Disposal of slaughtered carcasses at a giant mid-Wales burial site has been
suspended pending a police inquiry into pollution there.
The decision disrupts fast-track plans to bury thousands of slaughtered sheep
and cattle at the Ministry of Defence firing range at Epynt Mountain,
Ministry of Agriculture scientists discovered pollution in a test borehole
100 metres from the disposal site last week, 10 days after it became
Protesters opposed to the scheme are claiming that the MAFF has been forced
to act to avoid them seeking an injunction to halt the operation.
A Dyfed Powys police spokesman says shipments to the site have been suspended
pending an inquiry into the discovery of pollution.
A MAFF spokesman has confirmed a suspension is in effect.
Up to 200 campaigners have blockaded the site in protest at the original
decision to ship in carcasses to a foot-and-mouth free area.
They have warned the potential long-term risk of pollution far outweighed any
short-term need for the mass disposal of slaughtered animals.
The blockade was halted two weeks ago when a maverick protester drove a
stolen 50 tonne excavator through the demonstration, injuring a policeman.
A man has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder and is due to
face trial at Swansea Crown Court later this year.
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