Account of FMD cattle shootings (Herefordshire):

One man (under vet supervision) with a 44 magnum rifle shot 50 (healthy) cattle over 35 minutes in full view of each other.  This would be the method of killing bulls, bullocks and heifers, as is would be difficult to get closer than 5 yards in a cattle shed.  I was informed by local (Newport, S Wales) gun shop that they had 10,000 rounds of 44 magnum before FMD but had none now, and he said there was now (April 10, 2001) none in UK.  He admitted MAFF bought 44 magnum shells from him but said he could not say how many.  A 44 magnum was made originally for a pistol and not much use over 300 yards.  

TVI vet present---Richard Chamings