FMD media coverage

Sunday 15 April 2001                         22 April
Sunday Telegraph       291 in                  232
Sunday Times                78 inches 
Sunday Express            42 in 
News of the World         0 in
Sunday Independent
Observer                                                50
Mail on Sunday                                       100

15 April: Apart from J Miller's column the FMD fiasco seems to have passed the Sunday Times, Times & Independent by.  The Independent (22 April) had a toxic pyre story but nothing else.  Sunday Times had piece (apart from J Miller in sections) on back page.   Mail had good story about farmers resistance.  Express is only paper to run the vaccine vial and vaccine experiment stories. 

The Times graph (May 4, 2001).  Only 5 times as many animals killed but still not as bad as 1967!

chart.jpg (61357 bytes)