Someone -  sorry I have deleted the original message -  doubted that the
recent viral attack was just a routine viral risk. It has been mentioned
that other smartgroups have been attacked.

The fact that other groups or individuals have been attacked does not mean
necessarily that it is not directed at our group.  For instance, during the
Gulf War the chair of CND was speaking on a TV programme.  As she was saying
something important, she was blocked by interference of a kind that I have
never seen before or since.  A couple of minutes later, similar interference
blocked out the presenter who was saying something routine.  This would make
it possible to say that the interference was not directed solely at the
dissident voice.

The recent  attack was not the only instance.  Here is my log of communication anomalies.

4/4/01 Telephone of my home and (nearby) surgery lost due to an "underground
fault".  Never happened before.  Fault log no SS6DQQ95. Repaired in 1 hour
by BT.

Multiple postings: my mailings to these lists and Green Party lists were
multiplied, which has stopped since I complained about it.  Standard email
interference procedure to annoy recipients and induce instant deletion.

The Green Party lists have been plagued with Kakworm.

My emails have been delayed by up to 4 days on occasions.  This may happen
because of overloaded ISPs, but may also result from inefficient

One email turned up in my GreenParty Health group folder although the sender
had had a rule applied to direct to that box.

Greennet was brought down about 2 years ago by a serious hack.

All just straws in the wind, and certainly not any sort of proof, but
coupled with another matter that I cannot publicise, they are consistent
with an orchestrated attack.

The trouble with spooks is that they generate paranoia, and humans are
intrinsically prone to paranoia.  Harole Wilson was thought to be paranoid
about South African agents.  Later, it turned out that he had good reason to
be paranoid.

Earlier on this list there was a great deal of discussion of spookism.  Some
of the anomalies that people put down to interference were standard computer

The bottom line is that we should all be reasonable, but cautious.  Not
jumping to conclusions, but noting carefully what happens.  We should not be
upset, but rather encouraged, that we may be considered important enough to

The whole MAFF operation may in the end may be put down to a cock-up of
historic magnitude. But this is not the only hypothesis that covers the

Just because you're paranoid, it doesnt mean they're not out to get you . .

Dr Richard Lawson, Green Party F&MD Campaign Co-ordinator