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Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 08:07:00
To: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxx
Subject: Re: Lupus connection to nutrasweet

I am a Lupus victim that has done considerable research over the years,
and in my opinion have cured my Lupus.  I was intrigued by the
connection of nutrasweet to Lupus and it does correlate to my theory but
in a way you probably have not considered.

Years ago I became suspicious that all the diseases in my family showed
up in the Lupus literature -- Lupus supposedly mimicked these disorders.
So I began to browse the literature related to each disease to see if I
could find any commonality.  Yes, I found one -- LOW SEROTONIN.  Lupus,
migraine headaches, ulcers, bipolar disease, schizophrenia, ulcerative
colitis, down syndrome, and suicide have all been diagnosed in my
immediate family and all are correlated to LOW SEROTONIN.  While I had
Lupus my family doctor looked at my research and was willing to
experiment by placing me on Nardil.  The results were fantastic.  For
several years a combination of Plaquenil and Nardil worked well (I did
try going off the Plaquenil for experimental reasons; however I had a
severe skin outbreak and had to resume the use of Plaquenil).

In 1990 (due to my intuition) I thought that I had an abscessed tooth.
My dentist could find nothing wrong on the X-rays but was willing to
drill into a suspicious tooth.  It was dead and had been dead for along=

time. I insisted that there were more and all my teeth were
root-canaled; 7 teeth were dead and the rest were in some state of the
dying process.  They looked as if they were being strangulated as the
blood supply was being shut off. My Lupus improved dramatically and it
was then I stopped my Plaquenil to see if the skin lesions had lessened.

They had, and I have never taken anymore Plaquenil.  But I began having
headaches and earaches and insisted that the root canaled teeth had to
be removed.  It was a different dentist that told me that I was
absolutely correct and that everything I had discovered had been
discovered 75 years ago by a dentist by the name of Weston Price.  An
Internet search of "focal infections" will take you to several of the
sites discussing this connection to the autoimmune diseases.  By the
way, Dr. Price (who in his day was a big wig, he began the research
division of the American Dental Association) had included ulcers and
mental illness in his category of rheumatic diseases caused by these
hidden dental infections.  He believed that 25% of the population was
susceptible due to genetic reasons.  He felt the genetic defect was a
response to Tuberculosis and those people with a genetic heritage in
areas of high Tuberculosis had these genes to protect them from TB
(similar to the relationship of sickle cell anemia and malaria).

I showed an oral surgeon Dr. Price's works and based on this he was
willing to remove all my teeth.  Since then I have had no Lupus symptoms
but have remained on Nardil because I believe Low Serotonin is the
underlying cause which I will get to in a moment.

Current research indicates that there is a bacteria link to the
autoimmune diseases.  It is felt that the bacteria itself is not the
cause but that the toxins produced cause a mimicry for the immune
system.  An Internet search of "bacteria AND arthritis" will bring lots
of sites.  It is conclusive for a type of arthritis called Reactive
Arthritis which is correlated to the HLA-B27 antigen which by the way I

In the Lupus literature vasculitis is correlated to Lupus.  It is felt
that Lupus causes vasculitis.  My theory is that it is the reverse.
Vasculitis causes Lupus.  Something caused my teeth to die.  They
appeared to be strangulated (vasculitis).  In the Serotonin literature I
found that Low Serotonin causes vasculitis.  Hence my thinking is that
Low Serotonin leads to vasculitis among other things, the vasculitis
causes tissue to die (in my case the teeth), the dead tissue becomes a
breeding ground for bacteria (dead teeth are especially good incubators
since it is hard, i.e. impossible, for the immune system to get into
them to kill the bacteria, the bacteria release toxins which mimic
chemicals in the victims own body and hence lead to autoimmune diseases.

Probably nutrasweet depletes the Serotonin or somehow interferes with
its chemical pathway, especially in those people who have a genetic
problem causing serotonin malfunctioning which I definitely think fits
my family.  Hence if not the actual cause, certainly nutrasweet would
exacerbate the problem.