From: Patricia Doyle

Sent: 07 June 2001 21:32

To: pat r

Subject: Re: UK Foot & Mouth Epidemic

Hello Pat:

........ I gave information on the United Biomedical Inc. breakthrough synthetic FMD vaccine. On April 22, 2001 UBI announced the breakthrough vaccine.


Since it is synthetic it can be used by FMD free countries and the countries will still retain their FMD free status.

So, given the outbreak why was there NO mention of this breakthrough vaccine in the UK press. I would have thought it would be announced to give hope to farmers. By using the vaccine, the mass culls would end.

Then I started wondering, where was the vaccine tried. I found out that the vaccine went through trials in 4 countries on 3 continents.

Two countries signed a "secrecy contract" which mandated that there would be no mention of FMD vaccine trials in both of the countries that signed the secrecy contract.

I learned that China and the UK were the two countries.

The US and Taiwan did not sign a secrecy contract and trials in both the US and Taiwan could be mentioned.

I am also finding out that the Netherlands might also be involved in some of the FMD vaccine trials. At this point the data is very sketchy. Lelystad has come up as possible lab of trials. The first trials involved pigs. I suspect the Netherland trials might have involved cattle sheep and goats.


I have also learned that the UK trials were to conclude in Sept of 2000. I suspect that after the Sept date the pigs would have been held in the secure lab for 30 days.

After that time, I suspect in Oct. they were moved, transported to various Govt. test-animal farms in the UK.

Northumberland has been mentioned as one of the places where the animals (pigs) were transported to. I have theorized that during transportation FMD virus type O entered the environment or it entered by human carriage. Vets or animal caretakers could easily carry the virus via respiratory system, i.e. lungs, throat, nasal passages.


I am quite sure that the Govt. and MAFF knew the virus was in the environment probably in Oct. They probably wanted to put as much time between the vaccine trials and the outbreak, and therefore allowed the outbreak to go unchallenged until it was out of control in Feb. Remember, from Oct. through Feb. cattle were wintering in buildings and it was not until cattle entered Spring pastures that the virus was noticeably out of control. I am sure that MAFF also wanted to scale back the amount of livestock farmed and scale back farms and therefore did nothing to stop the outbreak when it really started.

Usually FMD virus is kept in biolevel 3 facility. Perhaps, there is a different opinion in the EU or UK, and it is kept in level 4.

A biolevel 4 means that either the pathogen,
1. has no known cure,
or 2. has no preventive vaccine, or
3. was weaponized.

I wondered if the FMD virus was altered and that was the reason it was in level 4. I have heard that animals have had clean bill of health and two hours later came down sick with FMD.

I also wondered why Dr. Kitching left Pirbright and also heard that other scientists were leaving there as well for positions abroad.

I do thank you for writing and please keep in touch. Any info on MAFF moving into FMD free areas or info on slaughters will help. MAFF and the Govt. have an agenda. I just wonder if the Netherlands and the EU are involved.

Heard that the EU wants to have livestock raising in France and other parts of Europe and crop raising in the UK. It is very, very sad. I am 100% with you in solidarity.

Please keep me informed and I will update you as I get information. We can win and we can beat MAFF at their own game. The coverup is too big for them to keep going. Vets will come foward and report on MAFF.




The email from Dr Doyle was in response to a query from this British farmer:

We are a bunch of farmers who have been trying desperately over the last 3 months to prove that this f & m outbreak was started deliberately and has been used by this Government as a tool to destroy the British Livestock Industry.

There have been appalling acts of cruelty both to man and beast perpetrated by MAFF and the Government.

Endeavouring to expose this has been met with a wall of silence from Politicians and the Media. We know that f & m has been about since probably November 2000 and that the Government knew.

It has been immensely encouraging to read your papers about this and see that it confirms all the things that we have been unable to prove.

We recently enquired of MAFF why only Pirbright could do the bloodtesting and were told that only Pirbright have Level 4 security and that the EU ruling is that all F & M testing has to be done in Level 4. Please can you tell us about the different levels of biosecurity.

As I have stated we are only farmers and therefore have no knowledge of the science of all this - BUT WE KNOW OUR ANIMALS ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED ON THE ALTAR OF POLITICS - probably EU politics, certainly with no justification.

There are many farmers who have taken the compensation money and run - but for many of us who have spent most of our lives breeding with care and loving the animals we breed are desperately frightened that this virus will continue to run, with the help of the government,and gradually wipe them all out.

Any help you can give us in any direction would be very welcome.

Pat R


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