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Buffalo abattoir, Mudginbarry, Northern Territory, Australia (1974)

The Indian Water Buffalo were rounded up off the plains with helicopters  into steel corrals or by Toyota landcruisers (they were knocked over and winched onto the back), put into stock lorries and brought to the abattoir at Mudginabarry on the edge of Arnhem Land.  The remains were put into holes in the ground dug by a bulldozer.  The skins were hung up to dry on post and rails.  Steel bars were often used to get them out of the lorries.  Toyotas with high bull bars were used to push then up into the abattoir.  Mains electricity (240 v) prods were used to move them on the last race into the killing pen where a long .22 rifle was used to kill them.  On one occasion boiling water was used on one beast when it refused to move, removing its skin.