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I am writing this Commentary in order to help parents understand the dangers of blindly following the advice of their pediatricians. Before you give your child any medicine, I strongly advise you to do some research about that drug. Do not merely read the label to learn about its side effects. Every child is different and I assure you that ALL the true side effects are not posted on the warning label. (I read an article in NewsTarget awhile ago warning us of the very same thing). What is printed on the label as side effects are conclusions that the company has come to during a controlled study (performed by members of their own company). Side effects reported to their doctor by parents who have given their children a certain prescribed drug are almost never on the label. In fact, doctors know little or nothing about the side effects of the drugs that they are prescribing to your children. And if you report a side effect that is not on the label I can guarantee you that almost all of them will reply, “No, that is not one of the side effects associated with this drug”. They don’t really know. They are going by what the label says! Wake up people!!! Before you put anything inside your child’s mouth research its ingredients. Go on line or go to a health food store with a list of the ingredients and find out just what these ingredients are. How ever you do it, find out the composition of the drug. When researching online go to reliable places, not the company who is producing this stuff or any other pharmaceutical company for that matter. Go to www.google.com and search the ingredients. Read as many articles as you can and consider the source. If the article is written by a company who stands to gain money from selling that product or if it comes from the medical community who is just going on what the makers of the drug have told them, than it is not a reliable source. Neutral sources who gain nothing buy dispersing this information are more reliable.

Here is my own personal experience and why you should never give your children just anything prescribed to them. My two year old son Diego had a low grade fever for two days and was not feeling very well. On the second night his fever soared to 105º and we rushed him to the emergency room. That was the BIGGEST mistake that we ever made. After making us wait 4 hours, the doctor gave him some Tylenol and some Motrin (apparently it’s safe because one is processed through the liver and the other through the kidneys) examined his throat, reported that it was red, shoved some antibiotics down his throat and sent us home with a sample and a prescription for the drug Augmentin. He wasn’t sure if he had a throat infection but he gave him the antibiotic as a preventative measure, incase he did have one or would develop one. It was midnight and my husband and I were so exhausted by now that we didn’t question it. We blindly followed the doctor’s orders.

For anyone who has been fortunate enough not to have given their child this antibiotic let me tell you it is a horrible drug. After giving Diego this medicine my sweet little boy turned into a monster. He began having aggressive fits. Banging his head on the floor several times, swatting his sippy-cup from my hands, kicking, and screaming. He didn’t want any one to hold him or comfort him. You might say he was just having a temper tantrum, and that’s normal when having a fit. Well you have to understand my son. Diego is the happiest kid on earth. Even when he is angry, he finds humor in it and begins to laugh. He never stays angry for more than a few seconds. He loves kisses and hugs and to cuddle. He’s always happy and singing around the house. If Diego does something he isn’t supposed to do and I give him time out in his room, he’ll cry for a second or two and than he stops. When I go in the room five minutes later, he’s playing with a toy and he’ll run up and give me the biggest hug. All is forgiven. This is a truly happy kid and I knew something was really wrong when he reacted to that medicine in such a way. Another red flag was that the next day he developed diarrhea. The label did say one of the side effects was diarrhea so I decided to give the medicine a chance to work. The child was miserable but I continued to give him the medicine as a dutiful parent would, because it was “doctor’s orders”. The tantrums got worse and so did the diarrhea and his appetite was poor. By the third day I started researching this medicine.

The first thing I did was log on to the manufacturer’s website. It listed all of its side effects and the ingredients. That’s what prompted me to do further research. Aspartame was listed as one of the inactive ingredients. Now I knew Aspartame can cause grand mal seizures and migraines in adults, and I asked myself “why would they put this in children’s medicine? I some how linked to a chat room where other parents were talking about this medicine and its side effects. The effects were all similar, temper tantrums, severe diarrhea, poor appetite and some even went on to develop a rash all over their body. Teens who had taken this drug reported a metallic taste in their mouth and a terrible headache as well. I also began to do research on the effects of Aspartame on children.

What I found was daunting. The gamut runs from ADHD to death!

An Italian study press release says the results of a recent study demonstrate for the first time aspartame is a carcinogenic agent -- "As recognized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC ) of the World Health Organization, results of long-term bioassays conducted on rodents ( rats and mice ) are highly predictive of carcinogenic risk for humans. In light of this fact, the results of the CRC/ERF study on aspartame call for urgent reconsideration of regulations governing its use as an artificial sweetener in order to better protect public health, in particular that of children."

This, the most recent of many studies that without a doubt, substantiates aspartame's toxicity. The FDA & Searle have known that aspartame is a Class A Carcinogen from the start. The late Dr. Adrian Gross (FDA toxicologist), told Congress that aspartame, violates the Delaney Amendment which forbids anything in food which causes cancer because it indisputably, can develop brain tumors and brain cancer. His last words to Congress were: "If the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the public?" This drug has claimed thousands of lives.
To children aspartame is murder. It's causes abortions, retardation and birth defects. The DNA of babies that are born with aspartame poisoning may have irreversible damage for generations to come. Newborns are not the only ones affected. The rise of ADD and ADHD is at its highest and rising. Obesity, OCD, depression, violence, and diabetes are only some side effects directly linked to Aspartame. In fact the FDA has listed as many as 92 symptoms associated with Aspartame and yet they still approved it. Industries have launched campaigns specifically targeted for children. Just look at the commercials of the Saturday morning cartoons. They have gone so far as to sponsor schools if they only sell their brand in the school.
Aspartame is not the only artificial sweetener with deadly chemicals that the FDA has approved. They have also approved Splenda and Acesulfame Potassium.
See: "The Lethal Science of Splenda" http://www.wnho.net/splenda_chlorocarbon.htm If you find this article interesting, be sure to also read 'Aspartame consumption strongly associated with migraines and seizures.'
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I can not stress it enough! And this is what the health ranger has been warning us about for some time now, P-L-E-A-S-E, do your reasearch and never just give your child a prescription drug just because the doctor says so.
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[dcintron] Can I give you some advice? Throw away your thermometer! THAT is what got you into the mess in the first place. You don't know what temperature your kid should be... his body does and it is developing and learning from every experience. Since his temperature is under HIS control, who are you to second guess him?

Aspartame is EVERYWHERE! It is consumed by the ton every minute of every day. The antibiotic wiped out a lifetimes worth of micro-organisms your child needs to live and develop normally. You napalmed the house because you had a few ants on the porch.

You freaked out because you took his temperature (as if that was the cause/problem)... then you had him drugged to take internal temperature control AWAY from his immunological system, teaching his system NOT to work properly.... then you gave him an antibiotic, never knowing if the problem were viral and ASSUMING that his body could not do the job (will you do that for ever?)

Aspartame isn't your problem! Fear is, and that can only be cured by knowledge and time.
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Thank you for your input. I am not sure you got the point of my article though. I realize that I wiped out a lifetime worth of micro-organisms, which I am replacing with probiotics and enzymes. And you are right. I did panic. My little boy was burning up, and I was afraid he would go into convulsions. I did not know any better and it is through mistakes that we learn. I did not know what the problem was, and like most Americans I did not expect the doctors to be so incompetent, after all they are the “experts”. Like I said, the doctor shoved the antibiotics down his throat. I, like every other American had been taught that once you take an antibiotic that you should finish it because it can turn into a super-bug that you might not be able to fight, so I attempted to continue to give it to him (until I did my research). I had never and will never give my child any antibiotics again. I know better now because I have since educated myself about this matter and health issues in general. That is the whole point of my article.

As for Aspartame, it is consumed by the tons by those people uneducated to know any better and who do not read labels. Those of us who have educated ourselves know to never consume the stuff.
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I agree with throwing that thermometer away!

The only danger of fever for a child is if it rises too quickly which may cause a febrile seizure. Cool packs and sponge baths can prevent this if you think this may occur.

Here is my story about my two boys and what we went through and what I learned.

When my children were small I lived in Dallas, Texas. I didn't know a homeopath at that time. I was isolated in a neighborhood and a lifestyle that was not very forward thinking. There was little alternative anything around.

The boys, when they got to the ages of 3 and 5 were suddenly plagued by green snotty nose, mild fevers. The youngest, Travis had also become a head banger. He would lie on the floor and bang his head when he was angry or frustrated. Very scary for a parent. You get accused of abuse and being a terrible parent when your kids do stuff like that. I took them to a medical doctor, and ear, nose and throat specialist as their symptoms encompassed all these parts. From there they went onto antibiotics, SIX TIMES IN ONE YEAR, the both of them, to try to control this out of control disease. It was awful. The kids were unhappy. They never felt well and then the baby sitter condemned me for being a bad mother and not getting them well and giving her kids the green snotty disease.

(after reading the first post on this thread and rethinking it I see that Travis may have developed the head banging after use of antibiotics. He wasn't always like that!)

In the first week of April the kids were taken to get their vaccinations, which I had put off as long as I could but since we were planning a trip to Mexico I thought that perhaps they should start. They received their MMR and polio vaccine.

Then one day a few weeks after the vaccinations, the eldest, Jake, had a seizure while at daycare. They rushed him to the hospital. By the time I got there the doctors were starting a spinal tap to see if he had meningitis. No. not meningitis but they started Rocephin, a big guns antibiotic anyway. The next day Jake had a major yeast infection on his bottom and about 10 blisters on his chest and stomach. Odd-looking blisters. They looked like little blisters that had blisters on the blisters. One nurse came in and said, “Oh he's got the chicken pox.” The pediatrician came in and said he had an unusual viral infection not commonly seen around the US. One he had only seen in textbooks. Turns out the seizure was a simple febrile seizure.

Then the ear nose and throat specialist came by that we had been seeing over the past year. He recommended that we have a cat scan to look at those sinuses that were still a problem. He came back to tell us that the scan showed the worst sinuses he had ever seen in a 5 year old boy and that he would be on antibiotics and steroids for a long time.

Well, I freaked. I took my spinal tapped, cat scanned, drug poisoned, Candida laden, blistery babe home and vowed I would find another way.

But I didn't know where to turn. So I got on the phone and called all the health food stores and talked to everyone that would talk to me. Finally after about a week of phone calls I was given the name of Dr. Joseph Goldstritch MD. He had at one time been a cardiologist at Texas Southwestern Medical School but now he only did homeopathy. I had an appointment with in a week.

Dr. Goldstritch was kind of cranky with the kids. He didn't like misbehaving children and he was upset when I dragged Travis along, (who just loved to misbehave) with Jake to the appointment and the doctor had his way of letting me know of his disapproval. After a rather lengthy interview he gave Jake the remedy tuberculinium and he said that he would treat Travis for free. Travis received chamomilla, the homeopathic form of chamomile. Travis also went on to have a normal case of chicken pox at some point in the midst of all of this that lasted about 4 days.

Within a week Jake was fully well. Travis was much better too, not banging his head so much and more pleasant to be around. When I made my follow up appointment Dr Goldstritch wanted to make sure I brought Travis along. Travis was then treated with tuberculinium also as his green snotty nose had returned. Both boys received tuberculinium, made from the pus, in homeopathic potency of course, of the tuberculosis toxin. (this kind of remedy is called a nosode) Within a week or two from that second visit the boys were fully well and never took another antibiotic for green snotty nose again ever. Travis never banged his head again and all tantrums stopped. They are now 18 and 21 years old.

I asked Dr Goldstritch why he thought Jake had a seizure. He said that he thought it was likely that the vaccine he had had two weeks before compromised his immune system so that it could not normally adjust to deal with the chicken pox. That is why his fever raged and caused a seizure and why the pox looked so unusual. He said that a healthy response to the pox would have had more blisters, less fever.

I don't know if this counts as a miracle in your book but it certainly did in mine. The disease my boys had was a major stress on home life. No one was happy and I was worried all the time about their health. All that dissipated after treatment from the homeopath.

A year later Dr Goldstritch moved to San Diego and I was left again without help. This is when I started to study on my own. I already had some remedies given to me by my first homeopath, about 40 remedies, that he called his emergency kit. I started to teach myself and to treat all the various things that come up in a family.