A comprehensive defence program must recognize the existence of more than one potential enemy. Metabolic Medicine can handle other enemies besides cancer it is, in fact, a lifestyle for peace or war - one that can keep you in an ideal state of readiness.

Over the last 30 years or so, the medical profession and the medical community have progressed to unprecedented heights and achievements in areas of reconstruction and surgical procedure. They have worked hard and deserve every bit of the respect and honour they receive. They have done remarkably well in applying technological advances to their profession.

The medical community has centered its energies and advancements around the infectious and traumatic cases. It has all but conquered infections of all types. Surgical procedures and treatment of traumatic ills have advanced equally with control of the infectious diseases. In short, what the medical community does, it does well, unsurpassed in the history of mankind.

But the problems which the medical community is so well trained and equipped to handle account for only a percentage of the illnesses in our society. In the balance of the cases involving degeneration or metabolic conditions, little help is received.

Down through the years, cancer patients have had such excellent results with Metabolic Medicine that they have brought other family members and friends for nutritional counselling. The range of diseases for which Dr. Kelley has planned nutritional programs covers the complete gamut of degenerative and metabolic ills, and even some infectious diseases and structural conditions.

Dr. Kelley distinguishes between degenerative disease and metabolic disease in this example: Adult-onset diabetes is degenerative; child-onset diabetes is metabolic. Metabolic diseases can result from improper nutrition to the fetus due to the faulty diet of the mother during pregnancy. (It is widely recognized among medical authorities that birth defects have risen dramatically in recent years.) Metabolic disease can result from injury or other trauma. Metabolic diseases are those which do not result from long-term physical degeneration.

Dr. Kelley's experience with over 30,000 benefactors led or leads him to believe that balancing body chemistry through nutrition is a fruitful approach which should be investigated on a larger scale. How long this will take, or whether it will be done at all, is a matter of speculation. Many readers, or their friends, are desperately seeking help for conditions that could be alleviated through nutritional balancing of body chemistry. Cancer is just one of these conditions. A large part of Dr. Kelley's Nutritional Counselling is devoted to planning nutritional programs for people who do not have cancer. Whatever the specific metabolic-degenerative condition may be, hope and encouragement is justified by the many favorable reports from those who have already benefited from Metabolic Medicine.