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Swine flu and other ops


As with all government and media coordinated blitzes of this type, it's all about testing their system for the real thing. They are measuring public response to the scare, measuring what worked and what didn't work, checking on the fear levels, using sabbats as energy markers (Beltaine in this case), checking to see how much of the aware public is countering their moves, seeing who buys into the fear paradigms, and all that. They test to see how many dead bodies they need to scale up the fear. The less aware a person is, the more likely they are going to buy into this nonsense and be fooled and manipulated.

2000 people die a day from malaria every single day. Ever hear about that in the media? You won't.

If you want to see the real "death" numbers regarding life on earth, check out the actuarial tables used by insurance companies. Once you've read these, everything else falls into perspective. More people die from falling down stairs in a single day than the bird or swine flu will kill in a year. Keep things in perspective, stay cool, and realize you are being played by master black magicians who use every resource at their command to get new legislation created so they can force-feed drugs into your bodies. And they drugs they will give you will actually do the killing...over time.

Stay aware. Stay calm. Stay focused.