*Chapter III*

Metabolic Supplementation

Cancer is basically a deficiency disease — a deficiency of the pancreatic enzymes. This is a deficiency of the free active enzymes in the tissues of the body.

The 1994 Hatch Act Allows Individuals and Physicians to Support the Metabolic Needs of the Body

Since 1994 and the passage of the Hatch Act, individuals and physicians may legally support human metabolism by diet, nutritional supplements and certain procedures as long as they are not harmful. In fact, for many years it has been accepted that one must add vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, etc. to the human diet to support and maintain health. We are bombarded daily with the advertising of many "fortified" products that inform us of the necessity of supplying the body’s metabolic needs.


Missing Nutrients

The modern diet is quite deficient in certain foods that have in the past been mainstays of good nutrition and the support of health. The most outstanding missing group as a whole is the organ meats, such as kidney, liver, stomach, intestinal tract tripe, and lung. These health-building foods are unheard of and unavailable in today’s society. To get these today one must obtain them in the form of nutritional supplements.



Pancreas tissue or sweetbreads without a doubt, indicated by our 30 odd years of research, is the most deficient item in our food chain. It should be noted that the pancreas is the most needed of all the missing organ meats from our diets. It must be supplied in our diets or serious deficiencies result.

Low temperature processed pancreas gland enzymes are available to the public in various Metabolic Formulas listed below. These nutritional products are designed to support the normal metabolic processes of human metabolism.


Metabolic Nutritional Supplementation

Below are the Metabolic Formulas Dr. Kelley’s counselees have taken and used over the past 32 years. They have been helpful to thousands of his metabolic counselees.

The College of Metabolic Medicine’s products listed below are manufactured to Dr. Kelley’s exact specifications and under his direct supervision.




A. Metabolic Formulas (Formulas A, Ca+, E and L are for those who have been clinically diagnosed with Cancer/Malignant Tumor Masses. Formulas H, P and W are for metabolic repair and the rebuilding of one’s body.)

  1. Formula A — For those who have been diagnosed by their physician as having AIDS. (For the amount to take and the timing see below.)
  2. Formula Ca+ — For those who test positive on Dr. Kelley’s Pancreas Self-Examination Procedure (see page 17) or those who have been diagnosed by their physician as having cancer. This is a very powerful Multi-Vitamin-Multi-Mineral-Multi-Glandular Enzyme Formulation. (For the amount to take and the timing see below.)
  3. Formula E — For those who have difficulty swallowing, this enteric-coated caplet has proven to be helpful. This is very powerful Multi-Glandular Enzyme Formulation.
  4. Formula E also contains enzyme activators that are lacking in some cancer patients. Activators are also normally secreted in the first six inches of the small intestine as soon as food from the stomach and enzymes from the pancreas arrive. (If the pancreas contained this activator the pancreas would digest itself.) A lack of these activators prevents the pancreatic enzymes from digesting food or destroying cancer cells in the body.

  5. Formula HFor those who have Hay Fever or other allergies 6 caplets should be taken with each meal.
  6. Formula L — For those who have been diagnosed by their physician as having Leukemia. (For the amount to take and the timing see below.)
  7. Formula P — For those who choose to invest in Prevention2 or 3 caplets should be taken with each meal and at bedtime. This is for pancreas support, not for pancreas failure.
  8. Formula T Pancreas Self-Test — 6 caplets with each meal and at bedtime.
  9. Formula W — For Weight Control2 to 6 caplets should be taken with each meal.


B. Timing of Metabolic Formulas

It is far more important than one can possibly realize to take the Metabolic Formulas at the proper time. The Metabolic Formulas should be taken when the body is in the proper acid/alkaline balance.




1. A, Ca+, E and L should be taken at the following times:

12 caplets with breakfast

12 caplets between lunch and dinner (3:30 p.m.)

12 caplets between breakfast and lunch

12 caplets with dinner

12 caplets with lunch

12 caplets at bedtime or at 3:30 a.m.

The most essential part of resolving the metabolic malfunction of those with pancreatic failure is to get the enzymes to the affiliated areas of deterioration. We must have enough enzymes there to stop any further deterioration of body tissue.


2. Getting Started:

Some have found it easier if one starts the first week by taking 6 caplets each at the 6 suggested intake times; then 9, then up to the suggested 12.


3. Metabolic Formula Cycles:

All Metabolic Formulas, except Formulas T and P, must be cycled on and off. The raw materials for the repair and rebuilding of the body must be cycled. Taking the Metabolic Formulas during the "On" cycle provides a saturation of needed nutrients. Stopping the Metabolic Formulas during the "Off" cycle provides the necessary time for the body to repair, rebuild and detoxify.


"On" Cycle

Take the Metabolic Formulas for 10 or more days, until one becomes toxic, but no longer than 25 days.


Stop If You Feel Sick

If you become Toxic (a ‘goopy’ sick feeling), ill, nauseated, crabby, have an elevated temperature, or violent headache Stop taking the Metabolic Formulas.

It is best to stay On your Metabolic Formulas for 10 to 25 days. However, when you suffer negative symptoms anytime after the third day you may Stop taking them at that point.

It is best to continue for 25 days or until toxicity forces one to Stop.


"Off" Cycle

Remain Off the Metabolic Formulas for 5 days. You must give the body time to detoxify. Stay Off the Metabolic Formulas the full 5 days even if you feel well enough to continue. Give your body time for repair and rebuilding. You must continue your detoxification program during the "Off" cycle. (See Chapter IV.)


While "Off" You May Feel Worse

If you feel worse while you are cycling Off the Metabolic Formulas it means your body needs them (this is not a toxic reaction) so you should go back On them until you feel toxic (like you have the flu) and try to go Off them again in 25 days or when you become toxic.


C. Other Supplements Often Used by Cancer Patients

  1. Okra-Pepsin-E3, 1 after each meal for a few days to three months (depends on how much mucus is built up in your small intestine; see page 34, Cleansing the Small Intestine)
  2. Hydrochloric Acid (Mega Acid A or Beta-Z), 1 with each meal.
  3. C 500, 1 with each meal
  4. Colloidal Mineral capsules, 1 per day
  5. CO-Q10 100 mg., 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening
  6. CO-Zyme A, 1 per day
  7. Formula F — Essential Fatty Acids — Unrefined, Organic Flaxseed Oil, 16 ounces
  8. Essential Fatty Acids are critical nutrients, not produced within the body, and must be supplied through the diet. These Fatty Acids are needed for the function of the immune system as well as cardiovascular and brain metabolism. This special formula is very high in Omega 3 and restores needed balance of Cholesterol and Triglycerides. Balance usually occurs in 6 to 8 months by taking 1 tablespoon two times each day. (After 8 months the cancer patient should switch to Formula F+.)

  9. Formula F+ — An Excellent Source of Balanced Fatty Acids, 16 ounces
  10. Balanced Fatty acids have been shown to help in prevention of cardiovascular disease, abnormal cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, arthritis, kidney and skin conditions, cystic fibrosis as well as neurological and psychological abnormalities such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression, reduced brain function (associated with aging), dermatitis and dry skin. This formula is very high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 and restores and maintains the balance of cholesterol and triglycerides. Taking one tablespoon each day has been adequate and helpful to many.

  11. Formula HRT (Phosfood Liquid) — 2 ounces — Protects the Cardiovascular System
  12. The cardiovascular system is of the utmost importance. It would be counter-productive indeed to survive cancer only to be wiped out with malfunction of the cardiovascular system. HRT is a solution of ortho-phosphoric acid. Suggested daily intake is 45 to 90 drops daily taken in juice, hot or cold tea, carbonated beverage or water.

  13. Cataplex D, 1 with two meals each day
  14. Multiple Mineral, 1 per day (optional — there are sufficient minerals in the above enzyme Formulas)
  15. Multiple Vitamin, 1 per day (optional — there are sufficient Vitamins in the above enzyme Formulas)


Note: Please see Resources, page 169, for ordering The College of Metabolic Medicine’s Formulas and the above supplements.



"Why On Earth Do I Have To Take So Many Pills?"

Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program has succeeded with a high percentage of former cancer patients because it reverses the process of degeneration. You have cancer because you allowed your overall general health to degenerate; Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program helps you to regenerate. Dr. Kelley does not deny that his approach applies extreme measures. He maintains that extreme measures are required when you have allowed your health to fall so low that your have left yourself vulnerable to cancer. He has identified four major lines of defense against cancer: the pancreas; the immune system; mineral balance; calcium metabolism. All of them depend heavily on nutrition for their strength.

You take so many pills because Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program leaves nothing to chance. You take so many pills in order to be sure that your glands will be totally supported, your immune system highly stimulated, and your body chemistry properly balanced. You take so many pills because the objective of Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program is to turn your degeneration into your regeneration.