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> So let's have a look at the people who will be running these "independent
> inquiries".
> Dr Iain Anderson - "Lessons to be learned from FMD"
> He  joined the board of BT as non-executive director in November 1995.
> Chairman of the board of BT Scotland. Joined Unilever in 1965 and was their
> Strategy and Technology director from 1988 till he retired in 1998. Was
> Chairman of its chemicals sector. A research scientist by background, he was
> born and brought up in Glasgow, graduating with a BSc(Hons) in microbiology
> and a PhD from Glasgow University. He completed his education at the
> University of Massachusetts with a post doctorate fellowship, before joining
> Unilever in 1965 in its research establishment. He moved into general
> management within the agri-business sector in 1976, and has since managed
> businesses in both commodity and consumer/branded manufacturing companies.
> In 1983 he became a member of the Unilever Chemicals executive, before
> taking over as Chairman, Batchelors Foods, and joined the main Board in
> 1988. Dr Anderson was also adviser to the Prime Minister on the Millennium
> Bug, appointed March 1998. He is chairman of Intense Photonics, a
> non-executive director of Scottish & Newcastle, and a director of Scottish
> Science Trust and the Leverhulme Trust. Apparently considered to have gained
> enormous experience in identifying successful new technologies and
> developing subsequent profitable businesses. He was awarded the CBE in the
> 2000 birthday honours list.
> Professor Sir Brian K Follett - "Scientific Review"
> Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick since 1993. Fellow of Royal
> Society since 1984.Chair, Arts and Humanities Research Board. Professor of
> Zoology and Head of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, 1978-1993
> Vice-President and Biological Secretary, The Royal Society, 1987-1993.
> Sir Donald Curry, KB, CBE - "Commission for future of farming"
> Director of SAC (Scottish Agricultural College) and former Chairman of Meat
> & Livestock Commission. Appointed Crown Estate commissioner in 2000.
> Non-executive Director of NFU Mutual Insurance Society and founding Chairman
> of At Home in the Community. Member of the Royal Agricultural Society
> Committee and the Council of Food from Britain.
> He is bookmarked to speak at a SAC Conference in November entitled "The
> Changing Shape of the UK Rural Sector - Evolution or Revolution". Sir Don
> will be talking on "Re-building Consumer Confidence in Food".
> http://www.sac.ac.uk/management/External/Conferences/OutlookConference/OCpro
> gramme.htm
> Interesting, eh?
> Elaine
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