Patient Story: Cure of a Brain Tumor

by Charlotte Gerson

The aim of the Gerson Therapy is always to heal and restore people to a normal active life. We sometimes get phone calls and information from some of these cured people with wonderful stories that we need to share with our readers. We should also like to stress that we love to hear from you people out there after you have been well for some time. Don't for a moment think that we are no longer interested in your recovery. On the contrary, the longer you are well, the more important and dramatic the story! Please keep in touch and let us know.

One such wonderful success story is that of Nora K. of North Liberty, Indiana. Just weeks from her 10th birthday, she started to suffer from headaches, then vomiting. Her mother took her for a CAT scan and a brain tumor was discovered. She then was taken to the Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis and was scheduled for surgery. The surgeon removed what he could, but some of the tumor was too close to a blood vessel and was only cauterized. This, of course, left the door open to more tumor growth. Subsequently, Nora went for yearly check-ups. When she was 13, an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) showed a recurrence. The doctor said that at this point, he couldn't do anything, "the tumor wasn't big enough to operate". Nora's mother, Mary, felt that she couldn't just sit by and wait for her daughter's tumor to grow. She started to read and research. She found the Gerson Therapy.

In 1990, Mary and Nora came to the Mexican hospital and started the Gerson Therapy. Nora was on the Therapy, strictly, for one and a half years. During this time, with the frequent coffee enemas and juices, Nora did not go to a public school, but had home schooling. She also spent a great deal of time with coffee enemas on the bathroom floor. She used this time constructively: she read all the classics she could get her hands on, then she read Plato and other philosophers, then she went on to read science books and math. She got a tremendous education. When she took her SAT's, she scored extremely high; on her State equivalency test her score was almost perfect. With all her background and reading, she also became an excellent writer.

At the end of her intensive Therapy, she had another check-up with her neurosurgeon. He took some pictures, studied them, was puzzled, hesitated, took some more pictures - and finally said that he couldn't see any more tumor, just a shadow which he felt was a scar. Nora's mother asked what Nora's prognosis was. The surgeon said that she would never have a problem again! Nora was also playing the violin. The doctor was very pleased that she could play the violin and this was a very good sign, since the type of tumor she was suffering from would affect the fine motor skills. He said that she would not be able to play the violin with a tumor in her brain, these delicate motor skills would have been disturbed.

After one and a half years on the strict Therapy, Nora switched to a maintenance therapy: she was still taking 2 - 3 quarts of juice daily and eating organic food. Her mother started an organic co-op business, helping to supply herself and a number of other people in the area with organic food. Mary K. says that she is now helping some 40 people to obtain their organic produce. Nora is 19 years old, and has been admitted to college. Not only that, but she obtained a Presidential Scholarship, a very high honor, and hopes to study medicine - alternative medicine - to help others as she was helped.