Daniel Ovist-Author-Second Chance
Brain tumor survivor experiences spiritual transformation and writes inspirational, moving, uplifting novel about finding true meaning in life and surviving against all odds.
I am a former aerospace Project Manager, now retired and Living in Eureka Montana. Ten years ago I suffered from a life threatening, inoperable brain tumor. I was destroyed. I knew of four people who had brain tumors and they all died. In my case, by the grace of God, I was blessed with a profound spiritual experience that led to my spiritual transformation and healing. On my path to healing, self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment I found that many people were spiritually hungry, having yet to find their truth in the traditional manner. “What can I do about that?" I asked. The answer came in no uncertain terms. “Help others and write a book—keeping it simple." So I began counseling other cancer patients and doing volunteer work with Hospice. Also I wrote, Second Chance, in which the characters, through heartbreak and despair, play out a story scenario wherein Divine guidance and intervention finally leads them into their own truth, inner strength and peace. The primary intent of my novel is to demonstrate the effacy of prayer/meditation while provideing substance and validation to supernatural/spiritual or metaphysical issues that, like myself, the reader may identify with from experience or association.

On the medical treatment side, I was finally guided to a great neurologist who in turn introduced me to an opportunity to particpate in what turned out to be a combined Gamma Knife, Immunotherapy experimental clinical trial. It was successful. I invite you to visit the below links to Dr. Duma's Neurosciences site and the Feature Article, "Back in The Saddle" written in the UCI journal.

I welcome inquires from people throughout the world who would seek counsel or want to ask about my personal experience. I respond to all requests, and I invite those who wish to share their own thoughts or experiences, to please do so.