Could the Scientists Be Wrong on Madcow Disease?

By Elizabeth Piper

SOMERSET, England (Reuters)—Mark Purdey still eats beef, even ``junk’’ in pies and hamburgers, and he has no fear that he or his wife or six children will be struck down by the deadly human form of mad cow disease. ``It’s an absolute myth,’’ the 48-year-old organic farmer says, banging his fist on a large wooden table to underline his argument that much of the accepted logic on bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE (news—web sites ), is wrong.

His story unfolds—a 16-year campaign to explore the effect of organophosphates, the chemicals he believes are behind the spread of the brain-wasting disease in cattle and in people. Purdey says we should distance ourselves from ``the men in bow-ties’’ who have what he calls a monopoly on thought. Forget the role of tainted animal feed in spreading BSE among cattle or infected meat in passing the disease to humans as new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (news—web sites) (vCJD). Look instead at the use of systemic organophosphates, derived from military nerve gas, which the UK agriculture ministry told farmers to pour along the spine of their cattle in the early 1980s to kill a parasite called the warble fly. And those used in sprays used in Britain’s countryside.

``I have been hammering the establishment theory, the so-called meat-and-bone meal theory, since 1988 or 1989. Even then I had identified that meat and bone meal had been sold all over the world, particularly the Middle East,’’ he says. ``If you’re blaming this stuff and you’re sending it all over the world, why on earth aren’t you getting more BSE?’’

He agrees that other scientists would argue it has yet to appear because of the long incubation period of disease, believed to be caused by a mutated prion protein in the brain. But Purdey argues there is little logic in the theory. He also disputes the argument that BSE is passed to humans via infected beef.

``If it was to do with eating beef we’d have lots of cases in towns, where most burger bars are, but 60 percent of cases are in rural areas,’’ he said. ``Most victims live by fields, where crops are sprayed.’’

Self-Taught Scientist A self-taught scientist, Purdey says he acted first on ‘‘intuition,’’ refusing to treat his 60 cows with the organophosphate, called phosmet, and going on to win a court battle with the agriculture ministry to make his point. When BSE was first detected in a British herd in 1986, he immediately thought phosmet was the problem—a theory which after years of unpaid research has now won respect from senior scientists, public figures and politicians.

``Like most things it was instinct. Being a farmer, I was horrified when I was approached by a ministry official to treat a cow for warble fly by pouring this chemical along the spinal cord and the base of the head,’’ he said. ``It was an oil designed to seep through the skin and to change the entire internal environment of the cow into a poisonous medium to kill off the parasites.’’

Purdey began to trawl through books and do field research. He looked at the clusters of BSE in Britain, clusters of deer and elk in the United States with a similar illness called chronic wasting disease, and villages where many people were dying of the more common Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (news—web sites). ``I went on the road,’’ he said, describing trips to the United States, Slovakia, Calabria in Italy and Iceland. ``To me it was clearly something in the environment that was igniting these illnesses. But what was this factor?’’ He found one common factor—high levels of manganese, a metal given to cattle in high doses via the organophosphate. ``What I found in the environment was supported by the laboratory,’’ he said, describing tests by David Brown, a neurobiologist at Cambridge University. Purdey explains the prion would normally bond with copper and carry it around the brain to destroy free radicals. But if lacking copper, the prion bonds with another metal—manganese, which stops the prion from folding properly. He did soil analysis on the areas near clusters of vCJD in Britain and found high levels of manganese from crop spraying. He concluded the doses of manganese intensifies the traditional illness, giving vCJD the potency to kill younger people. Funding Required Now all he wants is funding for more research—something that Agriculture Minister Nick Brown says may be ready in May after a scientist has reviewed all work into the origins of BSE. ``In the BSE inquiry there is a caveat that it is not clear whether organophosphates could have been a contributory factor…it leaves the door open on organophosphates,’’ Brown told Reuters. But Purdey is worried that the funding may never come. ``No one’s prepared to admit it because it would involve massive compensation,’’ he said. ``By keeping the causal agent as something mystified, no one’s to blame.’’


No More Fake News!!! (more info on Mad Cow Disease caused by insecticides)

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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5. Mark Purdey, the very bright British farmer who claims

mad cow disease is really caused by the insecticide Phosmet, has had some


ADD: His house was burned down. Corporate Watch magazine (issue 12)

reports that his barn suddenly collapsed and his library of med/science materials

was damaged. Purdey was shot at. His phone lines were cut. Purdey went to

court to defend his right not to give his cows Phosmet. His lawyer, who

won the case, died in a car crash. Purdey's veterinarian, who claimed Purdey

had perhaps found a clue to mad cow disease, also died in a car accident.

ADD: Phosmet is spread on the spines of cows to eradicate a pest. It is

manufactured by Zeneca Corp., a spinoff of the Brit chem giant Imperial

Chemical Industries (ICI). ICI was originally founded out of the famous

explosives firm, Nobel. ICI was one of those big companies which was

involved with the Nazi cartel IG Farben. Zeneca makes the cancer drug

Tamoxifen, which has been linked to ovarian cancer.

ADD: Not a pretty picture.

ADD: Phosmet, which is an organophosphate compound, comes out of a long

line of research on nerve gas. IG Farben pioneered that research long ago.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5. One of the world's great toxic companies, Monsanto,

is...well, seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Monsanto's stock had

been shunned by pros and amateurs alike, mainly because everybody hated its

genetically modified (GM) food division. Arrogant, unscientific, toxic.

Activist groups all over the world were hitting them hard. Still are.

ADD: But now, with the mad cow scare everywhere, guess what? Farmers are

looking to replace the crushed up animals they feed to their cows, and

they're discovering Monsanto's GM soy. By the ton.

ADD: Monsanto's stock is trading higher. And maybe Europe will finally

start accepting beef from the US that has been shot up with Monsanto's GM

bovine growth hormone, since they're scared to eat their own beef.

ADD: Who profits from the mad cow terror? Whose name was listed under

"special thanks" at the end of PBS's NOVA show on mad cow disease, called "The Brain Eater?



Mad Cow Disease: The Chemical Industry Plays Dirty By Dr. Paul Kail


BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), or Mad Cow Disease, and its human form, nvCJD (New Variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease), are incurable brain disorders. Holes appear in victims’ brains, then they become demented and die. The diseases are not caused by a virus or a bacterium, but by a mysterious type of twisted protein, known as a "prion". The prion can propagate itself by causing other proteins to twist into the same shape. Prions can be passed on by eating the flesh of another animal, and are resistant to cooking and digestion.

A theory about how prions are formed suggests that organophosphate pesticides could be partly to blame. Two people have already died defending this theory, apparently at the hands of professional assassins working either for the British government or the chemical industry. So the theory needs to be taken seriously.

BSE first appeared in the UK in 1985. Since then, the disease has affected half of the cow herds in the country. New Variant CJD also first appeared in the UK, ten years later: to date, around 90 people have died from it. Both BSE and CDJ are beginning to spread throughout the rest of Europe; today, 30 European countries have had exports of their cattle banned. The diseases have the potential to destroy the entire European cattle industry, and kill thousands of people. The death toll from nvCJD is increasing by 35% per year, and the disease has a gestation period of twenty years. Some projections suggest that hundreds of thousands of people could eventually die from it.

Given the huge amount at stake, one might expect that any credible theory would be welcomed. Yet Mark Purdey, a British farmer from Somerset, has suffered constant harassment and has had to support his research from his own pocket. Purdey has a theory which might explain the mystery of why BSE and new variant nvCJD started in the UK, and why they are so much more serious there. However, since he went public with his ideas, some rather unfortunate things have happened:

1.Both his vet and the lawyer defending his case died in suspicious road accidents. His second lawyer also had a car crash, but survived.

2.When an article about his work appeared in the "Independent", a national British newspaper, his telephone lines were cut. He was therefore unable to take follow up calls from other papers and television stations.

3.His farm house was burnt down just before he was about to move in.

4.His science library was destroyed by a collapsing barn.

5.When he travels around the country to talk about his theory, he is constantly trailed.

Purdey believes that the root cause of BSE is an imbalance of magnesium and copper, exacerbated, in the case of the UK, by the use of a highly toxic pesticide known as phosmet. Phosphet is an organophosphate nerve toxin, originally developed by the Nazis. It is also related to the drug Thalidamide, which causes birth defects.

Phosmet is made by Zeneca, a subdivision of the British chemical giant ICI. A week after the British government first announced the link between BSE and nvCJD, Zeneca sold the patent for phosmet to a PO Box company in Arizona, apparently to avoid potential legal action.

The theory started when Purdey noticed that his cows, unlike those of his neighbours, were not getting BSE. Cows often suffer from a parasitic infection known as warble fly. Since Purdey is an organic farmer, he treated his herd with derris root powder, a natural remedy. Other farmers were using phosmet, which was later made compulsory throughout the UK. When Purdey bought an infected cow from another herd, he was able to reduce the symptoms of BSE by injecting oxime, which is an antidote to pesticide poisoning. However, officials from MAFF (the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) turned up to kill the cow before the experiment could be completed.

As well as the link to phosmet use, Purdey discovered that brain diseases such as BSE and nvCJD appear in clusters in many places around the world. The link seems to be a lack of copper and an excess of manganese.

For example, in some areas of Colorado and Wyoming, 4-6% of deer and elk suffer from CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease), which is related to nvCJD. These animals live in areas where the soils are very high in manganese. In Slovakia, where the incidence of nvCJD is a thousand times higher than normal, most of the victims live near a glass making plant (where manganese is used) or else down-wind of one of two large ferro-manganese factories.

In the UK, two factors have increased the amount of manganese which cows consume. Until 1988, cows were fed chicken manure. The chicken had been fed manganese to strengthen their eggs, but 98% of it ended up in the manure. In addition, a fungicide rich in manganese was used on crops at that time.

According to Purdey, a lack of copper and an excess of manganese causes proteins in the nervous system of foetal cattle to change into the abnormal prion forms found in BSE and nvCJD. Phosmet facilitates this process by binding to copper, and therefore reducing the amount available to brain tissues.

Recently, Dr David Brown, a chemist at Cambridge University, showed that manganese can replace copper in brain proteins, thereby transforming them into prions. Dr Brown lost his funding, and was not able to continue the research.

The BSE crisis started in the UK, and that country still has the highest rate of the disease. Purdey believes that this was because the British government was the only one to enforce systemic phosmet at such a high dose. Phosmet is used elsewhere, but either on a voluntary basis, or at a much lower dose, or non-systemically.

However, there is a long lag between the peak of phosmet use and the incidence of BSE. Purdey says that this is for two reasons. First, cows are most susceptible to phosmet damage when they are in the womb. Second, phosmet has to reach a certain concentration in the food-chain before it has an effect.

Quite apart from the direct attacks on Mr Purdey, the chemical industry have launched a media campaign to discredit his research. Although MAFF claims that any credible theories for BSE will receive funding, Purdey has received nothing.

The effort that the chemical industry has apparently gone to to discredit Mark Purdey mirrors the experiences of Alice Stewart, the scientist who first showed the link between radiation and cancer. Scientists who supported her had their cars rammed. Maybe in this case as well, the truth will come out in the end.

Dr. Paul Kail has a Ph.D. in nueroscience from Cambridge University and is founder and Director of the Animal Consciousness Foundation, which can be reached via




If anyone wishes to understand Mad Cow disease without the viral scare stories, read what Dr. Lorraine Day wrote at:


text of article below:

Dr. Lorraine Day, an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.

Mad Cow Disease
What the Government Isn’t Telling You!
What is Mad Cow Disease?

Mad Cow Disease is the common term for Bovine Spongiform Encepholopathy (BSE), a progressive neurological disorder of cattle which can be transmitted to other species, including humans. In humans, it is called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, after the two doctors who first described the symptoms of the disease.

The disease in cattle is called Bovine Spongiform Encepholopathy because this form of the disease occurs in cows (therefore, the term bovine), it causes a sponge-like destruction of the brain (therefore, the term spongiform encepholopathy—enceph means brain and pathy means pathology—meaning an abnormality).

What are the symptoms of Mad Cow Disease?

Symptoms include an excitable or nervous temperament to external stimuli such as touch to the skin, a progressive unsteadiness of gait resulting eventually in the inability to stand up. The disease is virtually 100% fatal.

The human equivalent of Mad Cow Disease, Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Disease, causes memory loss, emotional instability including inappropriate outbursts, an unsteady gait, progressing to marked weakness, severe rapidly progressive dementia and death, often within a year of the onset of symptoms.

What is the cause of Mad Cow Disease?

Currently the most accepted theory is that the causative agent is a modified form of a normal cell surface protein called a prion (pronounced PREE-ON) protein.

Where did Prions come from? Are they a type of virus or bacteria? What are they?

A prion is neither a virus nor a bacteria. Prions are proteins that contain no DNA or RNA, two substances previously felt to be essential for reproduction of a living tissue.

Prions are normal constituents of the body when in their normal form or conformation, but they can become twisted in a conformational change ( a change in shape—in the way the molecule is folded), and then they are thought to cause disease.

How long ago were Prions discovered?

In 1997, Stanley Prusiner, M.D., a professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of prions, "tiny protein molecules that seem to cause a variety of slow acting—and inevitably fatal—diseases in animals and humans; the name is an acronym for "proteinaceous infectious particles."

But the diseases found in association with these tiny protein molecules have been known for over 50 years. In fact, the prion, as it has been named by Dr. Prusiner, may well have been discovered over 150 years ago, and re-discovered, every 25-50 years since then, by different scientists who gave the molecule different names.

Prions exist, but it is extremely doubtful that the Prion is the "CAUSE" of ANY disease. Prions are much more likely to be the "RESULT" of a sick and dying body. Prions are most probably a RESPONSE to the illness that was actually CAUSED by a grossly improper diet and other unhealthy lifestyle factors. "Factory farming" of animals, with the massive use of hormones, pesticides and other harmful substances destroy the animal’s immune system. When these diseased animals are eaten by people, then the people get sick and die.

When the animal’s immune system is suppressed because of a violation of the immutable natural health laws that govern the health of both animals and man, then the body produces the agent necessary to clean out the mess of dead and dying tissue resulting from the violation of these health laws.

You see, these supposed "infective agents" such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and now Prions, are NOT the CAUSE of the diseases, they are the RESULT of a diseased body caused by the wrong diet and lifestyle. These bacteria, viruses, fungi and prions are actually the "clean-up crew", formed by the body, to get rid of the mess and clean out the body.

We have been taught that germs CAUSE disease. But germs DON’T cause disease anymore than flies cause garbage! This is explained in detail on my video "Drugs NEVER Cure Disease."

Flies DON’T cause garbage—Garbage attracts flies! A dead animal in the road attracts vultures!! Vultures don’t attract dead animals. It’s the same situation in the body. When there is dead and dying tissue in the body, caused by an improper diet and lifestyle, the "clean-up crew is called in to get rid of the problem. The body can produce its own "cleansing" agents (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and prions) when the need arises. Or these agents can be transmitted from others, or, as in the case of Mad Cow Disease, by humans ingesting prions by eating the flesh of the cow or other infected animal. When these agents start cleaning out the toxins in the body, the toxins are dumped into the blood stream to be filtered and eliminated from the body. These toxins then cause symptoms which the doctor diagnoses as "disease" and the doctor then NAMES the disease according to the symptoms it produces.

The medical and pharmaceutical establishment then tries to produce a DRUG to STOP the cleansing process, in order to STOP the patient’s uncomfortable symptoms. But the drug NEVER cures the "disease"—it just stops the cleansing process so the patient’s body remains sick and filled the toxins, even though the patient may feel somewhat better—at least for a time.

If a person’s immune system is healthy because he has been eating and living properly, he has no need to produce these cleansing agents and will not be susceptible to them. But if his body contains dead and dying cells and tissue from an improper diet and lifestyle, then these agents have a field day. As they "clean out" the "garbage" in the body, the effect can be so severe, that the patient actually dies.

So these tiny infective agents can either be produced by the body itself, or transmitted or ingested into the body from the outside.

In the 1800’s, Antoine Bechamp, a French physician and professor of biochemistry at a prestigious University medical school in France discovered a tiny particle that he named microzymas. He found that these tiny bodies could change from one shape or form into another shape or form, depending on the condition of the person’s immune system.

About 70 years ago, an extraordinary scientist-inventor, Royal Rife, built possibly the world’s greatest microscope and observed what Bechamp had discovered, that these tiny bodies could change shape and form. A bacteria could actually become a virus or a fungus, due to a conformational change.

In the last 40 years, Dr. Virgina Livingston, a physician, a professor at Rutgers University and an outstanding cancer researcher, discovered these same tiny bodies.

More recently, Gaston Naessens, a brilliant chemist and physicist now living and working in Montreal, Quebec, Canada built a super specialized microscope for studying these tiny living organisms, which he named somatids. Over years of careful microscopic observation and laboratory experimentation, Naessens went on to discover that if and when the immune system of an animal or human being becomes weakened or destabilized (by violating the 10 natural laws of health), the normal three-stage cycle of the somatid goes through thirteen additional successive growth stages, each form evolving into the next by conformational changes.

For more information on this subject, see my video "Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why" where I discuss this subject in more detail and show graphics of the life cycle of the somatid. I also reveal how you can eat and live so you will NOT be affected by these and other presumed infectious agents.

How do you know that the Prion, recently discovered by Dr. Prusiner is the same molecule as the somatid or the microzyma as named by the previous discoverers?


1: It behaves in the same way. It produces symptoms—"disease"—in a person whose immune system has been suppressed by violation of the natural health laws (improper diet and lifestyle).

2: It is found in contact with diseased tissue. (Scientists think that because a prion is found in CONTACT with diseased tissue, that the Prion is the CAUSE of the disease. But, in fact, it is the RESULT of the diseased tissue and NOT the CAUSE!)

3: Prions, somatids and microzymas have virtually the same physical characteristics—they CANNOT BE DESTROYED. There is NO WAY to kill them.

Prions are NOT DESTROYED by fire, nor by freezing, nor by disinfectants, nor by operating room sterilization procedures, nor by incineration, nor by intense radiation.

In fact, scientists and government agencies HAVE NOT FOUND ANY WAY TO DESTROY THEM!!

Grinding up the dead cows and other animals who have died from Mad Cow disease, and then incinerating them WILL NOT KILL the Prion!!

How did this whole mess get started?

Over 30 years ago, cattle and sheep ranchers and other producers of animals to be slaughtered and used for food, started "factory-farming"—raising the animals in penned areas, in very close quarters, and feeding them hormones and other chemical to fatten them up faster for market . They had to give them huge amounts of antibiotics because the animals became so sick so easily because of their terrible living conditions.. (Their Immune Systems were NOT working right.)

The ranchers also cut costs by feeding their animals ground-up dead animals, animals that have died of disease—as well as humane society animals, cats and dogs that have been euthanized. ALSO being used as feed were road-kill and offal, parts of the animals not fit for human consumption. This process of grinding up diseased, dead animals for feed for other animals is called "rendering."

But sheep and cows are herbivores—vegetarians. They are supposed to graze—to eat grass. They are NOT meat eaters. Their intestines and body systems cannot stay healthy when they are fed the wrong diet, especially when the ground up dead animals used for food, died from disease!

The equivalent disease in sheep is called "scrapie" because the diseased sheep scrape themselves against fences and other objects until they injure themselves. They develop other neurologic disorders and eventually die—-—and THEN, the ranchers grind them up and feed them to cows, chickens, pigs (and other animals to be used for human consumption) and call the "feed" High Protein Pellets!

Then when the cows get sick and die from this horrible practice, they grind them up and feed THEM to OTHER cows and other types of animals being raised for human consumption.

What diseases in humans are associated with Prions?

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) has been diagnosed in many countries in the world, including the United States.

Kuru, a neurologic disease, very much like CJD, has been present in New Guinea for many years. It appears to be associated with cannibalism.

Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker (GSS) disease is manifested as a very unsteady gait plus other signs of damage to the cerebellum—a specific area of the brain. The symptoms are very much like CJD. GSS is also fatal.

Fatal familial insomnia in which dementia follows difficulty sleeping.

Are sheep and cows the only animals affected?

No. This same "feed" made of ground-up dead, diseased animals has been fed, and is still being fed, to other animals being raised for human consumption, including chickens and pigs. Also deer, elk and mink have been found to have the disease.

What countries have been affected by Mad Cow Disease?

The UK has been severely affected. Germany, Italy and many other countries have also been affected.

Is Mad Cow Disease in the U.S.?

The Government says there is no problem with Mad Cow Disease in the U.S. However, they admit that cows in this country have already been diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease. And there are alsoTHOUSANDS of "Downer Cows" in this country, cows that are well one day and dead the next. When these "Downer Cows" are ground up and fed to other animals, the other animals develop the equivalent of Mad Cow Disease.

So the government, as always, is talking out of both sides of their mouth. They are protecting the gigantic billion dollar meat and poultry industry rather than the American people.

What is the government doing to stop this dangerous feeding practice?

They’re approaching it the same way they have handled the AIDS epidemic: They LIE!

1. First, they deny that there is ANY problem.

2. When the evidence becomes overwhelming that there is a BIG problem, they admit that there "might" be a problem, but they say they’re not sure, they are studying it and if there is a problem, it’s not a serious problem and there is no reason for alarm. Keep eating what you’re eating, they advise.

3. When people start catching on that there really is a problem, the government will admit that at first they weren’t as vigilant as they should of been, but the people who were then responsible for investigating the problem are no longer with the government (blame those guys—they’re gone) and now the problem is "under control." And there is no cause for alarm. Keep eating the stuff, they advise you.

4. A number of years later they say, "Oh, we’ve found out that there really has been a pretty big problem all along, but NOW we’ve got it under control. So there is NO cause for alarm." Keep eating the stuff, they advise you.

5 Then a year or two later they admit that it’s in ALL the different breeds of animals, but it’s "low risk" and you probably won’t get it so NO cause for alarm." Keep eating the stuff, they advise you.

6. When the problem continues to grow, they start dividing the Prion diseases into different categories so no one specific category has too many people in it.

7. When the problem becomes outrageous, they admit there’s a small, but controllable problem, and then they start covering up the true statistics—the REAL number of people who have the disease or who have already died from the disease.

Their plan ALWAYS is to keep the public calm as they die!

Would the government REALLY LIE to us?

What is the evidence for a cover-up in Mad Cow Disease?

1. As of Jan 6, 2001, the Centers for Disease Control, a government Public Health organization, published on their web site: "BSE has not been shown to exist in the United States." "According to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services of the United States Dapartment of Agriculture, BSE has NOT been detected in the United States, despite active surveillance efforts for several years." However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) DOES NOT actively monitor the disease!

The REAL truth is: "A year before BSE was even reported in Britain in 1985, Richard Marsh, Chairman of the Department of Veterinary Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was alerting dairy practitioners of the possibility that a "previously unrecognized scrapie-like disease in cattle" existed in the United States. The clue came in 1981 when "Mad Mink Disease" wiped out a population of minks in Wisconsin who hadn’t eaten any sheep at all. The meat portion of their diet consisted almost exclusively of dairy cattle called "Downers," an industry term describing cows which collapse for unknown reasons and are too sick to stand up.

BUT—the beef industry claims that "Downer Cows" DO NOT have Mad Cow Disease! YET—when these Downer Cows were ground up and fed to mink—the mink DEVELOPED "Mad Mink Disease!"

In June 1992, a USDA consultant group decided that changes in the research program to accommodate the possibiity that BSE was already present in the U.S. were, "not appropriate at this time." The panel that made this decision included representatives of the National Milk Producers Federation, the National Renderers Association, the American Sheep Industry Association and the National Cattlemen’s Association.

(By the way, Beef is the largest revenue source for American agriculture nationwide. It is a $150 billion dollar industry. Since the FDA protects the pharmaceutical industry, the very industry that it’s supposed to police, why wouldn’t the USDA (U.S. Dept of Agriculture) protect the Beef and Sheep Industry, even though the USDA is supposed to CONTROL it?)

According to the USDA, "virtually all U.S. feed manufacturers use meat and bone meal in their feeds" and most U.S. cattle are fed such rendered animal tissues. In 1989 alone the U.S. rendered two million tons of cattle for use primarily in animal feed and pet food. There has been a substantial increase in the use of animal protein in commercial dairy feed since 1987.

Dr. Gibbs, who recently chaired a World Health Organization investigation into the disease says "Do I believe BSE is here in the U.S., of course I do," Gibbs made this admission at a University of Wisconsin symposium.

With more than two decades of prion research behind him, Dr. Stanely Prusiner, the scientist who coined the term "prion" and received the Nobel Prize for his work, agrees that Mad Cow Disease MUST be present in the U.S."

In late 1978, Dr. Masuo Doi, a veterinarian with the Food Safety and Quality Service, studied a disorder in some young hogs that had arrived at a Packing Plant in Albany, N.Y. from several Midwestern states. The USDA’s pathologist reported that the damage in the pig’s brain was similar to the damage observed in the brains of sheep afflicted with scrapie, essentially the same disease as Mad Cow Disease (BSE) in cows.

Finally, the FDA drafted a rule that would ban the fortifying of animal feeds with "any Mammalian tissue." However, the FDA has played a taxonomical shell game by ARBITRARILY REMOVING PIGS FROM THE CLASS OF "MAMMALIA." They declared that a pig is NOT a mammal!

A single teaspoon of ingested high infectivity meat and bone meal is thought to be enough to cause BSE in a cow.

"One hundred thousand cows per year in the United States are fine at night, but dead in the morning. The majority of those cows are rounded up, ground up, fed back to other cows. If only one of them has Mad Cow disease, it has the potential to infect thousands." says Howard Lyman, Cattle Rancher for 40 years.

Mad Cow Risks were First Reported in the United States in 1976!!

"Health experts…knew of the potential dangers of contaminated human growth hormone years before the first Creutzfeldt-Jakob death occurred and experimental programs halted, British court documents reveal. Correspondence dating from the mid- ‘70s presented to a British judicial inquiry reveal a paper trail betwen the United States National Institutes of Health and the British Government indicating the infectiousness was foreseen," the Los Angeles Times reports.

"Moreover, a safer method for purifying human growth hormone drugs had long been available, but scientists involved in the experiments had ignored it in favor of a cheaper, less labor-intensive option."

In 1989 alone almost 800 million pounds of processed animals were fed to beef and dairy cattle in the U.S.. The USDA has conceded that "the potential risk of amplification of the BSE agent is much greater in the United States" than in Britain.

In 1995 five million tons of processed slaughterhouse leftovers were sold for animal feed in the United States.

Rendering is a $2.4 billion-a-year industry. "There is simply no such thing in America as an animal too ravaged by disease, too cancerous, or too putrid to be welcomed by the embracing arms of the renderer. In addition to diseased farm animals, the city of Los Angeles sends some two hundred tons of euthanized cats and dogs to a rendering plant every month. Added to the blend are the euthanized catch of animal control agencies and roadkill " according to Howard Lyman, a cattle rancher for 40 years. This is the food fed to the animals that YOU EAT!

In the U.S. the rendering industry promised to stop feeding sheep brains to cows years ago; the FDA confirmed that this ban failed.

Unfortunately just about everybody lies. "British government officials misled the public for years over the dangers of British beef and the risk of "mad cow" (BSE) disease spreading to humans," according to Reuters wire service.

"UK Physicians Told Not to Tell Hemophilia Patients of Possible CJD Blood Concerns."

"Mad Cow—BSE- CJD Now Likely to Be a Global Infection" according to New Scientist journal.

BSE has infected a dozen species of animals which presumably ate infected tissue.

Is Cow’s milk safe? What about cheese?

Although there is a case description in the New England Journal of Medicine (1992) in which colostrum from a Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseased woman was found to be infectious to mice, cow’s milk is considered "safe" by the World Health Organization.

In the largest known U.S. outbreak of cases of CJD to date, in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, the disease was linked to, among other things, cheese consumption.

What about other animals? Are they infected too?

Paul Brown, medical director for the U.S. Public Health Service, believes that pigs and poultry could be harboring BSE and passing it on to humans, adding that pigs are especially sensitive to the disease.

Two epidemiological studies found pork to be a dietary risk factor in Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD).

The most common misdiagnosis of CJD is Alzheimer’s disease.

How can Prions be destroyed?

They CAN’T!

The English government destroyed over 4.5 million cattle and incinerated them at a temperature of 1100 degrees centigrade. The resulting ash is still considered infectious and is stored in WW ll blimp hangers.

Mad Cow disease can be passed from the mother to the fetus in the womb.

It can be passed from a bull to the cow through sperm.

It can be passed from one species to another quite freely by transfusion of contaminated blood or consumption of infected material.

BSE is extremely resistant to high temperatures; it is unaffected by radiation, laboratory solvents and bleaches.

In other words, it appears to be virtually indestructible.

How long is the incubation period for "Mad Cow" Disease in humans (also called CJD)?

It is estimated that it may be as long as 20-40 years. But teen-agers and young children have also died of it. So it can occur much more rapidly than previously thought.

An infected cow shows the symptoms of BSE four to seven years after the time of infection.

How are the government and the cattle industry trying to "muzzle" truth-tellers about the risks of Mad Cow Disease to the population of America?

Certain states, including Texas, have passed Food Disparagement Acts. Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and North Dakota corporate growers of vegetables and fruits have won passage of laws making it a crime to falsely denigrate fruits and vegetables.

Then the corporate farming industry in conjunction with the government, conspire to cover-up, distort and withhold the facts from the public. So a whistle-blower who is telling the truth, trying to warn the public, is a "sitting duck" for a law suit.

The cattle industry sued Oprah Winfrey and her guest, Cattle Rancher Howard Lyman, because they told the truth about the cover-up of Mad Cow Disease. Even though Oprah Winfrey and Howard Lyman won the court action, the cattle industry wanted to send a strong message of intimidation to anyone else who might even think about speaking truth. Fortunately, in the U.S., Truth Telling is still a legitimate defense, at least for the time being.

What other products or procedures are potentially dangerous?

Vaccines, cosmetics, human growth hormone, thyroid hormone, albumin ( a blood product given in hospitals), blood transfusions, vitamin and mineral supplements, gelatin in thousands of processed foods, corneal transplants, surgical instruments, estrogen, progesterone, cortisone, heparin, Vitamin B12, insulin, gelatin in pill capsules, yogurt, ice cream, butter, chewing gum, lard, margarine, shortening, egg substitutes, gravy mixes, cake mixes, whitener in refined sugar (it’s from bones), gelatin desserts, marshmallows, mayonnaise, sausages and sausage casings, medicines, pet foods, and many other products.

What can we do?

1. DON’T believe the government. They have no interest in protecting you. They are protecting big business and their own jobs.

2. Stop eating ALL animal products. Stop eating meat, poultry, dairy products and eggs.

3. Stop eating processed food. Most of it contains animal products, even though you would never suspect it.

4. Do not assume animals in the wild are not infected. They are.

5. Stop eating sugar or sugar containing foods. Sugar is "whitened" with bone meal.

6. Start eating a diet of fruit, grains and vegetables in their most natural form. The plan is on my videos "You Can’t Improve on God" and "Diseases Don’t Just Happen."

This plan will allow you to be FREE of ALL disease, not just "Mad Cow Disease."

7. Make a determination to eventually get off all medications. (Don’t stop them abruptly. That can be dangerous) Many medications contain animal products. In addition, drugs NEVER cure disease, and they ALL have dangerous side-effects. When you start following the Ten Natural Laws of Health as detailed on my video, "You Can’t Improve on God" you will eventually be able to slowly decrease your drug dosages and then stop them entirely.

Mad Cow Disease will be a Global Epidemic that will make AIDS look like a "walk in the Park." But YOU can be safe from the danger. You don’t have to be afraid. If your immune system is working properly because you are eating the right diet and living the right lifestyle, disease can’t touch you.

Learn how to rebuild your immune system and the immune system of those you care about. The plan is very straight-forward and EVERYTHING in the plan is FREE, except for food, and you have to buy that anyway.

The Plan to REBUILD your IMMUNE SYSTEM by natural methods is on my videos "You Can’t Improve on God" and "Diseases Don’t Just Happen."



These problems were predicted OVER 100 years ago. Talk about a prophet! Read these quotations!

The following quotations were written OVER 100 YEARS AGO by the most prolific woman author of non-fiction in the U.S., Ellen White! (Notice the year written at the end of each quotation):

"Disease in cattle is making meat eating a dangerous matter…Disease is contracted by the use of meat. The diseased dflesh of these dead carcasses is sold in the market places, and disease among men is the sure result.

"There is no safety in the eating of the flesh of dead animals, and in a short time the milk of the cows will also be excluded from the diet… In a short time it will not be safe to use anything that comes from the animal creation." (Written in 1898)

"Physicians who claim to understand the human organism ought not to encourage their patients to subsist on the flesh of dead animals. They should point out the increase of disease in the animal kingdom. The testimony of examiners is that very few animals are free from disease, and that the practice of eating largely of meat is contracting diseases of all kinds,—cancers, tumors, tuberculosis and numbers of other like affections." (1897)

"Swine’s flesh above all other flesh meats, produces a bad state of the blood. Those who eat freely of pork can not help but be diseased…The eating of pork has produced scrofula, leprosy and cancerous tumors. Pork eating is still causing the most intense suffering to the human race. (1865)

"The light given me is that it will not be very long before we shall have to give up using any animal food. Even milk will have to be discarded. Disease is accumulating rapidly…man has cursed the earth. The habits and practices of men have brought the earth into such a condition that some other food than animal food must be substituted for the human family. We do not need flesh food at all." (1899)

"Could you know just the nature of the meat you eat, could you see the animals when living from which the flesh is taken when dead, you would turn with loathing from your flesh meats. The very animals whose flesh you eat, are frequently so diseased that, if left alone, they would die of themselves; but while the breath of life is in them, they are killed and brought to market. You take directly into your system poison of the worst kind, and yet you don’t realize it." (1870)

"Many die of diseases wholly due to meat eating, when the real cause is scarcely suspected by themselves or others. Some do not immediately feel its effects, but this is no evidence that it does not hurt them. It may be doing its work surely upon the system, yet for the time being the victim may realize nothing of it." (1890)

"In many places fish become so contaminated by the filth on which they feed as to be a cause of disease. This is especially the case where the fish come in contact with the sewage of large cities. The fish that are fed on the contents of the drains may pass into distant waters, and may be caught where the water is pure and fresh. Thus when used as food they bring disease and death on those who do not suspect the danger." (1905)