I have just spoken to Mr.Hughes of Buttington near Welshpool Powys. As you all know he is 80 years old and yet they (MAFF, the Police, the valuer and Vets) have been trying to browbeat, bribe and intimidate him all day. They have threatened to take him to court, told him nobody will ever buy his sheep, said that if he ever gets FMD nobody will help him along with all the other pressures that would cause most people of half his age to cave in ......YET HE HASN'T AS YET.

He does need as much advice, help and contact as possible (His number is 0779 0678117) especially and legal advise or how to deal with each visit. Neighbouring farms have had their healthy animals culled today and that has put even more pressure on him. But as his stock is healthy he has amazingly (despite his age and all the pressure) resisted.

At one point today he was so confused, worried and brow beaten that he nearly gave in - but didn't as he wants to keep his sheep and I was able to convince him he has the law on his side. He has asked if he can have a blood test but they have avoided answering (one person apparently said "Oh! I don't know about that"!).

They seem to have left him and his wife to have another sleepless night but PLEASE can we reassure and advise him via some more calls from the group. I must admit it is difficult dealing with a person of 80 years of age who does not really understand the Internet age but although he doesn't fully understand how and where all the help is coming from he is VERY APPRECIATIVE --- the extra effort is worth it

Thanks for your help

Pig Paradise Farm