Dr John A. Richardson M.D.
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Dr. Richardson vs FDA

Laetrile Case Histories by John A. Richardson, M.D. & Patricia Irving Griffin, R.N., B.S.

Quotes re Dr Richardson
The first time I was introduced to the subject of Laetrile or vitamin therapy in the control of cancer, was when I was on a short fishing trip with Dr. John Richardson, a physician in San Francisco, who as you probably know, is in the forefront of the legal battle to establish the physician's right to use laetrile or vitamin therapy or anything he wishes to use, in the treatment of his patients.  Because he was using laetrile last year he was arrested by the FDA, and he is taking this case to the courts. I think he stands an excellent chance of winning but, of course, that remains yet to be seen.  The whole purpose, the initial trigger behind the formation of the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy was to rally nationwide support behind not only Dr. Richardson but other physicians who hopefully would have the courage to join with him and challenge the establishment, if you will, the bureaucracy, in the right for a physician to have freedom of choice in this regard.
    At Any rate, I e known John for quite a while, and we were on this fishing trip up in Oregon. If you ever have the chance to meet this man you will recognize immediately that he is a very intense person.  I was trying to enjoy the babbling stream, the fresh air, the green trees, the blue sky and he brought his brief case with him.  I can assure you that his brief case was not loaded with fishing gear.  He brought papers and manuscripts, books and charts and statistics, and he kept talking to me about a control for cancer that he had discovered and he was using it on his patients and low and behold he was saving lives of men and women who previously he would have had to tell that they were terminal and there was nothing more he could do.
    He kept telling me about this and I had really no particular interest in it.  I was glad to hear it but I had about as much interest in learning the technical medical details as you or I might have in listening to an engineer talking about internal stresses in girder bridges.  You know, these are things of great fascination to the engineer or the physician, but to the layperson it was not too interesting.  
    Finally he began to tell me about the fact that “they” were suppressing this.  “They” wouldn't let him use it, “they” were harassing him. I thought all of a sudden, good grief, John.  Why he is becoming paranoid and I turned to him, and I remember very distinctly, I said, "Wait a minute, who are “they” John?  Do you mean to tell me that there are people in the medical profession or in government or anywhere in the world who are so low and so crass, so mean, as to deliberately withhold a control for cancer?"  And I didn't realize it at the time, but with the asking of that question my curiosity was already aroused and I was launched even then on an investigative research project that was to take me two or two and a half years, and it led me to the discovery of one of the most amazing stories of the twentieth century. LECTURE BY MR. G. EDWARD GRIFFIN

(MD) "Certificate...of John A. Richardson...is revoked." - California Board of Medical Quality Assurance, 1975.

"Federal, state, and local police raided Dr. (John) Richardson's Clinic,...beat up a(n) aide, manhandled a nurse, and dragged the business manager off in handcuffs."

"I had to stand three expensive trials in California courts, where in all three actions against me, the charges were dismissed. Then I had to stand an even longer and more expensive trial in Federal Court in San Diego, where I was convicted of 'conspiring to smuggle Laetrile' and was fined $30,000. ... Cal. then revoked my license." - John Richardson, MD.

"The ...Times ...headlined the Assistant US Attorney ...grand jury investigation of myself, six months before the grand jury was even selected. ...Soon after Bantam printed 200,000 copies of our book, ...Times bought the serial rights to it. ...After sitting on the serial rights for a suitable period, the ...Times ...unctuously begged Bantam to be released from their gentlemen's agreement, and the serial market had been destroyed. ...Most libraries will not accept a book that has not been reviewed by the ...Times or its affiliate..." - John Richardson, MD, Richardson Newsletter, 1979.

"Not that there are not real quacks in the field of cancer... But ...no legitimate MD...with a thriving practice and after years of study and faithful service would give all that up to become a quack and subject himself and his family to Hell..." - Laetrile Case Histories by John A. Richardson, M.D. & Patricia Irving Griffin, R.N., B.S.

"What water is to thirst, so normal metabolism is to cancer." - John Richardson, MD, Richardson Newsletter, 1978.