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Back in January, we did a post summarizing what we learned from a webinar we attended given by Dr. William Shaw of Great Plains Lab. He discussed the connection between autism and acetaminophen. Dr. Shaw did not release any official information or transcripts after the webinar, despite tremendous public interest, because he had not yet released his official study. But just yesterday, we got Dr. Shaw’s e-newsletter, with an official statement about the autism acetaminophen connection.

Here is a summary of what the update said (in mom-lingo):

By the way, acetaminophen is not just linked to the increase in autism. It has also been implicated in the rise in asthma. For more information, please read the following article

For more information on Dr. Shaw’s original webinar about this topic, please read:

If you want to stay updated about news on this topic and future studies, please visit Dr. Shaw’s facebook page at: