For over 35 years our researchers have had the integrity, discipline and stamina to thoroughly investigate the parameters of the disease process that is commonly known as Cancer. They have addressed this, a most serious issue of our times with honesty, integrity, openness and determination that befits the intelligence and position of scientific researchers.

The highest honor a true scientific researcher can ever attain has been attained — that is rejection and condemnation by the Establishment. This honor comes to very few in the Academic or Scientific Community. No higher honor can be bestowed upon a mere mortal. They stand tall beside the great of civilization, such as Galileo, Louis Pasteur and Gregor Mendel.

Unfortunately, the Orthodox and Alternative clinicians, doctors, and researchers, for well over the past 100 years have been in serious SCIENTIFIC ERROR when addressing Cancer. Yes, many of these individuals have observed one little parameter of Cancer, but they have completely missed the understanding of what Cancer is. Many of the Alternative researchers and practitioners have fallen into the same scientific error as the Orthodox researchers. More unfortunately, the Orthodox researchers and practitioners, have even, with their unlimited funding, fallen into complete and total Scientific Error when addressing cancer.

  1. They see a Malignant Tumor Mass, and in total Scientific Error call it a "Cancer." It is nothing of the sort. This is exposing their total ignorance of Cancer. A Malignant Tumor Mass is a Malignant Tumor Mass, and in no way can an intelligent scientist call it Cancer.
  2. Cancer is a simple failure of one’s own pancreas to produce adequate activated pancreatin and deliver it to the site of a stimulated (activated) normal Trophoblast Cell (Pre-Placenta Cell). This happens to each of us, thousands of times every day. At this point the pancreatin produced by the pancreas and activated by secretions from the first six inches of the small intestine, circulates throughout the body. This activated pancreatin seeks and searches out all manner of defective cells, bruises and pre-placental tissue cells.
  3. These defective cells are digested by the activated pancreatin. The white cells then pick up this goopy mess and carry it to the LIVER by way of the bloodstream and lymph system. This mess has to wait its turn to enter into the liver to be eliminated. Most doctors and cancer victims alike, are so dumb they expect the liver to do this without their help — and for the most part, the liver must accomplish this task in spite of their hindrance.
  4. All systems of both the Orthodox and Alternative Medical Communities, in total ignorance dealing with malignant tumor masses are accounted for in Metabolic Medicine’s Paradigm. This is noted on page 10. The success rates of these most unscientific procedures range from four to at most 30%. Their very few successes are accomplished by accident and in total ignorance of Metabolic Principles.
  5. There are a few sincere, na´ve, ignorant individuals, who in honesty and dedication want to help the CANCER VICTIM. However, they do not comprehend what Cancer is and by hit or miss, stumble onto one little parameter of Metabolic Medicine’s Paradigm.
  6. Most individuals associated with the diabolical CANCER RACKET do not want and will not allow the proper treatment of Cancer to be known or used. They enlist the aid of the Political, Legal and Medical Establishments. It is their objective to so deceive the CANCER VICTIM that he/she will run as fast as they can to the doctor.
  7. In their deceptive schemes, these Establishment con artists expect and demand that we Cancer Victims voluntarily beg the Medical Communities to plunder us and take all our assets in blind false hope of receiving proper and adequate treatment. What little success is forthcoming is by accident and in total ignorance.

The Cancer Victim has a Failure of the Pancreas for at least two years before a Malignant Tumor Mass develops to a point that the physician becomes aware of their condition. Although these victims have felt that something was wrong for several months and have often gone to the physician for help, with very little improvement noted.

When Pancreatic failure progresses to a point wherein a Malignant Tumor Mass — A False Placenta — is found, in ignorance and scientific error, the physician calls this Malignant Tumor Mass CANCER.

The diagnostic evaluation tools developed by the Unscientific Scientific Community — that is, Biopsy, Scans, Blood Tests, X-rays, etc. are so crude it is unbelievable. By the time these crude procedures are used, it is most often too late for any effective therapeutic procedure. Remember the Medical Communities never, ever, address CANCER, only Malignant Tumor Masses.

Researchers of the College of Metabolic Medicine developed a simple, effective and inexpensive Self-Examination Procedure for pancreatic failure in the mid-1960’s. The Establishment for obvious reasons has suppressed this Self-Examination Procedure. The Procedure is carefully outlined on page 17.

This Pancreas Self-Examination Procedure should be used once a year to alert one to possible pancreatic failure. This simple Self-Examination could put the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society out of business within a few months.


All persons who have Cancer will die from starvation if they are not killed before, usually by their physician.



William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.
College of Metabolic Medicine