this is on the same lines as information I have had from Dr. Patricia Doyle PhD.
She maintains, that pigs that took part in vaccine trials at Pirbright, in the high security animal lab.  ..and the problems arrived during
transportation of said animals to a Govt. test animal farm in Northumberland,  (Tyne Valley).. She believes, there were 46 pigs which took part in the FMD vaccine   trials,..36 pigs reportedly tested vaccine in Taiwan. 6 pigs reportedly tested in in the US at Plum Island. Leaving 4 pigs tested in Mainland China and the UK., suspects 2 pigs each country respectively...!  
She contends that FMD entered the UK environment as a result of the United Biomedical Inc. vaccine trials, and has learned that the trials are still going on in the UK.
UBI has also developed a FMD test kit. Trials of that kit also took place. It  is reported that the UBI test kit can identify FMD virus in an animal in a matter of 2 hours.