications to be permitted to enter

medical schools. ….A careful study of the subject matter embraced in

the direction of the late Chairman [Senator Charles Tobey] disclose

the tremendous importance of the investigation undertaken and the

consideration of the results by the members of this Committee.

I have approached this problem with an open mind. Recognizing

the importance of men skilled in the science of medicine, who are

best informed, it not qualified, on the question of cancer, its causes

Exhibit I: FitzGerald Report


and treatment, I directed my attention to the propaganda by the

American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society

to the effect: namely, “that radium, x-ray therapy and surgery are

the only recognized treatments for cancer.”

Is there any dispute among recognized medical scientists in America

and elsewhere in the world on the use of radium and x-ray therapy

in the treatment of cancer. The answer is definitely Yes; there is a

division of opinion on the use of radium and x-ray. Both agencies

are destructive, not constructive. In the alleged destruction of the

abnormal, outlaw or cancer cells both x-ray therapy and radium destroy

normal tissue and normal cells. Recognized medical authorities in

America and elsewhere state positively that x-ray therapy can

cause cancer in and of itself. Documented cases are available….

Accordingly, we should determine whether exisiting agencies,

both public and private, are engaged and have pursued a

policy of harassment, ridicule, slander and libelous attacks on

others sincerely engaged in stamping out this curse of mankind.

Have medical associations, through their officers, agents, servants

and employees engaged in this practice? My investigation to date

should convince this Committee that a conspiracy does exist to

stop the free flow and use of drugs in interstate commerce which

allegedly has solid therapeutic value. Public and private funds have

been thrown around like confetti at a country fair to close up and

destroy clinics, hospitals and scientific research laboratories

which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations.

How long will the American people take this? To illustrate the

stranglehold of the American Medical Association on legislation which

in turn affects every household in America, let us look at a small 25

cent tube of penicillin ointment. Is it dangerous to have around

the house for a cut or small bruise on your body? Rat poison can

be bought without a doctor’s prescription. The sale of arsenic must

have a doctor’s prescription. The sale of arsenic and rat poisons is small

but not penicillin. Accordingly we must have a doctor’s prescription in

America to buy a 25 cent tube of ointment. In Canada, however, the

Medical Association has not yet discovered THE GREAT DANGER

of a small tube of penicillin ointment and, accordingly the people

are able to buy it without paying a doctor for a prescription. To say

that it is dangerous, is silly. To assert, rather, that it is but another

manifestation of power and privilege of a few at the expense of

the many would be more consistent with truth and wholly accurate.

What is the duty of this Committee and the members thereof? In

upholding the law and enacting legislation for the people of

Exhibit I: FitzGerald Report


America, we look first to the instrument of our creation as a

representative form of Government. Those powers not specifically

conferred upon the Federal Government and denied to the States,

are reserved either to the States or to the people. Thus the founding

fathers very wisely created an area of freedom in which free men shall

function. It is in this area set aside by the fathers of our Republic that

people have the right to own property, transact business, build

up a system of free enterprise without hindrance, harassment

or abuse of either the Government, State or Federal, or of other

citizens, however powerful, so long as the people so engaged do

not trespass upon the rights of others. This is the basic concept of

liberty functioning in America. It may be said to be a reservoir of

freedom. May I, with propriety, call your attention to the tragedy

which has invaded the United States Senate. Four great Americans, all

of them, Senator McMahon, Senator Wherry, Senator Vandenberg and

Senator Bob Taft were all stricken down with this disease…

[Emphasis added]

Respectfully submitted,

Benedict F. Fitzgerald, Special Counsel (on record August 9, 1953)

UPDATE... The son of Senator Charles Tobey tells us [see]:

My father died in July. None of the other members of this Investigation

Committee knew of this investigation going on because we didn’t

want the A M. A. officials to go to work on the Senators to get Fitzgerald

kicked out before he got the goods on them. About four days after

my father’s death, Mr. Fitzgerald was summoned to the office of Senator

Bricker who succeeded my father as chairman of the committee.

Mr. Fitzgerald was told to file a brief report, to lay low, not to interview

the press or talk to anyone about his findings and was promised that if

he did that, he would be taken care of. I got that from Mr. Fitzgerald

at first hand.

Instead of that, Mr. Fitzgerald drew up this report .... he told the truth

and named names and places. He filed that report with Senator Bricker

and with every member of the Committee. About two weeks ago he got

a letter from the Department of Justice saying they are sorry but they are

unable to give him his Job back as an Investigator. Senator Bricker is a

powerful man in Washington. He is Mr. A. M. A. in the Senate. Now follow

this and try to get the reasoning behind it. About five days after Senator

Bricker fired Fitzgerald and called the investigation to an immediate

halt, he received a letter of congratulations and guess who wrote the letter?

Mr. John Teeter, Executive Director of the Damon Runyon Fund.

Exhibit I: FitzGerald Report


Exhibit J. 1961 Deposition of Royal Raymond Rife (sworn

testimony) in the case of The People of the State of California Vs. John

Marsh, Lallas Bateson, and John Crane. The Deposition of Royal R. Rife

was taken in the city of Tijuana, Republic of Mexico, March 7.

[Note: I have “highlighted,” by removing the shading, passages bearing

on my theme. -- MM]

Question: Please state your name? Answer: Royal Raymond Rife. Where

do you now reside? As a tourist in Tijuana. Are you the same Royal R.

Rife who invented the system of killing or de-activating pathogenic

organisms by electronic waves or frequencies produced by instruments

similar to those made by Mr. John Crane, one of the Defendants in this

case? Yes. When did you begin your experimental work on this system?

1915.How long a period did your work cover, in developing the device

and the techniques of its use? From 1920 to the present time — 40 years

and development is still continuing. What is the basic theory upon which you

sought to find a means of killing pathogenic organisms? The theory of

coordinative resonance with frequencies which I proved would kill microorganisms

by electron transfer and internal stresses of pathogenic cells owing to electromagnetic

and electrostatic forces. What kinds of pathogenic organisms did you study,

in these experiments? Tetanus, typhoid, gonorrhea, syphilis, staphylococci,

pneumonia, streptothrix, streptococci, tuberculosis, sarcoma, carcinoma, leprosy, polio,

cholera, actinomycosis, glanders, bubonic plague, anthrax, influenza, herpes, cataracts,

glaucoma, colitis, sinus, ulcers and many other virus bacteria and fungi. From what

sources were these organisms obtained? The Hooper Foundation, Paradise

Valley Sanitarium, from Northwestern Medical University in Chicago, from the

Mayo Clinic, and from many medical doctors. What sort of laboratory facilities

did you have, for use in these experiments? I had one of the best privately

equipped laboratories in the world complete with a million volt x-ray, frequency

instruments, electronic test equipment, precision lathes, mills, drill presses, shaper

and all equipment necessary to make instruments… I had animals in cages in the

basement with facilities for 1000 animals. The Rife Research Laboratory was air

conditioned and humidity controlled to one tenth of one degree. Were any special

instruments required for your study of viruses? Yes. What were they?

Prismatic virus microscopes and Berkefelt porcelain filters, a micromanipulator and

electronic test instruments and frequency instruments. Were all of these obtainable

from ordinary commercial sources? No - I could not buy them on the open

market and they are still not obtainable even today. How did you obtain them? I

had to design and build these instruments to accomplish what I wanted to attain with

my research. Who designed these? I designed them. Describe these special

instruments for us. The universal microscope was described and published by

the journal of the Franklin Institute. Time does not permit me to describe all of

the many instruments that I designed and constructed. The micromanipulator was

Exhibit J: Rife’s 1961 Deposition


used to dissect and operate on cells. The spectrometer was used to measure the angles

of crystals, the frequency instruments were used to kill bacteria, virus, and fungi,

the microscopes of the prismatic virus type were used to study living virus, bacteria,

and fungi, a petrographical micropolariscope was used to analyze chemicals and color

frequencies with polarized light, special rare gas glass contained atmospheres were used

to provide ionized radiation to transmit energy to increase virulence and to devitalize

all microorganisms as desired….. Describe your experiments by which you

isolated these viruses. After the filtered form was obtained, a micropipette is used

to place a drop of the fluid on a slide. This slide is placed on the microscope stage

of any of the five virus microscopes that I designed and built. A special risely prism

which works on a counter rotation principle selects a portion of the light frequency

which illuminates these virus in their own characteristic chemical colors by emission

of coordinative light frequency and the virus become readily identifiable by the colors

revealed on observation. 8,000 to 17,000x magnification is sufficient to see them.

Before building the virus prismatic microscopes, I sectioned over 15,000 slides trying

all types of acid and aniline dye stains with no results over a period of ten years. How

did you determine whether these viruses were pathogenic? By animal test

and from known sources and by microscope examination which reveals the true identity

of microorganisms to the trained observer. Describe your experiments made to

prove that these viruses were pathogenic.

On one series of cancer tests, I inoculated the virus which I had isolated and filtered

from an unulcerated breast mass into an albino rat, the tumor was allowed to grow

and then I surgically removed the tumor and again isolated and filtered the virus

from a portion of the ground up tumor and inoculated the next rat and repeated this

procedure 411 times to prove that this virus was the causative agent of cancer. Tests

on many other diseases such as those previously mentioned are too numerous to even

start on at this time. About how long a period of time did your work/study

of these viruses, and proof of their pathogenic character, cover? 15 years

on virus only. Did you also study bacterial forms of pathogenic organisms

associated with these viruses? Yes. Did you find whether some bacteria

were capable of releasing a form of virus?

Yes. Virus are released from bacteria just as a chicken lays an egg. How did you

determine this? By virus observation and cell study and virus photographs which

I made and one which John Crane made from a film of cancer virus which has been

copyrighted. What are some of the bacteria which you found to be capable

of releasing a form of virus? Bacillus coli, tuberculosis, typhoid, and many

others. Were certain kinds of culture media better suited than others to the

study of the relationship between the bacteria and virus forms? A media

developed by Arthur I. Kendall known as K media proved superior to other types of

bacteria media.

Why, or in what way, were some culture media superior to others for this

purpose? Because of the results obtained. Were any physicians or scientists

associated with you in any of these studies? Yes. Who were they? Milbank

Exhibit J: Rife’s 1961 Deposition


Exhibit J: Rife’s 1961 Deposition

Johnson, M.D., Arthur I. Kendall, Ph.D., E.C. Rosenow, M.D., Coolidge of

General Electric, O.C. Grunner, M.D., Henry Seiner, Dr. Copp, M.D., Alvin

G. Foord, M.D., Ernest Lynwood Walker, M.D., and Karl Meyer, M.D., of the

Hooper Foundation of San Francisco, George Dock, M.D., Waylen Morrison,

M.D., Dr. Fischer, M.D., Verne Thompson, Ben Cullen, Ray Lounsberry, M.D.,

James B. Couche, M.D., Charles F. Tully, D.D.S., Arthur Yale, M.D., R.T.

Hammer, M.D., John Crane, David Sawyer, Don Tully, J. Heitger, M.D., Royal

Lee, Ph.D., T.O. Berger, M.D., Alice Kendall, and many others. Where did they

work with you? Work was conducted in various laboratories, offices, and buildings

in San Diego and in the United States. I traveled all over the world and many doctors

and scientists and executives visited me at my various laboratories including the Rife

Research Laboratory, the Point Loma Lab set up at Dr. Tully’s, the Rife Virus

Microscope Institute, and another microscope and dark room facility at San Diego,

and I furnished free of charge to the police crime laboratory thousands of dollars worth

of chemicals, precision instruments, electronic instruments, and training in microscope

techniques and laboratory diagnosis and other equipment and glassware after I closed

the Rife Research Laboratory in 1946. What part did they have in any of these

experiments or studies?.

Initially I worked with loose couplers to get an audio oscillation and then with the

use of transmitters, I tried to balance the audio and modulate the audio on a carrier

wave to transmit the audio energy but I found that both the audio and the audio

transmitted through a tube as an antenna worked equally as well in a painless and

harmless method to human tissue. Coolidge furnished many tubes. Milbank Johnson,

a multi-millionaire, set up and supervised three human research clinics. The first clinic

was set up under a special medical research committee of the University of Southern

California with Dr. Rufus B. Von Klein Smidt on the committee in the home of

Ellen Scripps in La Jolla in 1934. Johnson selected outstanding doctors to aid us….

Walker and I studied leprosy and I isolated a virus which we jointly demonstrated was

common to rat, and soil, and human leprosy and I found a frequency which would

eliminate leprosy.

Dr. Gonin, M.D., visited me and I sent Henry Seiner to demonstrate a virus microscope

in England to the medical profession there. Alice Kendall worked for me in the lab and

so did Henry Seiner and others. From 1950 and on, John Crane has continued on with

this research. The others were visitors and interested parties. Many others have aided

in promotion of this research and the AMA has suppressed all effort and research

knowledge of my developments. Did you grow bacteria and viruses in various

culture media? Yes. How did you determine what they were? They can be

readily diagnosed by their own true colors which are emitted when placed in any of the

five virus microscopes that I designed and built for this virus identification and study.

What study and experience did you have in the science of optics, before

commencing these experiments? I studied for 6 years with Hans Luckel who

was Karl Zeiss’s optical scientist and researcher. I also made all the photomicrographs

for the Atlas of Parasites which was done at the University of Heidelberg. I also


studied eye surgery for two years.

In what ways did they differ from the commercially available types? In the

barrel were prisms which transmitted the light. The stage had to be level and a series

of condenser lenses between the patented microscope lamp of mine and the risely prism

were located below the stage. Special lens spacings were important to compensate for

the extra long tube length of 220 and 440 mm and a higher degree of accuracy in

stage adjustment was provided. In the Universal microscope — seven turns of the dial

move the object under study one micron; slit ultra illumination was also provided.

What is necessary, in order to make bacteria and viruses visible under the

microscope? First there must be high enough power to enable the observer to see them

and second they must be identified by a frequency of light which coordinates with the

chemical constituents of the virus or filterable form in question. … Did you devise

another method of staining or making visible bacteria and viruses? Yes.

I had devised a stain with alfalfa hay and mercury for flagella on B-coli and typhoid

to count their concentration. Virus were made visible for the first time with a variable

light frequency controlled by a risely prism of a counter rotating nature, and iris

diaphragm, condenser lenses and other features previously mentioned. Explain how

it was done. By rotation and variable monochromatic beam adjustment of the Rife

Prismatic Virus Microscopes. What study and experience have you had in the

science of bacteriology? I studied bacteriology at John Hopkins and the University

of Heidelberg . . .

What kinds of animals were used in such experiments? Albino rats, guinea

pigs, rabbits. I had about 800 rats which were used constantly…. Did any other

scientists or physicians assist you in any of these studies of inoculated

laboratory animals? No, but I had men that worked for me and helped me. Did

any other scientists observe, without actually assisting, any of these

studies or experiments? Yes. Who were they? Dr. Kendall, Grunner, Johnson,

. . . and others as stated before. What part did they take in such studies? By

bringing cancer tissue, collaborating results, by using the virus microscopes and observing

my results and observations, by growing virus and by conducting clinical tests on virus,

bacteria and fungi on cultures and human cases or patients for their own research and

knowledge. As a result of such studies, did you and Dr. Arthur I. Kendall

publish a report of some of your experiments in “California and Western

Medicines” the Journal of the California Medical Association, in the

December, 1931, issue? Yes.? Yes.

Did Dr. Rosenow publish a report of this study in the July, 1932, issue of

the Mayo Clinic Bulletin? Yes. How did you obtain the device or mechanism

used to generate such frequencies? Some coils I wound myself. Other parts I

purchased. How did you determine whether particular frequencies had any

effect upon bacteria or viruses? By observation with bacteria and virus under the

Rife Virus Prismatic Microscope in conjunction with the application of electronic energy.

Were you able to kill or de-activate any bacteria or viruses by the application

to them of electronic currents or rays? Yes. Can you name some of the

Exhibit J: Rife’s 1961 Deposition


bacteria and viruses which you were able to kill or to de-activate by such

means? Tetanus, typhoid, gonorrhea, treponema pallidum, staphylococci, pneumonia,

streptothrix, bacillus coli, tuberculosis, streptococci, sarcoma, carcinoma, and many

others. And it was found that by using combinations of these frequencies for the different

microorganisms that many other diseases could be helped like sinus, ulcers, cataract,

arthritis, poliomyelitis, etc…. Was there ever any change in the appearance of

such bacteria or viruses as seen under your microscope?Yes. Some types will

explode or disintegrate and some will gather together like log jams or agluetinate. Were

you acquainted with Dr. Milbank Johnson, M.D., during this period? Yes.

Did he participate in any of your experiments or studies on the effect of

electronic frequencies upon bacteria and viruses? Yes. Did you furnish

one of your electronic frequency-generators to Dr. Milbank Johnson for

his use? Yes. Over about what period of time did he use it? 8 years. Where

did he make use of it? In the Sante Fe Hospital in Los Angeles and a private

clinic in Pasadena. Was this electronic frequency-generator used by him or

under his direction in the treatment of disease of human patients? Yes..

Did you observe the giving of any of these treatments? Yes. Did you

observe the results of these treatments? Yes. What changes did you

observe in the condition of any of the patients so treated by Dr. Milbank

Johnson with the instrument you had furnished to him? Describe them in

detail? I observed some cataract cases, etc. During the period of time when Dr.

Milbank Johnson was so using your electronic frequency-generator, were

you acquainted with Dr. James B. Couche, M.D. (now deceased)? Yes. Did

Dr. James B. Couche participate in the work of Dr. Milbank Johnson in

the treatment of human patients with the frequency-generator? Yes… I

saw cancer and tuberculosis cases that had completely recovered. I saw Dr. Couche’s

brother who had come over from England. He had a 30 year sinus condition with

terrible drainage. Dr. Couche used the frequency instrument on him and he was well in

three weeks. Dr. Couche had treated Dr. Hamer, M.D., for a sinus condition which

cleared up. Dr. Couche had treated Dr. Butterfield, M.D.’s brother-in-law who had

a stiff wrist a tuberculosis of the bone which cleared up. Also I saw a Mexican boy

who had osteomyelitis of the bone which Dr. Couche cleared up with the frequency

instrument. I saw George Lemm, being treated by Dr. Couche for tuberculosis and

he had come out from Chicago to die. He was sent from the Vulclain Home. As soon

as they found out that Couche was getting results, they tried to get all of their patients

back but Lemm said no that he was going to finish up with Couche and he completely

recovered. Did you furnish Dr. Arthur W. Yale, M.D., (now deceased) with

one of your electronic frequency-generators? If so, about when? Yes. He

had ordered an instrument from the Beam Ray Corporation in 1937…

Did you observe the condition of any of Dr. Arthur W. Yale’s patients after

they had been treated by him with your electronic frequency-generator?

Yes. They completely recovered from syphilis, cancer, tuberculosis, and many other

infections. Did you perform any experiments on laboratory animals … with

your electronic frequency-generator? Yes. What kinds of animals did you

Exhibit J: Rife’s 1961 Deposition


use? Albino rats, rabbits, guinea pigs. With what diseases were these animals

inoculated? Sarcoma, carcinoma, tuberculosis, typhoid, etc....

We also did a great deal of work on tuberculosis with animals and proved that the

rod form and the virus form must both be devitalized to attain results which requires

two frequencies, one for each form before recovery can occur. Did you compare

the subsequent condition of the animals so treated with your frequencygenerator

with the condition of “control” animals?... Yes. The inoculated

controls died and the controls which were not inoculated were not affected. About how

many experiments of this kind did you make? 50,000 animal tests and 400

test tubes daily on my experiments. Over about what period of time did you

conduct these experiments? 26 years. …Did any disease respond exactly

the same to all frequencies, or a wide variety of frequencies? No. Were you

able to determine whether each kind of bacteria or virus which you tested

was affected most by some particular frequency? Yes. What happened

when you used a different frequency on it? It was not affected. Did you

make a moving picture showing the interior of your laboratory and some

of its equipment? Yes. Did this moving picture also show some of your

experimental work on laboratory animals? Yes, Some cancer work is shown?

Yes. Did you ever explain to John F. Crane, one of the defendants in this

case, the principles upon which your electronic frequency-generator is

used in the treatment of disease? Yes, in 1950. Did you also inform him

of the particular frequencies which you had found to be effective in the

treatment of various diseases? Yes. Vern Thompson and I gave the frequencies

to John Crane.*

…Did you ever request any governmental department or agency to make

a test of your electronic frequency-generator to determine its effect upon

diseases? If so, which one or ones? Yes. The Department of Health, Education

and Welfare and the National Research Council, Committee on Growth, Washington

DC, The American Cancer Society, The Damon Runyon Fund, The Sloan Kettering

Institute, The International Cancer Clinic and many others. They have shown no

interest in an electronic method.

*I print here “Rife’s frequencies” shown on Internet, as supposedly

provided by J. Crane. I have no way to check their validity, but hope some

biologists may twig when they see these comparisons. -- MM:

Actinomycosis (Streptothrix)=191,803 Hz./ Anthrax=139,200 Hz./

B. Coli (Rod form)=416,510 Hz./ B. Coli (Filterable virus)=769,035 Hz./

Bacillus X or BX (Cancer Carcinoma) = 1,607,450 Hz.

Bacillus X or BX (Cancer Sarcoma) = 1,529,520 Hz./ Gonorrhea

=233,000 Hz./ Spinal Meningitis=426,862 Hz./ Staphylococcus Pyogenes

Aureus=477,660 Hz./Syphilis=788,700 Hz./Tetanus=234,000 Hz

/ Tuberculosis (Rod)=369,433 Hz./ Tuberculosis (Virus)=769,000 Hz.

Exhibit J: Rife’s 1961 Deposition


Exhibit K. 1965 Lionel Dole, The Blood Poisoners .Surrey: Gateway.

In his book, Pour La Libere, M. Marcel Lemaire reminds us of the almost

forgotten fact that the great Pasteur Institute was founded solely to

sell rabies vaccines and thus save (perhaps!) 30 lives per annum in France.

… The radio advertising of commercial vaccines, especially with public

money, is the greatest enemy we have to fight. This dishonest propaganda

is incessant….. The art of lying by radio is not quite as easy to master as

it may seem. Bernard Shaw said very truly that if you tell a lie the microphone

gives you away hopelessly. That is why, when the pretty legends

about Jenner and Pasteur have to be pumped into immature minds, announcers

must be found who really believe these stories.

Nevertheless, the TV can sometimes fool the public by showing pictures

or documents to “prove” things that no one would dare to utter. The really

expert technique is to tell nothing but the truth, but to omit part of it. A

perfect example of this occurred in a BBC TV extravaganza, “Matters of

Medicine”, which was designed to boost the terrors of poliomyelitis. Is

there any reason why the BBC should not be charged with fraud if they

encourage the use of commercial vaccines by misrepresenting the facts

of history? The Postmaster General would, in such an event, be perfectly

justified in withdrawing its license for causing a public mischief— even,

in fact, for committing multiple murder. By the terms of the License

granted by the Postmaster General, the BBC:

“shall, whenever so requested by any Department of Her Majesty’s Government

in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,

at the Corporation’s own expense, send from all or any of the stations any

announcement …Provided that the Corporation when sending such an announcement

or other matter may at its discretion announce or refrain from

announcing that it is sent at the request of a named Department.”

When five Pakistanis brought smallpox to England and started the

outbreak of 1961-2, it was known they all had valid certificates of

revaccination, showing more than one dose; but this fact was published

only after, instead of before, the Press and Radio had started playing the

fool as usual, spreading panic.

Modern epidemiologists know that vaccinations cannot prevent the

spread of any disease whatever, but they are seldom quoted in the Press.

Both Press and Radio continue to preach that smallpox is a terribly infectious

and deadly scourge. They never tell us that “it is the most safe and

slight of all diseases”. (Dr. Thomas Sydenham, 1688).

….We … hear of the noble work of Father Damien among the lepers of

Hawaii, but we are not told that there was not one leper in the whole of

the Hawaiian Islands before the noble work of Jenner reached them. By

the ’nineties, 10 per cent of the natives were lepers.

THE EXTREME danger of a biased, monopolistic broadcasting system

was well illustrated during the smallpox scare of 1961. In two consecutive

Exhibit K: Dole on Pasteur


“Any Questions?” programmes, eight popular broadcasters in a row all demanded

the return of compulsory vaccination, apparently on the grounds that “we are

getting slack about it”. Who is getting slack about what?

Dr. Charles Creighton, Alfred Russel Wallace, William White, Prof. Edgar

Crookshank, William Tebb, Dr. Scott Tebb, Dr. William J. Collins were all

head-and-shoulders above their opponents, both in intellect and in integrity.

They may therefore never be mentioned on the radio, nor may

their history. In the meantime, we have to put up with perpetual propaganda

glorifying Jenner and Pasteur.


The electron microscope has focused attention upon what are all-tooloosely

called viruses. The word virus used to mean any kind of foul and

poisonous matter; but now the notion is being encouraged that a virus

particle, whether called an “intact”, “living” or “whole” virus, is

merely a very small kind of germ. Dr. H. G. Pereira, a very well recognised

virologist, of the National Institute for Medical Research, said: —”The

position is even more difficult now since it has been shown that the

nucleic acid by itself, e.g., that of poliovirus, will infect many different

tissues which are quite resistant to the whole virus.”

When we know that the word “infect” means that the nucleic acid (the

virus) multiplies enormously, and that “whole virus” simply means a tiny

spot of virus coated with protein derived from an infected cell, we can

appreciate the fact that sometimes a “whole” virus cannot infect, while a

decoated, or “killed”, virus always can if it is a real virus. The reason is

that all cells have to feed through their walls and can absorb free virus

in the same way, after which they can “replicate infectious virus”. In the second

lecture, given by Prof. H. R. Morgan, of Rochester, New York, the above

facts were confirmed with regard to type I poliovirus, which can infect

chick-embryo cells only after being deprived of its protein covering.

As to “modified” viruses, however, Dr. John Kendrew, F.R.S., in his BBCTV

lectures stated that it had been proved in the laboratory that a virulent

virus (that of virus pneumonia), if placed side by side with a “variant”, can

“take over” the variant, restoring its virulence, and make it “breed true”.

Viruses can, in fact, infect one another!

The influenza pandemic of 1918-19, which… caused 25,000,000 deaths

has never been fully and honestly reported. Of course, the epidemiologists

tried to trace it to its source, and it seems to be generally agreed that

the virus took on its terribly virulent form in certain American army

camps on the eastern side of the U.S.A. Why, though, has this matter

never been properly investigated? Is it a medical secret?


In spite of a reward of $15,000 having been offered to anyone who will

prove that the Salk polio vaccines are not fraudulent, a huge Salk Institute

Exhibit K: Dole on Pasteur


Exhibit K: Dole on Pasteur

is now being established on 27 acres at San Diego, California, the alleged

object of which is to provide ideal as well as practical opportunities for

scientists to work without hindrance or financial worries. British Medical

Journal, of 1st June 1963, has mentioned varieties of the staphylococcus aureus,

coliform bacilli and poor little TB germs which cannot even live without

streptomycin, the antibiotic commonly used in fighting TB.


This strange name has been given recently to a number of well-known

degenerative diseases of unknown origin, such as rheumatoid arthritis,

Hashimoto’s disease of the thyroid, and a growing list of others. The feature

common to all of them seems to be that certain cells which are not

normally in direct contact with the blood stream, become damaged

or exposed; they are attacked as strangers by the lymphocytes, plasma

cells, etc., antibodies appear in the blood, a vicious circle is set up and the

battle continues until the offending cells are destroyed… We very strongly

suspect that this new name, completely unintelligible to the layman, has

been adopted to obscure the fact that all these troublesome and incurable

diseases really ought to be classed as “autogenous vaccinations”, but the

word “vaccination” has to be kept out of it at all costs.

Who can dispute the opinion that Dr. Charles Creighton was the greatest

of these doctors? His History of Epidemics in Britain, in 1894, was justly

called “the greatest medical work ever written by one man”. Having previously

written for the Encycloptedia Britannica, he was asked to contribute the

article on vaccination for the Ninth Edition. Its appearance, in 1888, was

such a profound shock to the advocates of, and vested interests concerned

in, vaccination that Creighton’s article was replaced as soon as possible

by what was little more than an advertisement …. Creighton was virtually

turned out of his profession.

Also, what has become of the bacillus of smallpox and also that of

influenza, both quite real to Prof. W. M. Crofton? Creighton was obviously

a sceptic to the end of his life. Prof. William Bulloch, after Creighton’s

death, said, “He was the most learned man I ever knew.” These

honest people could hardly have foreseen such horrible, costly follies as

two World Wars, or that the Jenner-Pasteur business would become an

enormously wealthy international protection-selling racket, which, in spite

of its universal failure, has the power to monopolise the Press and the Radio

almost completely, to use large sums of public and “charity” money to

advertise its abominable wares and [which] inflicts cruelty upon countless

millions of animals every year.

There are many French doctors who would make all vaccinations illegal.

There is no doubt that they soon would be, if free discussion on the Radio

were possible; at present it is simply not allowed. Even that excellent broadcaster,

Bernard Shaw, had to be cut off in a hurry when, in an interview, he

was casually referring to Jenner and Pasteur as if they were mere mortals.


Exhibit K: McBean Addendum to Dole

ADDENDUM. Quotes from Eleanor McBean, The Poisoned Needle (re polio.)

Editorial in The Lancet April 23, 1955: “If it is found that, contrary to Salk’s

hopes antibody levels cannot be maintained without a succession of booster

doses, then a serious problem will arise. Will it be necessary to give injections

every year; and, if so, for how long would they be given? If injections are

given regularly for several years to millions of children the risk of allergic

reactions to monkey kidney tissue will become increasingly grave.

(Emphasis mine, McBean)

Dr. J. K. Marlin, from the Guy’s Hospital reported 80 cases where children

developed infantile paralysis soon after having been vaccinated.

Dr. F. H. Haines: “It is impossible to say what remote after-effects may be

caused by the introduction of alien substances into the blood stream. Products

which alter metabolism, cause profound change in the fluids of the body, and

anaphylaxis, are the negation of nature’s own methods.

Dr. A. Bradford Hill and Dr. I. Knowelden: “This inquiry reveals an association

between recent injections and paralysis . . . We must conclude that in the

1949 epidemic of poliomyelitis in this country, cases of paralysis were occurring

which were associated with inoculation procedures carried out within the

month preceding the record date of onset of the illness” (British Medical Journal,

July 1, 1950)

Dr. McCloskey Australia and Dr. Geffen London both observed Lancet (April

8, 1950): “the point that struck them was that the paralysis started in the limb in

which the injection had been made.” [Does not make sense, does it? McBean’s

book records many doctors’ similar findings.]


Ralf R. Scobey, MD (Archives of Pediatrics, Sept. 1950) lists 170 diseases of

polio-like symptoms and effects but with different names such as: epidemic cholera,

cholera morbus, spinal meningitis, spinal apoplexy, inhibitory palsy, intermittent fever, famine

fever, worm fever, bilious remittent fever, ergotism, etc. There are also such common

nutritional deficiency diseases as beriberi, scurvy, Asiatic plague, pellagra,

prison edema, acidosis. “Inasmuch as nerve cells react in much the same

way to various poisons, further research will probably show that in these cases

polio micro-organisms are not always present, but intoxication (poisoning) may

be produced by faulty metabolism or by the absorption of external poisons.”

Dr. William J. McCormick: (Archives of Pediatrics, Feb. 1950): “The associated

virus is regarded as a biochemical substance produced by the disease,

which, although capable of producing paralysis in animals by catalytic chemical

action in the nervous system, is not necessarily a means of spreading of the

disease under ordinary circumstances.”

Dr. John