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Learn How the Pharmaceutical Industry & the FDA are Endangering Your Health
for Profit in this Highly Recommended Video

It is estimated that in America last year, nearly $2 trillion was spent on
health care -- and virtually all that money was spent on treating disease.1
Despite this massive expenditure on treatment, more Americans are sicker
than ever before with diseases that are largely preventable: heart disease,
cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression, to name a few.

Each year more money is spent on treatment, mere patchwork, even though it
has become crystal-clear that treatments do NOT enable you to live a
longer, better life. So why is the amount of money being spent on
prevention just a pittance compared with the amount spent on treatment?

The answer is simple -- when you are sick it is highly profitable to
various giant corporations. When you are well, it doesn't profit them much
at all.

Over the years, I have compiled many articles that support evidence that
the conventional health system results in more harm than good. But no one
has ever analyzed and combined ALL of the published literature dealing with
injuries and deaths caused by government-protected medicine and reproduced
the information in such an easy-to-follow, insightful and compelling medium
-- that is, UNTIL NOW.

Gary Null's new DVD, Prescription For Disaster, is a must-see in-depth
investigation and expose of the conventional health care syste -- and
that's putting it lightly. It describes in detail the failure of the
traditional paradigm and provides us with shocking statistics on the
thousands and thousands of deaths that resulted from unnecessary or
incorrect medical treatments.

Prescription For Disaster takes you deep into the symbiotic relationships
between the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, lobbyists, lawmakers, medical
schools, and researchers, and the impact this has on consumers and their
health care. During this thorough investigation from medical insiders, you
get a first hand look at:


      Why patented drugs are so readily prescribed by doctors

      The role insurance companies and HMO's play in promoting compliance,
and the problem of rising health care costs

      The marketing and public relations efforts on behalf of the
pharmaceutical companies -- including sales reps, medical journals and

      Alternatives to traditional pharmacology and drug therapy --
vitamins, nutritional supplements, alternative nutritional therapies,
exercise, healthy lifestyle changes -- and why they are often perceived as
a competitive threat to the drug manufacturers

      The problem of rising health care costs

As a research scientist at the Institute of Applied Biology for over 27
years, Gary Null, Ph.D., has spent his career investigating health issues
and searching for the truth. A New York Times best-selling author, the host
of the talk radio program, "The Gary Null Show," producer of documentary
films, DVDs and PBS television programs, Null empowers all who will listen
with life-changing facts that promote wellness.

Prescription for Disaster

Studies have estimated that prescription drugs kill approximately 100,000
Americans each year. PRESCRIPTION FOR DISASTER is your first step in
educating yourself and those you love to what is really at stake the next
time you watch a drug advertisement on television and assume that the
advertised drug is what you should be taking.

Prescription For Disaster is a landmark investigative journal that lends
further credence and urgency to my vision and my quest to transform the
medical paradigm to one that is sincerely dedicated to listening to the
patients' concerns and expressing commitment to their health and well-being
at the deepest levels.

Death By Medicine: Millions of Lives Lost at the Hands of Conventional

Prescription For Disaster was born from a meticulously referenced
seven-year report entitled "Death By Medicine," originally authored by Gary
Null, along with a prestigious group of physicians and medical researchers,
to determine why Americans were not becoming healthier and why our medical
system is not working properly.

With the lack of understanding in today's society that powerful drugs used
to treat disease have potential side effects that can be life threatening
themselves, Null felt it was mandatory to fully examine the number of
people who have been sickened by these treatments and medications.

Null's team examined virtually every area and specialty of American
medicine, asking one basic question: have the therapies offered been proven
safe and effective? Their statistical findings were undeniably dire showing
the number of:


      People having in-hospital, adverse reactions to prescribed drugs to
be 2.2 million per year

      Unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections at
20 million per year

      Unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually at 7.5
million per year

      People exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually at 8.9 million
per year

The most stunning statistic, however, showed the total number of deaths
caused by conventional medicine at an astounding 783,936 per year -- making
it evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death
and injury in the US. By contrast, the number of deaths attributable to
heart disease in 2001 was 699,697, while the number of deaths attributable
to cancer was 553,251.2

Null and his colleagues had accomplished much more than an exposť of the
horrifying statistics of our inadequate healthcare system -- they had
initiated a purposeful tool in the war for meaningful reform.

Dr. David Graham the Vioxx Whistleblower, Exposes the FDA

Prescription for Disaster opens with explosive Senate testimony from Dr.
David Graham, senior drug safety researcher at the FDA. Dr. Graham is no
outside critic -- these are powerful statements from a top FDA employee who
has worked at the agency for two decades.

Plus, you'll hear Graham reveal many more jaw-dropping insights regarding
the corruption and crimes that take place every day inside the Food and
Drug Administration in an exclusive interview conducted by Manette Loudon,
the lead investigator for Dr. Null. In this documentary, you'll discover
how the drug industry pulled off the greatest con of our time -- turning
the human body into a profit-generating machine!

Gary Null and his team delve deep into the motivations and actions of the
FDA and expose an all out war on alternative therapies that encompasses
everything from censorship to armed raids on alternative health clinics!

Prescription For Disaster brings the big picture into sharp focus. Natural
medicine is under attack as pharmaceutical company lobbyists push lawmakers
to deprive Americans of the benefits of dietary supplements, while
drug-front groups have implemented slanderous campaigns in attempts to
undermine the value of natural health lifestyles.

Vitamin and Supplement Prohibition: It Can Happen Here!

It's almost impossible to fathom that someday soon in America almost 99% of
the vitamins and supplements now available in your local health store could
disappear! Prescription For Disaster reminds us that if the United States
adopts Codex standards, that you, the American consumer, could actually
lose access to the supplements and vitamins that you now safely use
everyday to help protect your health!

For a while now I have been sounding the alarm about the passage of the
European Union (EU) Directive on Dietary Supplements. This directive, which
is part of a larger form of legislation called Codex Alimentarius, severely
restricts access to natural health products in Europe.

The EU Directive classifies vitamins and minerals in Europe as "medical
drugs" rather than dietary supplements, which means that they're subject to
government regulation in terms of dosage and availability.

The supplements that will be available under Codex will be restricted to
multi-vitamins containing no more than 100 percent of the established RDA
amounts, which are mostly ineffective, trivial quantities -- and they'll be
far more expensive than what we have now.

For the pharmaceutical industry, adopting Codex guidelines would represent
a financial windfall, as demand for drugs to treat the consequences of
inadequate nutrition would skyrocket.

Even though I generally believe people take too many supplements in place
of eating the healthiest foods, some are necessary. That said, I believe
Americans must never lose the right to choose and buy supplements.
Prescription For Disaster dares to answer the poignant questions we must
ask ourselves now before it's too late, such as:


      Who has already been impacted by Codex and where is it headed next

      Who stands to gain the most from Codex

      How Codex may directly affect you, and your freedom to purchase
vitamins and supplements

      How to better educate yourself and others about Codex and it's defenders

      How the passage of CAFTA brings Codex even closer to American shores

      How to counteract the agencies and groups threatening your freedom of

Finally, Prescription For Disaster points out that the most frightening
aspect about Codex may be reduced to a simple matter of "trust." Can
Americans trust their government -- particularly one that is subject to
overwhelming undue influence by the pharmaceutical industry -- to protect
them against the strict standards being adopted by the Europeans?

Something is very wrong when regulatory agencies point a finger at vitamins
for being dangerous, while blatantly ignoring published statistics showing
that government-sanctioned medicine is the real hazard.

Prescription For Disaster A Sweeping Memorial to the Failure of
Conventional Medicine

In the last 10 years, it has been estimated that medicine has injured 191
million Americans and killed close to 8 million -- more than all of the
American casualties in all of our world wars combined.2 Yet these dead have
no monuments and those who are responsible for this carnage have never been
held accountable or faced a trial.

Prescription For Disaster acts as yet another huge wake-up call by
providing further substantial evidence that the health care system is in
desperate need of drastic reform. This DVD is your definitive guide on the
journey through the tangled web of big business, the way disease is treated
today, and the consequences we suffer as a society.

Even though this examination is nothing short of shocking, I view it as a
very positive step toward fulfilling my vision because it specifically
outlines the blatant mistakes and failures of the traditional system. We
will always need physicians, medicine, and medical care but we now know
that healthy choices can help prevent disease and improve existing medical

Consumers of health care products and services should make their decisions
based on sound scientific evidence instead of being told what to do by
special interest groups, such as the pharmaceutical industry.
Unfortunately, it seems that in today's healthcare system the bottom line
is not what makes the most sense, but what makes the most dollars and sense.

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Prescription for DisasterPrescription for Disaster is an in-depth
investigation into the symbiotic relationships between the pharmaceutical
industry, the FDA, lobbyists, lawmakers, medical schools, and researchers,
and the impact this has on consumers and their health care. During this
thorough investigation from medical insiders, you get an exclusive close-up
look at:


      Patented drugs and why they are so readily prescribed by doctors

      The role insurance companies and HMO's play in promoting compliance

      The problem of rising health care costs

      The marketing and public relations efforts on behalf of the
pharmaceutical companies, including sales reps, medical journals and

      Why alternatives to traditional pharmacology and drug therapy --
vitamins, supplements, nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle -- are
often perceived as a competitive threat to the drug manufacturers

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