*Appendix I*

Medical Corps Evaluations (Circa 1982)

Dr. John Rhinehart (Medical Doctor)

I first met Dr. Kelley six years ago. I had taken a seriously ill member of my family to him for an evaluation and a "nutritional" program. What I got was a fascinating and provocative experience about a new way to live healthfully, and a whole new concept of what physical and spiritual health is all about. This was all in addition to a nutritional program. While I did not understand at that point exactly all the ramifications of his approach, I was so intrigued that I decided to go on a program myself. Part of doing this was to test for myself whether it really was possible that Dr. Kelley had developed a method for applying his theories.

My own physical problems resolved around long-term exhaustion of what I now know as my sympathetic nervous and glandular systems. Medically, this encompassed several diagnoses including irritable colon and mucus colitis, severe low blood sugar, intermittent episodes of high blood pressure, depression, and very erratic and low energy patterns. These are all called: "burn-out."

What I noticed over the years was a disappearance of all my symptoms, the return of energy, endurance, and interest, which I could count on. I knew something vitally important had happened in my body and did not quite understand how that had been accomplished and so decided to study with Dr. Kelley in order to find some answers to that apparent riddle. What I discovered was a simple theory that addressed an extremely sophisticated piece of machinery — our bodies — in a new and comprehensive as well as therapeutically effective way.

Over the last two years I have incorporated the program in my practice and have seen all types of people responding well, providing they commit themselves to doing the program thoroughly. I would also like to emphasize that the program is a dynamic and ever developing one, so much so that the changes incorporating new knowledge make year-old programs seem like ten years old.

Over all, I believe that Dr. Kelley’s program is sparked by a special sort of genius decades ahead of its time, and will be a paradigm of medical care in the future.


John Rhinehart, M.D.
Newton, CT



Dr. Douglas M. Baird (Osteopathic Surgeon)

An open letter to my Colleagues, April 1982. The prevailing orientation of the traditional medical community over the past 150 years, with regard to cancer and other degenerative disease processes, has been largely a destructive, anti-symptomatic phenomenon. Admittedly, these approaches have some absolute applications for limited, short-term therapy, but in my strong opinion anti-symptomatic therapies have no validity in the treatment of long-term disease. What is and has been needed for some years is a major re-evaluation of the medical scientific doctrine and the establishment of a more appropriate model for the understanding of health and disease. Hopefully, this new model could redirect the investigative energies of the research community on to more rewarding horizons.

I feel that the time has come from both the scientific and humanistic viewpoints, for a change in emphasis from the disease process itself to the person who has the disease and from a position of fighting against disease to one of re-establishing and preserving good health. One of the major contributors to the proposed changes in medical thought has been Dr. William Donald Kelley, a dentist by profession, who developed a self-sustaining, cohesive model which largely explains and properly categorizes volumes of seemingly divergent scientific information, theories, observations and experiences. The key is biological individuality. Dr. Kelley’s genius is in developing an entire scientific model beginning with the individual and his inherent uniqueness.

A major reorganization of thought and practice is required of the medical community to utilize the tools, which have become available as a result of his model. I have used Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Medicine program for several years and the results, I can assure you, are most gratifying.


Douglas M. Baird, D.O.
Palm Beach, FL

Dr. Sanford C. Frumker (Doctor of Dentistry)

As a periodontist, I soon became convinced that to treat those things in the mouth that cause gum disease is only partial treatment. Based on a great deal of evidence, I was convinced that if the body of the patient was well nourished and the machinery in the mouth was working properly the patient will not have gum tissue breakdown.

As a result of this thinking over many years, I have taken several nutrition courses. Thanks to time spent with Dr. Roger Williams, and a great deal of reading and studying, I had established specific criteria for a nutritional program. With no exception, (and that was not a program I could easily use in my practice) none of the nutrition courses satisfied my criteria.

International Health Institute’s (Dr. Kelley’s) program was the first program I saw that at least on paper appeared both to be practical and to fill my requirements. However, since I had been led down umpteen primrose paths by other "nutrition" programs, I was very skeptical of the Metabolic Medicine program.

When, with great skepticism, I started my own Metabolic Medicine program, I felt I was in excellent health. I had only one health problem that I was aware of and that was that I had nasal polyps, which were caused by allergies.

The polyps were particularly bad in winter. I could not breathe through my nose at all. So after having the polyps surgically removed I was referred to an allergist. The allergist found I was allergic to dust and all dairy products. I already knew about the allergy to the dairy products because after a heavy dairy meal, my nose would completely close due to the swelling of the polyps.

To control the growth of the polyps, the allergist recommended weekly "allergy shots." For two years, they worked well and I could breathe fairly well through my nose in the winter. During the third and fourth years, the allergy shots did not work as well and I had trouble breathing through my nose. During the fifth and sixth years, the allergy shots did not work at all. I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all in the winter and very little in the summer. My allergist now informed me the only thing that would help me was cortisone injections. Knowing the undesirable effects of cortisone, I refused.

Things got bad enough that finally I had one cortisone injection.

When I began my Metabolic Medicine program, I informed Dr. Kelley of my allergy to dairy products and asked him if anything could be done to help. To my surprise, Dr. Kelley said he was not at all interested in my specific allergies, but he was interested in getting the body working right so I would not be allergic to anything. I was very doubtful of Dr. Kelley and the entire program at that time.

When I filled out my Nutritional Evaluation Survey, I discovered many health normalities that I never knew existed. Filling out my survey, indeed, was an experience in self-discovery and understanding. If the information and the claims for what it indicated were correct, this was the most valuable physical examination and insight into my inner workings I had ever experienced. However, I had grave reservations as to the truth of diagnosis made from this information and the blood test and urinalysis.

Therefore, I went into the program not only skeptical, but almost with a chip on my shoulder. Based on past experiences, I felt sure I was wasting my time and money.

I have now been on the program for several years. Even during the first winter, with no allergy shots, no cortisone (and no allergist), my nose was open all winter. I could breathe through my nose!

Being suspicious, I could not give the Metabolic Medicine program full credit for my feeling so good. So I went back to my Metabolic Medicine’s Self-Test book and compared all the signs and symptoms with where they are now. By checking these signs and symptoms, I had an objective way of seeing what this program was doing to my internal machinery!

To put it mildly, the Metabolic Medicine program has been a great success for me. My allergies are under control. I have never felt better. In addition, with the Metabolic Medicine’s Self-Test book, I have been able to see objectively what is happening with me. With these objective observations of myself, with certainty, at least for me, the program is an unqualified huge success.

Now that I am convinced, I am offering this program to all of my dental patients. I know it does the job. I know it is what we need to get our internal machinery to do the job.


Sanford C. Frumker, D.D.S.
Cleveland, OH

Dr. Lloyd H. Price (Doctor of Optometry)

My training as an optometrist started long before I entered Northwest Illinois Optical College in Chicago, Illinois, in 1922.

As a farm boy, I had the opportunity to observe the habits of animals, both domesticated and wild, and in those days mankind was living closer to nature and using none of today’s processed foods. I am 84 years young, and I see that it’s quite difficult for this present generation to realize how the pioneers existed and thrived with very few fatal degenerative illnesses such as cancer.

In any "health" profession, the practitioner has a good opportunity to observe the results obtained by the various modalities of treating the physical defects of his or her patients. It is estimated that 85% of our learning is acquired through our eyes.

When I got out of college and started to practice my profession of fitting glasses, I soon realized that there must be an underlying cause of so much myopia (nearsightedness), cataracts, glaucoma, etc. As I gave the subject more study, it was clear to me that man was creating most of his eye problems by incorrect diet and poor choice of foods.

For this reason, I took several courses in naturopathy and studied and read everything I could find in health books and magazines that dealt with the subject.

Many of my patients are so nearsighted that they are unable to see 20/20 on the eye chart. It is quite common for them to blame watching television and thus avoid the real cause, which is faulty diet and junk foods. Through the science of iridology, it is quite easy to observe unhealthy body conditions as well as deposits of drugs.

I always try to emphasize basic health principles such as the importance of proper diet and tell my patients to avoid sugar, soft drinks and refined foods. Some will listen and, if they do, in a very short time their eyesight will improve. I have even had cases where I was then able to reduce the strength of the lenses.

One patient, aged 75, had cataracts. I sent her to an Ophthalmologist, and he told her she would have to have surgery in three months. I told her of Dr. Kelley’s nutritional program and my wife, who is one of Dr. Kelley’s Technicians, had her evaluated. She followed the program and when she returned to the Ophthalmologist, he told her she would never have to have the surgery.

Another patient quite suddenly lost 70% of her eyesight. She went on Dr. Kelley’s nutritional program and in a matter of six weeks her eyesight returned.

When Dr. Kelley says we have been starving for 30 years, I certainly agree for I am in a position to observe this.

Dr. Kelley is no less than 75 years ahead of his time. Although this book deals primarily with cancer, that is by no means the limit to his concepts and abilities. I have seen many of the patients with other degenerative disease respond equally as well as the cancer patients.


Lloyd H. Price, O.D.
Des Moines, IA

Dr. Jack O. Taylor (Doctor of Chiropractic)

I had always held nutrition of some importance and often gave my patients rather inconsistent advice about "improving your diet" or "why not try this vitamin for that symptom?" After several years of dealing with sick people, some of whom I knew were on good diets, and some junk eaters, I began to realize that we were healthy not solely as a result of our intake, but instead, we were healthy or sick as a result of what our bodies did with the intake. It was discouraging to suggest the same "balanced" diet for several patients, getting entirely nowhere with many and having dramatic positive responses from others. Searching through the available literature seemed to add to my questions rather than provide answers.

Several years ago a very dear friend developed cancer and my wife was in to accompany her to Dr. William Donald Kelley. Like many others, I had heard of the success of Dr. Kelley in working with cancer patients and at that time could think of his nutritional program only as a cancer therapy.

After meeting Dr. Kelley and observing his simple, systematic investigation of the individual body chemistry of our friend, my wife telephoned from Grapevine, Texas, and insisted that I immediately come meet this man, as she knew his logical approach and reasonable conclusions would appeal to me. Early the next morning I was 1,100 miles from the luxurious surroundings of my suburban Chicago office, seated in a tiny frame house in a small Texas town. I forgot my surroundings, however, as I soon realized that here was a man who not only was answering my questions but was re-opening doors in my mind that had long been shut.

As I got better acquainted with Dr. Kelley, I soon realized that any help his Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure program gave to cancer patients was incidental to the balancing of their individual body chemistry. I began to apply these principles as "nonspecific metabolic assistance" to meet my patient’s individual needs. These programs have been so successful in helping gain and maintain health for many that I would like to call your attention to the "non-cancer" aspects of Metabolic Medicine’s concepts such as Dr. Kelley’s Self-Test for The Different Metabolic Types. I consider it my privilege to encourage you to carefully study this book and expand your horizons of good health.


Jack O. Taylor, D.C.
Arlington Heights, IL



Dr. Richard Rovin (Naturopathic Doctor)

This book is for those who have a strong belief in the principle that the body can heal itself and that nutrition is one of the keys to that healing. Nutrition has never before been approached as systematically and as aggressively as by Dr. Kelley.

I was originally attracted to the field of Naturopathy because of my belief in our natural healing forces and it is the same belief that has given me faith in this type of approach.

Food is more than separate nutritional factors; rather it is a combination of nutrients that keep our body chemistry balanced and our organs in harmony and functioning optimally. So taken one step further, it is used not only to prevent disease or degeneration but, important to many of us, it may be used for regeneration and the removal of disease.

This new book will show that Dr. Kelley is constantly perfecting his work so it may help the most difficult cases and shed light on our biochemical individuality. This is truly the most important key to the development of a successful health program and this is why this book offers an avant-garde concept for today’s health needs.

Doctors from all the professions are searching for the "magic bullet" that will prevent disease and maintain health. Some expect to find it in a synthetic drug and others in a particular natural substance, but the search is in vain for we must appreciate our body’s holistic needs and one agent alone cannot satisfy this. This approach considers nutrients for all the body’s systems.

I anticipate further insights into one’s well being and greater health benefits for the people that follow and use the information in this book. Superior health services are already available to us. The IHI founded by Dr. Kelley is the first fruit of this research. Later I expect these methods of analysis to act as a bridge between the different professions for the betterment of mankind.

It is a great joy to be part of this advanced system of healing. I appreciate the honor Mr. Rohé has afforded me by asking me to share my thoughts. I believe I represent my profession when I say that we are grateful to the past achievements of Dr. Kelley and cheer on and support future successes.


Richard Rovin, N.D.
Waialua, HI