Since 1963, one hundred thousand patients have been treated at the
Oasis of Hope Hospital founded by Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr.. Patients
have come here from every part of the world seeking cancer therapies
and treatment approaches pioneered by the Contreras doctors,
specifically the Metabolic Therapy . Dr. Contreras called his cancer
therapy "metabolic" because it enhances normal function of organs
while provoking an adverse environment for malignant cells. This is
accomplished through a treatment program that provides
natural anti-tumor agents such as laetrile, whole foods and juices,
emotional and spiritual support, and immune stimulation from vitamins,
minerals, phytochemicals and enzymes.

In 1981, we conducted a retrospective study to document the five-year
survival rates of our cancer patients. It is important to note that 95
percent of these patients came to us with stage IV cancers after
conventional therapy had failed to help them. They had been sent home
to die. We treated them with our metabolic therapy and the results
were encouraging. Our overall five-year survival rate for all types of
cancer was 30 percent. We also noted that 86 percent of our patients
outlived their prognosis and reported an improvement in their quality
of life.

Malignancies in the lung, breast, colon and prostate are the most
prevalent in our experience. For this reason, we designed a
prospective study on the efficacy of metabolic therapy focused on
these advanced stage IV cancers. In the table below, we compare our
results against those from clinical trials with conventional

Type of cancer  / Distant1 Number of patients  / 5 yr. survival rate
Lung Cancer        200 .................................Oasis: 30%  /
Conventional: 2%
Breast Cancer     130  .................................Oasis: 39%  /
Conventional: 21%
Colon Cancer      150  .................................Oasis: 30%  /
Conventional: 8%
Prostate Cancer  600  .................................Oasis: 86%  /
Conventional: 33%

1. Distant: A malignant cancer that has spread to parts of the body
remote from the primary tumor either by direct extension or by
discontinuous metastasis to distant organs, tissues, or via the
lymphatic system to distant lymph nodes.

2. Source: American Cancer Society Cancer Facts & Figures 2001

The Oasis statistics when compared to the Conventional statistics are
dramatically better. What makes these results astounding to me is the
difference between the Oasis group and the Conventional group. The
Oasis patients had already undergone surgery, radiation or
chemotherapy. They had endured the hair loss, nausea, burns and
devastation of their energy levels and immune systems. Those in the
Conventional group had no previous treatment to damage their general
condition. They had a fresh start. We can only speculate on the
results we could achieve with patients that would avoid conventional
therapy before they arrive to the Oasis of Hope.

In spite of the impressive results, our studies were rejected by all
peer reviewed medical journals. The only studies that these groups
recognize are single drug double blind clinical trials. Our study just
didn't meet those criteria. In fact, our results depend on a
combination of therapies. This makes it difficult to single out one
active agent, and this is the objective of cancer research. Scientists
want to identify the means and we have focused completely on the end

Our results in lung cancer were so dramatic however that one group of
oncological authorities did invite us to make a presentation at the
World Congress on Cancer in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, the Congress
coordinators canceled our participation at the last minute due to
opposition from some outspoken doctors. Once again, those who insisted
that the results were secondary and that our study did not adhere to
their guidelines were able to silence us.

In the past, financial restraints and negativity from the oncological
community have hindered us from conducting standard double blind
clinical trials. But the legal and medical environment is changing as
more and more people demand access to alternative medicine. The
governments in the USA and Mexico have already established offices of
alternative medicine in their health departments. The Ministry of
Health in Mexico has approved our application for a clinical research
organization (CRO) and we are now positioning ourselves for research
grants. We intend to conduct the necessary trials to publish the
results in an effort to make valid therapies available to people in
any part of the world.

We have never been on a crusade to prove the value of alternative
therapies. In fact, we have often been criticized for our use of
conventional medicine. We keep focused on our ultimate goal, the total
well being of our patients. We try not to limit our patients to either
alternative or orthodox therapies. We offer them what are the most
effective and least harmful options. Our approach compliments
conventional medicine with natural elements and mind/spirit support.

To our critics who wage that we do not utilize pure science, we would
like to remind them. Medicine is much more than science, it is a
healing art.

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