Dr Tallberg, M.D.

A Finnish immunologist, Dr. Thomas Tallberg, M.D., has used nutritional supplements for nearly thirty years as a part of his active specific bioimmunotherapy for cancer, which he has developed in a research project at the Helsinki University in Finland. The immunological part of his therapy consists of an autologous vaccine, and the metabolic part of nutritional supplements tailored according to the cancer type. These supplements include trace-elements, amino acids, vitamins and neurogenic lipids. Both the immunological part and the metabolic parts have also been tested separately and have been found to be effective on their own. The cancer specific combinations of supplements have been optimized in animal tests. In addition to supplements Dr. Tallberg recommends to his patients mostly vegetarian diet. Egg yolks (raw, if there is no danger of salmonella infection) and fish are often permitted, but red meat should be avoided. Dr. Tallberg's therapy has been tested in a few relatively small scale (40 - 100 patients in each comparison group) randomized controlled clinical trials for advanced renal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma, but large scale multicenter trials are missing.

His therapy consists of unpatentable elements only, so finding the finance for larger trials could be a problem. In all the trials so far his therapy has been found to perform statistically significantly better that the best conventional therapy it has been compared with. In addition to kidney cancer and melanoma, Dr. Tallberg has a program for at least following types of cancers: cancer of the ovary, lyphoma, cacinoid syndrome, carcinoma of the prostate, mesothelioma, colorectal cancer, basalioma, gastric carcinoma, neurofibratoma, cancer of the breast, urinary bladder cancer and pancreatic cancer. For these types of cancers the evidence of efficacy is to my knowledge so far only anecdotal (in humans), clinical trials would urgently be needed.

There is also an interesting anecdote about malignant histiocytoma. In the summer of 1996 a patient suffering from recurrent metastasized malignant histiocytoma came to Dr. Tallberg's clinic. He had been previously conventionally treated with several radical surgeries and the maximum dose of radiation, but the cancer kept recurring. Because Dr. Tallberg's clinic and laboratory was just about to close for summer vacation period, the autologous vaccine could not immediately be prepared, but nutritional therapy with supplements was started right away. Within eight weeks tumors completely disappeared, and there was never a need to make the vaccine! This anecdote is documented in the article "Complete disappearance of human malignant histiocytoma cells following dietary biotherapy, leading to activation of inductional control mediated by mitochondria" by Thomas Tallberg, M.D., H.Stenback, M.S., J. Dabek, M.D., and A. Palkama, M.D., which was published in _The Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine_, Vol. 15 No. 2 - December 1996 - May 1997.

Dr. Tallberg's therapy has also been used to treat equine sarcoid, a common tumor of the horses. So far all the (23) horses treated have been cured. This has been documented in three separate articles in the Dtsch. Zschr. Onkol. (German J. Oncol.) in 1991, 1994 and 1995. Dr. Tallberg has published over 100 articles. A couple of references of them: Tallberg, Th., Matous, B. Tykka, H., Vosmik, Fr., Sarna, S., Bauer, J., Krajsiva, I., Sundell, B. "Malignant melanoma. Effect of postoperative specific immunotherapy and dietary supplementation on progress and prognosis" Tumor-Diag. u. Ther. 1991:12:139-146. Tallberg, Th. & UUsitalo, R. "Study of the effect of biological nutrtional supplementation on the recurence of ocular melanoma". Z.Onkol. - J. of Oncol. 1997, Vol. 29:1-5. Tallberg, Th. Kalima, T., Mahlberg, K., Tuominen, J., Niemi, K., Dabek, J. "A Case of malignant cutaneous histiocytoma successfully treated with specific immunotherapy and supportive measures". Tumor - Diag. u. ther. 1988:9:73-75. Tallberg, Th., Tykka, H., Halttunen, P., Mahlberg, K., Uusitalo, R., Carlson, O., Sundstedt, B., Oravisto, K., Lehtonen, T., Sarna, S. Sandstrom, H. "Cancer immunity. The effect in cancer immunotherapy of polymerized autologous tumor tissue and supportive measures". Sacd. J. clin. & Lab. Invest. 1979:39:suppl. 151:1-35. Tallberg, Th., Tykka. H., Mahlberg, K., Haltunen, P. Lehtonen, T., Kalima, T., Sarna S. "Active specific immunotherapy with supportive measures in the treatment of palliatively nephrectomized renal adenocarcinoma patients. A thirteen year follow-up study". Eur. Urol. 1985:11:233-243 Tallberg, Th. "Cancer treatment, based on active nutritional biomodulation, hormonal therapy and specific autologous immunotherapy". J. Austr. Coll. Nutr. & Env. Med. 1996:15:1:5-24. Dr. Tallberg has a web site at http://www.tallberg/med/ . Presently it contains only the synopsis for the presentation he held in the 3rd World Congress on Cancer which took place in Darwin, Australia 25-27 April 1997, but I believe that more material will be added fairly soon. -- Matti Narkia


Tallberg paper http://www.tallberg.fi/med/

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