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Medical doctor, Professor of chemistry, histology and physiology. Inventor of "Glyoxylide catalyst" cure for cancer. Sued by FDA but was acquitted after 600 doctors testified in his favour. Died of poisoning, 1967.

Cancer Masons: A Cult of Death  by Tom Valentine

[1948] Congressional Record. Proceedings and debates of the 80th Congress, second session.

"One death from poisoning, and one from being run down by an automobile, both  victims being physicinas of distinction and prominent in the advocacy of the Koch treatment.  Mail has been opened...Dr. Koch himself was the target of at least 13 unsuccessful attempts on his life."--M. Layne

"Following the Koch trial, a number of physical attacks were made upon me...I was robbed and beaten in my office and on the street...Similar attentions were paid other physicians who agreed with Dr. Koch.' - Anonymous MD."

"(Dr. Koch himself was the target of at least 13 unsuccessful attempts on his life' - Riley H. Crabb.)" - M. Layne, The Koch Remedy for Cancer...,  Borderland Sciences Research Foundation.

"One doctor...J.W. Kannel, saved a young girl...She had hopeless cancer of the spleen...One shot of Glyoxylide, and she became well (in 1943; still alive in 1983)...For (this), Kannel was barred from all hospitals in Fort Wayne...The FDA had (Glyoxylide inventor, Dr. William Frederick) Koch arrested and thrown into an incredibly filthy jail cell in Florida in 1942."

"In 1926...The AMA...attempt(ed) to send a doctor using Koch shots to prison...(in) Massachusetts...Justice Pierce...berated the District Attorney, calling the opposition to Koch 'a moral crime of the very worst kind'." - Wayne Martin BS, Purdue Univ. (Author, Medical Heroes and Heretics); We Can Do Without Heart Attacks. c. 1983.

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