One Answer To Cancer by Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.  


First, one should make every effort to include his physician in his Metabolic Program, or find a physician sympathetic toward this new-found information. The physician has many patients who suffer needlessly, and you may help others who are similarly afflicted. If such a physician is not available, remember the first law of life is self preservation, and in the long run each individual is responsible for his own health. At the present time adults have the freedom of choice, for how long we do not propose to guess. This choice is even now being eroded via the high cost of health care.

Economically most people do not have the freedom of choosing their health care. They simply cannot afford any.

Cancer is basically nothing more than a type of placenta growing at the wrong place and time in the body, due to the lack of free, active pancreatic enzymes. The lack of free pancreatic enzymes can be caused by failure of the pancreas to produce, over-production of anti-pancreatic enzyme factors, or the failure to include adequate co-enzymes and minerals in the diet, or the excessive intake of protein in the diet.

The successful resolution of cancer involves two basic principles: Stop the growth of the tumor; dissolve the tumor at such a rate that death from toxemia will not result.


This Paradigm is affected by:

1. Understanding what cancer is, taking a positive spiritual attitude of optimism toward it.

2. Determining positively if cancer is present.

3. Taking sufficient nutritional supplements.

4. Proper detoxification of the body

5. Maintaining an adequate, proper, well balanced diet.




By the time I started the program I was in very bad shape. Extremely discouraged, nothing seemed to work out well. I had a feeling of impending death most of the time, always tired, and completely exhausted at the slightest effort.

The cancer had eaten into the nerve supply to my heart causing rapid pulse rate and irregular beating. My pancreas was so destroyed and enlarged I had hypoglycemia and was going into insulin shock several times a day. My liver was also cancerous and enlarged. I could not eat much as I was so nauseated. My intestines were so laden with cancer that I was in constant pain. I will have scars for a long time to come.




When I finally worked out the total therapy program, I thought everything would be wonderful and I would recover without any difficulties. But I had still another lesson to learn. Recovery can be worse than than the disease itself. I not only had to destroy the cancer, but had to rebuild a badly shattered body.

As the cancer is absorbed by the body, it overloads the blood and liver with toxic poisons, making you feel "goopy" sick. This, for me, lasted about eight months after the

cancer growth had stopped. All the while the mental discouragement remains and the diet leaves much to be desired. You have been accustomed to all the tasty 'junk" and it is very hard to give up forever.

As you begin to get over the "goopy" sick feeling, you will notice you have a good day when you feel wonderful, then several bad days when you feel "goopy" sick again. You enjoy the good days so much the bad ones seem much worse than they really are. Now you can realize how very sick you have been.

About the time you are having a few more good days than bad, you start having muscle cramps - very bad ones. This condition goes on for about nine months while you are rebuilding the muscle protein which was taken out of the tissue during the early stages of the cancer. This stage is similar to the growing pains you experienced as a teenager.

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - your good health. If all the steps have been faithfully carried out your body is in better condition than you have ever been in before. You will be tempted many times to go back to your old ways, and many do; but good health is such a wonderful thing you should not yield to these temptations. I trust you have learned your lessons well.