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  Dr Gavalo in Russia who gets 75% five year survival in most carcinomas. Unbelievable. CG hormone. Trophoblastic cells. Cancer is similar to pregnancy. Cancer looks like a pregnancy. Dr Lance....isolate the blocking factor...analised proteins anti tumour necrosis factor....blocking factors of tumour.. we dismount immune system when pregnant... remove blocking proteins 3 patients with over 2 pounds of cancer...within 24 hours all dead on autopsy they did not have a single cancer cells all gone in 48 hours....but kidneys could not handle it....they did not know about detox....the word detox does not appear in the main textbook on cancer or the main medical textbook...the word in medicine refers to heroin addicts and getting them off heroin....they do not conceive that their are such things as toxins created by a tumour...where do they think it all goes?....it goes straight to the kidney, liver, lungs. Interview of Dr Ralph Moss, Ph.D.

Los Angeles, California, September 12, 1999

Announcement: VG-1000™ available in Europe

Empirical Therapies Inc. and Autobiologics BV are proud to announce that they have concluded an agreement assuring the international distribution from Holland of the original biological response modifier, VG-1000™.

VG-1000™ is a powerful immune system modulator for the biological prevention and treatment of cancer. It is a non-toxic, organic product which acts much like a vaccine to unmask cancerous cells as they mutate into malignancies, and enhances the person’s immune system ability to control or eliminate the cancer. Unlike most therapies that are cytotoxic, VG-1000™ therapy is designed to weaken or suppress factors within the tumor that "turn off" the normal immune defenses of the patient, and enable the patient’s immune system to respond against the cancer. The Russian physician, Dr. Valentin I. Govallo, MD, Ph.D., originally developed this revolutionary immunologic theory through studies of the parallels between the mother-fetus and host-tumor immune interaction systems.

Empirical Therapies Inc., is a organization founded in 1994 by the medical historian Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. dedicated to the dissemination of information to patients on complementary health and medicine. Its program can be viewed at www.empiricaltherapies.com

Autobiologics BV and the affiliated organization, The Placenta Research Foundation, are engaged in the research for therapies for immune system disorders and effective plans for prevention. Founded in 1991 and directed by Dr. William H. van Ewijk, MD (MA) Ph.D., Autobiologics BV is located near Amsterdam, and focuses on clinical immunology on an international level. In order to accelerate prophylactic options for people and to fill the need for greater advancement in the treatment of cancer, Dr. van Ewijk is pleased to make VG-1000™ available to qualified medical practitioners in Europe.

VG-1000™ and therapeutic information can be obtained directly from Autobiologics BV in the Netherlands. You can request a package of information from:


Dr. William van Ewijk

Autobiologics BV, The Placenta Research Foundation

JOL 24-19, 8243 GN Lelystad, The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0) 320 247 326 Fax. + 31 (0) 320 247 327



Please do not hesitate to contact us about any questions that you may have.


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