Wed. 13th June 2001.




The Maff killing machine rolls relentlessly on. Tonight there was yet more absolutely horifical culling of biblical proportions in Skipton! As I write the killing is continuing!


I received an urgent phone call at about 21:45 tonight (Wednesday) from Judith who had just received a chilling and passionate call for help from Diane Winterburn who was at that moment watching another of Maff`s infamous culling actions. I thanked Judith and rang Diane immediately. They were in Engine Shed Lane in Skipton and the horrific killing was going on in front of their eyes!


Diane briefly told me of the circumstances. During the course of the evening I also spoke to William Winterburn and there were also 4 other witnesses there. They are all prepared to stand up in court! Diane was unsure what to do so I advised her to record in writing everything with a time, take any pictures possible and to record any conversation they have with anyone involved in the cull. I also suggested she record all number plates of all the vehicles being used by Maff & attempt to obtain the name of the Maff field officer & the vet in charge. I could hear what was going on there down the phone line; not good! I then said I would now ring the RSPCA, MAFF and the local Police. Diane and family and friends continued to observe.


I immediately rang the RSPCA on their 24hr number. Engaged for ages then eventually an answer machine! "We value your call, please hold." I did for 15 minutes and then gave up! I then rang Maff Carlisle, answermachine and then the help line who gave me the AHO in Leeds. Another answermachine! Totalkly frustrated anwondering what to do I decided to ring the police at Penrith who I asked to advise Skipton Police. They did and were very helpful.


I rang Diane back; more horror! Not only had they chased calves in a 4x4 until they dropped exhausted, they had failed 3 times to kill a cow with a captive bolt gun! They then dragged the wounded cow up by the neck hanging from a small crane device strangling the cow and killing it!Cows were still running wild that they could not catch. The vet then pulled out a rifle but when he noticed Dianes team put the rifle away! The cows were obviously extremely disturbed continually trying to get near their now dead calves! Only intense fear stopped them. Maff continued to beat and kick the animals when trying to get them into crush crates! I spoke to Wlliam Winterburn who is a licensed to use a captive bolt gun and stated this was disgusting! He had never witnessed anything like this before! He was absolutely appalled! He did not know if the cattle were infected but reckoned they had been grazing normally that afternoon! His experience and knowledge will be very useful in court! Diane then informed me that the Police had phoned her and said they could not do anything! I then rang Skipton direct, a brief conversation - slightly heated and then I was informed two policemen were on their way " They will arrive in a couple of minutes sir!" OK fair enough. Several more people phoned and then I decided to ring Diane again. It was now midnight!


Diane said the Police had arrived, had no jurisdiction and having observed what was going on could stomach no more! Maff were now under lights and the Police thought they would still be there for 4 or more hours. I could hear the cattle baying in the background! Diane then told me they were now starting on the sheep! God help them! It seems there were about 150 cattle and calves.


Another fine job you`ve done Blair!


I said goodbye to Diane nd agreed to call her tomorrow and meet them in Skipton on Friday at the meeting.


One of Williams comments rang loudly in my ear after I put the phone down. " There`s only one way to stop this, a revolution!" I agree, I believe that the only way to stop Blair is with huge and controlled direct action. I believe this will happen in the not too distant future. The net is gradually closing around Blair. Actually he looks quite hagard these days. Wonder why?