Case Histories Include Cancer of the Thyroid

Cancer of the thyroid is very slow rowing and, therefore, it is not unusual to find cases involving five-year survival following orthodox therapy. Surgical removal of the thyroid, however, can result in nerve paralysis. (1) Leukemia has been shown to be related to the previous use of radioactive iodine to treat cancer of the thyroid. (2) The following case history should be read with these facts in mind.

(1) Clinical Oncology for Medical Students and Physicians, op. cit., p. 320.

(2) Ibid., p. 321.

A156JC: Cancer of the Thyroid

Mrs. A. noticed a lump on her neck in March, 1973. The lump was removed and, because of the diagnosis of cancer, further surgery was performed two days later. Following surgery, the radioactive thyroid scan was negative.

Despite assurance from her doctor that all was well, the patient herself described being constantly tired and feeling a lump in her throat during the summer of 1973.

September, 1973, a second radioactive Thyroid scan was done, and this time it was positive, indicating the presence of cancer. Therefore, a radical thyroid gland removal, including removal of muscle and lymph nodes, was performed. This was done in October of 1973. It was followed by an "Atomic Cocktail," (presumably, a drink of radio-active iodine) which, she stated, was supposed to "wipe out the rest of the cancer."

What happened next is described in the patient’s

own words:

I recovered slowly through the winter of 1973. . . . Then in July. 1974, my health really went down hill. I lost about thirty pounds. I had yellow dark skin (1) and dark around my eyes. I was constantly tired. I slept a great deal and felt sleepy the rest of the time. It was around this time I first heard of Laetrile. I felt the treatments I had been receiving were ineffective, and so I chose to come to the Richardson Clinic.

Dr. Richardson did not make any promises to me, but within ten days of beginning nutritional therapy and Laetrile, I noted considerable improvement. My eyes and skin returned to their normal color. I stopped losing weight, the terrible tired feeling left, as did the pain....

Friend and relatives who have watched my progress are amazed at how well I look.... We’ve had a number of cases of cancer in my family on both sides. I am the only one who has taken Laetrile and I am the only one who has survived.

(1)Yellowing of the skin is a very ominous sign—indicating liver involvement.