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It is the purpose of the ISSELS FOUNDATION INC. to inform about the potential of comprehensive immunobiological treatment of cancer and chronic degenerative diseases.

Josef M. Issels, MD
Holistic Comprehensive Immunotherapy


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Josef M. Issels, MD, has become internationally known for his remarkable rate of complete long-term remissions of "incurable cancers" in patients who had exhausted all standard treatments, such as advanced cancers of the breast, uterus, prostate, colon, liver, lung, brain, sarcomas, lymphomas, and leukemias. After completion of Dr. Issels' treatment, these patients remained cancer free for up to 45 years, leading normal healthy lives. Dr. Issels' treatment also significantly reduced the incidence of recurrent cancer after surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, thereby considerably improving cure rates.

Dr. Issels chart describing the development of cancer.

Holistic comprehensive immunotherapy was able to reverse chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis, lupus, Grave's disease, Sjoegren's syndrome, asthma, etc.

In 1951 Dr. Issels founded the first hospital in Europe for comprehensive immunotherapy of cancer. He was the Medical Director and Director of Research. In 1970 the hospital was enlarged from 80 to 120 patient beds. It contained extensive research facilities including immunological and microbiological laboratories. The Hospital's programs included research on tumor vaccines, mycoplasma and bacterial vaccines inducing fever, hyperthemia, etc. Ninety percent of the patients treated at the hospital had exhausted standard cancer treatment.



Cancer Treatment Chart

Cancer Recurrency Chart

Incurable Cancer Survival Chart

From 1981 until 1987, Dr. Issels served as an expert member of, and advisor to, the Commission of the German Federal Government in the Fight Against Cancer.

Dr. Issels presented many papers to national and international medical congresses and within programs of continuing education. He also published three monographs.

Dr. Issels' Concept of the Development of Cancer and Its Treatment

Dr. Issels' treatment is based on the concept that malignant tumors do not develop in a healthy body with intact defense and repair functions. They present in a specific internal environment which promotes their growth. This environment develops over a period of time due to multiple causes and conditions which persist and remain chronically active even after removal of the tumor (by surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy). These remaining causes are responsible for the formation of new tumors which occur after local treatment in every second cancer patient, according to World statistics.

Therefore, Dr. Issels' treatment program places equal importance on the removal of the tumor itself and on the causes and conditions leading to the body's tendency to develop malignant tumors.

Dr. Issels' holistic comprehensive immunotherapy is based on the following concept:

Pre-and postnatal endogenous and exogenous causal factors (I) can lead by mutagenic, toxic, sensitizing or neural effects via the transit mesenchyme to secondary damages to organs and organ systems and so to functional disturbances of the neural, hormonal, excretory and defense systems (II).

These secondary damages and especially the disturbance of the detoxification system deteriorate the internal environment , or "milieu", and can lead to complex metabolic disturbances which are common to all chronic disease and cancer.

Further constant influence of the causal factors and the persistence of secondary damages can produce a functional imbalance and deteriorate the defense and repair mechanisms. Depending on inherited constitution and disposition, this can develop into a chronic degenerative disease and a "tumor-milieu," (III) the ideal medium for cancer cells and cancer micro-organisms to grow. The body has acquired the tendency to produce malignant tumors.

With the manifestation of the tumor (IV), the cancer disease enters the recognizable phase. At this time, conventional cancer treatment begins with the weapons directed against the cancer tumor and its symptoms (V).

According to the concept that cancer starts as a locally confined growth, all measures concentrated on the tumor alone seem causal and exhaustive.

Treating the tumor alone is not treating the condition that is producing it: the underlying cancer disease. Consequently, there is a high rate of relapse.

According to the comprehensive concept, however, cancer is considered a systemic disease from the onset and the tumor as its late stage symptom.

Following this concept Dr. Issels' therapy has two lines of approach which are of equal importance and complement each other.


  1. A non-specific basic therapy aiming to eliminate the causal factors, repair damages of the early stages, normalize the internal milieu, and restore the immune and repair functions.
  2. A specific therapy directed against the tumor itself, such as surgery, radiation, chemo/hormone therapy, hyperthermia, and cancer vaccines.

The non-specific basic therapy corresponds with the pathological path leading to the immuno-insufficiency and the cancer disease. It is modified to suit the individual patient's needs. It consists of:


  • Elimination of causal factors, such as head foci of infection including dental, alveolar and tonsillar foci, malnutrition, abnormal intestinal flora, fields of disturbance, physical and chemical exogenous factors, endogenous and psychological factors.


  • Desensitization of the organism which has been sensitized by causal factors by administration of autohemolysates and colloids.


  • Treatment of secondary damages, metabolic disturbances, the impaired detoxification and the resulting defense weakness, by general measures, such as hyperpyrexia or fever therapy, oxygen therapy, enzyme-therapy, neural-therapy and organ-therapy, as well as substitution according to individual requirements.

The basic therapy is a long-term one without any toxic side effects and aims at the regeneration of the "big resistance," which comprises all the defense zones:


  1. The extracorporal zone consisting of the physiological obligatory microflora which is responsible for the basic immunity of the organism.


  2. The epithelial zone consisting of all epithelial surfaces which performs defense, filtration, excretion and absorption.


  3. The lympho-reticulo defense zone which performs the important tasks of phagocytosis, antibody production and detoxification. On this zone, immunotherapy is mainly centered today.


  4. The reticulo-histiocytary zone, which has been neglected in cancer therapy and research, is the pluripotent mesenchyme embracing almost half of the body weight. It is of great importance to all defensive processes with its various functions:


    • the stemcell function;
    • the transit function that intervenes between all nerves, organ cells, blood, lymphatic and intestinal cells;
    • the homeostatic function;
    • the defense, detoxification and storage functions.

These defense zones are successive, are closely interrelated and are under neuro-hormonal control.

The blockade of only one function of one of these zones for example of the excretion, or even the blockade of the control system such as the autonomous nervous system may contribute indirectly to a lowering of the defense potential. During treatment, it was repeatedly observed that by the elimination of head foci, or with a fever therapy a blockade of the neuro-hormonal functions was broken.

Even in an advanced state of malignant disease an immune reaction with complete tumor remission can be reached.

Holistic comprehensive immunotherapy opens up the following therapeutic possibilities:


  • Treatment of cancer of all kinds and stages offering a considerable chance of recovery even for patients in advanced stages who have exhausted all standard treatments.


  • Follow-up treatment to prevent recurrence after standard cancer therapy through restoration of the patient's defense and repair functions (the World rate of recurrence is 50%).


  • Nontoxic preventive treatment for patients at risk, and those with precancerous diseases.


  • Preparatory treatment prior to surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to reduce the risk of complications and in qualified cases, to render inoperable tumors operable.


  • Treatment of chronic degenerative diseases which are untreatable by standard methods.


A system of monitoring regulative functions on a day by day basis is an essential tool to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. Therefore, during his 40 years of experience at the sickbed, Dr. Issels developed a system to enable optimum individualized application of the treatment modalities.

For more information on Dr. Issels' work in the field of cancer and chronic diseases, please call toll free from the USA and Canada: 1-888-DR ISSELS (1-888-374-7735). From other countries: 760-929-7155.

The Issels Foundation Inc. can be reached by e-mail at issels@worldnet.att.net.
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Josef M. Issels, MD
Josef M. Issels, MD
Nov. 21, 1907 - Feb. 11, 1998


Statistical Data

Josef M. Issels, M.D. reported in "Immunotherapy in Progressive Metastatic Cancer, A Fifteen Year Survival Follow-up" Clinical Trials Journal (London) 1970. 7, NO. 3, pp. 357-366, that of 370 patients with various cancers who were given immunological treatment shortly after surgery or irradiation, 322 (87%) were alive and well after five years without relapse or detectable metastases. A restoration of the immune functions can reduce the incidence of relapse from about 50% (World Statistic) to 13% by combined conventional treatments and comprehensive immunotherapy.

An independent statistical study by A.G. Audier, M.D., University of Leiden, Holland "Immunotherapie Metastasierender Malignome" Die Medizinische 1959, NO. 40, pp. 1860-64, reported a 16.6% cure rate of histologically verified metastatic malignomas by the Issels comprehensive immunotherapy. The study comprised 252 patients with various cancers after all conventional methods were exhausted (World wide cure rate is 2%).

John Anderson, M.D., Teaching Professor at King's College Hospital, London, reported 17% cures of histologically verified metastatic malignomas by the Issels comprehensive immunotherapy. The independent randomized study comprised 570 patients with various cancers after all conventional methods were exhausted (General Practitioner, March 1971, pp. 15-16, London).

The charts on the left highlight documented results of the Issels comprehensive immunotherapy.

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