have, for years, had Barretts esophagus. In May of 1997 I was diagnosed as
having cancer of the esophagus. Prior to this (IN THE LATE 70'S) I was lucky
to have met a man at the VA Hospital in Little Rock; Dr. Patel warned me
about Barretts . This was back in the late 70's. I had a fundolication
wrap) at VA Little Rock, Arkansas. This was before the real good medicines
they have now. Then the only thing to do for this condition was antacids and
wrapping the esophagus around the stomach to physically prevent acid reflex.
Thats what usually causes Barrette and/or Cancer of the esophagus.

Dr. Patel was adamant that I have another operation somewhere else. But
where?I have a brother who is Chief of Pharmacy at a large VA hospital. I
him to find the best surgeon in the country. He found Dr. David Skinner then
the University of Chicago. In 1983 Dr. Skinner operated and this operation
holds This may have saved my life because it bought time for me while
luckily the PDT technology came along plus the new medication they have now.
Dr. Skinner is currently at Columbia University in Manhattan.

To make a long story short; after I was diagnosed as having cancer and after
exhaustive research; I went to Dr. Bergin F.Overholt in Knoxville, Tennessee.

There I was treated with Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). As of this writing I am
cancer free and the Barretts is gone. I remained cancer free for three years.

About a year ago Dr. Overholt found another cancer. It was a surface cancer
near the spot where the first cancer was found. Dr. Overholt again did PDT.
This time two PDT treatments on separate days. Upon his last exam; I am again
cancer free.

UPDATE: I just returned from Knoxville where Dr. Overholt found no cancer as
of 11 December 2000.

UPDATE: I returned from Knoxville where Dr. Overholt found no cancer as of 13
Feb. 2002.
UPDATE: A local GI, Dr. William Martin; who found the first cancer, scoped my
esophagus and founf no evidence of disease as of 10 July 2004.

Dr. Haydek, an associate of Dr. Overholt, is also accepting patients for
evaluation for Photodynamic Therapy. I have personally been treated by Dr.
Haydek and he is an excellant physician.

Dr. Haydek was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, attending a Christian
grammar school and seminary high school prior to obtaining his degree in
pharmacy from the University of Illinois. He subsequently obtained his M.D.
degree and completed his internship, medical residency, chief residency and
gastroenterology fellowship at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago.

Following his fellowship and prior to his relocation to Knoxville, Tennessee,
Dr. Haydek worked for three years as an academic gastroenterologist and
assistant professor of medicine at Loyola University Medical Center and Hines
V.A. Hospital.

Dr. Haydek's accomplishments include multiple nominations for 'Outstanding
Teacher" awards as well as recognition both as a Fellow of the American
College of Physicians (FACP) and as a Fellow of the American College of
gastroenterology (FACG).

I will be happy to discuss my case with anyone needing

information.  R. T. Rogers ; PO Box 66 ; Hiwasse, Arkansas 72739-0066 ; phone
501-787-5542; e-mail If you wish to contact Dr. Overholt
directly; call the voice mail number 865-588-5121 and describe your condition
and leave your name and number. They will get back to you. Also please go to
his web site:

Kindest Regards.  Tony Rogers