Mercury amalgam




Doctor Edward Howell states in his book ENZYME NUTRITION, that the first chief culprit of disease is enzyme deficiency or undernourishment, the all-important, underlying, hidden predisposing first cause, which prepares the ground for degeneration and ill health.

The second cause being a variety of factors which pose a threat or stress to the living system, ranging from carcinogens, cholesterol, bacteria, viral infection, X-rays, food additives, drugs, vaccinations, chemicals ad nauseam. Amongst this latter group to assault our senses are the heavy metals, this article being a warning concerning toxicity through the everyday placement of amalgam dental fillings, commonly known as silver fillings. This issue is serious, because each adult molar filling contains approximately one gram of mercury.

Apart from the early days, it has always been assumed that when the various metals comprising of amalgam, especially the mercury content (50%), were mixed together, that no leakage occurred, and that it was a very safe material. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case, and regardless of what your dentist may think, or what the British Dental Association may say, the concrete fact remains that mercury continuously bleeds from these fillings, and given enough time, has the potential to poison the system - this can then trigger off a large variety of symptoms, some being very severe.

Dr. Hal A. Huggins, one of the most prominent America practitioners concerned over this issue, once stated that amalgam fillings can effectively devastate human health, that the accumulation of mercury can be so toxic that the effects imitate a hand grenade of biological violence, the consequences being a wide range of symptoms which slowly accumulate, and which can be very difficult to diagnose. Many dental patients have suffered a degeneration of health through the effects of amalgam fillings, with diseases such as allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, memory loss, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, vision problems, brain fog, immune suppression, depression, metallic taste, mental confusion, migraine headaches, and chronic fatigue etc. Mercury toxicity can also disturb the absorption and utilisation of nutrients, inhibiting enzyme action, thus disturbing intestinal flora, causing yeast infestations and a variety of problems concerning digestion and malabsorption.

In fact, ill effects are dependent on a number of factors which include predisposition, individual susceptibility, the number of fillings, the passage of time, and of course the standard of nutrition. Many people, unbeknown to themselves, do suffer and will continue to suffer the effects of amalgam toxicity. Most dentists who have been trained to use this material continue to deny the scientific research that has now placed dental amalgam as being a far too dangerous a material to use on human beings. In fact dentists who practice using conventional methods are the largest combined group of individuals in our society who cause exposure to heavy metal toxins.

Amalgam do not just poison, but also act as little batteries which generate electrical currents, which in turn interfere with energy flow throughout the whole body. The electrical currents generated interfere with the nervous system, immune system, stimulating corrosion, local irritation and hypersensitivity. Therefore, some of the symptoms a person develops depend on which part of the system is affected most, and the more fillings one has in the mouth, the more electricity is generated, and the more leakage occurs.

THE END OF CANCER, a book by Charlotte Du Bois and John Lubecki, states that the toxic materials used in dentistry have a chronic debilitating effect on health, they act like road blocks on the body's energy pathways and make normal energy flow an impossibility. Everyone who has toxic materials implanted in their mouth, has to have health problems of one kind or another.

It can be very hard for the mass population to comprehend or even accept that dentists still continue to use such a dangerous material, the fact being that most dental patients simply assume that their dental practitioner would certainly never use anything that would cause ill health. Most people simply place their trust and faith in their dentist, presuming that any problems concerning toxicity would be addressed not only by themselves, but also by the industry as a whole. Unfortunately, concerning amalgam fillings, this is certainly not the case. The British Dental Association issue a plentiful supply of comforting propaganda, saying that they continue to monitor this material, their scientific advisors continue to state that this particular filling is safe, treating any unfavourable evidence as unscientific and inconclusive. In the same breath, they deny or show no concern in people who have suffered badly, nor do they show any interest in the mass of documented research, ignoring scientists, doctors and holistic dentists who feel very seriously that dental amalgam has no place whatsoever in modern day dentistry. The fact being, the British Dental Association are the political arm of the dental industry, they do not represent the welfare of the dental patient. In protecting their assets, they continue to hide behind a blanket of scientific red tape. Unfortunately, brushing this issue underneath the carpet, through endless rationalisation, does not make it go away. It may be good for business, but it is not good for human health.

The book THE END OF CANCER (as mentioned above), contains a whole chapter concerning the dangers of amalgam fillings. They state that many European researchers now believe that the highly toxic materials used in dentistry are an important, if not the most important, reason for the cancer epidemic of modern times. They also believe that close to ninety percent of the time, multiple sclerosis is caused by toxic materials placed in patients' teeth. They also state that some of the leading holistic doctors in Germany refuse to treat patients who have amalgams in their teeth, as they know that no treatment can ever be fully effective unless the toxic fillings are removed.

There are a variety of reasons why silver fillings are still being used, the main reason being financial. Replacing this material would send a shock wave throughout the whole industry - many businesses would collapse, dental practices would need protection from legal liability, as well as the potential financial catastrophe this would have on insurance companies. The fact that the dental profession would have to admit to such a medical and scientific error, is another issue. The fact is, the health of the dental patient has taken a second place to the health of the industry.

Thankfully, there are now more and more dentists showing concern over mercury fillings; there is now an English branch of The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) whose aim is to spread awareness, not only concerning correct replacement protocol, the potential dangers of root canals, but also general issues of safety and toxicology concerning effective holistic dental practice, whilst at the same time, keeping abreast with the cutting edge of scientific research.

The fact being, that dentists are causing a major health problem which affects the whole nation. There is no doubt about this whatsoever. To implant such a substance especially in children, is not only damaging, but is pure and simply a recipe for disease, as well as being an extremely shameful and senseless act. It will be well advised for women considering pregnancy, to think seriously about the potential dangers these fillings may cause to their offspring. Mercury crosses the placental barrier and is absorbed within the cells of the foetus. Problems concerning reproduction, such as infertility, menstruation, miscarriage, and birth defects, cannot be underestimated. Cerebral Palsy and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) have both been linked to mercury toxicity.

The book titled TOXIC METAL SYNDROME - HOW HEAVY METALS CAN POISON THE BRAIN by Dr. H. Richard Casdorph and Dr. Morton Walker contains one chapter titled DENTAL AMALGAM AND ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. They state that in large measure, those martyred by dementia are showing the results of toxicity from mercury, aluminium, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and other heavy metals. Their neurons have been poisoned. They are turned into Alzheimer's victims directly through the efforts of dentists who blindly follow the party line of their trade organisations - a trip to the dentist may be hazardous to your health. One can only imagine the potential harm concerning developmental and neurological damage, especially after 10, 20, or 30 years of exposure. Grave warnings indeed.

Unfortunately, dentists will only cease using this material, not through scientific evidence, nor through professional ethics, but through patients refusing to have toxic metals placed in their system. This is certainly not an ideal situation, but this is the unfortunate position at the moment. This not only brings disgrace on what is supposed to be one of the caring professions, but is also an extremely irresponsible and dangerous stance, one that the British Dental Association and their counterparts continually refuse to address, but one which it is hoped, they will eventually regret.

The belief that amalgam fillings are safe makes very little sense. The dental profession admit that a no-touch technique should be used prior to placement, and that amalgam scrap constitutes a hazardous waste, and should be treated as such, yet incredibly, this same material is supposed to be perfectly safe in the mouth of the patient. Scientists say this is a ridiculous statement that is in total violation of science and common sense. In truth, there is little point in defending a lost and hopeless cause, whilst in the process leaving behind an endless trail of damage. Silver fillings are simply not acceptable.

Silver amalgam remains the cheapest, most durable, and most extensively used restorative material used in dentistry. It's unfortunate that these fillings are very bad news indeed, and any health conscious person would certainly wish to avoid such a substance. There are now a plentiful supply of victim support groups in existence, in particularly the international DAMS organisation, where more information can be obtained. DAMS issue a book on case histories titled DEFENSE AGAINST MYSTERY SYNDROMES - REVEALING THE MYSTERY OF SILVER FILLINGS. There is also a newsletter from Sweden titled HEAVY METAL BULLETIN, which comes highly recommended. There are also various other organisations who are spreading awareness. A more comprehensive article titled AMALGAM WAR is available from the address below, The book by Dr. Hal A. Huggins titled IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD - THE LINK BETWEEN MERCURY AMALGAMS AND ILLNESS makes essential reading. INFERTILITY AND BIRTH DEFECTS - IS MERCURY FROM SILVER DENTAL FILLINGS AN UNSUSPECTED CAUSE? a book by Sam Ziff & Michael F. Ziff, also makes interesting reading. WHALE BOOKS, Barton Hill, Kentchurch, Hereford, England HR2 ODB offer an assortment of information on a wide range of health issues.

One word of warning, whilst silver fillings are being removed, in particularly when the last filling has been replaced, there may be a process of excretion of mercury that has been absorbed within the cells - a term called "Biological Inversion". This molecular movement has similarities to a form of withdrawal, the effects being that symptoms may deteriorate in this period. This is one reason why mercury fillings should never be replaced by an orthodox dentist. There is a protocol to adhere to, followed by detoxification, which is very important. It is absolutely essential to seek expert advice from a holistic dentist who has this knowledge, who has been well trained, and who can also offer support.