I will like to invite you to our Web page www.sdclinic.com where you will find a lot of detailed information about our therapies. And also you can find information in the Definitive Guide of Cancer of Burton Goldberg (Mycoplasma vaccine, Filiberto Muņoz MD)

Besides the Traditional Alternative Therapies including Laetrile (Vitamin B17), DMSO (I.V.), and Chelation Therapy (I.V.) we are working with Biologic Therapies from Germany including: Mycc- Vacc (Mycoplasma vaccine), Pind-Avi, AF2 Factor, Eurixor (Mistletoe) and the new NCV (Newcastle disease virus), in combination for individual problems we booster and strength the immune system and the same time to detoxify from pathogen process.

Once you are inside of the site, www.sdclinic.com look for Cancer Therapies and you will find a lot of information about the specific therapies and with big amount of Literature. (This particular item makes the site very interesting), because our therapy is well documented with clear basis and no quackery.

One of the main therapies is the Mycc-Vacc (Mycoplasma Vaccine) since many years ago Doctors and Researches around the world have found relationship between this pathogenic bacteria (the smallest one) capable to infect several organs and produce immune-deficiency and develop many diseases including Cancer, Auto-immune diseases (Arthritis, Lupus, etc.) MS and ALS.

By the routine Laboratories and even highly sophisticated culture mediums, we can't identify this bacteria, since many years ago (early 1960's) Prof. Shidel and Dr. Snegotska, discovered that this Bacteria (Mycoplama) likes to infect the Platelets (besides the main tissues) and produce changes in the form and shape as well some kind of filaments, classically for each disease.

This two Scientific Doctors, have instructed few people in the lecture of this Bacteria through Dark field Microscope which are able to detect several diseases (including Cancer, Auto-immune diseases, MS and ALS etc.) even before they appear in the body. (Before symptoms appears).

Prof. Shiedl along with other Scientists in the Max Plank University in Germany have developed a Vaccine against Mycoplasma bacteria and is made with patient’s own blood (once is found that the Bacteria lives in the patient's body) and is able to destroy the infected bacteria and re-build the immune system and help the patient to fight against the disease.


Our goal is to help people always with our best effort and to offer better quality of life, we know perfectly well that cancer can't be cured many times but we work hard in these issues, patients and Doctors work together, shoulder with shoulder.

We know and we are aware about the patient’s necessities (financial status) and we never charge exuberant amount of money as unfortunately many clinics do. We always try to help and give the best of us.

Our treatments cost runs from $ 3,000 to $ 7,500 for two months of therapies (two to three weeks of intense treatment in our out-patient facility) follow up treatment at home (after good training of the therapy application to the patients of family).

The patients comes every 3 - 6 months for further evaluations and check ups (which the cost a lot less than the first time).

For all of this our Specialty is Immune Therapy we really enjoy what we do and always offer the best treatment with the best attention.