Not so. I should think the whole of MAFF knows by now that criminal offences
were committed on my premises.

A blood test was faked, I reported it, and as nothing was done I reported it
to parliament, so a senior ex army man was specially sent it following a
meeting between him Nick Brown and senior MAFF officials. I have no doubt
that the intention was to try to discredit my evidence. This was not an
ordinary ex army officer - this was a senior officer from "you know what

At risk to my neck, I got rid of him, only for a senior MAFF official to
turn up and threaten myself and my wife in our own drawing room. I
complained to the select committee and Scudamore personally. After a
struggle, some efforts were made by MAFF to offer protection.

In the meantime, the records were blatantly faked again to cover up the
original offence.

Jim Scudamore has personally refused repeatedly to bring the police in,
instead subcontracting an internal investigation to the Scottish Executive
(for offences committed in England?)

MAFF are scared witless at the prospect of the police, because they know
that a number of their senior officials face jail. They know that if they
put any more pressure on me, I will go into political asylum and publish all
the names from abroad.

Of course, half the vets are stressed, they are working for the agricultural
 equivalent of the Kray Brothers.

If I ever found out that an employer or a client of mine was bent, I
resigned on the spot and reported them to the authorities. That is called
integrity. Except apparently within MAFF.

The whole country knows the SVS are incompetent, many suspect that they are
bent. The difference is that I have enough evidence to get rid of many of
the senior officers quickly and cleanly.

This should be a police job.

Regards Pat Gardiner

Demand an investigation into MAFF