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By Claire W. Gilbert, Ph.D., Copyright 1996 Blazzing Tattles Magazine

If I had heard the news on Cable Network News a week earlier, I would have totally ignored it. I heard a non-English name I couldn't remember, and that he had been shot and killed, along with his young daughter, in LaJolla, California. He was dead behind the wheel of the car, the side window had been shot out, and the door was open. His daughter appeared to have tried to run away and she was shot dead, also. The hit was compared to other killings of Japanese in this country by muggers. What made my antenna stand on end is that the victim was an expert in abnormal proteins in Alzheimer.

ABNORMAL PROTEINS? I had just put together May Blazing Tattles with its EXTRA! on the Gajdusek bust by the FBI. (See Dr. D.C. Gajdusek and Mad Cows, Page 10.) I had already interviewed Mark Purdey in Somerset England twice by telephone. (See "Mark Purdey and the Mad Cows" on Page 9.) I was becoming familiar with the expression "abnormal brain protein." Is it a coincidence that scientists studying brain protein (a very rare area of study) seem to be having hard times?

As soon as I heard on TV "brain protein" and "there were no witnesses," I said to myself: "This is a professional hit. This is not a random killing by muggers." (My judgement was later borne out by a Reuters report [5/11/96, San Diego] which called the double murder "very professionally done.") I was also becoming familiar with violence against scientists and others victims who were all involved in one way or another with abnormal brain proteins. Some of them implicated a chemical in Mad Cow Disease and its species-transmissible form, including the human version, CJD.

Purdey's house was burned down and his lawyer who was working with him on Mad Cow Disease had been driven off the road by another vehicle and subsequently died. The veterinarian on the case also died in a car crash. Purdey's new lawyer, too, had a car accident, but not fatal. Dr. C. Bruton, a CJD specialist -- who had just produced a paper on the a new strain of CJD -- was killed in a car crash before his work was announced to the public. Purdey speculates that Bruton might have known more than what was revealed in his paper. The Brits have a tendency to knock each other off in car crashes it seems. In the US, we do it by drownings (See "William Colby and CIA dirty tricks, or, Did George Bush have a joint bank account with Saddam Hussein?" on page 15.) or shootings. Both the wives of Colby and Saitoh were out of town at the time of their husband's deaths.

What all of these have in common -- Alzheimer Disease (AD), Mad Cow Disease, and CJ Disease -- is abnormal brain proteins.

After I heard the news, I continued to listen from program to program to learn as much as possible. The victim's name is Tsunao Saitoh, aged 46. The name of his 13-year-old daughter's is Loullie.

Once again I called Mark Purdey to find out of he knew anything of the work of Saitoh, as he did of Gajusek. While Saitoh's name sounded familiar to Purdey, he couldn't pinpoint it, but when I told him that Saitoh had been working in the area of abnormal brain proteins in AD, Purdey said that the protein was called an abnormal "tau" in Alzheimer. He said OP (Organophosphate chemical, a pesticide) would cause the tau deformity in the same way it causes the deformed prion protein in the brains of cattle.

To verify Purdey's explanation of tau in AD, I spoke with a few experts and this was confirmed for me. One of two hallmarks of AZ is a neurofibulatory tangle inside dying nerve (brain) cells and the whole cell body is filled with this abnormal tau. I made a lot of phone calls to various offices at Saitoh's institution, seeking information. Saitoh's list of publications is exceedingly long. His recognition is in the study of amyloids (related to the second AD hallmark) if I understand the press material.

I had heard on the news that there was a conference on AD in San Diego (where the medical college is located and near LaJolla). The conference had been mentioned on the news in conjunction with Saitoh's assassination. Saitoh was a "globally recognized" authority on AD and he was at UCSD. His death occurred in the evening prior to the opening of the conference. I thought perhaps he was going to present some radical new theory of OP-induced Alzheimers. Yet a spokesperson told me: "He was not on the program and he had not been expected to attend." Hummmmmmm.

I obtained via fax from the PR department their standard press handout for media regarding the late doctor. It says "Dr Saitoh... served as an associate at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Columbia University, New York, from 1982 to 1985." Avid oldtime readers of Blazing Tattles will recall what Alan S. Levin, M.D., had to say about Hughes: "I used to work for Bechtel and Hughes people in covert operations. I was in the Marine Corps Covert Operations in Laos, Thailand, and Viet Nam...Bechtel and Hughes were the major operations. And also Bechtel was very instrumental in building air strips from which cocaine is transported in Central and South America."

Then when Levin was in Medicine at University of California, San Francisco: "What was going on was that the Chief of the Department of Medicine was lobbying for Howard Hughes' funds, Hughes Industries! Now, most of the funds in the Hughes Medical Foundation comes from Hughes' black budget, Hughes' CIA contract. So, I had worked with these guys in Operation Phoenix, and here this very same (dirty) money that was generated by that company was going to build this Institute at the

And I asked Levin: "And Hughes' money comes from?"

And he replied: "Hughes' CIA contract... With Hughes, Bechtel, and McDonnell Douglas, it is a big sort of conspiracy that I will describe to you in the next 10 or 15 minutes. It was very well orchestrated and it is very complex." (Blazing Tattles, August 1993.) The story is too long to reproduce here. Copies are available from Blazing Tattles.

Essentially the story is that defense contractors have found they needed a new industry and there is a lot of money to be made in medicine. Despite Saitoh's connection to Hughes through the Medical Institute at Columbia, and despite the fact that the Hughes organization has the connections to do a professional hit, my instincts say that the Hughes organization is not directly responsible for Saitoh's death. I could be wrong. I've been wrong before. At least one person thinks Hughes is involved:

"The boys are playing dirty pool again. This Japanese scientist is also connected up to the Howard Hughes Institute, a mysterious, low key medical research facility," was written in a personal letter to an Internet friend and forwarded to me, with the name of the original writer deleted.

The name of Hughes came up again in connection with abnormal brain proteins but it takes a bigger stretch of the imagination than I can figure to connect the following with dirty tricks by Hughes. Jim Scanlon posted the following to <sci.environment> on Usenet:

"... there was an investigation of a CJD cluster in Tucson Arizona (pop. 400,000) in 1987 because a local neurologist suspected as many as 20 cases over a ten(?) year period. An article in the Arizona Daily Star (3/19/87) indicated three cases in young men in their thirties who worked in the Hughes Missile Plant.

"An investigation was done by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and reported in the same paper (7/8/87). The conclusion was that the CJD cluster was coincidental. The CDC was, from the newspaper reports, not in a hurry to investigate, and did not apparently experience any pressure to come to its conclusion.

"Interest in the matter, which was never high, died out... Are there other clusters? One of the doctors quoted in the 7/87 article (the same name) was quoted recently in New Scientist stating that pigs and chickens are sensitive to BSE (Mad Cow Disease). He should have known of the Tucson cluster.

"The CDC should have known, and so should the British Ministry of Health. Why this silence? There is something seriously amiss. Even considering that the CDC excluded several cases for apparently bogus reasons, "outside the city limits", "worked at Hughes only 4 months", there still appeared to be seven cases in a small city not terribly different from the 50 million plus population of the UK over a similar period of time."

Scanlon goes on to say that CJD is known to be transmitted through intrusive medical procedures which introduce contaminated neurological tissue and perhaps dental procedures. No one has looked into this aspect previously. All prions are difficult to destroy using traditional methods. It is fortunate that they are not alive and it is difficult to get them inside you.

Whether or not there is a cover up in the case of Alzheimer, Mad Cow, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob (CJ) diseases -- all of which affect the brain remains to be seen and may never been known. What is certain is that bad things have happened to Mark Purdey, his lawyers, his veterinarian, and others leading figures dealing with abnormal brain proteins. I'm sorry folks, but statistically it is so unlikely to be a chance occupance that I have to believe there is some connection here. My hypothesis is that the victimized US and British researchers have found a link between OP -- or more generally chemical mixes -- and diseases of the brain; and some entity profiting from chemicals is orchestrating the disasters.

FLASH: News sources say second type of Alzheimer discovered. JC disease or OP-caused?

[1996] Mark Purdey and the Mad Cows   By Claire W. Gilbert, Ph.D.