One Answer To Cancer by William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.   


Cancer Diet

About the year 424 B.C. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, made the statement, "Your food shall be your medicine and your medicine shall be your food." Try as we may, we have not been able to improve upon this basic truth. This is particularly true when it comes to the successful treatment of the cancer patient. At least 86% of all cancer conditions could be adequately treated and/or prevented by diet alone.

It never ceases to amaze one at the number of learned as well as ignorant persons who scoff when diet is mentioned. They all seem to believe that no matter what is placed into the body, by some magical process, it makes for perfect health. Yet these same people are very fastidious and concerned about what, how, and how much food is fed to their pedigreed dogs and cats, their registered cattle and horses. It is ironic that they cannot see that their own health is dependent upon a proper balanced nutritional process.


We have maintained throughout this treatise that cancer is nothing more than a pancreatic enzyme deficiency. The greatest cause of this deficiency is the amount of second-hand protein fed into the body. The pancreas just simply cannot manufacture enough enzymes to digest the large volumes of milk, cheese, meat, and peanuts we eat and have any enzymes left over to digest the foreign protein we know as cancer. If people would not eat protein after 1:00p.m., 83% of cancer in the United States could be eliminated.


The cancer victim will want to give up some meat immediately, as it is the most harmful of all foods, and the very same enzymes which digest the foreign cancer cells are used to digest meat. All the natural self-made enzymes you can produce should be used to fight the cancer. Meat should be avoided for another reason: It has a high female sex hormone content. For commercial reasons most animals, especially beef and fowl, produced in the United States today have been fed large quantities of hormones. Since the female sex hormones is the only starter or initiator of cancer, meat of this type should be excluded from the cancer patient's diet. After being on the program for 9 to 12 months one may gradually resume the consumption of meats again.


It is not only imperative that the correct kind and quantity of protein be given, but of equal importance, it must be taken at a specific time. We have found that regular proteins should be taken at breakfast and lunch only. When this is strictly observed the pancreatic enzymes, used in digestion of protein, are used only about 6 hours. This leaves 18 hours for production of pancreatic enzymes to digest cancer tissue. If the average cancer patient is carefully observed, it will be noted he starts the day with protein (usually rnilk), then on and off all day eats nuts, has a large steak for dinner and finally a glass of milk and/or a dish of ice cream at bedtime. It is almost impossible for the pancreas to produce enough enzymes under these conditions.


The second most important phase of our cancer diet is that of raw fresh vegetable juices. At least one quart of carrot and one pint of celery juice should be taken each day. As much other fresh raw vegetable juice in volume may be taken as directed. One should consider alfalfa, beet, cabbage, cucumber, dandelion, endive, lettuce, parsley, potato, spinach, and turnip juice. Vegetable juices are the builders of the body. Juice is better than the whole vegetable because so much energy is used to digest the whole vegetable. Juice has a proper balance of vitamins and minerals in a concentrated solution. We recommend that the juice be made fresh and used immediately.


Fresh raw fruit and fruit juices are the cleansers of the body. The cancer victim may eat as much as desired of the fresh raw fruit or the fresh fruit juices. Dried unsulfered fruit may also be taken.


The cancer victim may eat, in addition to his vegetable juice and fruit, all the fresh raw salad he can hold. This is good for lunch or dinner meals. The body needs bulk and it is necessary to keep the digestive tract in good working order.



The juicer is the most important appliance in the kitchen of a cancer victim. If necessary sell the stove and buy a good juicer.

The enzymes in foods that have been cooked have been destroyed or changed into a different compound (amino acid). Cooked food can only be used as food and not as enzymes, for it has no life. For example, if you plant a raw potato it will grow. If you boil a potato and plant it, it will not grow, it will only rot. Most enzymes are destroyed at 140'F.

When a person eats anything processed he is not only eating "dead food", (those in which the enzymes have been destroyed), but he is adding a second very destructive force to his body, the destructive force of food preservatives. This may not be too significant for a normal healthy person, but for the cancer victim it may mean life or death. The liver must detoxify, destroy, or metabolize all foreign substances from the body. When one eats foods with preservatives, it adds an extra burden upon the liver which the cancer patient cannot accept.


We have found that it is desirable in building the body to eat a mixture of raw whole grain cereals for breakfast each morning.

Mix together well in a large container one pound of each of the following grains and nuts: Wheat berries, buckwheat, rye, barley, oat groats, millet, sesame, brown rice, flax, corn, alfalfa, lentils, mung beans, and almonds. Store in refrigerator. Each night take three

or four tablespoons of this mixture and grind it well in a seed mill, and then just cover with cream or water. Allow to stand at room temperature overnight. In the morning add fruit and/or honey or black cherry concentrate to your taste. This is to be eaten raw, not cooked, and should be continued for at least two years. 


White Flour - All concentrated foods are extremely hard on the liver and should be given up. White flour and all products containing white flour should be avoided. These are not only concentrated carbohydrates, but almost always have preservatives added.

Use fresh whole wheat bread, made from wheat grown free of all pesticides (another liver destroying chemical). The essential vitamins are oxidized within three days at room temperature; hence the need for grinding only as used. Freshly ground flour or freshly made whole wheat bread may be safely stored deep in a deep freeze for about a week. It is best, however, to use it within three days.

White Sug4r - The cancer victim will also want to give up all white sugar and white sugar products. The concentrated carbohydrates are hard on the liver, but more important in relation to cancer, they are very hard on the pancreas. The pancreas, as noted earlier, is the first organ to be protected at all costs. White sugar has been processed (refined) and all the vital minerals are taken out. Cancer victims are always deficient in minerals.

For those who have a sweet tooth, these foods may be eaten as desired: Dates, date sugar, figs and raisins obtained from a health food store. These are free of toxic pesticides and are not harmful to the pancreas or the liver. A cancer victim may also eat black strap molasses, pure maple syrup, or unpasteurized honey, in that order. The first two are preferable because they have a high mineral content.

Soy Products - Soy products, except Lecithin, should be used very sparingly for two reasons: First, the protein content is too high for the cancer victim; seconds, the soy products tend to upset the delicate acid/alkaline balance of the body. Eating soy products may be resumed when self test is negative.

Other Improper Foods - Lemon juice should replace vinegar altogether. Vinegar is too harsh on the delicate mucous membrane of the alimentary canal.

For the period of intensive detoxification and treatment, tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, liquor, tobacco, pork, and white rice should be avoided. These also place additional stress upon the liver and pancreas as they are being detoxified.


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