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Dr Hamer Letter

Alhaurin, February 26, 2006

 A program under the title “False Promises – the deadly danger of German New Medicine®“, was broadcast (and repeated later on) on the German Berlin Brandenburg public TV channel as part of the series “Kontraste”.

 For 25 years now, countless broadcasts have denounced the subject matter with similar terms: Quack, charlatan, etc…

 However, I was never contacted and asked to take a stand. The 15 to 20 million patients who were “forced to die” with this “medicine” were never mentioned.

 Time and again, patients who were labeled hopeless cases by traditional medicine, and who had learned about GNM much too late, were suffering the damages of chemotherapy or mutilating operations, and were left to their own devices – no doctors, no hospitals. These patients had desperately tried to survive with German New Medicine® and had ultimately not succeeded. These patients were described as “perfect” negative examples of a treatment according to GNM principles. They were, in some cases, even said to be my personal responsibility.

 In 1995, along similar lines, the public prosecutor’s office of Wiener Neustadt examined 6500 patient cases from Burgau, who were considered incurable by traditional medical standards. Surprisingly, over 90% of these patients had survived, i.e. over 6000! These patients were never mentioned in the press. It was never pointed out that they were not only still alive 5 years later, but most of them had regained their health. The only interest seemed to be in whether some of these patients, although considered hopeless, could have been saved by conventional treatments, regardless of the rate of success.

 The gutter press has been playing this criminal game for 25 years now!

 On the one hand, German New Medicine® must not be verified as scientifically right, and on the other hand, some obscure cases unknown to me are blown up into typical GNM cases. This is supposed to show TV viewers the utter uselessness of German New Medicine® and to make them believe in the 98% effectiveness of the fatal treatments used in conventional medicine.

 Thus, the so-called conventional medicine has managed to kill millions of patients over the past 25 years – with the full support of the media. In Germany alone, another 15,000 patients die every day!

 And now ARD, one of Germany’s public television stations, has scheduled a program celebrating cancer chemotherapy for the beginning of April – most likely in the same tenor as happened in “Kontraste“.

 This time, however, I hope that our enemies get stopped in their tracks by an army of friends, ready for battle, who will no longer put up with this 'dumbing down' process that has taken place over 25 years.

 I urge you my friends, you no longer have to fight for my freedom. I have been released! I have learned from a reliable source and made it public knowledge that judge Bessy at Chambéry (who used lies to have me deported to France by an international arrest order) happens to be both the leader of the Talmud School at Chambéry and also the highest-ranking rabbi in France - how immensely embarrassing, especially since the whole trial had been about forcing me to renounce the German New Medicine® and leave it to… and company.

 Now, my friends, the time has come to fight for ourselves and our patients.

 We need our own academic institution to train doctors in the principles of GNM, we need a hospital (or rather a house of healing) and we need the official stamp of scientific approval for the German New Medicine®!

 Please help us all in this attack on the gutter press attitude of the ARD television chain.

 Yours truly,

Ryke Geerd