A farmer in the Forest of Dean is in hospital following repeated visits from
hit squads who are threatening to kill his animals.

Mr Mike Price, a 61  year old smallholder from Micheldene, in the Forest of
Dean, is in the Gloucester Royal Hospital in a stable condition.  His heart
attack occurred 45 minutes after MAFF vets called again at his house
yesterday 30th April.  He is worried that he will return to the same
difficulties as their farm is on the A list.

Dr Richard Lawson, a GP, said "This anxiety will affect his chances of
successful recovery.  Nick Brown must call his agents off this case if he
cares at all about human life."

The Prices have 3 sheep, 2 lambs, and a couple of pot bellied pigs.

Mrs Ann Price, his wife, said that 3 vets called yesterday.  She sent the
first vet, who wished to examine their sheep, away because he had no ID.  A
second vet arrived, who did not wish to examine the sheep but to check the
separation between their sheep and free sheep in the Forest.  Mrs Price was
unable to count the number of calls they have had from MAFF over the past
weeks.  One of them had threatened to close down their kennel business, and
they have been asked to rescind their legal appeal against MAFF's action.

She said "If my sheep had had F&M, they would have given it to the pigs, and
the lesions would have been visible in the pigs'mouths"

Dr Richard Lawson, the Green Party's Foot and Mouth Campaign Co-ordinator,
comments :

"It is incredible that MAFF/NFU has blocked vaccination because it is
against the wishes of some farmers, and yet is ready and willing to harass
farmers who object to the killing of their healthy beasts.  The case for
vaccination, even if it is only on a limited and voluntary basis, is
overwhelming.  Vaccination has been shown to shorten the duration of
outbreaks by at least 16%, (1), does not lead to spreading of the disease
(2), and poses no health risk to human health (3), unlike the huge public
health risk generated by the disposal of the carcass mountain.

MAFF/NFU policy is generating huge public anger and disaffection.  The
British public was moved by the fate of Phoenix the calf.  Will public
feeling about Mr Price's tragic case now not make Tony Blair override his
"expert" advisers and their virtual epidemic control driven by flawed
computer programmes and order a voluntary vaccination policy at the very

ffi contact Dr Richard Lawson 01934 835140
Martin Lusmore  Forest of Dean Action Group 01291 623 573
Lis Phelps: supporter to Mrs Price: 01594 543107
Mrs Price: 01594 542 040

(1) . Dr Keith J. Sumption PhD MA VetMB MRCVS Lecturer in International
Animal Health Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine, University of
Edinburgh Personal communication. Reference available from Dr Lawson
(2) Fred Brown, USA chief vet
(3) Food Standards Agency


Dr Richard Lawson
Green Party F&MD Campaign Co-ordinator