Gerson case study—melanoma

I am a 35 year-old male living alone (with my cat Theo). 31 months stage 4b metastatic melanoma (world average survival 6 months)

Thirty months ago I had my third operation for malignant melanoma. A total, I believe, of 48 tumours were removed in all operations together with most of my left armpit and left pectoral muscle.

I was bitterly disappointed that the intensive fasting, vitamins,organic vegan diet and juices had not halted the spread, indeed the surgeon stopped the operation after he saw no end to the tumours including a large one which had replaced my right adrenal. Later I was told it had spread to my spine and right hip.

The two nights following my operation a beautiful nurse gave me two sessions of foot reflexology and on the following morning an amazing thing happened. . When I went to perform my ablutions I passed a stool several yards long. I felt like Apollo slaying the serpent at Delphi, an enormous sense of relief overwhelmed me.

Twenty months later my dietary regime had intensified to include a wide range of anti-cancer herbs, supplements and vitamins. I had all bar six of my teeth removed as they contained old mercury fillings (by a brilliant homoeopathic dentist.) I realised that these may have caused several "mad~as-a-hatter" episodes in my life and were undermining my immune's system effort to fight my cancer.

Ten months ago when more information about the Gerson therapy became available on the internet I realised I was doing just about all the right, things etc. except for the coffee enemas. Then when I read how all the therapies involving enemas were banned in the United States yet paradoxically ruling, classes from Egyption Pharoahs through to current Nobility have practised colonic irrigation regularly to restore their bodies own healing systems I just had to try it.

Ten months (and 900 liver cleansing enemas) later I am completely transformed physically, spiritually and emotionally.

After being labelled a miracle by my oncologist I now have been re-labelled an anecdote because of my Gerson activities. Why is that the NHS doesn't prescribe the Gerson therapy to more people is a complete mystery to me.

 Yours optimistically (and with only slight occasional symptoms).

 Oncologist report: 

Metastatic melanoma. His medical history is as follows:

Primary melanoma was removed in September 1993 from his left supraclavicular fossa. He was well until December 1995 when he noticed left axillary swelling and a lymph node dissection was performed at Bolton at which time 16 out of 20 lymph nodes were involved by metastatic melanoma. He was referred to the Hospital in January 1996 and a second recurrence in the left axilla was noticed in February 1996. At staging there were multiple sites of metastases in the soft tissue of the axilla, and also in the right adrenal gland. Liver metastases were noted and both pulmonary and rnediastinal lymph node metastases. He entered a clinical trial with chemotherapy and received two cycles of temozolomide (an investigational agent). However, there was clinical progression despite therapy and this drug was abandoned. He was transferred to cisplatin chemotherapy and received four cycles between July and September 1996. There was stabilisation of his lung and liver metastases but slight progression of the adrenal metastases, though this is cystic (and therefore rather hard to assess). Remarkably there have been very little changes since that time in his clinical condition and he has had a recent ultrasound at Bolton which apparently shows stable disease again.


As I am sure you know a median survival for patients with multiple metastatic sites is approximately seven weeks (now at 33 months) and so he doing very much better than average.


Over the last year Mr D has adopted the Gerson diet and coffee enema's with an obsessional enthusiasm. Perhaps not surprisingly in view of the fact that this is concurrent with the stabilisation of his clinical condition he now considers it to be his lifeline.