Michael L. Culbert, ScD

Michael Culbert has been a health-freedom activist for two decades. He was the founder and president of the International Council for Health Freedom and the information director of the International BioCare Hospital. A lifelong journalist and investigative reporter, he was the author and co-author of more than 20 books including Medical Armageddon. He has written numerous articles on the subject of metabolic medicine and the politics of health care. Listen as he addresses “Medical Armageddon Now—the World’s Urgent Need for Integrative Medicine and Medical Freedom of Choice.”

[2005] Michael L. Culbert, ScD, fighter for Health Freedom by Marcus A. Cohen

[1999] Carole Conquers Cancer… One Woman's Odyssey by Michael Culbert

Of Pharma Follies and Thai Vaccines by Michael L. Culbert Sc.D.

Vitamin B-17--Forbidden Weapon against Cancer: The Fight for Laetrile by Culbert, Michael L.

Freedom from Cancer, The Amazing Story of Laetrile, by Michael Culbert.

(In)"1970, the Pennsylvania Health Dept., swooped down on a meeting...after the movie Laetrile,...was shown.  The film was confiscated and the association president arrested." - Michael Culbert, Vitamin B-17, Forbidden Weapon Against Cancer.

It is essential to point out here that there is not a unanimity of opinion as to the precise action of Laetrile — or vitamin B-17, as it was later called. To this day, Dr. Charles Gurchot questions the exact series of events in the Laetrile reaction as described by Krebs and states that the cyanide action is "not proven." And Dr. Dean Burk, Laetrile's chief defender within the otherwise hostile National Cancer Institute, told me: "Both Dr. [Hans] Nieper and I have conceived of several mechanisms of action of amygdalin which have nothing to do with any action of cyanide." Part of officialdom's critique against Laetrile was based on the alleged failure of tests to duplicate the precise action described by Krebs. Vitamin B-17--Forbidden Weapon against Cancer: The Fight for Laetrile by Culbert, Michael L.

"The (Laetrile) efficacy tests...clinically in humans..(by) the US NCI...were obviously conducted so that a negative result could be formulated.  The limited number and types of human cancer cases selected...the omission of necessary additional measures ('e.g dietary'), the far too short observation periods, and the undefined chemical properties of the (Laetrile)... all contributed to devaluation of...conclusions."
    "... The cancer statutes (are) discriminatory against the cancer patient.... No other disease is so restricted by politics....  It is also discriminatory against the Negro because Laetrile helps sickle cell anemia.... It is discriminatory against the poor because the poor can't afford to go to Mexico or Germany (for therapies outlawed in the US)..."
    "The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic ACT,...defines any article 'intended for use in the diagnosis, ...treatment, or prevention of disease' as a 'drug'...Water...to an individual dying of thirst could ...be called a 'drug." - Michael Culbert, Freedom From Cancer.

Quotes re Michael Culbert
America has produced a large number of writers and journalists who have been aligned with the major Health Freedom Organisations over the years. One of the most prolific of these was Michael Culbert who died in October 2004.  Culbert was a founder-President of the International Council for Health Freedom and was before he died, Chairman of the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Medicine, Inc. and Editor of its newsletter. As a long time health freedom activist, he was the former award-winning California newspaper Editor of the Berkeley Daily Gazette and was co-author of more than 20 books, in the areas of Alternative Medicine, medical politics and economics.
    Culbert had a plainly political approach to Health Freedom questions, as is witnessed by the following quote:  'The solution to all this, of course, is not scientific. It is political. If people have to take to the streets to secure what should be their birthright - freedom of choice in medicine, against the tyrannical concentration of economic and vested interests, then they will.' A Bibliographic History of the Health Freedom Movement by Martin J Walker