Public Health Authority Urges Inquiry in Foot-and-Mouth Slaughter: Raises Spectre on Industrial Espionage

Release: No.01-HMD/1
Date Mailed: March 20, 2001
For Immediate Release
Contact: Elaine Zacky<208/265-2575; 800/336-9266

Sandpoint, ID < Could the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease effecting
global beef markets be an act of industrial espionage rather than nature?
Could Tyson Foods Corporation, the worldıs leading meat supplier be behind
the deadly slaughter? These are serious questions being raised by a leading
American public health authority, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard graduate
and the author of several books on infectious diseases.

Many Americans can recall the hoopla over Hillary Clinton having made more
than $100,000 virtually overnight in the swine futures market in 1998. The
tip came from James Blair, chief counselor at Tyson Foods. The Springdale,
Arkansas-based company showered gifts for favors upon Clinton administration
officials including former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy. Don Tyson was
one of Bill Clintonıs ³closest friends and biggest supporters,² according to
grand jury testimony concerning Tyson political misconduct. Don Tyson was
Bill Clintonıs top fundraiser during his gubernatorial and presidential

The grave possibility that the international foot-and-mouth disease outbreak
stems from a Tyson plot is documented in Healing Codes for the Biological
Apocalypse (Tetrahedron Press, 1999; ISBN: 0-923550-01-1) in which Dr.
Horowitz explored little known facts about ³mad cow disease² outbreaks.
Suggesting a new form of ³bioterrorism² to facilitate what past CIA Director
James Woolsy called ³industrial espionage,² Dr. Horowitz considered the
fortuitous fear campaign that facilitated Tysonıs takeover of the Hudson
Beef Company in 1997 after the latterıs stock dropped in value 35% due to an
alleged E. coli contamination that was never confirmed. The doctorıs
suspicions were based on a review of a U.S. Congressional Record that showed
E. coli had been one of the principle germs manipulated by the CIA, and
James Woolsyıs statement, ³With the end of the Cold War, the CIA must enter
the era of economic [or industrial] espionage.² In the language of
espionage, French columnist Paul Javanovic explained, this meant ³the CIA
will henceforth do many services for American enterprises which take the
trouble to ask it for Ohelpı in both counterespionage and espionage itself.²

Regarding the foot-and-mouth outbreak, a similar ruse was proposed involving
Tyson only months following their Hudson Beef takeover. This time it was a
chicken influenza ³outbreak² in Asia. In December 1997, the Associated Press
reported that a 60-year-old woman had died of ³suspected bird flu.² The U.S.
Government immediately announced it would halt ³all chicken imports from
China in a move to curb the spread of the virus.² Days later, pressured by
the media and foreign governments, 1.2 million Asian chickens were
slaughtered to allegedly prevent the flu from spreading to other countries
and species.

³Few knew that prior to these events,² Dr. Horowitz wrote, ³Tyson was vying
to bring the Asian poultry industry into its global monopolistic fold. The
emergency primarily targeted Tysonıs Asian competition farmers. What was most likely a CIA-directed ³outbreak² conveniently
required the annihilation of Tysonıs competitors. That would have been a
very effective, albeit immoral, industrial espionage operation.²

On March 15, 2001, USA Today reported that Tyson Foods stands to gain most
from the current foot-and-mouth disease problem. They had four times tried
to purchase Americaıs leading beef supplier IBP Corporation, most recently
for $3.2 billion, or $30 per share of stock valued at only $24.11. The
international slaughter of cattle, the article said, was sure to reduce IBP
profits making Tysonıs offer even more appealing.

Dr. Horowitz, in support of the British Farmers for Action, is calling for
an immediate halt to the slaughter of uninfected herds, and an investigation
by the British government officials into the possibility that the entire
foot-and-mouth disease outbreak was premeditated.

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