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"In addition, the key that made it work seemed to be the cavitation. Cavitations contain chemicals that alter acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme necessary for nerve muscle activity. Perhaps this chemical is critical in the scenario of nerve interference Parkinson's disease. There was certainly a difference in patients who had total dental revision with cavitation cleaning and those who did not have the cavitation procedures performed."--Hal Huggins

The most impressive reports seem to be coming in regarding Dr. Douglas
Cook in Suring, WI. He is the only one of these dentists that I know of
who had cavitations (jawbone infections) himself that he, with the
assistance of another dentist was able to cure. He greatly emphasizes
the importance of eating a largely raw food diet and keeping a close eye
on one's acid/alkaline balance. He has found this to be a significant
factor in whether or not a person's cavitations remain healed following

Dr Boyd Haley

DAMS Newsletter:

Understanding Jawbone Cavitations & Their Relationship to Diseas


Between 1976 and 1984, 8 separate studies of patients suffering Trigeminal Neuralgia and Atypical Facial Neuralgia, considered to be untreatable and unresponsive to conventional medical therapies, received cavitation curettement. There were a total of 450 patients with 547 cavitations. After curettement, 322 were pain free, 99 had significant improvement and 32 did not have improvement. Almost 94% of the patients experienced significant improvement, if not total abatement of their pain. Those studies focused on chronic facial and neck pain, however other parts of the body may be involved.

Thirty-seven years ago, I had a molar extracted after an amalgam filling expanded and cracked the tooth. For the past four years, I have limped and experienced chronic pain in my left hip. The limp and pain had seriously limited my ability to function. Without resorting to hip replacement, the existing medical practices of today do not offer practical solutions, so cavitation surgery became highly attractive. On April 23, 1993, I had one cavitation curetted and on April 24 my temperature rose to 98 degrees after staying between 96.2 and 97 for years. I can now raise my left leg from a prone position and step into vehicles without using my hands to lift my leg. I am still in the process of healing, however I am elated to announce that I am virtually pain free and the limp is intermittent. I just may take up belly dancing again!

The Australasian Health and Healing, Vol 9, No 2, 1990 issue contained 4 testimonials from people who have undergone cavitation surgery.

One lady reported that she had experienced chest pains and pain in her left arm for over two and a half years. Following cavitation surgery on three wisdom tooth sites, she was pain free.

Another lady reported that she experienced dramatic health improvement and welcome weight gain after the removal of a piece of root and a piece amalgam, together with the surrounding diseased jawbone at an extraction site of 20 years ago.

Another patient reported that after cavitation surgery on one site, tonsil and kidney pain ceased.

The most remarkable testimony came from a man who was losing his eyesight and suffering from unbearable pain in the left eye. Three days after cavitation surgery on six sites, his eyesight cleared and the pain stopped.

These four Australian patients had the surgery in 1987 and 1989.


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